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I want to thank everyone first off for making this years trip to Charlotte NC a memorable one…We cant thank everyone enough who made our photo sessions with Al Perez, Matt Borne and Jake the Snake a success.  I want to also thank those three individuals as well for going the extra mile for RF VIDEO.  People will say what they will about working with Jake, but we had zero problems with him and he was on time and did everything we asked of him.  He is a true legend and can't thank him enough for coming in for us.  The same goes for Al and Matt as well.  They are always great to work with. 

Before I get into the other details that came out of the weekend, I have decided to extend the 40% off sale one more day!!!! So you have until tomorrow to take us up on this amazing offer for you to save 40% off on anything you order on the site!!!!

The big question that I was asked all weekend was what happened to my eye. Well I was not in a fight or anything like that.  I went to a Green Day concert last week and a girl who was crowd surfing used my face as a place to rest her feet.  Luckily it didn't hurt me at all but she gave me a nice black eye.  

I watched the ECW PPV and I really did enjoy watching those guys go out there and do their thing.  I watched it for what it was worth and I know some of the guys were not in the shape they once were but, I was watching it to be entertained not looking at matches for match quality.  I think if you were a ecw fan and you watched it with that perspective you would have like the PPV.  If you thought you were going to see a 5 star match than you would have just been kidding yourself.  The PPV did what it set out to do for a lot of the talent involved and I think it gave TNA a nice buzz.

RF VIDEO conducted a new shoot interview this past weekend with Eric Embry down in NC.  This was an incredible interview and if your a fan of the Memphis, Florida, World Class territories your going to love it.  We talked all about the Von Erichs, Puerto Rico, Bruiser Brody murder, drugs, ring rats, Jerry Lawler, USWA vs WCCW feuds and so much more.  If your a fan of Eric this will be one interview you can't pass up on.  He talkes about all of his major programs and also major angles that he was involved in.  He was super open with us and he did not hold anything back.  We also talked in great detail about southwest champion wrestling and what is was like for him to become the booker of Puerto Rico and Texas with the Von Erichs.

RF VIDEO just lined up another huge autograph signing with Kevin Nash!!!  We will have more details on this tomorrow.  It will take place at Wrestling Reunion on September 11, 2010 to the Rahway Recreation Center 3 City Hall Plaza in Rahway, New Jersey.  We also have another huge shoot interview lined up with Kevin as well!!!!

RF VIDEO just lined up a new shoot interview with Doug Gilbert!!!  I have been waiting to do this shoot for over 6 years and we can't wait to sit down with this 2nd generation superstar.  We also have a ton of other interviews in the works as well.  I can't really say who yet in case they spit in my face because I might not be cool enough to announce it yet.   Plus I deff don't want to get hit in the head with no apple. 

Here are just a few of my mark out pics from the weekend….you can see all of them on my Facebook page if you are bored……

 Rob Van Dam will be vacating the TNA World title at tonight's Impact tapings in Orlando.

Apparently a tournament will be held to determine the new TNA champion. The tourney starts at tonight's Impact tapings and are scheduled to conclude at the "No Surrender" pay-per view on September 5.

The report claims the reason for RVD vacating the title will be a storyline injury that he's selling from the beatdown angle that took place on Monday's TNA taping.

TNA "Whole F'n Show" Impact special results airing this Thursday night:

Dark Match

1. Jesse Neal defeated Sam Shaw in 4:49. Shaw played the role of Lupus at the TNA Hardcore Justice pay-per-view. Neal won with a spear in a dark match.

TNA Impact Taping

Jeremy Borash came out to open the Impact taping.

1. Kurt Angle defeated A.J. Styles in 8:20. A.J. tapped out. Surprisingly, Angle does not retire this week (sarcasm).

2. Angelina Love defeated Madison Rayne to win the TNA Knockouts Title in 3:45. Velvet Sky removed the biker chick's helmet, but she had a mask on.

Pepa of Salt-n-Pepa is in the front row.

3. Matt Morgan defeated D'Angelo Dinero and Mr. Anderson in a three-way match in 3:48. Anderson had Pope covered, but Morgan broke it up and pinned Pope himself.

Jeff Hardy's open challenge was accepted by (drumroll)... Shannon Moore. I hope someone else comes out. Really?

4. Jeff Hardy pinned Shannon Moore in 6:45. Hardy pinned Moore after hitting the Swanton. They hugged after the match and there was a nice OMEGA chant from the crowd.

5. The Motor City Machine Guns defeated Beer Money in a best of three falls match to retain the TNA Tag Titles. Great first fall. Robert Roode pinned Alex Shelley following the DWI at 8:03.

The second fall saw Shelley pin Roode in 1:25 after the MCMG combo neckbreaker and splash combo off the top rope.

Chris Sabin pinned James Storm in 6:52 to win the third fall. Pyro after the win. A super hot match that earned "Match of the Year" chants.

6. Rob Van Dam defeated Abyss in a Stairway to Janice match to retain the TNA Title in 17:12. Eric Bischoff was special referee. After the match, Hogan came out to congratulate RVD, and then he invited EV2 out. Hogan left.

EV2 celebrated and then the lights when out. When the lights came on, Beer Money, A.J. Styles, Kazarian, Douglas Williams, and Matt Morgan beat and bloodied EV2. Ric Flair came out and chased Dixie Carter to the back. EV2 was destroyed. Flair said it's Fortune's house and they set the bar, not EV2.

EV2 was Dreamer, Team 3D, Mick Foley, Rhino, Stevie Richards, Little Guido, Rob Van Dam, Bill Alfonso, and Sabu. Sandman and Raven made separate attempts to save EV2, but he was beat up. The angle was long as hell. Knowing TNA production, it will be three minutes long on Thursday. So it's now a faction war with EV2 vs. Fortune. The golden rule was followed, as every EV2 wrestler wore white to show the crimson. Pepa actually left due to the violence.

They are changing the mat for the Xplosion tapings, so this concludes the taping for Thursday's show. The crowd chanted for Taz, but he never left the booth. I love Flair, but he was rambling on and slipped out an "ECW" mention. Morgan choked Stevie with what looked like a tie (how original). Most of Fortune had Singapore canes.

They are changing the mat for the Xplosion tapings, so this concludes the taping for Thursday's show.

Rumor has it that Tyler Black has signed a deal with the WWE that starts in September

former TNA talent Roderick Strong was backstage at last night' Impact taping. He was not used on the show, and is it unknown at this time whether or not Strong was there for business reasons or just to visit friends.

NA has released an EV 2.0 t-shirt with the words "Extreme Violence" on the back. 

- Tommy Dreamer received stitches to his head after the match with Raven at last night's pay-per-view. 

- Before last night's pay-per-view, Dixie Carter addressed the crowd and thanked Tommy Dreamer and everyone else. After the show went off the air, everyone partied in the ring with beer as Enter Sandman played. Everyone left but Team 3D and Tommy Dreamer. They led the crowd in an ECW chant before Dreamer raised a beer to the sky for those who have passed on. 

The fake Blue Meanie at last night's Hardcore Justice pay-per-view, called Blue Tilly, was none other than Big Tilly from Phi Delta Slam and has worked as a security guard in TNA. 

- The nose-picking mystery guy in the segment with Al Snow, Stevie Richards and Nova was supposed to be Lupus, who was one of Raven's lackeys for a few months in ECW. 

