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Hey everyone I hope your having a great summer.  We have a lot of big things planned for you this summer.  I am going to be updating the news section a lot more frequently as I had posted last week I took a lot of time off from doing the news section due to personal reasons.

Don't forget you can follow me on Facebook just send me a friend request to Rob Feinstein.  I have tons of updates on there daily with the latest RF VIDEO news and my  opinions on the current news going on in wrestling.  Plus I have a ton of new pictures marking out for some major celebs like Robin Williams, Chris Rock and so many others!!!

If anyone wants to book Tommy Dreamer contact me on my Facebook account.

Have you been following me on Facebook?  There is something huge going down in AWE with Ricky Morton and Kevin Nash.  Go to my page and you can watch all of the video links that I have posted in this amazing storyline between the two.  It all started a decade ago when Ricky Morton called Kevin Nash out on our shoot with him.  Now 10 years later they are going to face each other for the first time ever!!!

I had a chance to work with Maria Kanellis this past weekend at the huge Wizard World show in Philly.  Out of all the women in wrestling that I have worked with, she has to be the most down to earth and nicest girl I have ever met in the business.  She was a pleasure to work with and I hope we all see her back in the WWE rings one day. 

I am going to be reviewing our newest shoot interview with the Honkey Tonk Man very soon.  This was by far one of his best shoot interviews in RF VIDEO history!  This will be going on sale in the very near future.

RF VIDEO has a huge shoot interview coming soon with former WWE Diva Jillian Hall!!!

We still have a ton of new DVD's to add to the site in the near future as we are still getting caught up for being closed for those 6 weeks.  So if your waiting for an order we are working around the clock to get caught up.  We thank everyone for their patience while we are catching up.  

Fit Finlay AKA known as Dave Finlay is coming to RF VIDEO!!!  We have him signed up for two huge signings and a whole lot more!!!!  We will be bringing him into to Signamania and the Hot Summers Night Convention in Philly.  We will have details listed on this site in the next few days on how you can pre-order tickets.  Don't worry if you can't make it you can do mail order with anything you might want to get signed by Dave too!!!

RF Video is proud to announce special appearances by

former WWE Superstar FINLAY on August 27th and September 24th!!



Get the opportunitiy to meet former WWE Superstar FINLAY live and in person on August 27, 2011 from 11am-2pm at the K&S Wrestlefest convention at the Ramada Philadelphia Airport (76 Industrial Hwy – Rt. 291 Essington, PA 19029). For more information on the convention visit


Also get the opportunitiy to meet former WWE Superstar FINLAY live and in person on September 24, 2011 from 11am-2pm at the Signamania convention at the Bucks County Tech School (610 Wistar Road Fairless Hills PA 19030). For more information on the convention visit



Pricing will be as follows:


One Photo Op $20

One Autograph $15


No combo prices.

You can now pre-order your chance to meet FINLAY to either one of the appearances now.  Please send all PayPal payments to and include the date and details of your pre-order.  Please note this is just to meet FINLAY and not an entrance into the convention itself. We look forward to seeing everyone on August 27th and September 24th!

We also have some major names scheduled to sit downs with RF VIDEO over the next few months as well for some brand new interviews!!!!


Shoot Interview with Tori Poch NOW ON SALE

Tori was hired by the WWE during the Attitude era and has worked with almost every major name in the business during her run in the WWE.  Before she was discovered by the WWE Tori was an american body builder and also worked for Portland Wrestling where she was discovered by Roddy Piper and Raven.  She later went on to LPWA and wrestled for All Japan Women Wrestling.  Once in the WWE in 1998 she worked with the likes of Sable, Luna, Nicole Bass, Chyna, Trish Stratus, Molly Holly, Ivory, Jacqueline, Lita and the Cat.  As you can see she worked with basically all of the women in the WWE.  Who could forget her run with Kane and what was it like being paired with DX?  She traveled with Chyna during the HHH-Steph drama and talks about what that was like and how she kept herself out of trouble.  What was Sable like to work with and what drama did Sable cause for her?  Did she think Bubba was stiff in the ring when she went thru the table.  What was it like working that hardcore match with Ivory and what does she think of Raven?  Tori also talks in great detail about being part of the first tough Enough and what was Bob Holly and Taz really like.   She talks about the night Owen Hart passed away and what she saw in the ring with Owen before the crowd came into the venue.  She shares her thoughts on the Chris Benoit situation as well.  If your a fan of the WWE from the 90's to the early 2000 era your going to want to get your hands on this shoot interview the day it comes out. 

