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RF VIDEO will be presenting Pro Wrestlings chronicles hosted by the legendary Bill Apter and Eric Gargiulo tomorrow!!!  What is the Pro Wrestling chronicles?  RF VIDEO is going into our vault and will be doing our very own brand new DVD release that will feature commentary by both Eric and Bill thru out the DVD!!  Wait until you see our line up for our first volume of this brand new exclusive RF VIDEO DVD release!!! I can tell you that it's going to be huge.  We have really picked some of the better matches over the last few years to showcase on our first release!!

RF Video is now offering 35% off all orders placed between 2/19/10 (12pm est) through 2/22/10 (12pm est). Valid on every item listed on only. The discount will be automatically credited during checkout and no codes are necessary. This is a great time to catch up on some of the newest releases RF Video has available now. Be sure to take advantange of this incredible discount immediately it is only good until Monday February 22nd, 2010 and 12PM est.

RF VIDEO has added a ton of new DVD's on Friday from ACE Pro WRESTLING!!  Last weekend was the show I hyped up with Tommy Dreamer and its now up for sale for you to order!!!

Besides Ace Pro Wrestling we have added NWA Force 1 and American Luchacore wrestling DVDs!!!

Jeff Hardy is only 2 days away!!!!!!  If you live in NJ, Philly or NY make this once in a lifetime trip down here to meet Jeff Hardy.  He is wrestlings number one top babyface and in 2 days you will be given the chance to meet this true legend!!

This special appearance will take place on Monday February 22, 2010 from 7pm-9pm at George's Cards & Collectibles store located on 7755 New Falls Road, Levittown PA 19055.  

Jeff Hardy prices are as followed:

$75 - Combo (includes 1 Photo Op & 1 Autograph)

$40 - Single Autograph

$40 - Single Photo Op

Shannon Moore prices are as followed:

$10 - Single Photo Op

$10 - Single Autograph

You can now pre-order your ticket to meet Jeff Hardy and Shannon Moore now by sending a PayPal payment to  Numbered tickets will be given to people in the order they place their pre-order.  If you have any additional questions feel free to call our office at 215-891-9404.  

Here is the link of my latest radio show rant


NWA Force1- The Relaunch 1/29/10:
1. DJ Hyde vs. The Phoenix
2. Diego Demarco vs. Niles Young
3. The Monster Squad vs. Mighty More & Geoff Bravo
4. Rvl & Rich Swann vs. Pizza Prep vs. Team LanceAlot vs. Joe Gacy & Ryan Slater
5. Nicky Benz vs. Josh Adams
6. Sami Callihan vs. Sabian vs. Ryu Lee vs. Ophidian

American Luchacore- Movin on Up 9/20/09:
1. Suicidal 6 Man Scramble: Frightmare vs. Soldier Ant vs. James Avery vs. Facade vs. Tyler Veritas vs. Grizzly Redwood
2. Lince Dorado vs. Chainsaw Joe Gacy
3. Delirious vs. Sabian with Sly Stetson
4. Nick Gage vs. Super Oprah
5. Ryan Slate vs. RV1
6. Greg Excellent vs. Bobby Dempsey
7. The Osirian Portal Vs. "Notorious Inc" Devon Moore & Drew Blood
8. B-Boy Vs. Sami Callihan

ACE- St. Valentines Day Massacre 2/13/10:
1. Killa S vs. Wes Draven vs. Giovanni Marranca vs. Pinkie Sanchez
2. Alicia vs. Jana (WSU Spirit Championship)
3. Sants of Brutality vs. The Heavy Hitters (Tables Match)
4. Bruno Marciano vs. Mike Donovan (ACE Diamond Division)
5. Tom Scanlon vs. William Wyeth (Fans Bring the Weapons Match)
6. Andrew Johnson & Vince Steele vs. Shawn Walker & EC Negro
7. Rob Vegas vs. Dan Maff
8. Benny Martinez vs. Crowbar Devon Storm
9. Midnight Sensations vs. R8D X (Ladder Match)
10. Tommy Dreamer vs. Mo Sexton (Extreme Rules Match)

ACE- Redemption 1/9/10:
1. Vince Steele vs. Benny Martinez
2. EC Negro vs. Killa S
3. The Fallen vs. Tom Scanlod & ???
4. Josh Daniels vs. Bruno Marciano
5. Crowbar vs. Azrieal
6. Midnight Sensations vs. Johnson 2 Johnson
7. Sabian vs. Mike Donovan
8. Rob Vegas vs. Sami Callihan
9. Fight for Flight Match
10. Dan Maff vs. Mo Sexton

ACE- Worlds Collide 12/5/09:
1. The Fallen vs. Johnson 2 Johnson & BS Express
2. Mike Donovan vs. Mo Sexton
3. Bruno Marciano vs. Giovanni Marranca vs. Black Zemis vs. Benny Martinez vs. Mike Reed vs. Pinkie Sanchez (Aerial Assault Match)
4. EC Negro vs. Vince Steele
5. Winner of Aerial Assault Match vs. Bandido Jr
6. Midnight Sensations vs. R8D X (Case on a Pole Match)

ACE- Rise II Power 11/7/09:
1. BS Express vs. Saints of Brutality
2. Giovanni Marranca vs. Rob Vegas
3. The Fallen vs. Johnson 2 Johnson
4. Bruno Marciano vs. Azrieal
5. Shawn Walker vs. Bandido Jr.
6. Mike Donovan vs. Grim Reefer
7. Mercedes Martinez & Angel Orsini vs. Jessika Havok & Hailey Hatred
8. Mo Sexton vs. Ricky Reyes
9. Midnight Sensations vs. R8D X
10. Steve Corino vs. Dan Maff

ACE- Fallout 10/10/09:
1. Black Zemis vs. Giovanni Marranca
2. Becky Bayless vs. Latasha
3. Benny Martinez vs. Vince Steele
4. Shawn Walker vs. Javi-Air
5. Saints of Brutality vs. Johnson 2 Johnson (No DQ Match)
6. William Wyeth vs. Joe Hardway
7. Midnight Sensations vs. R8D X
8. Mike Donovan vs. Jay Lethal
9. Bruno Marciano vs. Dan Maff

ACE- Collision Course 9/19/09:
1. Bandido Jr vs. Shawn Walker
2. Vince Steele vs. Mo Sexton
3. Envy, Sam Sational & Chris Rockwell vs. BS Express & Frightmare
4. William Wyeth vs. Joe Hardway
5. Azrieal vs. Eddie Kingston
6. Mike Donovan vs. B-Boy
7. Hailey Hatred vs. Mercedes Martinez
8. Steve Corino vs. Dan Maff

ACE- Anarchy 8/8/09:
1. Lince Dorado vs. Mike Donovan
2. Envy vs. Sam Sational vs. Black Zemis vs. Benny Martinez vs. Killa S vs. Frightmare
3. Bandido Jr vs. Shawn Walker
4. Eddie Kingston vs. Bruno Marciano
5. Azrieal vs. Mo Sexton (2 out of 3 Falls)
6. Hollywood Inc vs. Saints of Brutality vs. Johnson 2 Johnson
7. Nikki Roxx vs. Mercedes Martinez
8. Colt Cabana vs. Dan Maff

ACE- Crossroads V 6/20/09:
1. Lince Dorado vs. Bandido Jr vs. Rayza
2. 10-man Chance of a Lifetime Rumble
3. BS Express vs. Johnson 2 Johnson
4. William Wyeth vs. Mike Morgan
5. Joe Hardway vs. Danny Demanto
6. Mike Donovan vs. Shawn Walker (Ladder Match)
7. Azrieal vs. Mo Sexton
8. Kenny Omega vs. Dan Maff (Heavyweight Championship Match)

ACE- Destined 4 Greatness 3/21/09:
1. Johnson 2 Johnson vs. Saints of Brutality
2. Archadia vs. Benny Martinez
3. Vince Steele vs. Eddie Escobar
4. William Wyeth vs. Mike Morgan & ??? (I Quit Handicap Match)
5. Azrieal vs. ???
6. Bandido Jr vs. Envy vs. Chris Rockwell vs. Wes Draven vs. Chrono Chris vs. Rayza vs. Black Zemis (Russian Roulette Match)
7. Mike Donovan vs. Shawn Walker
8. Joe Hardway vs. Dan Maff (No DQ Heavyweight Championship Match)

ACE- Crossroads IV 6/21/08:
1. Rayza vs. Psycho vs. Giovanni Marranca vs. Thomas Rodriguez vs. Bandido Jr. vs. Wes Draven vs. Corvis Fear
2. Tyrus vs. Dave Logan
3. Vince Steele vs. Christian Faith (South Boogie Street Fight)
4. The SAT vs. The Angus Brothers
5. Garden State Gods vs. Style & Finesse (Tables Match)
6. Envy vs. Azrieal vs. ???
7. Scotty 2 Hotty vs. William Wyeth
8. Joe Hardway vs. Mo Sexton vs. Rhino

ECW might be history once again but RF VIDEO won't let that happen for long.  We are working overtime on getting our entire ECW library converted and remastered onto DVD.  Wait until you see what we have in store for you.  We still have tons of our old fans cams to do but we are working on something that will make everyone very happy.  Keep checking out our website to find out what is in store for you next.  The way we are going to package this too, will surly become a collectors item.  ECW ECW ECW!!!!