- Some of the names backstage visiting at Hardcore Justice were Matt Morgan, The Motor City Machineguns, Abyss, Jimmy Hart, Dory Funk Jr., Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff. Mick Foley, Brother Ray and Tommy Dreamer all had their families there. 

There was some speculation after RAW last night that Tamina had left The Usos since she seemed to start an angle with Santino Marella. A fan in attendance says that Tamina was with Jimmy and Jey as they took on Yoshi Tatsu and Goldust at the Superstars tapings. 

Angelina Love is expected to beat Madison Rayne at tonight's iMPACT! television taping in Orlando to recapture the Knockouts Championship. 

- Speaking of NXT, the current plan is to have season three feature four male wrestlers and four women wrestlers from developmental. WWE is adding Divas to the mix because they're running low on fresh stars from FCW. There's still no word yet on where season three of the show will air once SmackDown comes to SyFy. 

NA will tape the August 19th episode of iMPACT tonight in Orlando. 

- Independent wrestler Sam Shaw lost a tryout match to Jesse Neal at last night's iMPACT tapings in Orlando. Shaw played the role of Lupus at Sunday's Hardcore Justice pay-per-view. 

- Pepa of Salt N' Pepa fame was sitting ringside at last night's tapings. 

- At last night's tapings, there was no ramp to the ring. TNA has been using the ramp for months, ever since the changes that came with Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan arriving. 

TNA Wrestling officials have discussed using some of the HardCORE Justice talent going forward, though not many. A few performers are on hand for this week's television tapings. 

-- Contrary to popular belief, World Wrestling Entertainment's legal department made no threats regarding TNA Wrestling's HardCORE Justice pay-per-view event. The talent name changes was TNA being proactive to avoid potential legal problems as opposed to reactive. 

-- There were no major injuries suffered last night at HardCORE Justice, though C.W. Anderson had a minor hamstring injury. 

RF Video has released a ton of new DVDs to the site last Friday

**Face Off Vol. 11- Big Lips & Shaking Hips

**Face Off Vol. 10- Dreamer vs. Raven

**ECW Hardcore TV 079-082  NOW ON DVD for the first time ever!!!

**ECW Hardcore TV 075-078 Now on DVD for the first time ever!!!


Face Off Volume 10 Dreamer vs Raven now on sale!!!

Face Off volume 10 with Raven and Tommy Dreamer will feature both men doing commentary during one of their best highlight reels of all time.  We took 2 hours of the best footage between the two and had them watch it together and give us their inside thoughts and secrets on each match!!!  The DVD will be a instant classic with all ECW fans.  I sat back and was so entertained as they cover so many new facts that were never talked about on the other DVD they took part of.  Here is a list of the matches that we had them watch together.

This tape will highlight what is arguably ECW's hottest fued ever. Memorable matches. Interviews and angles are the focus of this tape. Fans of these two won't be dissappointed!!!  This DVD will be hosted by Raven and Tommy Dreamer and has both men doing commentary during each segment!!!

1. Altercation with Dreamer, Raven, Richards, Hotbody and Stetson

2. Dreamer vs. Raven, Richards, Hotbody (Generation X, gauntlet Match)

3. Beulah McGuillicutty's debut

4. Dreamer vs. Raven (First Singles Match)

5. Dreamer vs. Raven (Rematch)

6. Nightclub altercation

7. Dreamer vs. Raven (Death Match)

8. Sandman & Raven vs. Dreamer & Cactus Jack

9. Beulah vs. Luna Vachon

10. Raven & Richards vs. Luna & Dreamer

11. Dreamer, Pitbulls, Luna, Dudleys, Raven & Richards wild brawl

12. Luna vs. Richards (Dreamer crusifies Raven)

13. Interview Raven, Dreamer jumps Raven

14. Dreamer vs. Raven (No DQ, No Countout)


Face off Vol 11 Big Lips and Shaking hips with Missy Hyatt and Honky Tonk Man   Now on sale!!!

Let me give you two names and you tell me what comes to your mind….Missy Hyatt and The Honky Tonk Man….controversial comes to my mind.  When RF VIDEO sets out to conduct a new interview for our Face Off series we make sure we are going to give you a good bang for your pun intended there MIssy..

Well that is exactly what happened when we sat down and had Missy and Honky paired up for the very first time for our newest Face Off volume 11 series.  Both are no strangers to the RF VIDEO video cameras and everytime we turn our cameras on they both deliver with home runs.  So we thought it would be a blast if we had them together for the very first time on one super DVD!!

What do you get when you put a couple that never holds back when you turn the camera on?  A off the wall interview that will have you glued to your TV set for the entire length of the DVD.  The interview starts off with Missy Hyatt asking HTM some questions that she wanted to ask for a long time. She did her homework as she had a ton of questions for him about his early days pre WWE.  She asked him a lot about working in Memphis and the golden years during the territories.  I quickly took over when she was done and asked them both about current events.  You want to hear about what really happened with TNA and the HTM?  Why is there heat with him and Bubba.  What do they both think TNA needs to do to work.  Both have some messages to Dixie Carter, Hogan and Eric Bischoff.  Here are just some of the hot topics we touched upon:

You guys are both very open in public and online with your thoughts. Missy you've been very open with your sexual conquests and Honky you have talked a lot about rats.  To relieve any sexual tension can you tell us  if you two have ever hooked up before?


What wrestling marriages do you think were doomed for failure? Which ones are you surprised worked out?


What are your thoughts on Bubba The Hogan cum Sponge?


What are your thoughts on TNA letting go of Awesome Kong in favor of Bubba, only for Bubba to keep stalking her until he got fired?


What are your thoughtso n TNA bombing on Monday nights?


What are your thoughts on Eric Bischoff? Out of all the Eric's in the world, who's worse- Eric Bischoff or Eric Simms?


If you were booking TNA, how would you change it, or is it just a dead end?


What are your thoughts about Virgil being back on WWF TV? Do you think he will charge 100 times as much for his autograph at conventions now?


You guys do a lot of conventions. What people make you think "shit that person looks really bad"? and "Wow that person looks really good?" What are teh best conventions you've done? The worst?



Honky, you put it out on your site you were going to TNA, only to say you were working everyone. Why did you do that?


is it tough for both of you, being over 50 years old to make a living off the wrestling business? Do you guys have other source of income? what are your thoughts about other wrestlers having to go work at olive garden like justin credible or target like shane douglas to make ends meet?


What are your thoughts on Eddie Graham?


Do you guys have any good indy stories, like stories that only would happen in indy wrestling?



Have you noticed that indy crowds are down? Why do you think that is?

What are your thoughts on Linda running for Senate?


Honky you are a friend of bret hart. What are your thoughts on his comeback to the WWe?

IS there anyone on current WWE TV that you think will be the next big star?


What are your thoughts on the Orlando Jordan gimmick in TNA? 


If you had a meeting with dixie careter one on one, what would you tell her?


What are your thoughts on Ultimate Warrior's crazy rants?


Do you think MMA is killing wrestling??


If you could have sex with anyone in wrestling and not have it affect your personal life/marriage, who would it be?


What are your thoughts on Kanyon killing himself?


What are your thoughts on indy wrestling agents like Eric Simms, 


What are your thoughts on WWE cutting mickie james?