How did you get started in the business

Talk about your body building background

Where were you raised at

Were you a wrestling fan growing up

How did you become a valet for Raven in Portland wrestling working as Taylor Made

memories of working that territory

Memories of Don Owens

What was Raven like many people don't have nice things to say about him

Who trained you

Thoughts on Brad Rheingans

What was the hardest thing to pick up in training and did you ever want to quit

Who was your mentor

How did you get involved in LPWA

Memories working there as Terri Power

What was it like to work Lelinai Kai

Memories working Judy Martin

Memories of teaming with Reggie Bennett

How did you get involved in All Japan Women in 1992

How different was the Japanese Style compared to the states

Was it more stiff

Was it hard to adjust to the Japan life style

WHo are some of the other girls you got to work with in Japan

Memories of teaming with Kyoko Inoue

How did you get into the WWE in 1998

What were your goals in WWE 

Did you have to go to OVW first

How was it working with Victoria in OVW? Did you sense that she had the potential to make it in the big leagues back then? 

Impressions of Vince

Who hired you was it JR and your thoughts on him

Did you have a meeting before you went up there

Did they make any promises to you

What was it like to work with Sable when you made your debut handing her the rose

A lot of girls said Sable was hard to work with is that true

Memories of working with Luna and what was she like outside the ring

Memories of working mania with Sable

Thoughts on Nicole Bass

Memories of your program with Jacqueline

Memories of working Ivory in 1999 July

Memories of your hardcore match on Raw with Ivory when the mirror was smashed over your head

Did you like being paired with Kane as his GF

What was HHH like

What was Steph like behind the scenes

Memories of working with Xpac 

Memories of working with Mick Foley

What was Chris Jericho like to work with

Thoughts on Chyna

Thoughts on Trish Stratus

Thoughts on Molly Holly

Thoughts on Lita

Memorie of working with the Cat in the pudding match

What are your thoughts on what happened with Chyna-HHH-Steph real life situation

Memories of getting a stink face by Rikishi at Wrestlemania

Memories of becoming part of DX

Thoughts on Road Dog

Memories of your match with Dudleys

Thoughts on Bubba and do you think he was a bully

How did you get a torn labrum

Memories of your angle with Raven as the Black Ninja and why was it short lived

Thoughts on Tough Enough

Do you think it exposes the business

Thoughts on Bob Holly and his antics on that show 

What led you to leaving the WWE

What do you do now? 

Ever think of going to TNA

What girls do you like to watch today

Any good ribs

Who did you travel with

What was your typical week like in the WWE 

What was your most and least favorite memory of being apart of the WWE

Who would you have liked to work with that you never had a chance to work with yet

Any regrets looking back

Do you keep in touch with anyone in wrestling now

Any odd fan moments after shows like stalkers

Thoughts on all the deaths in the business

Advice to girls trying to break in


Now On sale…Shoot Interview with

Fidel Sierra “The Cuban Assassin”   

Fidel Sierra was trained by the great Hiro Matsuda, and started his professional wrestling career in Dallas, TX in 1978.  Over his career Sierra would move throughout the Carolinas with Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling, NWA Georgia Championship Wrestling, Oregon with Pacific Northwest, NWA Florida Championship Wrestling, and in Puerto Rico with World Wrestling Council. 

Sierra was a booker for the Pacific Northwest when it was a hot territory, as well as having some of his most historic matches there.  He won the Pacific Northwest Tag Team Championship with WWE Legend The Dynamite Kid.

Over the years he’s wrestled legends like Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, the Von Erichs, Barry and Kendall Windham, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and many other legendary professional wrestlers in the WCW.  He even broke a ratings record when he faced off against Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

Sierra has won numerous championship belts throughout his career spanning 32 years and now holds the Cuban Heavyweight Championship Title in Florida Underground Wrestling.


·         You started off in an independent wrestling circuit called Outlaw Wrestling, how did you get started there, and what was the experience like as a new comer to the sport?

·         You broke out of the wrestling scene in 1978 when Hiro Matsuda trained you.  Tell us about his influence in your career and how did he take you to a whole new level?

·         Your first match was in Dallas, TX Wrestling Buddy Valentine in 1978.  Tell us about that match, the result and how it inspired you to get to a championship level?

·         What was the first championship title you ever won, who did you defeat and what was the feeling after you won the belt?

·         When did you meet Fantasy, and how did she become your manager?

·         NWA Florida Championship Wrestling

o   Tell us about your matches with Barry and Kendall Windham

o   You were managed by the late Sir Oliver Humperdink, how did you meet him and why did you decide to have him as your manager?

o   How did you react when you heard Humperdink passed away in March of this year?  What are some of your fondest memories of him?


o   How did you become a booker for Pacific North West

o   What were some of the biggest events you booked?

o   How did you influence Art Barr in his transformation into The Juice

o   You wrestled as a masked wrestler for many years, how were you damasked and how did that change your career?

o   At one time you shared the NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team title with Dynamite Kid.  How did you two team up, and when did you first win the championship together? Was he difficult to get along with?


o   Take us through your time in Georgia Championship Wrestling, including some of your most unforgettable matches


o   What are some of your favorite matches while wrestling with Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling

·         Calgary Stampede Wrestling

o   You wrestled in Canada for the Harts, how did you find that opportunity and what was it like wrestling for such a historic family in the sport?

o   Did Stu ever stretch you in the Dungeon?

o   While in Calgary you won the North American Championship title, tell us about how you won it, who you wrestled and where does this title rank in your career?

