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June 11 2012 RF VIDEO News Update!!!!!

New DVDs now on sale!!!!!

**Shoot Interview with Vince Russo 2012

**Shoot Interview with Shane Helms

**Shoot Interview with Dave Taylor

**Shoot Interview with Paul Diamond  one half of Bad company

**London and Kendricks Bogus Journey

**Timeline with Sandman 1995

**Timeline with Val Venis 1999

**PWS Night one and two 5 year Anniversary shows  (loaded with top talent)

**Guest Booker Kevin Sullivan and Gabe Sapolsky

**PWG DDT 2012

**ECW Extreme Warfare vol 1 now on DVD for first time ever

**CZW Best of the Best 2012

Keep checking as you never know what we are going to put up there next!!!  You can watch all of our new shoot interviews tonight…instantly for a discounted price!!!!

Coming soon the shoot interview you all have been waiting for!!!!  Carlos Colon speaks for the very first time on the Bruiser Brody murder.. Going on sale this week!!!

Coming soon from RF VIDEO….In the Ring with Val Venis!!!!  The ultimate wrestling seminar!!!!!

This is going to be a loaded newswire today so make sure you read everything as there is a lot going on at RFVIDEO these days!!!!


Order the Vince Russo, Paul Diamond, Hurricane Shane Helms, PWS Night one and PWS Night two DVD's, Time Line with Val Venis, Best of Eddie Gilbert in ECW, Timeline with Sandman tonight and they will go in the mail to you with in 24 hours!!! Running time on the Vince Russo shoot is 3 hours...Shane Helms is 2 hours and 45 minutes and Paul Diamond shoot clocked in at a solid 2 hours!!!!!!!

I hope you are all following me on Facebook at my link…I update my Facebook page numerous times thru out the day with the latest news from our company!!!

RF VIDEO will be conducting a brand new shoot interview this week with Balls Mahoney as he wants to respond to what New Jack has said about him in his last two shoot interviews that he has done with us and other various places.  Balls is going to hold NOTHING back.  

I will be filming a new shoot interview with myself in the next month about various subjects.  I have not done a shoot interview since 2006.

RF VIDEO will be going over seas to film our shoot interview with Dynamite Kid before the year is over!!!!

RF VIDEO has numerous new shoot interviews and new DVD projects in the works over this summer!!!!!  We will have a ton of new shoot interviews for you guys all summer long!!!!

Sneak Preview of Shane Helms Shoot interview click here

Sneak Preview of Vince Russo 2012 shoot interview click here

RF VIDEO now has every ECW TV show that has ever happened on DVD.  You can order every episode of ECW Hardcore TV and every episode of ECW on TNN on DVD right now on!!!!!

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New DVDs now on sale!!!!!!!!

Vince Russo Under the Microscope 2012 shoot interview

It's time to put Vince Russo under the microscope in his all new 2012 EXCLUSIVE RF VIDEO shoot interview!!!

This was RF VIDEO's best kept secret and believe me this interview gets heated!!!!

There might never be a man as controversial as Vince Russo in the world of pro wrestling.  Some fans hate him so much that they chant his name to be fired at live TV tapings and PPV's.  This very same person was the head writer for TNA for over 5 years.  He was responsible for most of the major story lines that appeared on TNA TV and most TNA PPV'S as well.  This all came to a screaming hault in March of 2012 as Vince Russo left the company for many various reasons that he will discuss for the very first time ever, with the king of shoot interviews, RF VIDEO.

It was time to put Vince Russo under the microscope for the first time since he parted ways with TNA and find out what was really going thru his mind when he was in creative charge of TNA!!!  

As soon as RF VIDEO heard that Russo quit TNA we quickly contacted him and RF VIDEO flew him to a secret location in March for a one on one interview.  We were told we were not allowed to release the interview until June because he had a commitment to do a live youshoot, so out of respect we had to hold off on announcing this interview until today!!!!

I can personally tell you that this interview will give you a whole new look at what goes on in the mind of Vince Russo.  Many fans disagree with his style of writing but now for the first time, Russo lets everyone know why he does things the way he does and comes out swinging!!!

Did Russo even care what the fans chanted?  You will find all of this out and more…What happened when he had to work with Hogan and Eric Bischoff again?What went on behind the scenes politically with them?  What was it like to work with Dixie Carter and is she being manipulated?  What was his real life relationship with Jeff Jarrett like?  Who's side was he on when the entire Kurt Angle and Jarrett drama unfolded?

Again we ask Vince about his writing philosophy for story lines and we really pick his brain on why he does things the way he does.  Vince for the first time ever addresses the fans directly and talks all about all of his criticism and I can tell you  that this part of the interview gets intense!!!  You will hear first hand on how he writes for TV and why he is all about ratings.

What about the problems backstage with Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy with drug issues??? We had to bring his name up after all this was a shoot interview, you will hear for the first time ever since Jim Cornette verbally attacked Russo his thoughts on the entire situation involving Jim Cornette and himself.  What really happened in TNA when Cornette left the company?

What guys in TNA were going to get over and why some guys never got a bigger break when he was there…..What was it like working with Ric Flair and all of his issues…Thoughts on Paul Heyman coming into TNA and was there a conversation between the two as Paul was about to strike a deal with TNA to take over….wait until you hear this one…What really happened with the Bobby Rude finish in Philly for the PPV?  