Is there any way to innovate wrestling or od you think it will continue to go down the same beaten paths?


What are your thoughts on the WWE Hall of fame? Do you think there should be a physical place for fans to enjoy wreslting, like how baseball has cooperstown, football has canton, ohio?


What are the silliest gimmicks you've ever seen in wrestling?


Do you think the party/drugs/booze scene was stronger in your time?


How is Iron Sheik still alive?


What are your thoughts about Jason Hervey still hanginga roudn Bischoff and trying to do a midget wrestling show?


What are your thoughts on JR's istuation with the WWE?


WWE has stated they are trying to find a black wresrtler to make a star. Do you think that is fair that white guys will be buried in this attempt to create a black star? Do you think it is fair for blacks to have this pressure on them to succeed? Do you think wrestling should push guys based on race?


ECW Hardcore TV 079-082  Now on DVD  for first time ever and on sale now!!!

1. Douglas blasts Ric Flair/Doink interview, great

2. Myers vs. Scorpio

3. Public Enemy/Paul E. interview, clip of Subu vs. Cactus, great

4. Jason interview from his house, funny

5. Myers vs. Cairo (Dreamer comes in and attacks Cairo0

6. Benoit vs. Taz

7. Paul E. interview, show clips of Sabu vs. Benoit where Sabu spits up blood

8. Public Enemy vs. Bad Breed (Baseball Bat match, bloody)

9. Public Enemy video and interview

10. Dreamer interview/ECW Novembert Rain video

11. Douglas interviews/ECW Novebert Rain video

12. Cairo vs. Dreamer (November to Remember, great brawl)

13. Sandman press conference as he turns heel again and attacks Dreamer, great angle, must see

14. Dreamer interview, he's all scared up from the caring he got/Sandman & Woman interview

15. Scorpio vs. Hughes (November to Remember)

16. Douglas vs. Ron Simmons (Clip, Scorpio comes in and attacks Shane)

17. Dougals interview and announces Steve Austin as his partner

18. Simmons & Scropio interview/Clips of Sabu jumping Public Enemy

19. Cactus & Whipwreck vs. Public Enemy (Bat match, title change, from November to Remember)

20. Public Enemy/Cactus interview about Sullivan

21. Paul E. interview, shows clips of Sabu almost breaking his neck from match vs. Benoit, sick bump

22. Sandman & Woman interview and great video

23. Simmons & Scorpio/911 chokeslamming the guitar player

24. Douglar interview


ECW Hardcore TV 075-078  Now on DVD and on sale now

1. Sandman vs. Myers/Dreamer interview and video after match

2. Scorpio interview and video

3. Jason vs. scrub (Taz and Malenko go at it, great)

4. Douglas video

5. Public Enemy vs. scrubs (Rocco puts Don Allen on top of 2 tables stacked on top of each other and does a flip onto the outside the ring, Cactus & Whipwreck come out and they brawl all over, great)

6. Benoit vs. Nishimura

7. Paul E./Cactus & Whipwreck/Joey Styles at hospital doing report on Sandman

This is the show where the Sandman gets his eye injured

8. Jason vs. Myers (Taz & Malenko go at it)

9. Dreamer/Sandman interviews

10. Dreamer vs. Sandman )I Quit match, Sandman gets his eye injury)

11. Great backstage scene with injured Sandman/Paul E. interview

12. Public Enemy vs. scrubs

13. Public Enemy interview, they are wearing my Public Enemy shirts, so if you want to know what they look like

14. Scorpio vs. Doink

15. Doink interview

16. Jason vs. Whipwreck (Public Enemy come in and Cactus makes the save with a bat)

17. Dreamer/Sad Sandman video, great

18. Public Enemy vs. scrubs

19. Scorpio/Cairo and Dreamer argue by satellite, great

20. Benoit vs. Oddesy

21. Dreamer and Cairo argue about Sandman, great stuff

22. Douglas interview

23. Cactus vs. Sabu (this is their 2nd match, Sabu breaks 3 ribs doing a moonsault and landing on the guardrail, Sabu breaks a bottle over Cactus's head but it takes 5 trys to break it, you can hear the thud with each blow, sick match)

RF VIDEO released three brand new DVD's last week to the site that are now on sale

**Shoot Interview with Bob Orton 2010 American Bad Ass

**Acid Fest   This is the huge Trent Acid memorial show

**Roundtable with Chris Kanyon, Iron Sheik and MIssy Hyatt



ACID FEST A Tribute to Trent Acid  7-10-10  NOW ON SALE

1. Trent Acid Memorial Rumble (Featuring superstars like Balls Mahoney, Big Vito, The Messiah, Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz, Helter Skeltor with Missy Hyatt, Adam Flash, The Rockin' Rebel, Greg Matthews, Bison Bravado, Matt Walsh, Kwame, Ron Starr, Earl Cooter, Nate Stein, Eddie Valentine, John Dahmer, Lil’ Greatness, Slayer, Deranged, Billy Angus, Danny Angus, Kid America, Flash Wheeler, Aramis, Cory Kastle, Darren Wyse and more!)

2. Nick Berk & Z-Barr vs. Don Montoya & Robby Mireno with Reckless Youth

3. Acid's Angels of Missy Sampson, Annie Social, and Amy Lee (with Dr. Don Bootz & Lexx) vs Alere Little Feather, Roxie Cotton, and Detox (with Doc Daniels)

4. The S.A.T. (Jose & Joel Maximo) vs. The Carnage Crew (H.C. Loc & Tony Devito) vs. The H8 Club (Nick Gage & Nate Hatred) vs. Da Hit Squad (Steve "Monsta" Mack & Dan Maff)

5. The Danger Zone with Lou E. Dangerously and guest Tod Gordon.

6. Homicide & B-Boy vs. Sonjay Dutt & Ruckus

7. Johnny Kashmere (with Matt Walsh & Donnie B) vs. Devon Moore (with Annie Social)

8. 10 bell salute to Trent Acid


Roundtable with Missy Hyatt, Chris Kanyon and Iron Sheik NOW ON SALE

Just a few short weeks before Chris Kanyon decided to take his own life, RF VIDEO decided to conduct a rare round table with himself and Missy Hyatt and the Iron Shiek.  This was to be Chris last wrestling appearance and his last interview.  After some time RF VIDEO has finally decided to release the interview.  After talking with some of his close friends they all felt that Chris would want this interview out there.  We will honor his wishes and we will release this rare dvd.  I had the chance to know Chris personally and he was always a great guy.  I think Chris would really enjoy how this DVD turned out.  He really let Missy Hyatt have it on his beliefs on many of his issues. 

This was not your average round table.  When we decided to put all three of these guys and girls together we knew something rare would unfold.  When you watch this DVD you will really see a totally different side from these three.  Sure there is plenty of wrestling talk but all three talked about a variety of non wrestling subjects as well.  Here are just a few of the key topics that we had them discuss.

The shoot starts off with Missy Hyatt warning Sheik about Eric Simms stealing all of his money.  It gets really intense right off the bat as Missy and Simms have had nuclear heat for years.  Missy also lists a lot of the other wrestlers that Simms has been accused of stealing from.  They all talk about the Tiger Woods incident as well.  The Sheik ways in on Obama getting elected as well as gay marriage.  This is when Missy and Chris go at it for some time as both had their own view points on the topic.  It gets really intense once again.