·         WCW/NWA

o   You wrestled Andre the Giant.  Tell us about that experience, what was the result and how hard was he to wrestle?

o   You mentioned Buddy Rose, a well known wrestler in the NWA.  What were your matches like with him, what made him so tough and what do you remember most about wrestling him?

o   You challenged the Iconic Ric Flair for the NWA World’s Heavyweight Title.  Tell us about that experience, and what makes the match so memorable to you?

o   You have a pretty good story about Hispanics wrestling in the WCW, with Ricky Santana and yourself, tell us about it.

o   Tell us about your experience as translator for El Gigante who was almost 8 feet tall as you were his interpreter… 

o   Talk about your match against Hacksaw Jim Duggan, set up by Jimmy Hart.

o   Talk about the matches high ratings, yet WCW still didn’t like it.

·         WWC in Puerto Rico

o   Do you feel you ever received enough respect in Puerto Rico

o   Tell us about the time Fantasy had her hair pulled out by a wrestler in the WWC, and what did you do about it?

o   Who was your greatest opponent and what made the matches between you two so intense?

o   Who did you dislike wrestling the most in the WWC and why?

o   Talk for a minute about the controversy surrounding the death of Bruiser Brody.

o   Did your view or trust in Invader change after you heard the news, I mean you’ve had heated battles with Invader?

o   Talk about your matches with Savio Vega, what made them so memorable?

o   You witnessed fan riots in Puerto Rico.  What was that over, how did you handle the situation?

·         CMLL Lucha Libre Mexico

o   Why did they allow Fantasy to be at the ring for the first time?

o   Tell us about the match where you lost your mask

o   Why did you decide to wrestle in Lucha Libre?

o   What made it so different from any other wrestling you’ve experienced

·         You wrestled The Rock before he was the Rock, did you see the star potential in him at such a young age (He was in his 3rd Match)

·         In Japan you teamed with Andre The Giant, how was it to wrestle with a legend like him on foreign territory?

·         You also were a booker in Australia.  How did you come about that position and what significant events  did you contribute to there?

·         Talk for a minute on Politics in professional wrestling as it’s something you’ve always had issues with.

o   How has politics hurt professional wrestling?


o   Where do you currently wrestle at?

o   When did you win the Cuban Heavyweight Championship Belt

o   Who has been the toughest title defense you’ve had as the Cuban Heavyweight Championship and what made him such a formidable opponent.

o   Looking back, how have you grown as a professional wrestler?

o   How has professional wrestling changed over the years, and is it moving in the right direction?

We also talked in detail about all of his major feuds and so many other names as well that might not be listed above!!

These were some other random questions that we talked about!!!

How did you get started in the business

Were you a fan growing up

Who trained you

Take us thru your training with Hiro Matsuda

Did he stretch you

What are your first memories of your first match

What territory did you break into

Memories of your debut in Dallas loosing to Buddy Roberts

What are your thoughts on Fritz Von Erich

Who else was in the territory at that time

Memories of working in Portland Oregon

Thoughts on Don Owens

How did you get the name Top Gun

Who are some of the names you worked with in Portland

Thoughts on Brett and Buzz Sawyer

Was Buzz as crazy as they said he was

Memories of your matches with Rip Oliver against Youngbloods

Memories of Billy Jack Haynes and Stan Stasiak

Memories of matches with Brian Adias and Buddy Rose

Memories of teaming up with Dynamite Kid against Curt Henning and Buddy Rose

Was Dynamite a huge ribber back in Portland

Who else was in the territory around this time

Favorite matches in Portland Wrestling

Where did you go from there

What was Puerto Rico like?


In the Ring with Nick Dinsmore AKA Eugene Now on sale 

By now you should all be familiar with our In the Ring series of DVDs that we have done in the past.  We have done them with Tom Prichard, Homicide, Steve Corino, Dr Death Steve Williams, Sabu, Brian Armstrong and Al Snow.  Well this time RF VIDEO was able to capture one of WWE's best gimmicks of all time and by far one of wrestlings most solid workers Nick Dinsmore.  Nick who is considered by his peers to be one of wrestlings best pure wrestlers made this DVD an incredible tutorial on how to go about breaking into the WWE and wrestling in general.  If you loved the one we did with Al Snow this one picks up right where that leaves off.  Nick takes questions from a bunch of new wrestlers who are just breaking into the sport.  Nick also asks the young green horns some of his own questions.  You will learn a lot about what the WWE is looking for too.  We talked about finishes, selling.  How to feel out what the fans want.  How to work towards your finish.  How to establish your character.  How to keep yourself over.  What to send to the WWE to get hired.  How to learn from your mistakes.  What to focus on and how the Eugene character developed.  