Coming soon

--Face Off with Kevin Nash, Raven, Al Snow, Shane Douglas

--Inside the Ring with Sabu plus now we are adding bonus footage that has not been released since 1994!!! We have not even sold this VERY rare Sabu DVD ever before until now.  Sabu Smashing tables will be the bonus DVD!!

--On the Road with DDP

--SHoot Interview with Matt Borne

--ECW Mystery deal

--What is Tommy Dreamer doing with RF VIDEO in the near future!!!

Coming Soon..Shoot Interview with Matt Borne   FKA Doink the Clown!!!

hat is it like to wrestle a match against someone you just got arrested for beating up 24 hours ago? What is it like to walk into a locker room as the son of a local wrestling legend? What is it like to be a part of the most historic event in the history of pro wrestling? The newest RF Video Shoot Interview will answer all of these questions and more as we are proud to present the “Maniac” Matt Borne Shoot Interview.


This is without a doubt one of the most fascinating shoot interviews we have ever produced. Matt Bourne has been there and seen it all and doesn’t mind talking about it. For every match, every road trip, every angle, and every mistake, Matt Bourne has a story and he shares them all in this intriguing Shoot Interview.


Matt talks candidly about his personal demons in pro wrestling. Matt shares stories about partying with some of the most legendary names in the business. Matt talks in depth about his relationship with Roddy Piper and the partying the two of them used to do together in their primes. On top of that, Matt has tons of stories about drugs and alcohol abuse that he shares throughout the entire interview. Matt drops names and recalls some of the wildest stories ever told in an RF Video Shoot Interview.


Family is a big part of Matt’s story. Matt talks openly about how the relationship between his sister and Buddy Rose affected his in-ring matches with Buddy. Hear all about the night Matt had to go over his sister’s house and what resulted in the trip. Matt also tells a story about a match he had scheduled with Buddy 24 hours after he was arrested for beating Buddy up. How did Buddy react? How did Don Owens react? What are Matt’s thoughts on it today? For those unaware, the feud between Matt and Buddy in Portland is still one of the most talked about angles and feuds to this day.


Matt has tons of stories about his days on the territories. Matt tells a revealing story about doing cocaine with a booker during their first meeting. You will be shocked when you hear who the booker was. Matt also gives his thoughts and memories about working for several infamous bookers including Ole Anderson, Don Owens, and Bill Watts. Who did Matt like working for and who did he not get along with? Matt comments on things said about these men from past guests in RF Video Shoot Interviews.


Matt also talks about some of his famous partners and in-ring opponents. Matt comments on rumors and statements said in past interviews about the Von Erichs and Fritz Von Erich. Matt also talks about his rocky relationship with his former partner the late Buzz Sawyer. In addition to the war stories, Matt has some tremendous road stories that will have you laughing throughout the interview. Which former partner and enforcer did Matt travel with who fell asleep at the wheel and what happened on that trip?


Matt talks in great length about both of his runs in the WWE. Matt talks about his first big run which included wrestling on the original WrestleMania. What was Vince like during that time? How did Roddy and Paul Orndorff really feel about Mr. T? What was the locker room like at this time? How big did he think it would get? What happened and why did Matt disappear so quickly after his first WrestleMania appearance?


Matt also talks about his memorable run as the original Doink the Clown. Did he like the gimmick? What did his friends think when they first heard about it? How did he own it and make it his own? Was Vince supportive of the character? Matt also talks about the locker room with stories on everyone from Bret Hart to Scott Hall. Which wrestler stooged him out to Vince McMahon and got him fired? Nobody is off limits when Matt takes this long walk back down WWE memory lane.


Whether it was wrestling in a flannel as Big Josh, trunks as “Maniac” Matt Bourne, or spraying confetti in makeup as Doink the Clown, Matt has great stories about all phases of his career. Viewers will feel as if they were sitting on a bar stool next to Matt on a Saturday night listening to story after story. There is never a dull moment in this jam packed Shoot Interview. It is with great excitement that RF Video presents the all-new Matt Bourne Shoot Interview.

Can you talk about growing up in wrestling

How early were you exposed to the business

How close were you with your father growing up

How big was your father on kayfabe

Do you have any early road stories you can share

How young were you when you started going to shows

What do you remember about going into the locker room as a kid

When did you start training

Was your father helpful to you

When did you start to smarten up to the business

Is it true that you didn’t like wrestling for awhile

How did you get started

Memories of your first match

Early memories of the Portland territory

Memories of watching Lonnie Mayne

Memories of Lonnie’s ribs

You mentioned in past interviews the bad influences he had on you, can you expand on that

Did you think you would make it

Who were some of your mentors

Were promoters and guys harder or easier on you because of your father

Did you travel with your dad during your days as a worker

How important was it to have a background in amateur wrestling when you broke in

Memories of your first match against the Von Steigers

How did Don Owens treat you early on

Memories of Roddy Piper

Best advice Piper ever gave you

Memories of shoots that Don Owens brother set up

Do you think there was more pressure on you there because of your background

Thoughts on Dutch Savage

Thoughts on Adrian Adonis

Thoughts on Rip Oliver

Thoughts on and memories of Billy Jack Haynes

Memories of the Grappler

Memories of Buzz Sawyer

How did you get started in drugs

Your thoughts today on the Wellness Policy and anti-drug policy the WWE has

How did drugs change you

A lot of guys from your era talk about partying hard, would a lot of the guys from your era have a hard time conforming with a WWE drug policy if they were wrestling there today.

Memories of the Portland travel schedule

Did anyone give you any problems in the ring because of who your dad was

Memories of Curt Hennig and his ribs

Early memories of Andre the Giant

Memories of the legendary angle you did with Buddy Rose and your sister

Can you talk about the night you got arrested for fighting Buddy

How scared was Buddy of working with you

Memories of working for Peter Maivia in Hawaii

Any early memories of The Rock

Any good road stories from the territory

How did you wind up working for the Crocketts

Memories of starting for the Crocketts

Did you like the travel schedule

Who did you travel with

Memories of teaming with Buzz Sawyer

How come your push with Buzz ended

Any other good road stories with Buzz

Memories of Ric Flair from this time

Memories of Ricky Steamboat

Thoughts on Wahoo McDaniel as a booker

Why did you leave the territory

Do you think you burnt a bridge there

How different was it coming back to Portland now an established star

Memories of wrestling in Georgia Championship Wrestling

Thoughts and memories of Ole Anderson

Memories of Roddy Piper from the area

Good road stories

Do you feel like they made you some broken promises

Do you think Ole is a straight up guy

Early memories of Ted Dibiase

Memories of Magnum TA

Memories of Jake Roberts

Memories of teaming with Marty Lunde in Georgia

Memories being managed by Paul Ellering

Is it true that Arn once fell asleep driving with you and Paul

Memories of the Road Warriors

Is it true that you had something to do with their success in a weird way

Memories of Paul Orndorff

Was Buzz Sawyer hard to get along with

Is it true that guys didn’t like working with you and Buzz

Why did you quit Georgia

Favorite time or era of your career

How did you wind up going back to Charlotte

Early memories of teaming with Arn Anderson

Do you think you guys would have had a big push there

Why did things end so quick for you there

Early memories of the Mid South territory

Early memories of Bill Watts

Was he hard on you

Was he a bully

Who did you travel with

Memories of traveling in Mid South

Good road stories

Memories of Junkyard Dog

What happened the night you took the Stagger Lee mask off of him

Memories of being a part of Ted Dibiase’s Rat Pack

Memories of matches with Junkyard Dog

Memories of the fans or riots in Mid South, most guys say they were nuts

Is it true that you and Bill had a falling out

Memories of the Freebirds and any ribs

Memories of when the Von Erichs would come in

How did you get into the WWF in 85

What was it like to wrestle on the first WrestleMania

Memories of the match

Memories of Hulk Hogan at the time

You were close with Roddy, how mad was he about having to wrestle Mr. T

Did Paul and Roddy have any intentions on shooting on T

Memories of Vince McMahon

How stressed was Vince

How big was it to step right into the WWF at the time when they were that popular

Did you think that the WWF would blow up the way it did

Could you see the writing on the wall when it came to the territories disappearing

Memories of road trips in the WWF

Memories of Bobby Heenan

Memories of the Iron Sheik

Thoughts on him today

Favorite guys to travel with

Thoughts on George Scott booking at the time

Memories of your first tour of Japan

Any memories of the road schedule

Memories of Antonio Inoki

How were the Japanese guys to work with

Did WWF set this up

Memories of Andre in Japan

Memories of Bruiser Brody

Memories of touring Egypt

Memories of working in Texas

Early memories of the Von Erichs

How bad were their drug issues

Do you remember any specific issues in or outside of the ring

Memories of Abdullah the Butcher

Memories of Fritz

Memories of Gary Hart

Do you think Fritz was in denial about his boys

Favorite matches at the time

Memories of the Dingo Warrior

Jim Hellwig once said you were one of the biggest assholes he ever met, your thoughts

Thoughts on the death of Bruiser Brody

Memories of Chris Adams and thoughts on how things turned out

Memories of being managed by Percy Pringle

Memories of matches with Al Perez

Why do you think he never went further

Was it hard to live on the territories at this time with the way the payscale had changed