This interview was a solid 3 hour shoot interview and we asked everything you could imagine under the sun to Vince Russo and we talked a lot about his relationship with the WWE and the time that he spent there.  Never before has Vince opened up like he did during this 3 hour interview.  The subjects that we discussed about TNA were vital to understand his mentality..   Trust me there was nothing left out of this interview and you will be very entertained by his newest shoot interview with us.

The cat is out of the bag and RFVIDEO once again brings you a phenomenal shoot interview with one of pro wrestlings most notorious head writers of all time.  Vince has worked for WWE,WCW and TNA and now along with RFVIDEO when we put Vince Russo under the microscope you will get all the answers to all of your questions finally answered!!!!!!!  

You left TNA the last time we talked and returned to do some angles with Raven, what brought you back

How did you wind up managing AJ Styles

Did you like that

Do you think AJ is overrated or underrated

Do you think he’d do well in the WWE

Was it weird being a babyface in TNA

How do you answer critics who said you used your religion to get yourself over as a babyface

Is it hard to be a Christian and work in wrestling full time

What was it like working with Dusty Rhodes at the time

Do you think Kevin Nash came in for the right reasons

Do you think it hurt when he didn’t put over any of the X Division guys

You left and came back again in 2006, how did that come about

How do you think Scott D’Amore did as a booker

Was there any resentment against you when you came back from Scott’s boys

How do you think company morale was at the time

Thoughts on working with Dutch Mantell

How did you get along with Jim Cornette when you came back

Thoughts on Jim

How hands on was Dixie Carter in booking

Thoughts on the Fire Russo chants

Dixie did a shoot interview where she claims she told the other bookers that if the chants continued, they’d be fired. Is that true?

How involved was Bob Carter

Who was behind the electrified cage match with Team LAX and Team 3D

Dutch denies it was his idea, do you think differently

How did you rise to become head of creative

Did you get any pushback for bringing in Ed Ferrera

Why do you think he left so fast

Do you think expanding Impact was a good or bad thing

Thoughts on working with Mick Foley

What was your initial reaction when you heard Hogan and Bischoff were coming in

Memories of your initial conversations with them

Were they hard to work with

Hulk was critical in interviews of your booking before he came in, were you aware of this

Hulk said after coming in that he “loved you from a distance”, what do you think he meant by that

Were you for the idea to go head to head on Monday nights

Thoughts when TNA signed Ric Flair

Flair has also been critical of you, how well did you guys work together

Why do you think the angle with he and AJ didn’t work

Were you surprised that the WWE brought Bret Hart back at the start of the Monday wars

Why do you think you guys didn’t do so well on Monday nights

Do you think Vince was scared of TNA going to Mondays

You guys started using a lot of high priced veterans, was it hard to keep everyone happy

Thoughts on Booker T’s run in TNA

There was an interview that aired on TNA of Dixie addressing the locker room, whose idea was it, and why did that happen

Do you think Dixie should be in angles

Behind the scenes, was there any tension with Jeff dating Karen Angle

How could Jeff be sent home from his own company?

There is a rumor that Karen was brought back as part of a settlement of a sexual harassment lawsuit, is that true

A lot of critics take TNA to task for not paying the medical bills of their talent when they are hurt, do you think that is fair

What happened with Daffney and her medical bills?

Do you think that the TNA Knockouts aren’t paid fairly

Do you think it is a problem when your TNA Knockouts champion is working part time at Sunglass Hut

Why did Kia Stevens leave

What happened between her and Bubba the Love Sponge

Thoughts on Bubba in TNA?

Is there drug testing in TNA

Is it true that Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley were punished for not bleeding in their feud with the Dudleys and Johnny Devine

Do you think TNA should have paid for Ron Killings surgery

There is a rumor that Dixie Carter actually set aside $1 million for DX to answer the Voodoo Kin Mafia’s challenge, is this true?

Impact ratings started to decline under Hogan and Bischoff, do you think they should have been held more accountable

What was the story behind the letter in which Jim Cornette threatened you

Jesse Neal tweeted about going on food stamps, was the office upset about that

Why has Samoa Joe been buried since his run as TNA champion

How aware is TNA of what independent companies like ROH and PWG are doing

Thoughts on the push of Garett Bischoff

Do you think it rubs talent the wrong way when Hogan does interviews already proclaiming the kid a star

What happened at Victory Road with Jeff Hardy

Why have the match

Do you think it was smart to take him back

Was it a bad decision to hire Matt Hardy

Was he suspended before he was fired

What happened in Europe when Ric Flair refused to get on the bus

Many fans say that TNA house shows are better than Impact, do you agree

What is the biggest misconception about Dixie Carter

Do you think Hogan and Bischoff are working her

Some people think that Hogan and Bischoff will try and steal the time slot when it is up from Spike TV, what do you think

How do you respond when people say you killed WCW

Vince did ECW One Night Stand, do you think WCW One Night Stand could work

Should Ric Flair be allowed to appear on TV at the WWE Hall of Fame

Why was Kevin Nash allowed out of his contract to appear at the Rumble last year

Is it true that you were counting on him to return in an angle

What are some of the biggest regrets you have as a TNA booker? Angles you regret, pushes, matches, etc?