Nick than takes the group into the ring to see what they got and the real fun begins.  You do not want to miss out on this session.  So if your looking to break into wrestling or you always wanted to know how it is done and what goes on behind the curtain, this is your special sneak peek look into how to break into the business and what you need to do to learn your craft. 


Doug Gilbert Shoot Interview Now on sale 

Around two weeks ago RF VIDEO sat down with Doug Gilbert for his first ever shoot interview and this one was amazing.  The Doug Gilbert, No Apologies Needed shoot interview was awesome.  Doug pulled no punches talking about Paul Heyman, Ian Rotten, John Zandig and numerous other hot topics of his career.  This interview would not be complete if we did not talk about his legendary brother the late great Eddie Gilbert!!!  If your a fan of Memphis wrestling your going to want to get your hands on this gem.  Doug and his family have been a major main stay in the Memphis territory and Doug has tons of backstage stories that have never been shared before until now.  What really happened when he went on live TV and shot on the promotion and Randy Hales.  How did Jerry Lawler and Brian Christopher react?  Who had heat backstage in the Memphis territory with each other.  What are his thoughts on Missy Hyatt and her infamous stories about sleeping with the boys.  How did he hear about his brothers passing and his thoughts on drugs in wrestling.  What really happened in Japan in Wings with Eddie GIlbert when they quit in the ring and pledged their allegiance to All Japan and Giant Baba.  What happened backstage in ECW when Doug went nuts with the baseball bat in the locker room at Ultra Clash when Paul Heyman turned off Eddie Gilberts mic as he was trying to say good bye to the fans.  You want stories on Austin Idol, Bill Dundee, Bill Watts, Tommy Rich?  What are Dougs feelings on Jim Cornette and why there might be some issues there.  There are tons of Eddie Gilbert stories from the WWE when he was there with Curt Henning in the early 80's.  What happened the night Eddie almost died from a car crash?  Doug has seen it all and worked with all the major names that have passed thru the Memphis territory.  He has amazing stories on all the top names, including a story on the Undertaker that has never been told until this shoot.   

Here are just some of the questions that we asked Doug  Gilbert during his amazing shoot!!!!

Memories growing up in a wrestling family

Did you travel with your dad to shows

Favorite memories and matches

Any wrestlers nicer to you guys than others

Memories of wrestlers at the house

How old were you and Eddie when you knew you wanted to be wrestlers

Did you dad discourage it

Favorite match of your dads

First memories of Jerry Lawler

When did you start training

How old were you when your dad told you that the business was a work

Memories of training

Were you jealous at all when Eddie got a break with WWF

Did Eddie change with success

Memories of doing some early angles in Memphis

Who was booking at the time

Early memories of Jerry Jarrett and Eddie Marlin

Can you talk about the rat/groupie scene in Memphis

Was your goal always to just headline Memphis

What do you remember about when some of the old school legends like Lou Thesz or Jack Brisco came in

Early memories on Jimmy Valiant

Thoughts of when your brother hooked up with Missy Hyatt

Thoughts of when they married

Missy said in an interview that she didn’t think Eddie’s family liked her, true

Memories of the angle in Memphis with the Gilberts vs. Lawler

Memories of Robert Fuller and the Stud Stable

Memories of Jeff Jarrett

Memories of Billy Travis

Memories of Bill Dundee

Memories of Lance Russell and Dave Brown

Memories of Scott Steiner in Memphis

Early memories of Tommy Rich

Thoughts on Dutch Mantell

Did Eddie steal Bill Dundee’s booking job with Bill Watts

Thoughts on Bill Watts

Were there any plans for you to get involved

You went to WCW for a brief time when Eddie was there, was it frustrating not to get a big push

Memories of Ric Flair

Memories of the Muta-Eddie feud

Allegedly Missy Hyatt and Jim Ross had an affair there while she was married to Eddie, your thoughts

Thoughts on Sting

Thoughts on the Road Warriors

How did Global come about

How involved were you and your brother with the booking

Who came up with the Dark Patriot

Memories of matches with Del Wilkes

Memories of your first blade job

Memories of Joe Pedicino

Memories of Mick Foley

Memories of the Rottens

Memories of Scott Levy

Memories of your run in Memphis as Nightmare Freddy

How did you get the gimmick

Did you like it

Thoughts on working with The Undertaker

Thoughts on working with Jerry Lawler

When did you sense that Memphis was dying

Your interview on Power Pro Wrestling is now infamous and has over 20,000 views today on You Tube. What happened?