Chris does talk about his mental illness and his past suicide thoughts during this interview which makes it at times hard to watch.  Missy talks about being a women in the wrestling world.  They all talk about the legalization of weed.  This is when the drug talk starts about drugs in the wrestling world and all of its deaths.  Who is really to blame?  We talk all about the Chris Benoit tragedy and what they thought about it.  All three talk about Michael Vick, Hogans divorce, McMahans, who has backstage heat and a whole host of other topics related to the wrestling world.

This was a really odd triple affair with these three and I think the conversations during this round table are very intellectual at times and you will no doubt see a different side of all three of these guys and girls.  You will laugh at times, and no doubt get very sad at other times during this shoot interview.  Some of the topics are intended for mature audiences only so viewer discretion is highly recommended.


Bob Orton 2010 SHoot Interivew American Bad Ass

A second generation legend, Bob Orton Jr. talks about some great stories of his career including his son, Randy Orton! Includes bonus match! DVD is approx. 90-minutes in length.


  1. Last Run
  2. My Son Randy
  3. WWF in the 80's
  4. The Fights
  5. TNA
  6. Mr. Fuji Rib Story
  7. Women & Andre the Giant
  • Bonus Match
    Cowboy Bob Orton vs. Dusty Rhodes (Nov. 2005)

RF VIDEO now has in stock autographed Copies of the brand new DVD "Life and Times of Abdullah the Butcher

 The first ever shoot interview produced by The Wrestling Observer.  This interview was conducted in 2010.


On this DVD Abby covers everything!  Flair, Brody, Japan, Carlos Colon/Puerto Rico, Stu Hart, The Sheik, WWE, The Undertaker, The Hall of Fame, Superstar Billy Graham, racism, generosity, WCW, plus he does some awesome impressions! 


All of this in a special 2 hour interview, plus over an hour of classic Abby matches. 


This DVD also includes an in-depth tour/expose of Abby's restaurant. 


Alternate commentary of matches from Bryan & Vinny of and a full length original music soundtrack!!!

Now on sale brand new!!!!

TWA Tag Team Tournament 6-6-10 Voorhees NJ

1. TJ Cannon & Bruce Maxwell (The Best Around) vs. Adam Cole & Damian Dragon

2. The Nigerian Nightmares vs. Blue Meanie & Kid America

3. Matt & Nick Logan vs. Soldier Ant & Green Ant

4. Billy Bax & Rob Eckos vs. Shockwave the Robot & Metal Master

5. Matt & Nick Logan vs. Billy Bax & Rob Eckos

6. Demolition w/ Stacy Carter vs. Matt Riviera & Jeff Jett w

7. TWA Heavyweight Title: Breaker Morant vs. Steve Corino vs. Glen Osbourne vs. Tony Stetson 

8. TJ Cannon & Bruce Maxwell (The Best Around) vs. Matt & Nick Logan

Now on sale brand new now on DVD

NCW 11-29-09

1. Andrew Bates vs. Billy Fire Horse

2. The Masked Medic & Jonathen Lovestruck vs. Smasher Lablanc & Crusher Control

3. Vince Bono vs. George Anthony

4. Shatter & Mega Destoryer vs. Sweet Daddy Falcone & Tito Santana

5. JC Wrestler & Arbo vs. Ruckus & Ray Alexander

6. Sal Sincere & The Dark Patriot vs. Marshall Law & Love Bug w/ The Iron Sheik

7. Nick Berk, Dino Devine & Cotton the Bad Butcher vs. Fat Paulie, Hungarian Barbarian & Darren Wyse

8. Lumberjack Match: Greg Matthews vs. King Kaluha

Coming Soon 

Face Off with Tommy Dreamer and Raven  "The Matches"

Face Off with Honky Tonk Man and Missy Hyatt

Round Table with Missy Hyatt, Chris Kanyon and Iron Sheik

Shoot Interview with Savio Vega

Shoot Interview with Jody Hamilton The Assasin

Shoot Interview with Tony Atlas

What is RF VIDEO doing with Kevin Nash next!!!!  Find out next week!!!

We got one of the best shoot interviews in years from Savio Vega on Friday night.  This guy has some of the best behind the scene stories of all time from WWE and especially the Puerto Rico wrestling scene.  The highlight of the shoot interview was his take on the entire Bruiser Brody murder.  Savio was the only guy who took the stand and he gives his amazing recount of the entire incident including shocking new details on his meeting the day of the trial with Jose Gonzalez in the bathroom of the court house and what was said….Savio goes into great details on what it was like to hire Jose years later for the IWA promotion and what happened in secret meetings at Victor Quionnes home.  The stories are non stop during this interview.  

We talk all about his start working for Carlos and what it was like to work with all of the legends like Stan Hansen, Abby, Chicky Starr, Rip Rogers, and everyone else who worked for WWC during the 80's.  You will hear first hand how he got his start in the WWE and what happened behind the scenes with him and Scott Hall.  This eventually lead to a near parking lot brawl at a strip club as Savio talks on who was watching his back from a limo across the parking lot.  This story is nuts and has to be heard to be believed. 

We talk all about his run in the WWE and we made sure to talk all about his major program and angles with all of the top stars like Bret Hart, Steve Austin, JBL and so many countless others.  What happened backstage the night that ECW invaded during his match and who almost ran into the ring to shoot on the ECW stars?  

The interview really gets intense when Savio addresses why he was let go from TNA.  He talks all about getting fired for all of the wrong reasons and you will be shocked when you hear why he thinks he was let go.  This has never been talked about before and Savio makes some shocking statements during this part of our interview.

Savio has been around the business for over 3 decades and has worked with everyone under the sun.  If you love hearing tons of backstage scoops and major stories on all of the top workers from his day this is one interview you can't miss.  The highlight of the shoot is the entire Brody murder and what really went down in the locker room that night and all of the fallout that happened on the island for years to come.  This is a 5 star shoot interview!!! 

How did you get into the business

Howd you get started

Was the training more difficult than you thought

Memories of your first match

What was the hardest thing about breaking into the business back then

How long were you kayfabed for

Did any vets mentor you early on

Did any vets test you

Were you planning on going back to the WWF or staying in Puerto Rico throughout your career

Howd you come up with the TNT gimmick

Did you like it

How quickly did you pick up things in the ring

Memories of matches with Abdullah the Butcher

Memories of matches with Carlos Colon

Thoughts on Carlos from back then

Was he a fair promoter

Thoughts on the Bruiser Brody murder

Memories of matches with Mr. Pogo

How did you wind up in the WWE as Kwang

Thoughts on the character

Initial memories of Vince McMahon

How were you treated early on by the locker room

Memories of your first Royal Rumble

Memories of the Clique

Memories of Harvey Whippleman

Were you there during Vince’s trial?