Should Hulk continue wrestling?

Thoughts on the Hogan sex tape

Do you think Bischoff is too dismissive of fans in the social media

Do you think that TNA will end with Vince buying it

Is it true that Dixie’s mother won’t let her spend any more money?

Why do you think TNA pay per view buyrates haven’t increased

Why do you think WWE buyrates have decreased

How would you book the Cena vs. Rock angle

Is Vince McMahon out of touch

Do you think Stephanie and Triple H will succeed when Vince is gone

Who is one guy in the WWE that you wish you could take to start a company with

Was Mick Foley hard to work with last year

Is it true that he tried to change the scripts around, specifically for the Knockouts

Did you think Sting was going to go to the WWE last year and wrestle The Undertaker

Do you think there is a crossover between MMA and pro wrestling

Do you think pay per view is a dying market

Do you think you have gotten a fair shake from the wrestling fans

Is it hard not to jump online and start responding to criticism you believe is unfounded

It appears that TNA writers have more of a wrestling background than WWE writers, which do you think is better?

Is it hard to create fresh ideas without taking a break as a wrestling writer/booker

Did it bother you when you’d read interviews with TNA Talent where they’d criticize TNA

You have said many times that your critics don’t have a clue of how it really works behind the scenes. Can you expand on that for the fans that say you are a terrible wrestling booker?

Why did you eventually leave TNA

Do you think you’ll be back

Do you want to continue working in pro wrestling

Thoughts on Bruce Pritchard and David Lagana coming in

How close do you think Paul Heyman was to coming to TNA

Thoughts on doing the ECW angle in TNA

Thoughts on TNA’s announcers

Why didn’t Bobby Roode go over at Bound for Glory

Why do you think TNA hasn’t been able to take away some of the WWE fans

Where do you see the business going?

Do you think the UFC leaving Spike was a good or bad thing for TNA

Will TNA still be around in 2017?

Have you seen anything in the WWE lately or the last few years that made you scratch your head?

Could you see yourself working in the WWE again?


Shoot Interview with Shane Helms


Look up in the sky, its a plane, its a bird no its Shane Helms stopping by the RF VIDEO studios for his latest shoot interview.  This is our very first interview ever with Shane Helms as he flew by to talk about his entire wrestling career from his early days doing the indy loop down south to his major break thru spot in WCW.  Shane also was one of the lucky talents who was actually kept when the WWE purchased WCW.

Shane was one of those guys who held NOTHING back and gave us a real shoot interview.  His interview was absolutely perfect as we could not have asked for a better interview.  We talk about all of his major programs in WCW that he had when he was with Three Count and how that gimmick came about to his transformation to a singles wrestler in WCW.  What was it like to work in WCW during its heyday when they were on top going head to head with the  WWE.  What were the politics like in WCW?  

We talk about all of his major matches in WCW and how he was picked up by the WWE after the sale…If you want major locker room stories well this is a interview for you.  We discuss all of his major matches in the WWE as Shane has worked with every name out there in the WWE.  HHH, Rocky, Flair, Benoit, Tajiri, Kurt Angle, Rey Jr and the list goes on and on.  Shane has grappled with them all.  

If your a fan of wrestling from the 90's until now Shane has some of the best stories of all time.  Not only do we talk about his entire wrestling career and all the major programs that he has been involved in, but we get personal as we talk about so many other taboo subjects wether it be the past drug problems of the Hardys, his motor cycle accident, his heat with HBK, bar room fights, drugs, and so much more.  Shane was one of our best interviews in ages and we cant wait for you guys to see this!!!  This is a 5 star shoot interview!!!

Talk about growing up and watching wrestling

Who were your favorites to watch

Did you go to WWF or NWA house shows as a kid

Who did you watch growing up and idolize

When did you know you wanted to get in the business.

How did you break into the business

Who trained you

Talk about some of the Indys that you worked on early on

Memories of working for SWA

Memories of your tag team with Mike Maverick as the Serial Thrillaz

Memories of Omega

Thoughts on Thomas Simpson

How did you first meet the Hardys

What were they like back int he early 90's and did you see their potential

How did you start to work for NWA World Wide.

Memories of first meeting Shannon Moore

Memories of meeting Joey Matthews and Christian York

You guys became the bas Street Boys

Any other great indy stories or road trip stories from the indy days

How did you get signed with WCW 

Did you and Shannon come in as a package deal

What were you promised and who was booking at the time

Memories of Even Karagias and the 3 Count gimmick

Did you think the gimmick was going to get over

What are your memories of when you won the Hardcore Title

Talk about your friendship with Chris Kanyon and thoughts on his passing

What was Eric Bischoff like back in WCW

Did you like working in WCW and who did you travel with

What was your life back than like being on the road full time

Did you see all the politics being played by Nash, Hall and Hogan

Memories of the match where Brian Knobbs broke his nose

Memories of when they added Tank Abbott to their trio

Memories of working with the Jung Dragons

Memories of Jamie Knoble

Memories of working Chavo Guerrero

Did you leave WCW for a brief time in 2001 back to NWA Wildside

At what point were you sitting around maybe on a plane and tell yourself "Wow I made IT"