Most say that the interview shut the promotion down, do you agree

What happened immediately after the interview

Did Lawler call or confront you

How did the other wrestlers react

How did Brian react

Was there an attempt to blackball you at all after that

Memories of ECW

Thoughts on Tod Gordon

Thoughts on your scaffold match

Memories of matches with Terry Funk

Do you think Eddie was screwed out of the booking job

Thoughts on Paul Heyman

Do you think Eddie could have achieved the same success

Memories of matches with JT Smith

Did you have aspirations on going to the WWE

You wound up in the 1996 Royal Rumble, how did that come about

Why was it only one appearance

Were there plans for you to stick around

Memories of matches with Tracy Smothers

Memories of Madusa dating Eddie

How did you hear the news about Eddie

Initial thoughts

How often do you miss him

Was Eddie a brilliant booker

Did your family ever try and stage an intervention with Eddie

Thoughts on Dennis Coraluzzo

Did you ever think of just retiring from wrestling after Eddie died

Do you think Eddie is underappreciated today

Thoughts on PG 13

Thoughts on Jim Cornette

You wrestled Lawler a few years ago on the indys. Was there any bad blood after what happened years earlier?

Thoughts on Jerry’s success in the WWE

You have a reputation as something of an outlaw, how do you respond

Another infamous video on You Tube is you and your brother shooting at a WING show, what happened

What was Victor Quionnes’ reaction

What was the reaction in the locker room

Thoughts on the Yakuza’s involvement in Japanese pro wrestling

Thoughts on Tommy Rich today

Favorite manager you had

Thoughts on the rise of hardcore wrestling in the US a few years ago

Thoughts on Ian Rotten’s IWA MS

Thoughts on CZW

Thoughts on XPW

Favorite guys to work with on the indys

Thoughts on Sid Vicious

Thoughts on Brickhouse Brown

Thoughts on Jimmy Hart

Thoughts on Randy Hales

Are you surprised TNA hasn’t booked you with your connections to Jeff

If you were coming up today would you lean more into getting into MMA than wrestling

Thoughts on WWE dropping all references to wrestling

Should Eddie be in their Hall of Fame

Thoughts on Curt Hennig

Thoughts on the Rock and Roll Express

Can a wrestler make a full time living on the indys

Thoughts on Abdullah the Butcher

Thoughts on Al Snow

Thoughts on Buddy Landel

Thoughts on Terry Funk

Who do you think is the most overrated worker you ever worked with

Can territories work today

Do you have any plans to write a book

How close do you still follow the business

At what point in your career did you have to get another job besides wrestling and what do you currently do

Do you have any advice for guys breaking in today

Any matches you regret

Favorite ribs

Favorite road stories

Favorite groupie stories

Favorite party stories 


Timeline History of WWE- 1985 Greg Valentine: The fuse has been ignited on the explosive popularity of the WWE in 1985. The world was about to get its first Wrestlemania. The roster was loaded with the country's hottest talent and the 'Fed was all over cable TV, and the networks as well. Royalty checks begin pouring in for WWE stars as their images hit lunchboxes and dolls all over the world. The business has moved beyond wrestling as music and pop culture embrace it in this magical time


Guest Booker with Al Snow: Al Snow booked for OVW, and today holds a spot on TNA's creative team. Snow was also a featured wrestler during WWE's white-hot "Attitude Era," where TV ratings were hitting the stratosphere in a way they have never seen again. The compare/contrast with today's anemic and largely dispassionate following lives in the heart of realism. And perceived reality. And the outrageous characters being closer to the actual star than not. Sounds like reality-tv. Snow feels that's where wrestling hit its groove, even before the reality craze. And they've abandoned it. Click to view more.


ECWA Super 8 Tournament 2011 4/30/11: 

1. ECWA Summit Battle Royal 

2. Sami Callihan vs. Adam Cole 

3. Bobby Shields vs. Austin Aries 

4. Tommasso Ciampa vs. Rich Swann 

5. Shiima Xion vs. Shockwave The Robot 

6. Josh Daniels, Matt Saigon & Damian Dragon vs. Papadon, Chris Wylde & Team Macktion 

7. Adam Cole vs. Austin Aries 

8. Tommasso Ciampa vs. Shiima Xion 

9. Ace Darling vs. Aden Chambers 

10. Adam Cole vs. Tommasso Ciampa 

Plus special guest host SUNNY!


ECWA 5/7/11 Newark, DE: 

1. Ahtu vs. The Black Panther 

2. ECWA Rumble 

3. Stacy "The Kat" Carter guest announced: Cindy Rogers vs. Jamilia Craft 

4. Papadon vs. Bazooka Joe 

5. Kekoa The Flyin' Hawaiian vs. Jonathan Gresham 

6. Chris Wylde vs. Joe Gacy 

7. Damian Dragon & Matt Saigon vs. The Midnight Sensations- Chris Rockwell & Sam Shields


CZW International Incident 4/10/11: 