Did you ever think to yourself that you needed to find another business

Memories of doing shots in Tennessee

How did things change when Jarrett bought the territory

Memories of Gary Hart’s Texas territory

Memories of Dustin Rhodes

Why do you think it didn’t work

Memories of Ken Shamrock on the indys

Memories of the Shamrock-Nastys incident

How did you wind up in WCW

Memories working for Dusty Rhodes

Who’s idea was Big Josh

Did you like it

Was it restrictive to go from wrestling for years to portraying someone that didn’t know how to wrestle

Was it a bit easier at times

Memories of Sting

Memories of Lex Luger

Memories of Ric Flair

How different was Arn Anderson

Memories of Tommy Rich

Memories of Sid Vicious

Memories of Brian Pillman

Memories of the Steiners

You dated Johnny Weaver’s daughter, Penny Banner had some bad things to say about him over the years. Your thoughts on Johnny

What happened the night of your major car accident

How did the relationship with Bill pickup when he came into WCW

Do you think he had it out for you

When did you see the writing on the wall

How did you wind up getting back into the WWE

What did you think when you heard about the Doink gimmick

Did you like it

Did you see potential

Impressions of Vince McMahon around this time

Were you hesitant on the gimmick

How different was it to go from being a known wrestler to now working under a disguise

Memories of WrestleMania 9

Memories of Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart at the time

Memories of doing the angle with Steve Keirn

Memories of Vince at this time with his legal issues

How did your friends react when you first told them about the gimmick

Memories of matches with Bret Hart

What happened when you had a dirty drug test

How approachable was Vince during this time

How did things wind up coming to an end for you in the WWE

How did Vince react to everything

Were you surprised you got fired

How did you handle it

When did you realize you needed serious help with your demons

Did it bother you when the Doink character became somewhat of a revolving door

How do you think you compare to those guys

Legally, can you use the gimmick

Did you try and get back into the WWE

Memories of spending time in jail

Memories of working in ECW

Thoughts on Paul Heyman

Thoughts on the gimmick change to Bourne Again

Why did you wind up leaving

How did you get into stunt work in Hollywood

Any good onset stories

Thoughts on the business today and the changes

Why do you think so many second generation guys have a hard time where others like yourself do well

Do you have any plans on writing a book

Thoughts on the lack of kayfabe today

Fav finishes you were involved in

What do you do today

Have you joined our 24/7 On Demand service yet?  For only $19.99 a month it is so worth it.  Check out today and look at all of the new footage that we have added this week.  There really are some huge dream matches on the site today!!  New content is added daily!!!!

Shoot Interview with Zeus now on sale!!!!!

Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister, who fans remember him best as “Zeus” in the WWE and “Z-Gangsta” in WCW, also filmed with PWD an unpredictable, spontaneous, and honest shoot interview that leaves nothing out!  Wrestling, Movies, Sports, Death and Religion are all discussed.  No boundaries in this shoot, as Zeus says himself: “I’ll say what I wanna say, I’ve been in the game along time!” Truly a NO HOLDS BARRED SHOOT!

JAPW Seasons Beatings now on sale!!!

1. Christopher Daniels vs Dan Maff(JAPW World Heavyweight Championship) 

2. Voodoo Kin Mafia [BG James & Kip James] vs South Side Playaz Club (Mo Sexton & Joe Hardway) 

3. Archadia vs Rhett Titus (JAPW NJ State Championship) 

4. The Hillbilly Wrecking Crew [Necro Butcher & Brodie Lee] vs H8 Club [Nick Gage & Nate Hatred] (JAPW Tag Team Championship) 

5. Eddie Kingston & B-Boy vs Bandido Jr. & Azrieal 

6. Sara Del Rey vs Sumie Sakai (JAPW Women's Championship) 

7. Devon Moore vs The Grim Reefer 

8. Corvis Fear vs Sami Callihan

Face Off with Kevin Nash, Raven, Al Snow and Shane Douglas goes on sale soon!!

RF VIDEO will be with Tommy Dreamer this weekend at the big Ace show in Union City NJ.  We will be filming one of his first matches back on the indy scene!!  

Our producers are hard at work on the new Chris Benoit documentary "Aftermath" as well as our new Lost Treasures Volume 2 DVD!!

Check out my latest radio show at this link

First of all I want to answer this question for those who have emailed us.  "What if we live out of state and can't make it for your huge Jeff Hardy signing but we have merchandise and DVD's we want Jeff to sign?"

Well that is a very easy question to answer….You can mail us anything you want us to have Jeff Hardy or Shannon Moore Autograph wether its pictures, magazines, DVDs or figures!!

RF Video is now gladly accepting private signing mail orders.  Let us know what you want signed by the superstars we are working with listed below.  ALL ITEMS MUST BE RECEIVED AT LEAST 2 DAYS BEFORE THE SIGNING DATE AND TO BE PAID IN FULL.  RF Video also assumes no responsibility for lost or damaged items during shipping, however we will do our best to protect your item when packing it back to you.  You, the customer, are also responsible for all shipping costs to get your item to RF Video as well.  If you have any specific questions feel free to email us at or call our office at 215-891-9404. 

The following superstars list shows price of an autograph on one item and due date that we need to have your item by:

Jeff Hardy $40 - Due in by February 18th

Shannon Moore $10 - Due in by February 18th

Pricing for shipment of your item back to you are as followed:
8x10 photos: $6 for up to 5 photos, an extra $1 for every 2 photos following.
Magazines: $6 for up to 3 magazines, an extra $1 for every 2 magazines following.
Action Figures: $6 for the first figure, $2 for each additional figure.
Replica Belts: $20 per belt, $5 for each additional belt thereafter.
DVDS: $6 for up to 3 dvds, an extra $1 for each dvd following.

This special appearance will take place on Monday February 22, 2010 from 7pm-9pm at George's Cards & Collectibles store located on 7755 New Falls Road, Levittown PA 19055.  

Jeff Hardy prices are as followed:

$75 - Combo (includes 1 Photo Op & 1 Autograph)

$40 - Single Autograph

$40 - Single Photo Op

Shannon Moore prices are as followed:

$10 - Single Photo Op

$10 - Single Autograph

You can now pre-order your ticket to meet Jeff Hardy and Shannon Moore now by sending a PayPal payment to  Numbered tickets will be given to people in the order they place their pre-order.  If you have any additional questions feel free to call our office at 215-891-9404.  


If that was not enough RF VIDEO has also just added another guest to the huge Legends of the Ring convention on May 15th!!!  RF VIDEO is very happy to announce we will be bringing in direct from Mexico Super Crazy!!!  So now you will be able to meet Super Crazy and Tajiri!!  Get the opportunitiy to meet Tajiri & Super Crazy live and in person at the Legends of the Ring convention at the Crowne Plaza Hotel (390 Forsgate Drive- Jamesburg, NJ 08831).  For more information on the convention visit

Tajiri will be signing on May 15th.  Pricing will be as follows:

Combo: One Autograph & One Photo Op $30

Additional Autograph $20

Super Crazy will be signing at the RF Video table on May 15th.  Pricing will be as follows:

Combo: One Autograph & One Photo Op $30

Additional Autograph $15


You can now pre-order your chance to meet Tajiri & Super Crazy now by sending money through PayPal to the address Please note this is just to meet Tajiri and Super Crazy and not an entrance into the convention itself. We look forward to seeing everyone on May 15th!


RF VIDEO has also added our first guest to this coming April the 10th Wrestlefest VI: Spring Spectacular as we will have Al Perez at out table from 11AM until 2PM.  This will be his first ever autograph signing.  Prices will be $15 for a photo op and $15 for any autographs. You can paypal us and preorder at which is our payola account!!!

All of our new shoots are in stock and now shipping!!!!!

Just in case you missed what we did on Thursday here is a quick review once again:

RF VIDEO has been running all over the city of Philadelphia over the last 24 hours with former WCW World Champion DDP.  It all started last night when we kicked off our new DVD series On the Road with Diamond Dallas Page at the Market Street Station where we picked him up.  We had our cameras rolling from the time he got off the train until he checked into his 5 star hotel at the Four Seasons.   Wait until you see the trouble we caused by filming at the hotel…there are tons of WCW road stories on this DVD as well.  You will hear about his troubles with Ric Flair after his book came out and how DDP fixed the situation.  What heat did he have with the Undertaker and the WWE office if there was any at all….What happened the first time he talked to Dusty Rhodes…What are his views on the Chris Benoit tragedy?  The entire DVD will run over three hours but the main focus of this DVD was his media appearances today in Philadelphia which we were able to capture as well on this DVD from the radio show with Danny Bonaduce and Ukee Washington on Talk Philadelphia to promote his amazing YRG DVD's. 

RF VIDEO was granted permission to film everything behind the scenes at the Danny Bonaduce show and we were even there in the studio and filmed his appearance on Dannys show.  They talk in great detail about TNA and if DDP would ever go back to the company.  The main focus of the appearance was DDP promoting his YRG DVD's which are a must for anybody looking to get in shape.  I actually did some of this last night with him in the hotel and its amazing.  He also showed me a video which you can check out on his new website that we plugged last night where this one guy who could not even walk can now run and he lost so much weight.  We actually will show the footage on this DVD too.  Danny was so impressed with the YRG workout that he is going to take it on as well as myself.  I am not fat or anything but this program will get you super in shape and give you abs of steal.