Why was Kwang dropped

Who came up with the Savio character

Memories of teaming up with Razor Ramon

Thoughts on Scott Hall

Memories of matches with Jeff Jarrett and the Roadie

Memories of your King of the Ring 95 run

Memories of the match in Canada between Mabel and Diesel which had problems

Thoughts on Kevin Nash

Thoughts on Shawn Michaels during this time

Memories of matches with Waylon Mercy

Memories of Owen Hart and Owen ribs

How different was it around without Bret and Shawn being on top

Memories of your feud with Steve Austin

Did you think Steve would take off

What do you remember about being in the ring with him

At what point did you think that was something was about to break with him

Do you think your matches with Steve were important to his success

Memories of the ECW angle

Memories of matches with Bob Backlund

Thoughts on Triple H as he was rising

What were your thoughts at the time about the ECW crew coming to RAW

Thoughts on the Farewell to the Clique curtain call

Were you surprised when Scott and Kevin left

At what point could you sense a turn around in business

How did Vince change as things started turning around

Memories of Sid Vicious

Memories of Ahmed Johnson

Memories of matches with Bradshaw

How did the Nation come about

Did you like the gimmick

Memories of a young Rock

Could you see something in Rock

How did Rock and Austin change with success

Do you think Beyond the Mat was good or bad for business

Memories of the Los Boricuas angle

Memories of matches with the DOA and Nation

Memories of the Brawl for All

Did you feel pressured to do it

Was it a dumb idea in hindsight

Did you think you could win

Were you surprised when Dan Severn pulled out and Shamrock didn’t enter

Memories of your match with Droz and Brakkus

Memories of Survivor Series 97

How did things change

How did the boys treat Shawn and Hunter

Did you think of Vince any different

Do you think it was a work

Were you surprised to see Bret back

Why do you think Super Astros wasn’t more successful

Thoughts and memories of Victor Quionnes

How did IWA start

Did you plan to WWE or did things just get too busy

Thoughts on the Undertaker

Favorite and least favorite matches in IWA

Do you think IWA could work in America or on PPV

Thoughts on Konnan

Thoughts on what happened to Tiger Ali Singh in Puerto Rico

You guys grew really fast and then had a decline, why do you think

How did Carlos react when you guys first opened

Can you talk about the big invasion angle in 2008

How did that change business

What exactly happened with you guys and Mario Savoldi

How did you wind up in TNA

Thoughts on Dixie Carter

Do you think Dutch got a raw deal there

Memories of working with the Knockouts

How badly did the recession in Puerto Rico hurt business

How come you left TNA

Thoughts on TNA today with Hogan and Bischoff

Have there ever been talks about using IWA as a developmental territory with the WWE

Thoughts on your recent angle with the Colons

Is it hard to trust Carlos

Are you on good terms today with the WWE

Thoughts on Mexican Lucha trying to break into America

How much longer do you plan on staying in the ring

Road Trip/Rib Stories

Fav guys you have ever worked with

Least favorite

A match you wish you had

Thoughts on the Chris Benoit tragedy

Thoughts on Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan wrestling today

Thoughts on UFC and comparisons to pro wrestling

Do you plan on writing a book




RF VIDEO released a ton of brand new DVD's to the site last Friday.  We have them all listed below….if your a fan of women's wrestling your going to want to check out all of these new releases!!!

Here are the latest new releases from RF VIDEO…


Fury Womens Wrestling Vol 1 NOW ON SALE!!!!

You have come across the hottest new promotion in womens wrestling today.  FURY womens wrestling offers beautiful and talented ladies from acorss the US.  These women can be as tough as the guys and still look good in the process.  Watch these female superstars get FURY-ous.


1. Roxie Cotton vs. Sumie Sakai (9/9/06)

2. Annie Social vs. Cha Cha vs. Missy Sampson (4/14/07)

3. Discord vs. Roxie Cotton (5/17/08)

4. Tara Murphy vs. Annie Social (12/7/06)

5. Monique vs. Gina Nicole (7/26/08)

6. Annie Social vs. Tara Murphy (11/23/06)

7. Annie Social vs. T.H.A.I. (5/26/07)

8. Discord vs. Kacee Carlise (9/20/08)

Fury Womens Wrestling Vol 2 NOW ON SALE!!!!

You have come across the hottest new promotion in womens wrestling today.  FURY womens wrestling offers beautiful and talented ladies from acorss the US.  These women can be as tough as the guys and still look good in the process.  Watch these female superstars get FURY-ous.


1. Roxie Cotton vs. Rebecca Payne (2/2/08)

2. Annie Social vs. Tara Murphy (2/10/07)

3. Rebecca Payne, Monique & Discord vs. Annie Social & Roxie Cotton (4/5/08)

4. Cha Cha vs. Annie Social (3/10/07)

5. Discord vs. Monique (6/28/08)

6. Annie Social vs. Discord (10/25/08)

7. Tara Murphy vs. Annie Social (8/25/07)

8. Rebecca Payne vs. Roxie Cotton vs. Discord (3/15/08)

Furys Womens Wrestling Vol 3 NOW ON SALE!!!!

You have come across the hottest new promotion in womens wrestling today.  FURY womens wrestling offers beautiful and talented ladies from acorss the US.  These women can be as tough as the guys and still look good in the process.  Watch these female superstars get FURY-ous.


1. Roxie Cotton vs. Monique vs. Missy Sampson (4/26/08)

2. Annie Social vs. Amy Lee (6/2/07)

3. Discord vs. Roxie Cotton (5/16/08)

4. Discord vs. Monique (8/2/08)

5. Rebecca Payne vs. Roxie Cotton (3/8/08)

6. Discord vs. Chrissy Johnson (5/31/08)

7. Poison vs. Roxie Cotton (6/23/07)

8. Gina Nicole vs. Monique (9/13/08)

ISPWMANIA 3-27-10 Freehold NJ   NOW ON SALE!!!!

1. The FBI (Nunzio & Tony Mamaluke) vs. The Logan Brothers

2. Doink The Clown vs. Dutch Mantel

3. Chase Del Monte vs. Samu

4. Big Vito vs. Danny Doring

5. Baby Hughie vs. Nicholas Nice (Street Fight)

6. Ace Darling vs. Rob Eckos

7. Rick Fuller vs. Hugh Morrus

8. Crowbar vs. Danny Inferno vs. Judas Young (Triple Threat Championship Match)

WSU 3rd Anniversary show 3-6-10

The Biggest Womens Wrestling Show Ever on DVD!  NOW ON SALE!!!!

Match Listings:

WSU World Title Match
One Year In The Making
Special Referee: Molly Holly
(c) Mercedes Martinez vs Rain

#1 Contenders Match To the WSU World Title
Amber O'Neal vs Jazz

April Hunter vs Traci Brooks

WSU Spirit Championship Match
(c) Alicia vs Brittney Savage w/Rick Cataldo

Three-Way Uncensored Match
WSU Tag Champion Angel Orsini vs Amy Lee vs Sumie Sakai

Submission Match
Jana vs Latasha

Dawn Marie Interview

Cindy Rogers vs Alere Little Feather

Alere Little Feather vs Rick Cataldo

The Boston Shore vs Tina San Antonio & Marti Belle

Angelina Love vs Sassy Stephanie This DVD features tons of backstage promos and exclusive commentary. Many fans are calling this the best womens wrestling show ever, and find out why today! This DVD is a special 2 disc release and features our best production yet.


WSU Hall of Fame 2010  NOW ON SALE!!!! 

On March 6th, 2010 at the WSU Three Year Anniversary show, WSU inducted three more people into our Womens Wrestling Hall of Fame. Joining the 2009 inaugural class of Missy Hyatt, Malia Hosaka & Sherri Martel were Dawn Marie (inducted by Alicia), Molly Holly (inducted by Angel Orsini) and Jazz (inducted by Mercedes Martinez.)

