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Check back the site tonight for the latest news from RF VIDEO!!!! Sneak peak of our new shoot with Moondog

What shoots does RF VIDEO have lined up for in the future!!

What is Tommy Dreamer and RF VIDEO have in store for you!!

Face Off With Kevin Nash, Raven, Al Snow and Shane Douglas coming soon

Mid South Summit coming soon with Dr Death, Bill Dudee, Horner and Armstrong and Akbar

Now on sale new shoots with Moondog Rex and Harris Brothers!!

RF VIDEO has released 4 new ISPW DVD's today

ISPW Slamoween 10/24/09 Freehold, NJ

1. ISPW World Title Match: Judas Young vs. Rick Fuller

2. Crowbar vs. "Mr. Main Event" Ace Darling

3. Danny Inferno vs. Manu

4. Danny Maff vs. Bobby Fish

5. The Logan Brothers & Nunzio vs. "Mr. Personality" Nicholas Nice & Baby Hughie & Nicky Benz

6. Fatal Four Way to crown ISPW Tri-State Champion: Rob Eckos vs. Danny Doring vs. Chase Del Monte vs. "The Escort" Erik Andretti

7. Julio Dinero vs. Flash

ISPW Summer Rumble 7/11/09 Freehold, NJ

1. 20 Man Summer Rumble featuring Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka, Balls Mahoney, Roxxi, and all the other ISPW Superstars from that evening

2. Nunzio vs. Judas Young

3. Roxxi vs. Brooke Carter

4. Julio Dinero vs. Rob Eckos with Flash as Special Guest Referee

5. The Logan Brothers vs. The Russian Mafia

6. Chase Del Monte vs. Nicky Benz

ISPW Highway Robbery 5/30/09 Freehold, NJ

1. Hardcore Holly vs. Nunzio

2. ISPW World Title Triple Threat Match: Josh Daniels vs. Judas Young vs. Danny Inferno

3. Crowbar vs. Rick Fuller

4. Christian York vs. Danny Doring

5. Julio Dinero vs. Rob Eckos

6. Chase Del Monte vs. "The Escort" Erik Andretti

7. Late Night with Nicky Benz Show

8. Flash vs. Baby Hughie

ISPW The Return 4/4/09 Freehold, NJ

1. Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match for ISPW World Title: Judas Young vs. Danny Inferno

"Mr. Main Event" Ace Darling Special Guest Referee

2. Nunzio vs. HC Loc

3. Crowbar vs. Rick Fuller

4. The Logan Brothers vs. Danny Doring & Christian York

5. Josh Daniels vs. Manu

6. Ace Darling gets inducted into the ISPW Hall of Fame

7. "Dangerous" Danny Davis vs. Flash

8. Late Night with Nicky Benz Show

9. Julio Dinero vs. Bonecrusher Sampson

WWE Hall Of Fame 2010 Details!



The WWE 2010 Hall Of Fame ceremony will take place on Saturday, March 27, 2010 at the Dodge Theater in Phoenix, AZ.

The 2010 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony will air on USA Network on March 27 from 10 p.m. CT. The broadcast will air for one hour.


*Would be nice if this program was 2 hours rather than 1. 



This Weekends WWE/TNA House Show Results!



WWE Raw House Show Results - 1/10/10
Location: Rochester, Minnesota

- MVP defeated Jack Swagger.

- Evan Bourne defeated a developmental talent. 

- Cody Rhodes defeated Primo.

- Gail Kim and The Bellas defeated Jillian, Alicia Fox and Maryse.

- Chris Masters defeated Carlito.

- The Miz defeated Kofi Kingston to retain the U.S championship.

- Sheamus defeated Mark Henry to retain the WWE Championship.

- DX defeated Big Show and Randy Orton to retain the Unified Tag Team titles.


WWE Smackdown and ECW House Show Results - 1/10/10
Location: Duluth, Minnesota

- R-Truth def. Dolph Ziggler.

- Vladimir Kozlov, Goldust & Yoshi Tatsu def. William Regal, Tyler Reks & Zack Ryder.

- Mickie James def. Beth Phoenix.

- Eric Escobar def. Mike Knox.

- The Hart Dynasty def. Jimmy Wang Yang & Slam Master J.