1. Sami Callihan vs. Kyle O'Reilly 

2. Drew Gulak vs. Zack Sabre, Jr. 

3. Joker & Sabian vs. Bandido, Jr. & Azrieal 

4. Adam Cole vs. Rich Swann 

5. AR Fox vs. Ty Hagen vs. Ryan McBride vs. Ryan Slater vs. Jonathan Gresham vs. Alex Colon 

6. Jon Moxley vs. Jake Crist 

7. Devon Moore vs. Robert Anthony 

8. DJ Hyde vs. Daisuke Sekimoto 

9. Jun Kasai vs. Necro Butcher


CZW Best of the Best X 4/9/11: 

1. Zack Sabre, Jr. vs. Akuma vs. Jonathan Gresham 

2. Adam Cole vs. Kyle O'Reilly vs. Johnny Gargano 

3. Sami Callihan vs. Jake Crist vs. AR Fox 

4. Daisuke Sekimoto vs. Brandon Gaston vs. Chuck Taylor 

5. All Belts Are On the Line: Devon Moore & The Briscoe Bros. vs. Robert Anthony, Joker & Sabian 

6. Adam Cole vs. Zack Sabre, Jr. 

7. Sami Callihan vs. Daisuke Sekimoto 

8. Ragnarok 'n Roll Glass Crush Death Match: Danny Havoc vs. Jun Kasai 

9. Sami Callihan vs. Adam Cole


ECWA 1/15/11 Newark, DE: 

1. Corey Blaze vs. Mr. Ooh La La 

2. Papadon vs. Cono Cappuccia 

3. JJ Crew Guy & Timothy Richards w/ Sebastian Night vs. Matt Saigon & Damian Dragon 

4. Travis Blake w/ Magnum & Gus Grand vs. Courageous Cruz 

5. Imposter Ace Darling vs. Aden Chambers 

6. Team MackTion vs. Aden Chambers & Julian Starr 

7. Kid America vs. Jason Leigh w/ Coach Jim Shorts 

8. Chris Wylde vs. Mozart Fontaine w/ Sebastian Night 

9. The Best Around TJ Cannon & Bruce Maxwell vs. The Heavyweights Dan Eckos & Sean Royal 

10. MEGA vs. Glen Osbourne w/ Sebastian Night (Chain Match)


TWA 3/20/11 Voorhees, NJ: 

1. Kid American & Blue Meanie vs. The Russian Assassins 

2. Mr. Ooh LaLa vs. The Sensei (Blind Fold Match) 

3. Josh Daniels vs. Chris Wylde 

4. Kacee Carlisle vs. Brittany Force (Special guest referee Sunny) 

5. Bobby Sheilds vs. Tony Stetson 

6. Damian Dragon & Matt Saigon vs. Joe Gacy & Ryan Slater 

7. Breaker Morant vs. Judas Young vs. Cujo the Hell Hound


Fight The World- Rise Against 3/5/11 Ronkonkoma, NY: 

1. Josh Daniels vs. Joey Ace 

2. Damian Darling & Danny Demanto vs. Javi-Air & Spyral 

3. Dan Barry vs. Pinkie Sanchez 

4. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels vs. Nigerian Nightmares 

5. Earl Cooter vs. Ryan Mitchell 

6. Candy Cartwright vs. Rosita 

7. Josef von Schmidt, The Rockstar & Diamond Dallas Page confrontation 

8. Homicide & Balls Mahoney vs. Jay Lover & Tommy Buddz (No Holds Barred Hardcore Tag Team Match) 

9. Wes Draven vs. Grim Reefer 

10. Lenn Oddity vs. Jimmy Jact Cash vs. Big Jim Sullivan


CZW Status Update: Fantastic! 3/12/11: 

1. Drew Gulak Interview 

2. tHURTeen vs. Ruckus 

3. Akuma vs. Ty Hagen 

4. Ryan Eagles vs. Mark Briscoe 

5. Jay Briscoe vs. Sabian 

6. AR Fox vs. Ryan McBride vs. Alex Colon 

7. Hardcore Match: DJ Hyde vs. Greg Excellent 

8. Drew Gulak, Drake Younger & MASADA vs. Danny Havoc, Scotty Vortekz & Homicide 

9. Robert Anthony vs. Devon Moore 

10. Bonus Match from BJW: No-Rope Barbed Wire - MASADA VS Ryuji Ito (2008 - w/ dubbed English Commentary)


CZW Twelve 2/12/11: 

1. DJ Hyde Interview 

2. Devon Moore vs. Drake Younger 

3. Sami Callihan vs. Alex Colon 

4. Danny Havoc vs. Drew Gulak 

5. Scotty Vortekz vs. Akuma 

6. AR Fox vs. Ryan McBride vs. Rich Swann vs. Aaron Arbo vs. Ty Hagen vs. Jonathan Gresham 

7. DJ Hyde vs.Greg Excellent 

8. Adam Cole vs. Pinkie Sanchez 

9. Robert Anthony vs. Jon Moxley 

10. The Briscoe Brothers vs. Joker & Sabian


MWF An Extreme Evening 2/12/11 Severn, MD: 

1. Nikolai Volkoff vs Ronnnie Zukko 

2. The FBI vs Pretty Ugly 

3. Brian Hardy vs James Anthony vs Skull 

4. The Headbangers vs Christian York & Danny Doring 

5. Terry Funk Hall of Fame Induction 

6. Shane Douglas vs Justin Credible 

7. "Playboy" Bobby Starr vs Kindred 

8. Adam Flash vs Brad Roye 

9. 30 Man Battle Royal featuring Raven, Julio Dinero and many more top stars!