Find out why everyone is saying the WSU Hall of Fame ceremonies are one of the classiest presentations in pro wrestling today. This DVD is for true women wrestling fans. It was an honor to bring attention to Dawn Marie, Jazz & Molly Holly on 3/6 and you can be part of history with this special DVD. This DVD also includes several title matches. (Listed Below)


WSU Spirit Championship Match
2/13/10 from ACE
(c) Alicia vs Jana

WSU World Title Match
2/20 from NYWC
(c) Mercedes Martinez vs Sumie Sakai

Here is sneak preview of our newest Face Off Volume 10 DVD with Missy Hyatt and Honky Tonk Man!!!

RF VIDEO released 26 Best of CM Punk DVDs this weekend!!  They are broken up into 5 DVD sets!!!  You will see each set on our main page. Below in the listing to watch is on each DVD!!!  If your a huge CM Punk fan like I am your going to want to get your hands on his all time classic Indy matches!!!

Before the Straight Edge Society broke on WWE, CM Punk was spreading his Straight Edge life style in the wrestling rings of IWA Mid-South.  This special collection features the best of CM Punk!


Disc 1

CM Punk vs. Colt Cabana (8/5/00) 

CM Punk vs. Paul E. Smooth (9/8/00) 

CM Punk vs. Suicide Kid (9/9/00) 

CM Punk vs. Suicide Kid 

"Gold Bond Mafia" CM Punk, Colt Cabana & Paul E. Smooth vs "The Resistance" Chris Hero, Mark Wolf, & Todd Morton (1/6/01) 

CM Punk vs. Chris Hero (2/17/01) 

CM Punk & Colt Cabana vs. Ace Steel & Danny Dominion (3/3/01)

Disc 2


Colt Cabana vs. Tracy Smothers (Punk ringside, 3/10/01) 

CM Punk vs. Mean Mitch Page (3/10/01) 

CM Punk vs. Cash Flo (5/12/01) 

CM Punk & Mark Wolf vs. Chris Hero & BJ Whitmer (5/19/01) 

CM Punk vs. "Rugby Thug" Trent Baker (5/26/01)

Disc 3


CM Punk vs. Shadow Kid (2/10/01) 

CM Punk vs. Tracey Smothers (4/14/01) 

CM Punk vs. Paul E Smooth vs Mark Wolf (6/9/01) 

CM Punk vs. Richard X (6/23/01) 

Colt Cabana vs. Trent Baker (Punk ringside, 6/23/01) 

CM Punk & Chris Hero vs Suicide Kid & Tarek The Great (6/23/01)

Disc 4


CM Punk, BJ Whitmer & Chris Hero vs. Suicide Kid, Colt Cabana & Tarek the Great (7/7/01) 

CM Punk vs. Tarek The Great (7/14/01) 

CM Punk, Chris Hero, Ace Steel & Danny Dominion vs. Cold Scorpio, Ian Rotten, Colt Cabana & Suicide Kid (8/11/01)

Disc 5


CM Punk vs. Colt Cabana (9/1/01) 

CM Punk vs. Dino Bambino (9/7/10) 

CM Punk vs. Sabu vs. Tracy Smothers (9/8/01) 

CM Punk vs. Chris Hero (9/15/01) 

CM Punk vs. Rugby Thug Trent Baker (9/15/01)


Disc 6

CM Punk vs. Chris Hero (10/6/01) 

CM Punk vs. Michael Shane (10/20/01) 

CM Punk vs. Tarek the Great (11/3/01) 

CM Punk vs. Colt Cabana (11/22/01) 

CM Punk vs. Chris Hero (12/5/01)

Disc 7


CM Punk vs. Chris Hero vs. Colt Cabana (12/8/01) 

CM Punk vs. Cash Flo (12/22/01) 

CM Punk vs. Ace Steel (Joined In Progress, 12/25/01) 

CM Punk vs. Road Dogg (1/4/02) 

CM Punk vs. Ace Steel (1/5/02)

Disc 8


CM Punk vs. Chris Hero (Shot Very Poorly, 1/11/02) 

CM Punk & Bull Pain vs. Mean & Hard (2/1/01) 

Gauntlet Match: CM Punk vs. Colt Cabana & Ace Steel & Chris Hero (2/8/02)

Disc 9


CM Punk vs. Chris Hero (2/9/02) 

CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio Jr vs. Eddy Guerrero (3/1/02) 

CM Punk vs. Eddy Guerrero (3/2/02) 

CM Punk vs. Colt Cabana (3/8/02)

Disc 10


CM Punk vs. Colt Cabana vs. Mike Quackenbush (4/5/02) 

CM Punk vs. Colt Cabana vs. Eddy Guerrero (4/19/092) 

CM Punk vs. Colt Cabana vs. Chris Hero (5/3/02) 

CM Punk vs. Colt Cabana (5/4/02) 

CM Punk vs. Ace Steel (5/10/02)


Disc 11

CM Punk vs. Matt Murphy vs. Ace Steel (5/18/02) 

CM Punk vs. Nate Webb (10/4/02) 

CM Punk vs. BJ Whitmer vs. Chris Hero (10/4/02) 

CM Punk vs. Jerry Lynn (10/5/02) 

CM Punk vs. Adam Gooch vs. Tarek The Great (10/26/02) 

Gauntlet Match CM Punk vs. M-Dogg 20 & Danny Daniels & Ian Rotten (10/26/02)

Disc 12


CM Punk vs. M-Dogg 20 (11/1/02) 

CM Punk vs. Christopher Daniels (11/2/02) 

CM Punk vs. Chris Hero (11/2/02) 

CM Punk vs. BJ Whitmer (11/2/02)

Disc 13


CM Punk vs. Matt Stryker (11/28/02) 

CM Punk vs. Matt Stryker vs. BJ Whitmer (11/30/02) 

CM Punk vs. BJ Whitmer (12/14/02)

Disc 14


CM Punk vs. Chris Hero (12/21/02) 

CM Punk vs. Brad Bradley (1/17/03) 

CM Punk vs. Vic Capri vs Ace Steel (1/24/03)

Disc 15


CM Punk vs. Chris Hero (2/7/03) 

CM Punk vs. JC Bailey (2/15/03)


Disc 16

CM Punk vs. Jimmy Rave (2/21/03) 

CM Punk vs. Johnny Storm (3/7/03) 

CM Punk & Ace Steel vs. Chris Hero & BJ Whitmer (3/21/03)

Disc 17


CM Punk vs. BJ Whitmer (4/11/03) 

CM Punk vs. Jimmy Jacobs (5/4/03) 

CM Punk vs. Chris Hamrick (5/24/03) 

CM Punk vs. Tarek The Great (6/27/03) 

CM Punk vs. Stan Dupp (Tevor Murdoch) (6/27/03) 

CM Punk vs. BJ Whitmer (6/27/03)

Disc 18


CM Punk & Colt Cabana vs. Nigel McGuinness & Chad Collyer (5/29/04) 

CM Punk & Colt Cabana vs. The Havana Pitbulls (5/29/04) 

CM Punk & Colt Cabana vs. Tracy Smothers & Chris Hamrick (5/29/04) 

CM Punk, Samoa Joe & BJ Whitmer vs. B-Boy, Chris Hero & Homicide (5/30/04)