- Chris Jericho def. Matt Hardy.

- WWE Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre def. John Morrison.

- ECW Champion Christian def. Ezekiel Jackson.

- Rey Mysterio def. Batista via DQ.


TNA House Show Results - 1/10/10
Location: Danbury, CT

- Amazing Red defeated Homicide.

- Taylor Wilde and Sarita defeated The Beautiful People.

- Rhino defeated "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero.

- Kurt Angle defeated Desmond Wolfe.

- Beer Money defeated Kevin Nash and Eric Young

Booker T/WWE Deal Falls Through 

According to several sources, Booker T was close to returning to the WWE, but negotiations fell through because of Booker only agreeing to work a very limited amount of house shows.  

Sting Staying In TNA Because Of Flair?  

Several sources are reporting that Sting and Ric Flair embraced as they met at the IMPACT Zone for the Monday Night War, and apparently Sting stated that he was staying with TNA because of Ric.  

TNA Changes Their Logo For The Second Time This Month!

TNA has once again changed their official logo, featuring a even crisper version of the old logo, but this time instead of letters spelling out Total Non-Stop Action on the bottom, the letters simply state TNA.  This is said to be the doings of Eric Bischoff.    

You can view the new logo at the following link;  

TNA Before The Bell To Debut Tonight!

The following is from TNA's official website;

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling presents "Before The Bell", premiering Monday, January 11 at 4pm eastern on the 101 Network, only on DirecTV.

The TNA Wrestling broadcast special will premiere on January 11 and will air on 101 Network at select times until the January 17 "Genesis" Pay-Per-View event! Check your DirecTV programming guide for airtimes and availability.

"Before The Bell" will chronicle the events leading to the legendary Hulk Hogan joining TNA Wrestling, including never-before-seen footage and exclusive comments from your favorite TNA Wrestling Superstars! Plus, the broadcast will preview the upcoming "Genesis" event, featuring Hulk Hogan's return to Pay-Per-View!

Watch the special "Before The Bell" preview video below:

Lengthy Interview With Chavo Guerrero!

The following highlights are thanks to and

Chavo says that people don’t really remember him from his short Chavo Classic run in the WWE since it “lasted only about four months”. However, people still recognize him and tell him stories Chavo says that it means a lot when fans bring something to him from awhile back. Chavo proceeds to really put over the fans.

A caller asks if Chavo will be joining Hector and Mondo. Chavo says that Hector is involved with TNA and Mondo is involved with making movies. Chavo does believe that both men can still wrestle. He doesn’t believe that they will join forces, at least not in the future. Is Chavo trying to get into TNA? Find out by listening!

Chavo did watch both WWE and TNA on January 4th. Chavo believes that competition is a great thing and makes everyone better. When asked about his thoughts on the TNA programming, Chavo gives an honest answer… tune in to hear it for yourself!

Chavo has a hilarious exchange with a caller from El Paso regarding the caller going to a “snob school”. Chavo says that he is writing a book and that there are plenty of stories from his El Paso days.

Jack asks Chavo’s opinion on Roddy Piper both inside and outside f the ring. Chavo tells Jack that Piper was never a wrestler but rather a brawler. Chavo also talks about how they had a three year program and they wrestled every week. Chavo mentions a time when Piper brought out a donkey! This stories has to be heard as it is absolutely hilarious!

Chavo says that Piper did get his butt kicked from the fans for some of the things in did in the area. Chavo also brings up his first break in LA and how the booker wanted him to be champion but people considered him too small. Chavo tells a story where he fought Ernie Ladd and how nervous he was.

Chavo always preferred to be a heel. “I love getting the people mad at me. I am natural baby face.” Chavo talks about wrestling talking too much and how boring it can get. Chavo gives a very honest opinion on Evan Bourne and his lack of promo skills.

A caller talking about Chavo’s time in Mid-South wrestling where Junkyard Dog wore a sombrero to the ring! Chavo tells a story about taking JYD’s chains before another match. Chavo discusses guys like Konnan who he believes is “hot shotting” his current territory.

Barbie asks Chavo if their were any Mexican wrestlers that never made it back in Chavo’s day. Chavo says their was plenty of talent who didn’t make it. Chavo believed that most guys weren’t able to adapt to the American style. Chavo really puts over Rey Mysterio Jr. as being able to succeed.