When WCW was bought by Vince how happy were you that your contact was one of the 25 that were purchased by Vince

Memories of the Invasion storyline and did you like how it was done with the Alliance

Memories of working Billy Kidman in WWE 

How did you get the Hurricane gimmick and how was it given to you

Did you have any say in the character

Thoughts on Vince and did you have early interaction with him

Memories of working with Matt Hardy in the WWE and how different was it from Omega

Memories of working JBL and do you think he has a bad rep for being a bully

Memories of teaming up with Lance Storm

Did you like being paired with Molly Holly

Did you like working with Lance Storm against the Hardys

Memories of matches with Spike and Big Show

Memories of working with Tajiri and Billy Kidman in a Triple Threat match

Did you like teaming with Kane as the Hurr-Kane gimmick

Did you like working Smackdown or Raw brand better

What was it like to work with the Rock in 2003

Memories of the Match with Rock on Raw where Austin came out and you pinned him

Memories of your teaming with Rosey

Memories of matches with La Resistance

Did yo enjoy working with Stacey Kibeler and are you surprised she is dating George Clooney

Memories of your matches with Trevor Murdoch and Lance Cade

Memories of your angle with Kurt Angle

Did you you like your heel turn on Roosie

Were you happy dropping the character

Memories of your match with Rosey

Memories of your brief match with Jerry Lawler

Memories of working with Little Guido

Memories of working with Kid Kash

Memories of Scotty to Hotty

Memories of working Psicosis

Memories of your match with Chris Benoit in 206

Thought on the Benoit tragedy

What was it like to team with MNM fo ace Super Crazy and London and Kendrick

What was the drug scene like in the WWE around this tim

Memories of working with Rey Mysterio Jr

Memories of working again with Matt Hardy on Smackdown

Thoughts on being the longest reigning Champion of any kind in Smackdown history

Memories of matches with Jimmy Yang

Thoughts on working Tajiri

Memories of working with Stevie Richards

In 2007 you worked with Chavo Guerrero again thoughts on those matches

talk about your injury in 2007 with the two broken Verebrae

How long were you our for and did you think you were finished

Talk about your role as a interviewer

Memories of your come back match with Montel Porter

Thoughts on working with Shelton Benjamin

Did you like working the ECW brand in 2009

Thoughts on Paul Heyman

Thoughts on Ric Flair

Memories of your matches with Paul Burchill

Thoughts on HHH and Steph

Was HHH  easy to work with

Did you get along with Michael Hayes

Who were the agents you worked with the most

Why were you released and was it over your fight

What are some of the indys you worked after you left

Did you work anyone on the Indys that stuck out

Thoughts on working for Lucha Libre USA

Do you watch other INDY companies like PWG

How did you meet Vevlet Sky and was it hard dating her while you were in WWE and she was in TNA.

Why did you guys break up and did WWE ever want to bring her in to be with you

DId she ever visit at WWE house shows

Thoughts on the passing of Eddy Guerrero

Who's death hit you the hardest

Thoughts on the Sports Illustrated Article that named you for getting HGH

What happened in 2008 in the club in NC when you got hit in the face by Dustin Narron

What happened with you and Chris Jericho in KY after it was said you punched Chris and someone else in a cab

Talk about your motor cycle accident

Was drugs and alcohol a big part of it.

Did you think your gf was going to pass at first from the reports

what were your injuries and will you be able to come back full time to the ring

Thoughts on the ups and downs of Matt and Jeff Hardy

Thoughts on the self destruction of Jeff Hardy thru out the years

thoughts on when he got arrested for the drug charges

Thoughts on how Matt Hardy went from being pretty much str8 edge to doing pain pills 

Thoughts on all of Matts home made videos and at any time did you call Matt and tell him to try to get him help

What were your thoughts when you heard Matt did the suicide video and did that piss you off

Any good Xmas Party stories from the Hardys house

How is he doing today

Memories of working with David Arquett as his stunt double on Ready to Rumble

Memories of your radio show where you buried HBK and where was the heat

What was HBK like in the locker room

Do you think he is a hypocrite for religion 

You talked about his drug use on your radio show

What happened in the locker room when you wanted to beat him up in the locker room one night

Any good road stories from WWE

Any good locker room fights

Ever talk to TNA and thoughts of that company

Thoughts on Bret Hart Screw Job you had mentioned it was all a work

Name Game..Thoughts or memories working with these guys

Steve Regal



Trish Stratus

Booker T




Randy Orton

Mick Foley



Shoot Interview with Paul Diamond

RF VIDEO brings you another shoot interview with a veteran in the wrestling business, Paul Diamond who has worked most of the territorial promotions thru out the mid 80's until the now.  We cover his run from TX, Georgia, AWA, Memphis, Continental, WWF, WCW, Japan and ECW!!!!!

From his early start as a singles wrestler to his incredible run as one half of the legendary tag team with Pat Tanaka, Bad Company, Paul shoot for the first time ever!!!

Paul talked about how he got started in wrestling down in Florida after a long successful career in pro soccer.  You will hear how he was brought into wrestling by the Malenko family.  How did Paul make it to Texas All Star Wrestling and we talk to him about his initial relationship with Shawn Michaels that led to a life time friendship with HBK or did it?