Everyone was great at Danny's show and they treated us well.  We than went out for Breakfast since his appearance was like at 7AM and we filmed all of our car rides as well.  From there we went back to his hotel for more talk with DDP about his YRG programs and of course wrestling talk!!  We headed out around 11AM for a private tour of the CBS studio here in Philly.  We were able to film all of this as well and we filmed DDP in the green room waiting to go on with Ukee Washington.  We also filmed everything behind the scenes with Ukee Washington as his staff was also amazing with us.  I met Ukee about 10 years ago when I was on the news for my pro wrestling shopps that I had in this area.  He actually remembered our interview together since Steve Austin was also on the same show via satellite. We had DDP and Ukee do a private interview for this DVD as well.  

The highlight of the show was DDP teaching the staff how to do YRG once again.  You will all be amazed at the results as we are going to really push his YRG products thru this DVD.  It's some amazing workouts that really get you results.

The entire day was just amazing and loads of fun.  We can't thank everyone enough especially the staff over at CBS and Danny Bonaduce show.  I also want to thank DDP who allowed us to take part in this and he really let us into his world over the past 24 hours.  If you ever met DDP you know he always goes that extra mile and he was working non stop all day in his hotel on his website and company as he lives for YRG.  We can't wait to release this new on the road DVD so you can see a whole new person and see how DDP is outside of the squared circle!!!


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Sabu also shares some intimate details regarding his favorite opponent, most brutal match and much more.  A true must watch for any wrestling fan and potential professional wrestler!

RF Videos “In The Ring” series continues with the suicidal, homicidal, genocidal, death defying Sabu.  This is the same man who tore open his biceps during a barbed wire match with Terry Funk, only to continue the match after taping it up.

Sabu gives advice on such topics as dropkicks, the art of a stiff lock up, ring psychology, running the ropes and more.  He also speaks in depth about the importance of developing a repertoire of moves to use within each match.

Sabu also shares some intimate details regarding his favorite opponent, most brutal match and much more.  A true must watch for any wrestling fan and potential professional wrestler!

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Davey Richards vs. Drake Younger 

Scotty Vortekz vs. Egotistico Fantastico 

TJ Perkins vs. Arik Cannon 

Flip Kendrick vs. Shane Hollister 

Silas Young vs. Dave Cole 

Jon Moxley vs. Brad Attitude 

Chris Jones vs. Johnny Gargano 

Louis Lyndon vs. Marion Foutaine 

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1 Chris Chetti vs Danny Doring


2 FBI vs Blue Meanie/Super Nova/Tom,y Rogers


3 Chris Candido/Lance Storm vs Axl Rotten/balls Mahoney


4 Justin Credible vs Jerry Lynn


5 Bam Bam Bigelow vs Mike Lorzansky


6 Rob Van Dam vs Kronus


7 Sabu vs Mikey Whipwreck


8 Tommy Dreamer/Sandman/Spike Dudley vs The Dudleys/Jack Victory





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1 Chris Chetti vs Danny Doring


2 Super Nova/Blue Meanie vs FBI


3 Justin Credible vs Jerry Lynn


4 Axl Rotten/Balls Mahoney vs Mike Lorzanski/Ulf Herman


5 Spike Dudley vs New Jack


6 Bam Bam Bigelow vs Lance Storm


7 Taz vs Bam Bam Bigelow


8 Rob Van Dam vs Kronus


9 The Dudleys vs Dreamer/Sandman/Spike Dudley





ECW Fancam 12/5/98 Buffalo NY


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Tommy Rogers vs Mike Lozansky


Spike Dudley vs Spanish Angel


Tracy Smothers & One Man Gang vs Chris Chetti & Tommy Dreamer


Justin Credible vs Masato Tanaka


New Jack vs Rod Price


Balls Mahoney vs Danny Doring


Rob Van Dam vs Lance Storm


Dudleys vs RobVan Dam & Sabu vs Taz & Shane Douglas





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Tommy Rogers vs Robert Gibson


FBI vs Blue Meanie & Super Nova


Bam Bam Bigelow vs Chris Chetti


Taz vs Chris Candido


Rob Van Dam vs One Man Gang


Dudleys vs Balls Mahoney & Masato Tanaka


Shane Douglas vs Lance Storm


Tommy Dreamer, New Jack, John Kronus, Spike Dudley vs Justin Credible, Rod Price, Jack Victory, Sal E. Graziano



Jim Ross On The Monday Night War's Full Time Return!

The following is from Ross' blog;

"We have been deluged with questions regarding the pending Monday night wrestling competition. Some questions are only answerable with a crystal ball of which I'm fresh out. (Yes, I'm crystal ball-less.) I do know that competition in any endeavor makes everyone step up their game. Monday night was established as THE wrestling night years ago in the mid to late 90's when the Monday night wars were ongoing and many fans still perceive that to be the case today regarding Mondays. If the upcoming development on Monday nights helps increase fan interest in the genre, then the fans win, the business wins and the best, TV product will thrive."

Orlando Jordan Bisexual Angle Update

Wrestleview is reporting the following;

The decision was made not to the air the controversial Orlando Jordan-male companion segment that was shot earlier this week, but the angle is still scheduled to progress and has not been scrapped. Eric Bischoff still supports the angle, and wants to push the envelope with the TV-14 content to contour WWE's PG-rated programming.

Hogan Family Settle Lawsuit With Graziano Family

The following is from TMZ;

Hulk and Nick Hogan have settled the lawsuit filed against them on behalf of John Graziano -- the U.S. Marine who was seriously injured in Nick's 2007 car crash.

Though the terms are confidential, a source tells TMZ Hulk settled to avoid a media circus at trial and to make it "as painless as possible" for both the Hogan and Graziano families. 

The Hogans' attorney, David R. Houston, tells TMZ they are "pleased as this was in the best interest of John."

As we previously reported, Linda Hogan -- who was also sued over the crash -- reached a settlement with the family last month.

Major Changes Set For IMPACT? is reporting that there were major rewrites before the TNA Impact TV tapings this past Tuesday in Orlando. Were told the agents meetings also ran longer than usual. The changes were expected to be made on the last tapings set to air in two weeks.

Undertaker Set To Take Time Off?

The Undertaker was pulled this week from all advertising on the post-WrestleMania 26 tour in Europe reports The Wrestling Observer Newsletter. So it would appear at this point he will be taking time off after WrestleMania along with Shawn Michaels.

WWE To Have Money In The Bank PPV

While nothing is official, The Wrestling Observer is reporting that with the introduction of the new WWE Money in the Bank PPV this July it appears the match is off the card for WrestleMania this year. Were told this has upset many WWE wrestlers because it is a big payday to be on the WrestleMania card for at least 6 to 8 guys that may not get a shot now.

*Just great!  Another gimmick PPV!


The following report is from Wrestleview;


Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)

February 18, 2010

Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

Report by: Josh Boutwell of

The show opens up with Eric Bischoff on his phone exiting his limo. Bischoff tells the person he's talking to he'll see them in a little while and then hangs up and says 'let the games begin.'

Highlights from this Sunday's great Against All Odds PPV are shown and then the usual Impact intro hits and then we cut to the press conference Dixie Carter and Hulk Hogan held Monday. If you've been living under a rock, starting March 8th Impact will move permanently to Monday night's and will be live every other week! The usual Imapct intro then hits and we are underway!