Chavo really lashes into Mil Mascaras but says that he is a friend of his. Chavo says that Mil was the first guy to put himself ahead of the other talent and demand a plane trip and not caring about the rest of the boys. Mil would also get all the woman. Chavo continued to say that he had the perfect gimmick and looked great. However, Mil would always do the same moves and that is why he doesn’t draw anymore.

A caller asks what country is Chavo’s favorite to work in. Chavo says that he really enjoyed working in Japan because he got paid really well. Chavo says that the United States was most likely the worst paying country he worked for. Chavo tells a story about a time he worked for the Von Erich’s.

Jack asks if Chavo if he thinks Bill Watts is a racist. Despite Watts being a friend of his, Chavo says “I always thought he was a racist. He treated me well though”.

A caller asks about Chavo’s son Chavo Guerrero Jr. and if he likes how Chavo is being used by the WWE. Chavo simply says that he is getting paid and getting exposure. He doesn’t like the storyline and thinks that Chavo Jr. feels the same way. 

A question from the forum asks if Chavo ever had a confrontation with Bad News Brown. Chavo laughs and says that the person must know something. Chavo tells a very good story from Japan that involves a shower! Has to be heard to be believed.

Jack asks if Chavo had ever gotten in a fight with any other workers but Chavo talks about some of his favorite wrestlers to work with. Bob Backlund, Dory Funk Jr., Jack Briscoe and Ric Flair are mentioned.

Chavo never had any Samoan fans when he worked with Peter Maivia. Chavo says the fans there are beautiful. Chavo says that Pat Patterson was a great performer, as well. Chavo tells a funny battle royal about Pat Patterson.

You can listen to this full audio interview at the following link;

Watch The TNA Side Of The Monday Night Wars Online!

For international viewers, or those who may have missed it, the TNA Monday Night War from 1-4 can be viewed online at the following link;

TNA Wrestlers Paranoid Over Bischoff And Hogan?

Source: The Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter 

There is major paranoia in the TNA locker room now due to the arrivals of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. 

Several TNA stars are now concerned about their standing with the company, with so many new wrestlers being brought in. There is only room for so many wrestlers on the roster and the general consensus backstage is that roster changes are inevitable. 

Wrestlers who get paid per-date are also concerned about TNA keeping them under contract but not using them, as they only get paid when they are actually used. 

Despite all the new faces, few are believed to have signed long-term contracts. Jeff Hardy (apparently) and Ric Flair are locked up, but stars such as Scott Hall, Sean Waltman and Sean Morely are without lengthy deals.

WWE RAW Preview For Tonight Including Guest Hosted By Mike Tyson!  

The following is from WWE's official website;

Very familiar with being the center of attention inside the squared circle, Mike Tyson is ready to return to the ring. Unlike old times, however, the former heavyweight championship boxer will not be slipping on the gloves and delivering knockout punches (maybe). He will, on the other hand, be delegating responsibility to WWE Superstars as Monday Night Raw’s special guest host on Jan. 11 from Minneapolis. 

The self-proclaimed “Baddest Man on the Planet” has never been one to hide his feelings or shy away from the spotlight. One of the most newsworthy and notorious sports celebrities in American history, Tyson will surely be prepared for all challenges on Raw.

This, nevertheless, will not be the first time “Iron Mike” has been seen in a WWE ring. Tyson served as a special outside enforcer at WrestleMania XIV for theWWE Championship Match between “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels. Despite there being bad blood initially between The Texas Rattlesnake and the honorary DX member, Tyson, the boxing legend ultimately helped Austin capture the WWE Title when he jumped in to supply the quick three-count. (PHOTOS)

Tyson is featured in the Sony Pictures Classics documentary, TYSON, now available on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Other notable boxers to have hosted Raw include Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Ricky Hatton.

Be sure to tune in to Raw for this extraordinary occasion on Jan. 11 at 9/8 CT. It will be a guaranteed knockout for the WWE Universe to see.

*Also, see the next round of the WWE Diva's Championship Tournament, plus what will go down involving HBK, Mr. McMahon, and Bret hart?!?!  Tune in to find out!!

*Should be more exciting than usual at the very least.  

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