 We talk all about his early run and all of his major programs before he got to the AWA and his stories were awesome and really funny. His AWA stuff before he got to the WWF were also really informative stories. He talked all about his long time relationship with Shawn Michaels since they broke in together down in TX and worked all over the place including the AWA, WWF and also when Paul booked for Shawns promotion in TX the TWA. We talked all about his tag team work in the WWF, his Max Moon gimmick and his brief WCW run.  I was in ECW when Paul Diamond was there the entire time so I knew what to ask him about the land of Extreme. Remember the exploding ring match in ECW with Bad Company? Who could forget that fiasco and we got Paul's reactions to that horrible gimmick match that had the epic fail. What happened to Paul after ECW and how did he hook up with HBK to book and run his company? What happened to their relationship down in TX and why was there trouble between the two. What heat did Paul have with Rudy Boy Gonzalez? Do you want drug talk, there is plenty of that. You will hear how drugs almost ruined his liefe.  Do you want to hear stories about ring rats down in Memphis?  Want hilarious road stories with ribs that Curt Henning and Mr Fuji, there is that!!!! 

The Paul Diamond shoot was a shoot for the masses and especially if your a old school fan your going to want to own this DVD.

How did you break into the business

Were you a fan growing up

Talk about your families connections to soccer and is it true you wanted to be a soccer player 

How did you get a scholarship to play soccer in VA

What promotions did you watch

Is this something you knew you wanted to do at  a young age

Who trained you

Who was your mentor would you consider it Boris Malenko

How close were you to his two sons Joel and Dean

What was your typical day of training like 

What was the hardest thing to learn for you 

Did you ever want to quit

How did you get your first break down in TX for Texas All Star

Memories of teaming up with Nick Kiniski when you guys were called American Breed

What was it like to work with Al Madril and Chavo Guerrero

Memories of meeting Shawn Michaels for the first time ever

Did you see the potential in him as a wrestler

What was he like outside the ring at this time

How did you first meet Chris Adams and is it true he helped you 

Who else was down there around this time

Did Bruiser Brody come in and out of the territory

Were you there when Tugboat was there

Why did you not work for FL when you first broke in

When you were down in TX did you want to work for Fritz

What made you move to Memphis

What were your initial impressions of Jerry Lawler

What are your thoughts on Jerry Jarrett as a promoter

When you were there who was the booker

Did you feel that it would be hard to be a babyface there with all the egos who were already on top

What was your position in Memphis

Who did you travel with

What was the loop like in Memphis

Was the pay as bad as everyone says it was

Memories of teaming up with Jeff Jarrett

What was Continental like

Who are some of the guys that you worked with there

memories of beating Akio Sato and Tarzen Goto with Jeff as your partner

How did you first meet Pat Tanaka to form Badd Company

Memories of working with Sheepherders

Memories of working with Billy Travis

What was Bill Dundee like and memories of working with him

Memories of working with Rocky Johnson

Memories of Nasty Boys in Memphis and were they crazy back than

What were the ring rats like in Memphis and any good rat stories

Was Eddie Gilbert around in Memphis when you were there

Memories of Tommy Rich in memphis

How did you get into the AWA

Memories of Curt Henning

Initial impressions of Verne Gagne

Memories of meeting DDP and how did he become your manager in the AWA

Memoris of working with Midnight Rockers in the AWA HBK and Marty 1988

Memories of working with Mando and Chavo in the AWA

Memories of working with the Top Guns Ricky Rice and Derrick Dukes

Memories of Super Clash 3 match where you teamed with Madusa to face Top Guns and Wendi Richeter

Memories of working with Ken Patera and Brad Rheingans and loosing the belt

Memories of working with Pat Tanaka in singles matches in the AWA

Memories of teaming with Del Wilkes and your matches with Enos and Wayne Bloom

What was Greg Gagne like

Memories of Tom Zenk

Memories of Vader

Memories of Kerry Von Erich

Did you like working the AWA

Memories of Larry Zybsyko

Memories of a young Eric Bischoff in AWA

Did you ever imagine that Eric would be one of wrestlings most powerful people down the line...

Who were some other guys in the AWA that you got to work with

Were you there when Paul Heyman was in the company

Did you think that Verne was out of touch

Memories of making it into the WWF in 1990

Memories of working with Dustin Rhodes

Memories of working with Hillbilly Jim

Memories of working with Al Perez

What were your initial impressions of Vince

DId you have a meeting when you first came in and were you promised anything?