D'Angelo Dinero's music hits and the TNA World Heavyweight #1 Contender makes his way out to the ring! Tenay and Taz put over Dinero's performance this past Sunday. Dinero grabs the mic and says we're having a party tonight in Orlando! Dinero says it could be because The Pope has arrived or it could be because Pope is pimpin'! I think the fans agree. Dinero goes over his wins at AAO and says he overcame the obstacles and stands in the ring tonight the #1 contender to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship! Dinero says the only thing standing between him and his biggest piece of bling (the belt) is one “Arthur 'I have no class' Jackson” (AJ) and “Dick Flair” (he said it). Pope says he accidentally said Dick Flair but that's okay because “Ric is a dick.” He says AJ & Flair may be styling and profiling but they will never, ever be the “charismatic, pimptacular, hand clapping, foot tapping, pimp slapping, blinging attire, always on fire, Pope that is D'Angelo Dinero!” He says come Lockdown he will enter the cage as the challenger but after 'all the money has fallen and Arthur is left crawling' The Pope will be declared the World Heavyweight Champion! Boy, this guy is on fire! This causes Ric Flair's music to hit and AJ walks out alongside Flair and the ladies. AJ has a tweaked look (for those that didn't see the PPV) with blond streaks (thank God they didn't die his hair bleach blond) and has some diamond earring in his ears. Also, he wore a new robe to the ring at the PPV which was a mix of AJ and Flair. It was the usual flamboyant robe with feathers that Flair was known for but also had a hood on it like AJ's ring jackets always have had and said “The Phenomenal One” on the back. Pope waves at the ladies as they enter the ring. Flair asks Pope if he assume that Pope can read or write. He then asks Pope what the label on his jacket reads as he holds it up. Flair says it says “Armoni” and says Armoni is an Italian designer that makes clothes for him and then he tells the fans to shutup. Flair also reminds Dinero that his name is Ric Flair not Dick Flair. He says when Dinero was 6 years old Pope was praying to God to grow up and be just like Flair. Flair says that he was bling before there was a bling. Flair says he's almost exhausted because he's been with AJ and his 'legion' (the ladies) since last Sunday and he calls AJ a “piece of work.” He says AJ is the greatest wrestling machine that he's ever seen and then instructs one of the ladies to kiss AJ. He says AJ is custom made and he is the TNA World Heavyweight Champion which makes him the greatest athlete alive. Dinero says he will reiterate himself even though he doesn't like to repeat himself, Flair's name might be Ric but in the Pope's eyes he's still a dick. Pope says it doesn't matter what type of piece of crap you've inherited, you can dress it up, put shades on it, and dye it's hair but at the end of the day it's still a piece of crap! Flair thinks he and Pope are having a failure to communicate. He calls Dinero a “street thug, hubcap stealing, lowride driving, son of a gun” that should know that AJ spent more money on his suit than Pope's parents ever got in green stamps (food stamps?). Flair tells the ladies to 'tell him' but Dinero cuts him off and says that the ladies can't say anything because their exhausted from riding the 'soul train express' all night long! Flair is none to happy about that statement and neither is AJ. AJ mocks Dinero and says that was real funny. He says that Pope is nothing going nowhere and AJ is the champ. Dinero says he is everywhere and in fact he's on AJ right now like white on rice and then he punches AJ in the mouth! Pope is laying into AJ with body shots and then Flair tries to stop him but eats a big right from Pope! AJ attacks Dinero from behind and then Flair joins in and they start the beatdown on the #1 contender! Flair puts a knee into the groin of Pope and then stands Pope up and low blows him! Flair then holds Pope for AJ to lay into. AJ continues to beat on Pope as Flair is looking for something at ringside. AJ screams at Pope that he's nobody and Flair brings a chair into the ring! Flair places Dinero's foot into the chair and stomps on it repeatedly! AJ pulls Dinero to the center of the ring and puts him in the Figure Four!


Back from commercials replays of what just went down between AJ & Flair beating on Dinero. Tenay then goes over the big announcement of Impact going to Monday's March 8th! As Daffney is entering the ring Tenay says that there has been a rumor going around all day that a former TNA Champion would be returning tonight but neither he or Taz know who it is.

Non-Title Match

Daffney vs. Tara

Oh man Tara is back to the booty shorts for ring gear (YES!). Tara and Daffney lockup and the referee seperates them as they brawl into the ropes. Daffney goes for a clothesline but Tara ducks and then hits a big right hand followed by a series of rights and then a front kick. Tara grabs Daffney and hits the Spider's Web for a nearfall. Tara puts Daffney in a wristlock but Daffney hits a Knee Strike to the gut followed by a forearm. Daffney then lights up Tara's chest with a chop and follows it up with an attempt at an Irish Whip, but Tara reverses it and then goes for a clothesline. Daffney ducks but eats a backdrop from Tara. Tara charges at Daffney in the corner but Daffney levels her with a big spinning heel kick! Daffney grabs Tara and slams her to the mat by her hair and then hits a Snapmare using Tara's hair to throw her down. Daffney hits the Hair Snapmare two more times and then kicks Tara in the face. Daffney puts the boots to Tara and kicks her out of the ring. Daffney grabs Tara and slams her into the guardrail. Daffney goes for a right hand but Tara blocks it and hits one of her own followed by a chop. Daffney reaches under the ring and grabs a tool box and blasts Tara with it! This obviously leads to a DQ.

Winner: Tara via DQ

After the match Daffney hits Tara with the tool box again and then talks trash to her as she drags Tara and slams her into the guardrail. Daffney screams at the referee and then throws her near the announce booth and slams the guardrail on her! Daffney grabs a chair and slams it into the guardrail that is laying over Tara repeatedly! Stevie Richards runs out and takes the chair from Daffney and then drags her to the back. Referees and officials come out to check on Tara.

In the back Mick Foley knocks on Bischoff's office and then walks in. Foley says he was told Bischoff wanted to see him and Eric tells him that he wants to talk about AAO. Foley apologizes to Bischoff for not using the barbed wire bat at AAO (Bischoff made Foley-Abyss No DQ and said he wanted one of them to use the bat), but Bischoff cuts him off and says Foley has nothing to apologize about because Foley poured his heart into the match. Bischoff says he and Foley have their differences but he is a rational guy and he knows Foley put his 100% into it. There is a man sitting in a chair and woman beside him (they look like wardrobe people or something with tape measures and paper with them) and Bischoff says to show him his appreciation he wanted to have the people take Foley's measurements so they could get Foley up to date in ring gear. Bischoff says he wants Foley looking fine representing TNA and they're going to have a Mick Makeover. Foley agrees to it and he leaves with the designers. Bischoff grabs a phone and calls someone after Foley leaves. He tells the person on the phone to get Abyss in his office now.


In the back we see Kevin Nash arriving to the Impact Zone and he doesn't look too happy.

Orlando Jordan vs. “Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe

Jordan is accompanied to the ring by a woman and a very, um, how can I say this? 'Flamboyant' looking man. Joe is coming off of his loss to AJ Styles this past Sunday. In the back Bischoff is talking to Joe and asks Joe where that “Samoan pride” he keeps hearing about and he says Joe didn't get the job done against AJ. He asks what's up with Joe and he dares Joe to impress him tonight. I have heard things on the internet this week that supposedly Jordan kissed the man on his way to the ring but thankfully that was NOT shown (maybe TNA thought better of it). Jordan attempts to jump Joe before the bell but Joe avoids him and throws repeated jabs at Jordan in the corner! Joe follows up with nasty rights and lefts and then stomps! Joe is fired up! Joe whips Jordan into the opposite corner and follows up with a running back elbow followed by a Leaping Enziguri! Joe grabs ahold of Jordan but Jordan pokes him in the eyes. Jordan comes off the ropes and Joe goes for a clothesline, but Jordan ducks only to eat a Flying Knee Strike from Joe! 1...2...NO Jordan kicks out! Joe looks unfocused now as he stares towards the back and mouths “impress me?” before turning around and smacking Jordan again. Joe comes off the ropes but Jordan connects with a Spinebuster out of nowhere! Jordan follows up by putting the boots to Joe and then choking him on the top rope. Jordan hits a Swinging Neckbreaker on Joe and then hits a series of Elbow Drops. Jordan hits a Knee Drop and gets a nearfall. Jordan locks a rear chinlock on Joe but Joe gets to his feet and hits a series of back elbows. Joe whips Jordan into the ropes and hits a big clothesline followed by another one! Joe hits a third clothesline and then whips Jordan into the ropes and hits a backdrop. Joe hits a Running Knee Strike in the corner on Jordan and then puts him up on the top rope. Joe connects with a sereis of jabs and then rights and lefts and a big chop! Joe goes for another big right but Jordan avoids it and then connects with a Super Black Ice (Lung Blower)! 1...2....3 and Jordan gets the upset!

Winner: Jordan via pinfall (Super Black Ice)

Joe cannot believe he just got pinned as Jordan celebrates the win.

We then see Abyss approaching JB in the back. Abyss asks if he knows what Bischoff wants to see him about JB doesn't know.


Back from commercials Abyss is in Bischoff's office. Bischoff tells Abyss that he warned Abyss what he would do and he's going to do it. He told Abyss that if the bat didn't get used at AAO he would remove Abyss' mask. Abyss apologizes and says that he didn't want to hurt Mick but says he did use the thumbtacks, but Bischoff says he didn't tell Abyss to use the tacks. Bischoff says it's going to be his mask now and then he tells Abyss that Foley is on a shopping spree and Hogan is taking care of other business right now. Bischoff says his first order of business tonight is to get that mask off of Abyss. Abyss says the mask is who he is and Bischoff says what Abyss is is a whole new level of ugly and they'll reveal it tonight. He tells Abyss not to even think about leaving because security is posted at every door.

Christy Hemme is in the locker room with Eric Young and she asks EY if he's spoken to Nash tonight. EY says he has and Nash has a lot to say but he wants to talk to Scott Hall and Syxx-Pac directly and he'll do that in the ring. EY looks at the camera and says that he knows Hall and Pac are there trying to find a way into the building and he hopes they do because nothing would make Nash happier than to be able to say what he has to say face-to-face.

More footage from the press conference Monday is shown.


In the back Bischoff approaches Jeff Jarrett holding the barbed wire bat. Jarrett asks Bischoff what he thinks he's going to do with that bat. Bischoff says it's not what he's going to do with the bat but what Jeff is going to do. Bischoff says he wanted to see it used at AAO but was disappointed so tonight he wants Jeff to use it against Abyss! Bischoff tells Jeff to get the job done and if he does it right he may even get Bischoff a velvet painting of Jeff for the locker room wall so Jeff feels at home. Bischoff tells Jeff not to disappoint him.