Disc 19


CM Punk vs. Chris Hero (6/11/04) 

CM Punk vs. Ray Gordy (6/25/04) 

CM Punk vs. Matt Sydal (7/31/04)

Disc 20


CM Punk vs. B-Boy (8/21/04) 

CM Punk vs. Petey Williams (9/15/04) 

CM Punk vs. Claudio Castagnoli (9/16/04) 

TPI Competitors Introduced (9/17/04) 

CM Punk vs. Austin Aries (9/17/04)


Disc 21

CM Punk vs. American Dragon (9/18/04) 

CM Punk vs. Super Dragon (10/20/04) 

CM Punk vs. Alex Shelley (10/21/04) 

CM Punk, Ace Steel, Danny Daniels & Matt Sydal vs. Chris Candido, Claudio Castagnoli, Nigel McGuinness & Steve Stone (10/22/04) 

CM Punk vs. AJ Styles (10/23/04)

Disc 22


CM Punk vs. Jimmy Jacobs (11/19/04) 

CM Punk vs. Brandon Thomaselli (11/20/04) 

CM Punk vs. Chris Hero (11/26/04) 

CM Punk vs. Nigel McGuinness (12/18/04)

Disc 23


CM Punk vs. Danny Daniels (2/4/05) 

CM Punk vs. Jimmy Jacobs (4/8/05) 

CM Punk vs. Delirious (4/9/05)



CM Punk vs. Justice Pain (9/14/02)

Disc 24


Punk Promo (5/6/05) 

CM Punk vs. Delirious (5/6/05) 

CM Punk vs. Homicide (6/11/05) 

CM Punk vs. Jerry Lynn (6/17/05)



CM Punk vs. Greg Spitz (2/6/04) 

CM Punk vs. Rapid Fire Maldonado (2/7/04) 

CM Punk vs. Homicide (2/8/04)

Disc 25


CM Punk vs. Matt Sydal (7/1/05) 

CM Punk vs. Delirious (7/2/05)



CM Punk vs. John Walters (2003) 

CM Punk vs. Jason Cross (2003) 

CM Punk & Colt Cabana vs. Scoot Andrews & Agent Steele

Disc 26


Career Retrospective

GCW- Greatness is Born 5/15/10 Levittown, PA Now on sale!!!

1. Rob Eckos vs. Damian Adams

2. Ryan McBride vs. Adam Cole

3. Joe Gacy vs. Chicken Alberto

4. Southern Justice vs. The Patriot with Angelina Love

5. Amy Lee vs. Alere Little Feather

6. Sonjay Dutt with SoCal Val vs. Chris Harris

7. Ryan Slater vs. DJ Hyde

8. Salvatore Sincere vs. Gene Snitsky

a special appearance by former WWE Diva Maria Kannelis

Here is a list of our other hot selling DVDs!!!

Diva Diaries with Maria Kanellis: From the dingy interview girl on WWE's RAW to NBC's Celebrity Apprentice, Maria Kanellis sits on the couch with you to fill you in on what she's really like...

You'll be surprised to find out how unlike her WWE character she really is and why she did so well on Celebrity Apprentice. Singer, songwriter, designer, Maria is so talented the WWE couldn't hold her back anymore. Now's she's blazing her own path in Hollywood and giving you the real stories, the real dirt, and everything in between from her Diva Diaries!

Creative Has Nothing For You Jimmy Yang: The words that ring loud and clear... "Creative has nothing for you." A phrase that means you are about to be fired from your current job as a professional wrestler. It's also a new series with an all new twist.

Our first release in this series is with Jimmy Yang.

In part one of Creative Has Nothing For You Jimmy Yang, Jimmy tells his unusual story on how putting up Diamond Dallas Pages Christmas lights one year as a teenager earned him a job with WCW. Jimmy also discusses the first time he was fired from a wrestling company and his short time at the Power Plant.

Part 2 of Creative Has Nothing For You Jimmy Yang, covers Jimmys time in WCW as one third of the Jung Dragons. Jimmy also talks about the feud he had with 3 Count in and out of the ring. Including the story on why he got in a shoot fight with one of the members of 3 Count live on PPV. Also, Jimmy talks about that final night of WCW and his reassignment to Heartland Wrestling.

In Part 3 of Creative Has Nothing For You Jimmy Yang we ask Jimmy about his time work with All Japan Wrestling. Part 2 Jimmy talked about the final show of WCW but in part 3 he talks about being the first match ever for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. Also, Jimmy explains why we left All Japan for his second run with WWE as Tajiris bodyguard. A run with WWE that would lead to unnoticed hard work and too easily forgotten matches with Paul London that were highly regarded by the fans and the boys. Jimmy talks about the frustration he felt and the lack of passion he had for wrestling and after listening to Jimmy you can understand why.

In the final part of Creative Has Nothing For You Jimmy Yang, you will hear the unbelievable story on how Jimmy Yang got his job back with the WWE for a third time. Jimmy also talks about the creepy meeting he had with Vince McMahon when he came up with the Jimmy Wang Yang character. Also, Jimmy talks about his heat-seeking former valet, Amy Zidian and why she had such a short run.

Ringside with Terry Funk: Brisco, Race, Lawler, Hogan, Abby, Road Warriors, Flair. Join new host Bill Apter as he sits down at the Ringside table with legend Terry Funk! Terry will view his most legendary matches from the 70's and 80's, his "classic" era. Terry will take you inside the ring with some of the greats of the sport, but also the different territories and countries in which he did battle. You'll win the NWA title, and lose with Terry. You'll travel with him to Florida, Memphis, WWE, Puerto Rico, Japan, and more.

The venerable Bill Apter takes the host seat and guides this journey through the glory days of the sport with one of the all time greats...The Funker!

YouShoot with Maria Kanellis: So you thought you would make her blush?! Ha! Maria Kanellis sits down with us for another edition of Kayfabe Commentaries' series that changed the wrestling DVD industry... and she opens up abouve the Divas, The Celebrity Apprentice, the WWE office and so much more! All this on the one, the only ... YouShoot!

Some topics discussed: Johnny Ace & the Divas; Real or Fake; John Cena; Finlay's training; Wrestlemania; Donald Trumps hair; The Ho-Bag; straight-edge; perverts.

Shoot with Ricky Morton & Manny Fernandez: They have been friends for more than 30 years, now for the first time on DVD Ricky Morton & The Ragin' Bull Manny Fernandez are ready to TELL ALL! We at Title Match Wrestling could only sit in awe while these 2 legends went off on everything...and we mean everything! Everyone gets shot on -- Kevin Nash, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes...even the newer generation, especially TNA! From the current state of wrestling and horrible booking to outrageous road stories from the 80s, it's all covered right here on this dvd!