What was it like to team again with Pat Tanaka as the Orient Xpress

Memories of working with Shawn and Marty in the WWE and how much better was it than your AWA matches with them

What other tag teams did you work with in the WWF around this time

What was the drug scene like in the WWF

Who did you travel with

How did the Max Moon gimmick come about in 1992

Did you like the gimmick and did you think it was going to get over

Were you there the night Konnan got into a fight backstage which led you to get that role

Memories of working with Terry Taylor

Memories of working with Rick Martel

Memories of working with Repo Man

Memories of working HBK on the first Monday Night Raw

When you started doing jobs did you feel your time was almost up in the WWF

Memories of working for ECW in 1993

Thoughts on Paul Heyman

What was the locker room like

Memories of your matches with Ian and Axl Rotten

Memories of your matches with Public Enemy

Is it true at some of the house shows in ECW Pat Tanaka would tape his drugs to his ribs so nobody would steal it out of his bags in the locker room

Memories of working with Taz and Kevin Sullivan

Memories of working with Rockin Rebel and Pitull

Thoughts on Tommy Dreamer

Thoughts on Shane Douglas

Thoughts on Sabu

How crazy was the ECW drug scene

How did you guys get into WCW in 1994

Did you think you would get a big push

Who are some of the teams that you worked with in WCW when you were there

What was it like to go back working to Memphis after your WCW run

Memories of working for USWA teaming up with Steven Dunn

Memories of working for music City wrestling

How did you tear a tricep and how long were you out for

How did you start up working for Shawn Michaels as his head trainer for the TWA

Memories of working with Spanky

Memories of American Dragon Bryan Danielson  Did you see the potential back than in both men

Memories of Lance Cade from TWA

You were a top guy in the TWA did you enjoy your time there

What was your gimmick in TWA

How well did TV help TWA

How did you open up your own school

Crazy road stories with Pat Tanaka and Marty Jannety

Did you ever think DDP would go on to have the career that he did

How did HBK change over all the years that you have known him with his personality did he get a ego

What is wrong with the business today

Do you think tag team wrestling is a lost art

Do you watch TNA at all

Do you watch WWE

How is the next big star out there in your opinion

What death in wrestling has hit you the hardest 

Memories of Demolition

Memories of Hulk Hogan


London and Kendricks Bogus Journey

Two full years after the most honest and outrageous interview we ever conducted, we sat down again with Brian Kendrick and Paul London to catch up with what they've been doing, how they've been and get their thoughts on the state of the industry in 2012. 

This is a very different interview from London & Kendrick's Excellent Adventures. We go much deeper into the psyche of both guys and get their thoughts on the business in far greater depth than before. The boys are just as honest as ever but this time they are clear minded, insightful and thought provoking.

But make no mistake they still hold nothing back and express their thoughts with brutal honesty! Hear about the night they thought about shooting on HHH on live TV. Hear Paul's thoughts on CM Punk, who he calls the "HHH of Ring of Honor."

Did they get any negative feedback from people in the industry after their first interview? Has anyone tried to shut them up? Nobody tells it like it is quite like Paul London and Brian Kendrick and it makes some people in the business uncomfortable to know that more of their dirt and their truths are going to come out with the release of Volume Two.

Topics convered include:

  • Brian's thoughts on TNA. Incredible insight here as he compares how the X division guys are treated versus how WWE treated the cruiserweights, the emphasis both place on tag-teams, who are the people backstage killing TNA, morale under Hogan and Bischoff and thoughts on others in the office. Paul and Brian compared themselves to background players in WWE, find out if Kendrick considered himself a main character in TNA and if not, who he feels is responsible. Get the scoop on why London and Kendrick didn't go to TNA together and much more. This is some of the best and most honest insight into the TNA locker room we've ever captured in an interview!
  • London talks about viral marketing and using social media to promote yourself. He did it first, now find out his thoughts on others like Zack Ryder who have taken the ball and ran with it.
  • Thoughts on their runs in PWG and Dragon Gate USA including thoughts on the Young Bucks, Jon Moxley, Teddy Hart and others they ran across. The usually happy go lucky duo has some harsh words for young guys in the business who don't respect the veterans and name specific instances you won't believe!
  • Thoughts on WWE re-doing the summer of Punk angle last year, as well as Paul's detailed account of why he and Punk never got along. No one has ever unloaded on Punk like this in a shoot interview before to our knowledge. Paul goes so far as to call him the "HHH of Ring of Honor" and explains precisely why he feels that way.
  • Thoughts on Punk and Dragon being champions in WWE at the same time. What sets them apart from other run of the mill indy guys. Is it their ability or do they play the political games better than most? Paul and Brian have been there and know both guys well, you will hear true stories about how both got to where they are today.
  • Hear the amazing story of Paul and Brian's biggest regret in WWE and how if they had it to do over again they would have fired back at HHH on live TV.
  • We touch again on conspiracy theories, such as Brian's assertation that Jon Benet Ramsey actually grew up to become Lady Gaga, what is the moon made of and much more.
  • Hear Brian's thoughts on what would make for a perfect pro wrestling promotion. It involves stop-motion animation and cats trained by Teddy Hart to wrestle.
  • Both reflect on their time in the business, what they've gotten out of it and determine whether in fact it has been a "bogus journey" or if its actually been a pretty good trip.

The boys are every bit as out there as in volume one but in this interview they get their point across with crystal clarity and express their opinions in typical London and Kendrick fashion, no holding back! Buckle up and ride along for London and Kendrick's Bogus Journey!



Shoot Interview with Dave Taylor

Most people remember Dave Taylor from his days in WCW in the late 90s and WWE in 2006 & 2007. What most people may not know is Dave Taylor had a successful 20 year career before ever appearing on a PPV.

Dave Taylor is a 3rd generation wrestler whose grandfather was a 4th place winner in the Olympics and his father was regarded as one of the best shooters of his era. With a wrestling pedigree like this Dave had no choice but to follow in his family's footsteps. Taylor has wrestled in almost every country in Europe and has wrestled in India, Brazil, Mexico, and Canada just to name a few.