8-Man X-Division Tag Team Match

Doug Williams, Motor City Machine Guns, & Brian Kendrick vs. Amazing Red, Generation Me, & Kazarian

It's the return of Kaz! Red & Generation Me came out together and then Kaz's music hit and he came out alone to great ovation. Apparently he's going by Kazarian instead of just Kaz now. Tenay says this is obviously the former TNA Champion (he is a former TNA X-Division Champion) that they heard about. No more Suicide now? Kaz tells his partners that he'll start the match but gets jumped from behind by Williams. Williams hits a forearm and then whips Kaz into the corner but Kaz floats over Williams as he charges in and connects with a beautiful Reverse X-Factor! Williams tags Kendrick in and Kaz flings him into the ring! Kaz connects with a dropkick on Kendrick and then whips him into the ropes and hits a backdrop. Kendrick attempts to tag out but Kaz grabs him by the ankle and pulls him to the babyface corner. There Kaz tags in Max. Both Generation Me members come in and they whip Kendrick into the ropes and connect with a Double Hiptoss. They they hit a Double Back handspring Basement Dropkick! Kendrick quickly tags in Shelley but Max hits a drop toe hold as he comes in the ring! He then goes for a La Magistral Cradle but Shelley grabs him by the leg and trips him. Shelley then rolls Max up in sort of an Oklahoma Roll but only gets a 2 count. Shelley then locks Max in a wristlock and tags in Sabin. Shelley slams Max to the mat and Sabin connects with a Slingshot Somersault Senton. Sabin then connects with a Backsplash Senton on Max as Shelley hits a Knee Drop at the same time! 1..2...NO Max kicks out! Sabin throws Max into the corner and then whips him into the opposite one. Sabin charges and Max gets his boot up but Sabin catches the boot. Sabin then spins him around and goes for a Back Suplex, but Max lands on his feet and tags in Red! Red with a shoulderblock through the ropes as Sabin charges at him and then slingshots into the ring rolling over the back of Sabin. Sabin turns around and Red goes for a Sunset Flip but Sabin rolls through. Sabin pretends Red's head is a football as he goes for a Field Goal, but Red is able to avoid it and then rolls Sabin up! Sabin kicks out! Sabin quickly goes for a Lariat but Red is able to drop down to his back to avoid it and then nipup in an instant! Red hits a Spinning DDT! 1...2...NO Shelley breaks it up! Red then knocks Shelley off the apron only to eat a Running Knee Strike right to the ribs from Sabin. Williams tags back in and hits a series of headbutts and Euroepan Uppercuts. Williams whips Red into the corner and hits a Running Knee followed by a Snap Suplex! Williams climbs to the top but Red hits him with the Spinning Enziguri as Williams was standing on the top knocking Williams off! Red tags out to Kaz and he connects with a clothesline and then a spinning heel kick followed by a dropkick all to Williams! Kaz attempts to whip Williams into the ropes but he reverses it and goes for a clothesline, but Kaz catches his arm, spins around him, and hits a Spinning Neckbreaker! 1...2...NO Kendrick breaks it up! Jeremy runs in and dropkicks Kendrick sending him out to the floor! Now Max comes in with him and hits a gorgeous dropkick through the ropes knocking Kendrick into the guardrail! Max then hangs himself upside down and Jeremy hits a Somersault Plancha through the legs of Max over the top rope onto Kendrick on the floor! Are you kidding me?! Sabin destroys Max with a nasty dropkick as he was still hanging upside down! Kaz nails Sabin with forearms and then comes off the ropes but Shelley trips him! That allows Sabin to connect with the Field Goal kick this time! The Guns grab Kaz and whip him into the ropes. They go for a double clothesline but Kaz ducks and Red comes flying out of nowhere with a Double Missile Dropkick to the Guns! The Guns roll out to the floor but Red takes them out with a Somersault Plancha off the top onto the Guns on the floor! In the ring Kaz looks like he is setting up for something but Kendrick grabs him from the apron. Kaz lays him out with a forearm and then slingshots himself over the top onto the apron. Williams charges at him but Kaz hits a shoulder block through the ropes followed by the Slingshot Spike DDT! 1...2...3 and they get the win!

Winners: Kaz, Generation Me, & Amazing Red via pinfall (Slingshot DDT)

In the back Abyss tries to leave the arena but the door is locked and Slick Johnson approaches him and tells him that he is booked in a match next.


“The Monster” Abyss vs. “King of the Mountain” Jeff Jarrett

Jarrett still isn't allowed any entrance music or pyro as he comes to the ring but he is carrying the barbed wire bat. Abyss and Jarrett lockup and Jarrett shoves him off but then eats a shoulder block from the Monster. Jarrett locks up with Abyss and gets shoved off again this time he connects with a kick to Abyss but then eats a clothesline from Abyss. They lockup again and Abyss forces him into the corner and then goes for a clothesline, but Jarrett ducks and then attempts to whip Abyss into the opposite corner. Abyss reverses it and Jarrett goes for the float over but Abyss saw it coming and then goes for the Shock Treatment, but Jarrett blocks it and hits an Enziguri! Jarrett then hits a Body Guillotine on Abyss as he was draped over the middle rope. Abyss attempts a clothesline but Jarrett ducks and connects with a dropkick. Abyss retreats to the corner but Jarrett follows and mounts him reigning down the 10 punches in the corner. Abyss grabs Jarrett and connects with an Atomic Drop. Jarrett comes back with an Uppercut and then a clothesline. Jarrett hits another clothesline that sends Abyss over the top to the floor! Jarrett throws Abyss into the guardrail repeatedly and then grabs a chair! He tries to slam Abyss' head into the chair but Abyss blocks it and slams Jarrett's head into it! Abyss grabs the chair and throws it into the ring. Abyss rolls back into the ring and wedges it between the top and middle turnbuckle. Abyss rolls Jarrett back into the ring and throws a big right hand at him. Abyss then attempts to whip Jarrett into the chair but Jarrett blocks it and then slams Abyss into the corner, but Abyss blocks it. Abyss then goes for a clothesline but Jarrett ducks and they clothesline each other at the same time. Bischoff walks out onto the stage looking on now.


Back from commercials Abyss hits a Sidewalk Slam for a nearfall as Bischoff is walking slowly towards the ring. Abyss charges at Abyss in the corner but Jeff gets his feet up and then climbs to the top. Jarrett dives off but Abyss catches him in midair and hits a Chokeslam! 1...2...NO Jarrett kicks out! Abyss goes for an Elbow Drop but Jarrett moves and then attempts to whip Abyss into the ropes, but Abyss reverses it. Abyss goes for a clothesline but Jarrett ducks and hits the Stroke! Jarrett then hits the Stroke again this time into the steel chair in the corner! Jarrett looks over at Bischoff who mouths “do it now” to him. Jarrett grabs the bat and is getting ready to hit Abyss but he doesn't as Bischoff screams “do it damn it!” Jarrett throws the bat out to the floor and Bischoff grabs a microphone. Bischoff says he knew he couldn't trust Jarrett to get the job done as Abyss jumps Jarrett in the ring. Bischoff looks to the back and says “guys now!” and Homicide, Raven, Tomko, Rhino, & Desmond Wolfe run out and jump Jarrett & Abyss! Bischoff looks on as they destroy Abyss and Jarrett. The goons hold Abyss as Bischoff walks into the ring. Bischoff says he told Abyss what he was going to do and he didn't believe him. Bischoff grabs the mask but Hogan's music hits! Hogan walks out to the ring and doesn't look happy. Hogan grabs the microphone from Bischoff and he tells Abyss to get his a** back to Hogan's office. Abyss leaves the ring and then Hogan looks at Bischoff's goons and shakes his head. Hogan then looks at Bischoff and walks out.



In the back we see security escorting Abyss to Hogan's office.

Brutus Magnus & “Big” Rob Terry vs. Beer Money Inc.

They finally reveal that Terry won the Global Championship on their UK tour and they even show photos of it. Well, finally we get some Beer Money on TV! Storm and Brutus will kick this match off. They lockup and Brutus immediately locks Storm in a side headlock but not for long as Storm shoves him off into the ropes. Brutus connects with a shoulder block, though, and then goes for a clothesline, but Storm ducks it. Brutus grabs Storm and throws him into the ropes and then goes for a leapfrog, but Storm stops and connects with a big right hand. Storm attempts to whip Brutus into the corner but Brutus reverses it and then charges at Storm only to eat Storm's left foot! Terry then connects with a clothesline on Storm from the apron and the Brits put the beat down on Storm as Roode tries to get in and help his buddy but the referee holds him back. Terry remains in the ring (no tag) and hits a Running Powerslam! Terry then tags in Brutus as he begs for the tag. Brutus covers Storm but only gets a two count and then he tags in Terry. Terry whips Storm into the corner and hits a Corner Splash and then Brutus blind tags himself back in. Brutus goes for a Scoop Slam but Storm blocks it and hits a Jawbreaker and then tags in Roode. Roode hits a Flying Forearm followed by a clothesline. Roode whips Magnus into the ropes and hits a gorgeous Spinebuster! Terry comes in and goes for a clothesline but Roode ducks and Beer Money hit their Beer Money Double Suplex on him! Beer Money clotheslines Terry over the top rope to the floor and then Roode lifts Storm up and into a Plancha over the top onto Terry on the floor! In the ring Brutus grabs Roode from behind and attempts a Back Suplex but Roode lands on his feet and then shoves Brutus into the corner. Storm connects with a Leaping Enziguri from the apron to the back of Brutus' head! Beer Money then hits the DWI! 1...2...3 and Beer Money get the win!