WSU King & Queen of The Ring Tournament 4/3/10:
1. Alicia & Devon Moore vs Danny Demanto & Marti Belle
2. Kevin Matthews & Nikki Roxx vs JD Smoothie & Angel Orsini
3. Bison Bravado & Amber O'Neal vs Balls Mahoney & Jazz
4. Jana & Nicky Oceans vs Niya & Joey Janella
5. Alicia & Devon Moore vs Jana & Nicky Oceans
6. Kevin Matthews & Nikki Roxx vs Balls Mahoney & Jazz
7. Alicia & Devon Moore vs Kevin Matthews & Nikki Roxx
8. (c) Mercedes Martinez vs Melissa Coates
9. (c) Brittney Savage vs Tina San Antonio

WSU Women's J-Cup Tournament 4/2/10:
1. Alicia vs Tina San Antonio
2. Brittney Savage vs Marti Belle
3. Jazz vs Jana
4. Nikki Roxx vs Angel Orsini
5. Alicia vs Brittney Savage
6. Angel Orsini vs Nikki Roxx
7. Angel Orsini vs Alicia
8. (c) Mercedes Martinez vs The Undefeated Amber O'Neal

 RF Video along with George's Cards & Collectibles & PMA Promotions are proud to announce a special appearance by

former WWE, ECW and current TNA World Heavyweight Champion Rob Van Dam on  Saturday September 25, 2010!



Get the opportunitiy to meet Rob Van Dam live and in person at SIGNAMANIA VI located (610 Wistar Road, Fairless Hills PA 19030).  For more information on the convention visit


Rob Van Dam will be a platinum guest signing on September 25th.  Pricing will be as follows:


Combo Ticket (One Autograph + One Photo Op) $75

Additional Autographs $25

*Note: A combo ticket must be purchased in order to meet Rob Van Dam.

You can now pre-order your chance to meet Rob Van Dam now by sending money through PayPal to the address We look forward to seeing everyone on September 25th

RF VIDEO just released our most anticipated DVD of all time ….Face Off Vol. 9- The Extreme Rivalry

In the world of professional wrestling there has always been feuds that will be remembered forever ilke the Buzz Sawyer/Tommy Rich feud.  We had the Von Erichs/Freebirds feud in the 80's.  Hogan and Piper battled all over the country during the 80's and 90's but one of the biggest feuds ever during the 90's was with two of the most extreme athletes of all time from the land of barbed wire, Tommy Dreamer and Raven.  This was by far one of wrestling biggest and longest running feuds of all time.  These men made history for over a decade battling each other on many different continents. Now for the first time RF VIDEO was able to get these two to Face Off with each other and talk about their historic program.  What made it work and stand out and how did they get it to last so long.  All of these questions get answered during Face Off Volume 9 The Extreme Rivalry!!!!


-Who suggested the program? Memories of first conversations about it. Were there lots of late night calls or did it just come together quickly at shows? Tell us how it all came together?

-Did either of you have to be sold by Heyman on the program?

-Was it planned to go as long as it did when Raven first came to ECW?

-When did you realize there was chemistry between you two?

-Was the chemistry immediately there?

-What was the moment or angle or match where you two and heyman knew they were onto something? Do you think the fans got it when you did or did it take more time with them?

-Where there any original ideas at the very start of the program that were dropped?

-When was it decided that Dreamer would never beat Raven until the end. The first match between you two was on a house show in Jim Thorpe. Paul Heyman called for a DQ finish, but Raven said it was just a house show so he changed it to Dreamer pinning him. Did this screw things up at all? Was there any heat?

-Where did the whole summer camp backstory come from? Explain how the history between you two was developed.

-How much of the ideas came from Heyman, how much from Scotty and how much from Tommy? Did anyone else contribute to the ideas?

-Tommy, since Raven was the veteran back then how much of a lead did he take and when did you two start approaching things on even ground?

-Tommy, what are some of the major lessons you learned from Raven?

-Scotty, what did you think of Tommy when you first saw him? What kind of star potential did you think he had?

-Scotty, what were the biggest improvements that Tommy made during the feud and how did he change?

-Tommy, how did Scotty change during the feud?

-Was there ever a time you two had trouble working with each other outside the ring, like things got heated about certain ideas or the direction of the program?

-Did you guys ever have trouble working together in the ring like it got too stiff or you two did anything else to piss each other off?

-Describe why you needed so many other characters involved and what they added to the program?

-Now getting to individuals what did you think of the involvement of other wrestlers in the program like Sandman, Bruise Brothers, Brian Lee, Pit Bulls, Stevie Richards, Blue Meanie, Cactus Jack, Dudleys, Terry Funk, any others.

-Scotty, what did you think of Tommy taking all the insane bumps especially from Brian Lee chokeslams? Tommy, looking back do you regret those bumps? Do you think they added or took away from the program?

-How about the women in the feud. Who were the best and worst to work with- Beulah, Peaches, Francine, Kimona, Chastity, Luna Vachon, etc.

-What was the defining moments of the feud to you- things you will always remember?

-Memories of Generation X gauntlet match with Dreamer bleeding all over the place? Do you think all that blood was needed?

-Memories of the nightclub brawl with lots of potato shots? What did the nightclub owners think? (I believe this was in FL)

-Memories of chairshot heard round the world?

-Did Raven going to rehab screw up any plans?

-Were there any angles that you thought would be more effective and make more of an impact and didnt? Also, any that you thought were just minor angles but really caught on and really made the feud?

-What would you both do differently in the feud?

-Explain the difficulties in keeping it going so long?

-Did you two ever get bored working each other?

-Were there any promos or vignettes either of you did for the feud that the other hated?

-Any really bad backstage arguments over direction that you can remember?

-Was there ever a time when either of you or Paul wanted to end it?

-What did you both think of the final match? Were you both happy with how it went?

-Describe putting together that final match, especially the finishing sequence?

-Are there any angles or matches that weren't done in the feud that you wanted to do and still regret weren't done?

-Was there ever anyone that was almost involved in the feud and wasn't and you wish was?

-If Raven didn't go to WCW would the feud have continued and how would you have kept it fresh?

-Was it difficult keeping Dreamer strong and not making him a loser despite never winning until the end?

-Any house show matches that stick out to you as being especially good or bad?

-What are your favorite and least favorite matches of the whole program and why?

-Looking back now, what are your thoughts about Raven returning and teaming with Dreamer to win the tag titles? Do you think that was a good move or you two should have jumped right back into the feud against each other?

-Was the magic gone when Raven returned?

-Do you think Impact Players and Steve Corino's group were strong enough heels or over enough for you guys?

-Were there any plans to run with it in WWE after ECW went out of business?

-What are your thoughts about you two working with each other now on indy shows?

-What is the legacy of this feud?

Check out what matches we have in store for you on our first edition of Ringside Rumbles!!!

Ringside Rumbles Vol 1

The Best Matches you NEVER saw!!!!

hosted by

Bill Apter and Eric Gargilulo

  1. Sabu & Raven vs. Tommy Dreamer & The Sandman TNT Pro Wrestling 4/29/06 Staunton, VA
  2. Rick & Scott Steiner (Steiner Brothers) vs. Road Dogg & Billy Gunn (The Outlaws) in a Steel Cage Match TNT Pro Wrestling 4/29/06 Staunton, VA
  3. Low Ki, Spanky, & Homicide vs. Los Maximos & CM Punk  RARE NEVER SEEN BEFORE MATCH
  4. Masato Tanaka vs. CM Punk (World-1 Title Match)   RARE NEVER SEEN BEFORE MATCH
  5. Candido vs Matt Striker  Chris last match ever before he passed away…a true classic!!!
  6. Teddy Hart vs Homicide JAPW
  7. Red vs. A.J. Styles (Semi-Finals) super 8 2002
  8. Sumie Sakai vs. Daizee Haze  Pro Wrestling Elite- Raising the Stakes 3/24/06

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