Through his travels he met the man who would change the course of his life and career forever, William Regal. One phone conversation with Regal sent Taylor packing for WCW. Needless to say WCW wasn't all it cracked up to be. Dave faced challenges with management, talent that was sub-par in wrestling ability and babysitting his friend. William Regal talks about his addictions in his book but Dave Taylor explains that the problems were far worse in real life then they were on the pages of his book.

After WCW, Taylor thought his in ring career was over and was perfectly happy being a trainer for WWE's developmental system. Then a chance trip to California lead him to almost winning the WWE Tag Team Titles.

Dave Taylor is a charming and witty individual and we were very pleased to sit down and talk to him. Just we are sure that you will be pleased to watch this interview.

Bonus Footage

  • (The match that almost end Dave's Career, Watch the interview and found out why)
    Dave Taylor vs. Tracy Smothers - IWA Mid South - Ted Petty Invitational 2008 - Night 1 - 9/26/08
  • (The match that saved Taylor's Career, Watch the interview and found out why)
    Dave Taylor vs. Claudio Castagnoli - IWA Mid South - Ted Petty Invitational 2008 - Night 2 - 9/27/08
  • ========================

PWS 5 Year Anniversary Night One 6-1-12

1. Adam Cole & Davey Richards vs. The Briscoe Brothers
2. Alex Reynolds vs. AR Fox
3. Tag Team Gauntlet match featuring The Nasty Boys, Modest & Mattixx, Enhancement Talent, Phat Pack and Team Energy
4. Samuray del Sol vs. Mil Mascaras
5. 2 Cold Scorpio vs. Vader
6. Devon Moore & Kevin Matthews vs. Dan Maff & Tommy Dreamer
7. The Sheik, Apoliyon, QT Marshall & George South vs. Taka Suzuki, Koko B Ware, Mike Dennis & Star Man
8. Dynomite vs. Freight Train ($5 Wrestling Championship Match)
9. Brittney Savage vs. Veda Scott
10. Tony Nese & Sami Callihan vs. KAI & The Great Muta


PWS 5 Year Anniversary Night two 6-2-12

1. Pinkie Sanchez vs. Mike Dennis
2. Samuray del Sol vs. AR Fox vs. Taka Suzuki vs. Star Man
3. Scott Steiner vs. Dan Maff
4. Phantasio vs. Simon Dean
5. Tony Nese vs. KAI
6. Brittney Savage vs. Alexxis Nevaeh
7. Tommy Dreamer vs. The Sheik
8. Vader & 2 Cold Scorpio vs. Devon Moore & Jay Lethal
9. Dynomite vs. Freight Train ($5 Wrestling Championship Match)
10. Kevin Matthews vs. Sami Callihan (PWS Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match)


Time Line with the Sandman 1995

Another entry in the series that chronicles the rise and implosion of ECW, is here.  This time we head back to 1995 with the guy who was wearing the ECW title that year... The Sandman.

Topics include Shane Douglas' ego, losing tv in florida, barbed wire, women and violence, cactus jack, funk in a box, tod is robbed, the debut of Francine and Beulah.


Best of Eddie Gilbert in ECW

Some would argue that Eddie Gilbert was the guy who put ECW on the map. Watch and see how the seeds of hardcore wrestling were planted by "Hotstuff" Eddie Gilbert.


Disc 1

  1. Eddie Gilbert & Terry Funk Confrontation
  2. Eddie Gilbert & Jimmy Snuka Interview
  3. Jimmy Snuka w/ Eddie Gilbert vs. Larry Winters (Round 1 of the ECW TV Title Tournament)
  4. Eddie Gilbert & Terry Funk Interview
  5. Eddie Gilbert vs. JT Smith (Round 1 of the ECW TV Title Tournament)
  6. Eddie Gilbert & Terry Funk Interview
  7. Gilbert attacks Funk
  8. Eddie Gilbert & Jimmy Snuka Interview
  9. Eddie Gilbert vs. Glen Osborne (Semi Finals of the ECW TV Title Tournament)
  10. Eddie Gilbert Interview
  11. Eddie Gilbert, Jimmy Snuka & Don Muraco Interview
  12. Eddie Gilbert watches a interview of Terry Funk on the ranch
  13. Eddie Gilbert & Don Muraco vs. JT Smith & Glen Osborne (Paul E. Dangerously Debuts)
  14. Paul E. & Terry Funk Interview
  15. Eddie Gilbert & Jimmy Snuka vs. JT Smith & Max Thrasher
  16. Eddie Gilbert & Jimmy Snuka vs. JT Smith & Max Thrasher
  17. Eddie Gilbert, Terry Funk Interview
  18. Eddie Gilbert & Jimmy Snuka vs. Glen Osborne & Tommy Cairo
  19. Terry Funk Interview
  20. Eddie Gilbert vs. Terry Funk Feud Recap
  21. Eddie Gilbert Interview
  22. Jimmy Snuka vs. Hawk (Gilbert runs in & throws a fireball at Hawk)
  23. Eddie Gilbert Interview
  24. Eddie Gilbert vs. Herve Renesto (Chain Match)
  25. Eddie Gilbert vs. Terry Funk (Summer Sizzler, Texas Chain Match Massacre)