Winners: Beer Money via pinfall (DWI)

After the match Terry grabs a microphone and hands it to Brutus. Brutus yells at Terry that he can't do anything right! Brutus says the Title belt has obviously cut the circulation off to his brain. He says that Terry is an embarrassment to the British Invasion and Terry tries to walk off, but Brutus stops him and tells him not to turn his back on him. Brutus says that he's Terry's superior and then he slaps him. Brutus grabs the Global Championship and says that it's obvious the belt should belong to him. He then tells Terry to get out of the ring but Terry lays Brutus out with a clothesline! Terry then holds the belt up over Brutus' prone body.

In the back Kevin Nash is pacing around in his locker room.


Hogan walks into his office as Abyss is freaking out. Hogan says he's done with Abyss crap and yells at him to sit down. Bischoff started to walk in but Hogan told him to get out. Hogan says he's sick and tired of seeing Abyss shake and chase his own tail and be afraid of his own shadow. He tells Abyss it stops right now. Hogan says Superman has his cape that makes him powerful and Popeye has his can of spinach and he wants to know if Abyss is really a monster. Abyss says he is but Hogan says he's not as big of a monster as he is and the monster that he is is called Hulkamania. Hogan says it's bigger than he'll understand! Hogan says that Abyss will never cower again and never shake. He then takes off his Hall of Fame ring and asks Abyss if he knows what it is. He says that is his life and it's the only thing that has never left him. He says he destroyed his body for 30 years to earn that ring. He says he's so crippled from earning that ring that he can barely get out of the bed in the morning. He asks Abyss if he understands that it's his life and Hogan says he does. Hogan tells Abyss to put his hand out and he hands it to Abyss and says it's his now. Hogan says it will give Abyss the strongest man on the earth and it will protect him. He says it will make him the 'God of wrestling.' He says Abyss will be 10 times stronger than he ever was and that is his mission. Hogan says it's his destiny to be bigger than anything to ever get in the ring and Abyss says he won't let Hulk down. Hogan leaves and Abyss puts it on his hand and says he feels it. Abyss screams and then laughs hysterically. That was...odd.

“Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels vs. “Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle

Photos of Anderson disrespecting Angle this past Sunday are shown as Angle comes to the ring. Daniels charges Angle at the bell and throws rights and lefts at him in the corner. Daniels puts the boots to Angle and his really taking I tot him. Finally the referee pulls him away which allows Angle to come back with rights of his own but Daniels answers right back with a big uppercut. Daniels covers Angle and gets a nearfall. Daniels comes off the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Angle ducks and locks in a waistlock. Daniels fights out of it with back elbows and comes off the ropes again and goes for a Sunset Flip, but Angle blocks it and grabs the ankle and locks in the Ankle Lock! Daniels fights it but Angle drops down and scissors the leg and Daniels taps.

Winner: Angle via submission (Ankle Lock)

Angle grabs the microphone and says there is a few things he has to say to Mr. Anderson. He says he is man enough to accept it when he's been beaten and Anderson beat him this Sunday, but the way he did it is another story. Angle says Anderson winning isn't what pissed him off but what pissed him off is what he did to his dog tag as he holds it up. Angle says in the military they are a little bit smaller and explains how the military puts the soldiers names on them so if the solider dies the military can send the tags back to the family. A big “USA” chant starts. Angle says he wants to tell us why it means so much to him. He says he had a real tough 2009, he went through a difficult divorce, he shamed his kids by getting arrested (he makes sure to mention that he was falsely accused which he was but says he was arrested nonetheless). Angle starts to break down as the fans get behind him. Angle says he sat in a jail cell and he didn't know why it was happening to him. He says he got on his knees and prayed to god. He said after he posted bail he had an appearance at Ft. Hood, Texas. He says he met some amazing people down there and it changed his life. Angle says he met soldiers and family members of soldiers that died in battle. He says that he had a soldier come up to him and tell him that he heard about Angle in the news and read the stuff on the internet about his arrest and he told Angle that he believed in him. He then handed Angle the dog tag he was holding in his hand and the man told Angle that he wanted to give it to him so he would always remember who he is. Angle reads the inscription on the back that says, “It's called warrior. Out of every 100 men, ten shouldn't even be there, 80 are just targets, and 9 are the real fighters. We are lucky to have all of them, for they make the battle, but the 1. 1 is the warrior and he will bring the others back.” That's pretty cool. The fans chant “USA” again as Angle nods his head. Angle says when Anderson cut him with that tag this past Sunday he didn't just make him bleed, he made those soldiers bleed. Angle says he made the citizens of this country bleed by doing that, and what makes matters worse is that after he won he dropped the tag on Angle's chest and then spit on it. Angle says he didn't spit on him, he spit on the soldiers and on the United States. Angle says for that he will make Anderson suffer. He says he will make Anderson bleed until every drop is out of his body. He says when you go down that road with Kurt Angle there is no coming back! He says, “Ken Anderson, I'll see you in hell.” Anderson's music hits and he walks out onto the ramp as we go to break.


Back from commercials Anderson mocks Angle with fake tears and says “I'm very touched and moved Kurt.” He then says he's very amazed at Kurt's ability to suck up to the people. Anderson says Kurt just wants a little pat on the back and mocks Angle somemore. Anderson says he sees that hunk of garbage around Angle's neck (the dog tag) as nothing more than a utensil to carve him up. Anderson says sometimes he likes to make people bleed and if Angle has a problem with that then maybe he should come and do something about it. Angle walks through the ropes and as Angle got closer Anderson swung at him, but Angle blocked it and blasts Anderson! Angle with repeated right hands but Anderson connects with a knee to the gut and then he connects with rights of his own. Anderson grabs his microphone and blasts Angle with it and then says “welcome, Kurt, to Total Nonstop Anderson!” right in Angle's face.


In the parking lot JB approaches Samoa Joe and asks him what's going on with him, but Joe just walks off. Then a van speeds up and almost hits Joe! Joe is pissed and throws his towel at the van as people climb out and grab Joe and throw him in the van and drive off! They were all wearing black hoods!

Kevin Nash and Eric Yong walk out to the ring together now. Nash looks dead in the camera and says that he doesn't remember where or when but it was about 18 years ago, but for some reason he picked Sean Waltman & Scott Hall to be his friends. Nash says he also bought a black suit about 10 years ago because he knew that he would be putting one of them in the dirt real soon (wow that one has to sting for real). Nash says he doesn't know whats worse in this business, the broken bones or the broken hearts. The torn tendons or the torn relationship between friends and families. He says for 3 weeks Scott Hall & Sean Waltman have found their way into this building. Nash said he has done everything he could over the years to keep them employed and he carried them on his back for the last time. Nash says they need to do themselves a favor tonight and find their way down to the ring to him. Nash says this business chews people up and spits them out but he's still standing. He says that he'll be waiting and he's the 'big gray haired son of a b*tch in the ring.' We see Hall and Pac walking through the crowd and Nash calls them “b*tches” and says it's nice to see they could make it. Pac and Hall talk trash to Nash as they get closer to the ring. Finally Hall starts to get in the ring and all of a sudden Young slides out of the ring and jumps Pac! Syxx and Young brawl around ringside as Hall climbs into the ring. Hall tosses his toothpick at Nash and eats a forearm from Nash! Nash begs Hall to get up as security runs out to get between them! Nash and Hall are going nuts tossing security guys around! Hogan walks out of the tunnel and stares at what's going on in the ring. Nash says next week it's on!

Final Thoughts

Well, tonight was a crazy show! First, I have to speak on the big announcement about Impact moving to Monday's. TNA is definitely going all in on this one and this could go one of two ways. Either a) it is on! And we have Monday Night Wars II or b) the WWE will eat TNA alive and this is the beginning of the end of the company that I've been following since it's inception. Either way, as Jim Ross would say, business is about to pick up!

Now, before I go onto the show itself I have to speak on this Orlando Jordan business. I have heard a lot of stuff about the 'incident' that was NOT shown tonight. Personally I have no problem with those people that choose that lifestyle, I mean no disrespect, but I myself do not want to see that on my TV. If Orlando wants to do that in his personal life, more power to you, but I would rather it kept off TV. Now let's get to the show.

The opening segment was absolutely knocked right out of the park. The Pope just oozes charisma and is as good on the mic as he is in the ring. Flair complimented him perfectly too as they traded shots while AJ just looked on mainly and acted like an a** (which is good). When he need speak it was short and to the point. I love that we have nearly 2 whole months to build towards their match and it's exciting that TNA will headlining one of their biggest PPV's of the year with two young guys.

Tara and Daffney was decent while it lasted and it's going to be interesting to see where they go with Daffney's character in the future.

I did not like seeing Joe getting pinned clean in under 5 minutes to Orlando Jordan coming off of a TNA World Title match. With that said I think where they are going with this angle with Joe could be good. Especially after he was kidnapped. I have no idea where they are going with this.

The X-Division 8-Man Tag was a great showcase match and I really think they can jumpstart this division right back with this Destination X PPV. Also it was nice to see Kaz back as Kaz but I have to admit that I wanted them to at least do something where Suicide had the mask removed. Either way Kaz got a nice reaction so the fans hadn't forgotten about him.