The Scars That Bind: Sabu and the Sheik:

Imagine for a moment that you spent your childhood visiting your uncle at work and he was the most bloodthirsty and reviled villain in the world. For some reason, you want to be just like him. Sabu struggled throughout his career to earn the respect of the Sheik which cased his body wounded and his bones to be broken. The Sheik became known as a man of few words; he didnt pretend to be something he wasnt. Ed Farhat might have been his name but being the Sheik was his life. The Scars That Bind analyzes how one relationship in the unforgiving world of professional wrestling can leve an indelible mark on those who come between it this time from a kid who grew up idolizing his Uncle and wanted nothing more than to follow in the family footsteps. Click to view more.


Shoot Interview with Danny Davis:

Dangerous Danny Davis. Wherever he went, trouble wasnt too far behind. Danny was the first person to be a heel referee on the main stage of the World Wrestling Federation. Since then, he has often been imitated but never quite duplicated. In his first ever shoot interview, Danny talks about working behind the scenes and up the ladder to make it in the wrestling business. Once he was given the opportunity, he knocked the door down and was involved in some of the most memorable moments in wrestling history. You learn quickly that Dangerous Danny Davis is quite the character both in and out of the ring. Off The Mark presents Dangerous Danny Davis. Click to view more.


Matt Borne: Maniac Behind the Make Up:

Controversy struck as the World Wrestling Federation made the decision to debut a clown as a pro wrestler. Matt Borne, a second generation superstar, was given the task to make it all work. What was his first impression of the gimmick? Why did Vince McMahon think he would be perfect for the persona? Like never before, this personal account chronicles the man behind the makeup. Along the way, you learn about life growing up around the wrestling business and all the details of Matt Bornes entire wrestling career. He may have made you laugh and he may have made you cry, but now Matt takes you behind the curtain and into life inside the squared circus. This emotional story includes Matt reflecting upon past demons and the real fight he had picking himself up to be Borne Again. Click to view more.


Shoot Interview with George Scott:

Off The Mark is proud to have had the unique opportunity to sit down with wrestling legend George Scott to discuss his entire career both inside and outside of the ring. The Great Scott had a storied wrestling career that spanned several decades before moving outside the ring to become one of the most influential people the sport has ever had. Between the ropes, he had a stand out career of his own before forming a legendary tag team with his brother. After hanging up his boots, he worked for Jim Crocket Promotions as the companys head booker and then moved on to work with Vince McMahon. Along the way, George Scott has worked with all of the major names in the industry and helped move the sport to the next level. Click to view more.




This DVD pays tribute to, Steve Williams, Lou ALbano, Terry Gordy, PlayBoy Buddy Rose, Test, Public Enemy, KILLER KOWALSKI, Brian Pillman, Gary Hart, Wahoo McDaniel, and Eddie Gilbert

This DVD picks up where our last Volume 1 left off.  

Over the past few years the sport of professional wrestling has lost far too many of its own. Many of these superstars, beloved by fans and peers alike, passed away well before their time. To pay tribute to these fallen men and women, all of whom have given so many people enjoyment in life, RF Video is proud to present LOST TREASURES, a new double disc DVD dedicated to their achievements, their lives, and the legacy they left behind. In the course of the last fifteen years, RF Video has compiled an extensive library of exclusive interviews and rare footage with these superstars and it is through this that we are able to bring their fans the real story of these larger than life characters. LOST TREASURES presents these men and women with all the trappings of wrestling stripped away, allowing everyone to see their hopes, their dreams, and remember how special they really were.