Disc 2

  1. Paul E. Interview & Eddie Gilbert Video
  2. Clips of Gilbert vs. Funk Chain Match & Terry Funk Interview
  3. Paul Interview & Eddie Gilbert Interview at a bar
  4. Eddie Gilbert, Dark Patriot & Don Muraco vs. Larry Winters, Glen Osborne & Tommy Cairo
  5. Eddie Gilbert walking the streets of South Philly
  6. Eddie & Freddie Gilbert Interview
  7. Eddie Gilbert & Paul E. Interview on the streets
  8. Eddie Gilbert interupts a Press Conference
  9. Eddie Gilbert hosting segments in the control room
  10. Adventures of "The King" Eddie Gilbert
  11. Eddie Gilbert & Ron Jaworski Brawl
  12. Eddie Gilbert & Dark Patriot vs. Glen Osborne & JT Smith
  13. Eddie Gilbert & Todd Gordon in the Control Room
  14. Clips of the formation of Paul E. & Eddie Gilbert's Army
  15. Eddie Gilbert hosting segments in the control room
  16. Eddie Gilbert looks for a new co-host of the show
  17. Eddie Gilbert & Dark Patriot Interview
  18. Eddie Gilbert & Dark Patriot vs. Tommy Cairo & JT Smith (1st Round of the Tag Title Tournament)
  19. Eddie Gilbert & Paul E. Interview
  20. Eddie Gilbert & Dark Patriot vs. Super Destroyers (Semi Finals of the Tag Title Tournament)
  21. Eddie Gilbert & Dark Patriot Interview
  22. Eddie Gilbert & Dark Patriot vs. Sandman & Sal Bellomo (Finals of the Tag Title Tournament)


Time Line with Val Venis 1999

The edgy, dark product that was gracing WWE TV in the mid-90s gave birth to a towel wearing, adult film character named Val Venis.  The man behind that character was Sean Morley and the year 1999 would see a high-point for Val…as he won the Intercontinental title. 

But celebration would be short lived as the parents' group trained their crosshairs on the risqué product and the "Right to Censor" angle was born.  The porn star was gone, and the new clothes just didn't fit Morley or his aspirations.  We go back to another year in the TIMELINE!!!


CZW Best of the Best 2012

1. Adam Cole vs. Tony Nese 

2. Opening Ceremonies 

3. Sami Callihan vs. Trent 7 vs. MK McKinnan vs. Drake Younger 

4. Alex Colon vs. Willie Mack vs. Greg Excellent 

5. Samuray Del Sol vs. Chuck Taylor vs. Johnny Gargano 

6. AR Fox vs. ACH vs. Lince Dorado 

7. Dave Crist vs. Jake Crist 

8. Sami Callihan vs. Alex Colon 

9. AR Fox vs. Samuray Del Sol 

10. Drew Gulak & Danny Havoc Contract Signing 

11. Matt Tremont vs. Clint Margera 

12. Sami Callihan vs. AR Fox


Pro Wrestling Guerrilla presents "DDT4 2012" held April 21, 2012 in Reseda, CA

DDT4 First Round Tag Team Match
1. Fightin' Taylor Boys (Brian Cage-Taylor & Ryan Taylor) vs. RockNES Monsters (Johnny Goodtime & Johnny Yuma) 

DDT4 First Round Tag Team Match
2. The Dynasty (Joey Ryan & Scorpio Sky) vs. Future Shock (Adam Cole & Kyle O'Reilly) 

DDT4 First Round Tag Team Match
3. 2 Husky Black Guys (El Generico & Willie Mack) vs. Sami Callihan & Roderick Strong

DDT4 First Round Tag Team Match
4. Super Smash Bros. (Player Uno & Stupefied) vs. The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) 

DDT4 Semi-Final Round Tag Team Match
5. 2 Husky Black Guys (El Generico & Willie Mack) vs. RockNES Monsters (Johnny Goodtime & Johnny Yuma) 

DDT4 Semi-Final Round Tag Team Match
6. Future Shock (Adam Cole & Kyle O'Reilly) vs. Super Smash Bros. (Player Uno & Stupefied) 

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Championship Title Match
7. "Mr. Wrestling" Kevin Steen (Champion) vs. Sami Callihan (Challenger)

DDT4 -Final Round Tag Team Match
8. 2 Husky Black Guys (El Generico & Willie Mack) vs. Super Smash Bros. (Player Uno & Stupefied)


ECW Extreme Warfare Volume 1

1. Sabu vs. Chris Benoit (Benoit breaks Sabu's neck!!!)
2. The Sandman & Terry Funk vs. Shane Douglas & Cactus
3. Public Enemy vs. The Gangstas
4. The Steiner Brothers vs. Vampire Warriors & Dudley
5. Cactus Jack vs. The Sandman (Barbed Wire Match)
6. Beulah McGuillicutty vs. Francine (Catfight)


Contains all 15 DVD packs (a total of 30 DVD discs) for the complete set of ECW TV on TNN Episodes 1 through 60.  DVD packs are also sold individually in the ECW TNN section.

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