Abyss and Jarrett had a pretty decent match but the segment afterwards was good. I think Bischoff having his own set of goons or stable going against Hogan could be cool.

Good to see Beer Money back on TV and back winning. I agree with Brutus that he should have the belt instead of Terry too. Looks like Brutus & Doug are splitting from Terry. I just hope that Hogan hasn't fallen in love with Terry's look and now they are going to give him a huge push. The guy has little to no actual wrestling ability.

The Hogan-Abyss stuff was just weird. It was like they stole a script from the WWF circa 1988 or something. Abyss needs some new life back in him but I don't know if that's it. Just all around weird though I did like Hogan's emotion in it.

Daniels got completely buried tonight and it looks like he is now a certified jobber.

The following segment with Angle and Anderson was great. I loved the emotion that Angle showed and if that story is true it makes it that much more awesome and makes Anderson look that much more like a dick which he does a great job at anyway.

Great segment between Nash & Young-Hall & Pac and I loved Nash's promo. Looks like we're heading closer to an eventual Pac & Hall vs. Nash & Young match, maybe at Lockdown.

Promo/Segment of the Night: AJ & Ric/Dinero

Match of the Night: X-Division 8-Man Tag (**1/2)

Overall Grade: B +

Nothing announced for next week yet.

Destination X Lineup:

- Ultimate X: TBA

*For my IMPACT review check out my article up at Blog Talk Radio!

*TNA IMPACT ended up scoring a 1.2 cable rating.

WWE Superstars Detailed Results!

From The Perspective Of Todd Frizzell 

Last Thursday night, WWE presented their final episode of WWE Superstars before Elimination Chamber this Sunday night.  Let's see what went down;

Evan Bourne & Primo Defeated Chavo Guerrero & Carlito

Some nice wrestling for a change!  Very entertaining action here, featuring a very fast paced, high risk style.  To my surprise, the match was given plenty of time, going well over 10 minutes.  Looks like Superstars may be the new home for some actual wrestling???  Nice work from all four men.  Primo was pretty impressive here.  I would personally be interested in seeing a small Carlito/Primo feud and maybe even an undercard match at Mania, but the odds of that actually happening are most likely slim to none.  In the end of this match, Bourne got the win with Airborne.  Sweet as hell as always!  I really hope this guys doesn't get left out of Mania this year.  

Gail Kim Defeated Katie Lea Burchill

Decent little 5 minute match.  Much better than the Gail/Jillian match from RAW.  Gail looked pretty good here, and Katie Lee didn't look too bad herself.  Gail got the pin with Eat Defeat.  After the match, Maryse came out and congratulated her for the victory.  Nice way to promote the Gail/Maryse match for the Diva's Championship at Elimination Chamber.  I'm just glad Gail's finally in the title picture!  

Rey Mysterio Defeated Mike Knox 

Nice to see Knox of TV again.  Really nice match here.  As I've said before, I really see a lot of potential in Knox, and he really showed how good he can really be here.  He definantly deserves a solid spot on RAW or SmackDown.  Plenty of time here (about 15 minutes). The match told a pretty good little story as well, with your typical big man vs. little man approach.  Match mostly featured Knox in control and Rey fighting back with several extended flurries of offense.  In the very end, after plenty of near falls throughout, Rey got the victory with a 619 followed by a springboard splash.  Nice way to put Rey over here going into the big Chamber match this Sunday, but why have Knox continue to job???  

Overall, this was another very solid episode of Superstars, just wish Knox wouldn't have jobbed here.  

*Superstars ended up receiving a 0.9 cable rating.

WWE/TNA House Show Results!

WWE Chicago; 

- The Bella Twins, Mickie James & Eve defeated Alicia Fox, Michelle McCool, Maryse & Beth Phoenix 

- Primo defeated Chavo with the cartwheel.

- Ezekiel Jackson defeated Goldust 

- Unified Tag Team Title: ShowMiz defeated Mark Henry & MVP 

- Kofi Kingston defeated Carlito 


- IC Title: Drew McIntyre vs. Kane went to a double countout

John Morrison defeated CM Punk w/ Luke Gallows 

- John Cena, Edge & The Undertaker defeated Randy Orton, Batista & Sheamus

TNA Plattsburgh NY;

- X Division Title: Doug Williams defeated Suicide

- Angelina Love defeated ODB

- Abyss defeated Desmond Wolf

- TNA Heavyweight Championship: AJ Styles defeated "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero

- TNA Tag Team Championship: Matt Morgan & Hernandez defeated Beer Money 

Jeff Jarrett defeated Mr. Anderson 

Another 3 Hour WWE RAW Special Announced!

WWE Monday Night Raw on April 26th, 2010 will be a 3-hour show, airing from 8 to 11 PM on the USA Network.

Shannon Moore Sings With TNA?

Moore released the following via Twitter;

"TNA signs one moore."  (Shannon Moore???)

Jim Ross On WWE's Rising PPV Prices

The following excerpt is from Ross' blog;

"An emailer asked me what I generally thought about PPV pricing and like any consumer I wish that they were not as expensive as they are. However, the long term pricing of the PPV's will be determined by basic economics IE the law of supply and demand. As long as the demand stays at an acceptable, business level the prices will likely remain as they are. That's one reason why more groups of people congregate to watch a PPV together and they share the costs of the event."

WWE SmackDown Detailed Results!

From The Perspective Of Todd Frizzell

Last night, WWE presented their final episode of SmackDown until this Sunday's Elimination Chamber PPV.  Who will go into the chamber match with momentum?  Let's find out;

To start off the evening, Chris Jericho cut an in ring promo, vowing to win the Elimination Chamber match this Sunday.  He is soon interrupted by Edge.  The two get into a heated argument, and the segment ends with Edge spearing Jericho.  More of a Mania tease here than hyping Elimination Chamber.  I say Jericho wins the title this Sunday and face Edge for it at Mania!  Maybe even add Christian to the mix and have a triple threat!

Kane Defeated Dolph Ziggler

Another match in the feud between these two men.  Another decent match here, with Ziggler using cheap heel tactics throughout the match to regain control on "The Big Red Machine".  As always, a fair amount of time was also provided (10 minutes or so).  In the final minute or so, Dolph cinched a sleeper hold on Kane, but Kane eventually got out of it, hit the chokeslam, and got the pin.  Would have rather seen Dolph go over.  He's young and needs his push sooner than later.  Guess it only made sense for Kane to go over though being that he will challenge for the Intercontinental Championship at Elimination Chamber.  After this match ended, The Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntrye came out and hit Kane with a sick patented DDT.  Nice way to hype their matchup Sunday, not that I'm really looking forward to it anyhow.  

Cryme Tyme Defeated Caylen Croft and Trent Barreta

Very happy to see Croft and Barreta with a spot on one of the two major brands now!  I really believe that these two have quite a bit of potential, and really look forward to seeing what unfolds with them.  Pretty formulaic 5 minute match here, but still pretty entertaining. Nice heel work from the rookies as well as intensity from their advisories.  Ending was disappointing though when Cryme Tyme won with Shad's STO.  Why not begin a push for the new comers?  They look ready to me and deserve a push to truly prove themselves.  

   CM Punk and Luke Gallows with Serena Defeated John Morrison and R Truth

Typical Straight Edge Society before the match began.  Nice showcase here including 3 men who will all compete in the chamber match Sunday.  Looks like Morrison will in fact compete Sunday.  I just hope he doesn't get seriously injured and get taken off Mania. Anyway, very entertaining match here and a nice preview for Sunday.  The major angle throughout the match was Punk working on Morrison's broken ankle.  After a 10 minute bout, the ref stopped the match because of Punk beating on Morrison's ankle.  After the final bell, Punk and Gallows continued their beat-down on Truth and Morrsion, until Rey Mysterio ran out and cleaned house, but eventually the number game caught up with him, and He was taken out with a backbreaker from Gallows and a knee from Punk.  Segment ended up with Punk standing tall.  Nice way to put over Punk for a possible threat at the chamber.  

The Hart Dynasty Defeated The Great Khali, Matt Hardy, And Maria

Not much to say here.  Waste of TV time in my opinion.  I though The Hart Dynasty had potential and should have had a title feud with DX to elevate themselves, but doesn't look like that's going to happen any time soon.  Natalya pinned Maria with a lariat.  

Edge Defeated Batista Via DQ

Great to see Edge back in the ring!  Batista wasn't the greatest, most athletically talented opponent in the world, but these two still managed to pull of a pretty fun 10 minute main event.  Memorable spot featured Edge giving a sweet back body drop onto the steel steps! A few nice little near falls here as well.  In the end, Edge was positioned for the Spear, but the lights went off, and when they came back on Undertaker was in the ring!  He chokeslammed Edge and Batista fled.  As Edge tried to regain his bearings, Jericho snuck in and hit him with the Code Breaker!  Taker and Jericho stared one another down to end the night.  Nice way to hype the Elimination Chamber here!  Once again, there are endless possibilities for Mania.  Hopefully things will become more focused after Sunday.

Overall, this was a decent episode of SmackDown, setting the stage nicely for this Sunday's Elimination Chamber PPV.  Also created intrigue and unpredictability for Mania.       

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