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Perry saturn

Larry Zybsyko


Brian Pillman

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Lex Luger

Jim Neidhart

Billy Jack Haynes

Mike Shaw

Rick Steiner


Gary Hart

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Brian Adidas

Fred Ottman

Bill Irwin

Al Perez



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D Lo Brown


Wahoo McDaniel

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Ivan Koloff

Jimmy Garvin

Magnum TA

Ox Baker


Eddie GIlbert

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Buddy Landell

Al Perez

Tom Prichard

Tod Gordon

Bill Watts

Mike Shaw

Sid Vicious

Steve Williams

Rick Steiner

MIssy Hyatt


Lou ALbano

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Moondog Rex

Rokcy Johnson

Don Muraco

Bruno Sammartino

Ivan Koloff

George Steele

Ivan Putski

Paul Orndorff

Ken Patera

Mr Fuji


Terry Gordy

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Stan Hansen

Kevin Von Erich

Rick Steiner

Bill Watts

Buddy Jack Roberts

Paul Bearer

Steve Williams

Jim Duggan


Disc 2  Bonus DVD of matches

Brian Pillman and Shane Douglas vs Ron Simmons and 2 Cold Scorpio

Hashimoto vs Steve Corino vs Gary Steele vs Dylan Knight

Terry Gordy vs Bam Bam Bigelow

Test vs Slyck Wagner Brown

Steve Williams vs Danny Demanto

Public Enemy vs The Bad Breed


Daily News

Matt Hardy posted the following tweet, more than likely in response to recent headlines claiming Hardy was suspended from TNA due to consistent tardiness: "Just checked out the headlines on the 'net.. They make me smile :-) Everything's cool in life-luv it! It's 95 out but I'm not sweating ;)" While the tweet doesn't outright deny the reports of a suspension, it certainly has led many site to assume he's denying the claim.  Take it for what you will as I personally have not confirmed or denied the cause(s) for Matt Hardy's leave of absence from TNA.

Christopher Daniels is featured in Impact Wrestling's latest "Why Wrestling Matters" video. The former TNA X Division Champion discusses what drives his passion and dedication for professional wrestling. 

"People are only going to care about something if we care about it and we care about wrestling," Daniels says. "Without Impact Wrestling, what's going to happen to professional wrestling? It seems like everybody else wants to be; they're ashamed of wrestling, they wanna forget that it's wrestling. It's almost like they're making it a footnote or sidebar. 

"I'm not a football fan, I'm not a baseball fan, I don't follow basketball, but I followed professional wrestling since I was eight years old. These guys were my heroes. I feel like the glory days of two guys battling to see who was the better man, that's what Impact Wrestling is bringing back to the forefront. 

Despite earlier reports, Okada has not been released from TNA and remains with the company. TNA is expected to part ways with several talents in the coming weeks. 

Kofi Kingston will be signing autographs with Bill DeMott, Andy Leavine and other FCW stars at tonight's FCW Summer Slamarama event in Orlando, Florida at the Orlando Armory. There will also be 8 matches, a Fan Fest and a RAW vs. SmackDown match with Drew McIntyre taking on Justin Gabriel. 

- Tyson Kidd debuted a new haircut on last night's WWE NXT as he has cut off what little bit of hair he had on his head. Regarding the cut, Kidd wrote the following on Twitter: "Getting a lot of ?'s concerning the hair....a wise man once said "enough is enough and it's time for a change!"" 

- The WWE creative team is said to be burnt out right now, after the recent string of three-hour RAW shows, the Capitol Punishment pay-per-view and the upcoming Money in the Bank pay-per-view. 

In an update to the story from earlier on the voting at RAW, WWE's website now reports that Sin Cara actually received 90% of the vote for the Evan Bourne match and should have been the opponent, not Mason Ryan. 

- Sources report that John Cena continues to work hurt and is currently dealing with some hip and back issues. 

- After last night's big storyline with CM Punk on RAW, some believe that Punk will be staying with WWE since they're working his contract into a storyline. Word at RAW is that Punk still plans on leaving WWE after the Money in the Bank pay-per-view, despite the storyline. 

TMZ reports that Scott Hall was sentenced to ten days in Seminole County Jail yesterday for resisting arrest last May. 

Hall was arrested on May 14, 2010, and charged with disorderly conduct and resisting a police office. Authorities were called to the Hitching Post Bar in Chuluota after Hall, who had been "drinking heavily" according to a police report, "became aggressive". When authorities arrived, they found Hall yelling and cursing at the amateur wrestling personalities Marc Grabowsky, Kevin "Showtime" Van Camp, Tony "ODB" Griffin, Shawn Shiever The Beaver Retreiver, Mark E. Nelson and other staff of the bar. Hall was told he was not allowed to return to the establishment. On his police report, Hall listed himself as an "unemployed" professional wrestler, despite having a job with TNA Wrestling, who would release him a month after the arrest. 

Court records in Seminole County, Florida indicate Hall was sentenced to ten days in jail. His jail time, however, was reduced to two days for time served. 

He is planning to check in to jail on July 5. A representative for the former wrestling champion says he'll be in the medical unit due to his "bad health." 

Matt Hardy stated last Sunday on Twitter that he would be receiving a few weeks off from TNA Wrestling. 

He wrote, "Between dates, injuries, & outside issues, I'm gonna have a few week off & I'm ecstatic! The Matt Hardy Movement is going into full effect!" 

According to, company officials suspended Hardy due to continuously arriving late to events. 

Hardy has not performed for TNA since the May 30 Impact Wrestling taping (air date June 2), which saw him lose to Crimson. He is, however, advertised to appear at this week's live events in Ohio and Indiana.

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