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Today is Monday Nob 8th and this will be a big week for RF VIDEO and new releases!!  Keep checking the site everyday because you never know what might pop up as a new release. 

Did you watch your copy of our Kevin Nash/Xpac shoot?  We want you to review the DVD so we can post your reviews right here on the site. Email us your thoughts on this amazing shoot interview to us at

RF VIDEO will have a brand new shoot interview on sale with Alicia one of indy wrestlings brightest female stars!!!  She is best known for her work in WSU and JAPW.  RF VIDEO did not conduct this interview but we were told from all accounts she has a lot to say and has a great look at todays women's wrestling world. 

Over the past weekend RF VIDEO was able to attend the Exxxotica adult convention where we had a chance to meet some of the hottest girls in town.  I got the chance to meet Jesse Jane who is probably by far the hottest girl in the business.  We are talking with several of the stars about maybe conducting some shoot interviews in the near future as well. Our good friend Jasmine St Claire was also in the house.  The highlight was a tie between meeting Little Lupe and Jesse Jane by far. 

There was also a lot of other celebs there that always frequent the Howard Stern show as well so it was a blast. 

We also want to thank the promoters of the event for hooking us up with VIP tickets for the entire weekend and we can't say enough good things about the event.   

RF VIDEO has a 20% off sale going on right now!!!

The holiday season is almost upon us and RF VIDEO is going to give you a million reasons why you should only shop at this holiday season.  We are going to have the best deals going on the internet heading into 2011!!!  Keeping checking out to find out what we have in store for you!!!

RF VIDEO has decided to start to ship the Kevin Nash/Xpac Face Off Vol 12 DVD Tomorrow!!!!!  If you order the DVD tonight or tomorrow it will be placed in the mail with in 24 hours!!!!  Order your copy now and we can ship it immediately .  The wait is over for our biggest shoot interview of the decade!!!!  

RF VIDEO Coming soon section:

**In the Ring with Carlito

**Super 8 tournament 2010

**Shoot Interview with Tony Atlas

We also have a ton of new indy shows that we have filmed over the last few months that we will be releasing in the near future.

RF VIDEO has a few more mystery shoot interviews lined up before the year is up.  Make sure you check out to find out who will be taking the hot seat next!!!

Rhino has sent word to us last week that he is now taking bookings.  If you want to book Rhino contact me on my Facebook page at Rob Feinstein.

Speaking of my Facebook page, you can see all of my latest mark out moment pics with some players from the Phillies and the Flyers from last week along with a ton of cool pics from the latest Chiller convention that we were apart of.  We want to thank everyone over at the Chiller Theater who took care of us.  It was great to meet the Karate Kid Ralph Machio along with some of my other favorite movie personalities from the past. 

RF VIDEO will be bringing the RFVIDEO shoot interview title to all of our up coming indy shows so you can get to see first hand this amazing title.  We will be selling copies of the belt as many of you have already inquired about it.  We will have information on this title in the near future and we hope to have it up for sale for you for the holidays!!!

Over the last year or so we have had so many amazing signings and we have tons of signed autographs from so many of the guys still left over.  We are going to put together some grab bags for the holidays up for sale soon!!

RF VIDEO will have on sale the ECWA Super 8 Tournament from 2010 on sale very soon!!!

July 10 in Newark, Delaware

  • Quarter-Final Match #1: U–Gene defeated Scott Wright
  • Quarter-Final Match #2: Chris Wylde defeated Alex Reynolds
  • Quarter-Final Match #3: Tommaso Ciampa defeated Chase del Monte†
  • Quarter-Final Match #4: Austin Creed defeated Brian Milonas
  • Semi-Final Match #1: Tommaso Ciampa defeated Chris Wylde
  • Semi-Final Match #2: Austin Creed defeated U–Gene
  • Tournament Final: Austin Creed defeated Tommaso Ciampa

† Del Monte replaced Barry Rute, who was injured.

RF VIDEO sat down with Mr USA Tony Atlas last weekend for his first ever RF VIDEO shoot interview and it was another home run.  We talked about everything under the sun that had to do with his amazing career.  I will have a huge write up about this interview later in the week.  The highlights of the shoot interview included Tony talking about what he saw in the Puerto Rico locker room when Bruiser Brody was murdered.  Tony was one of the only witnesses who came forward and you will hear in gruesome details what he saw go down in the locker room shower with Bruiser Brody and Jose Gonzalez.  We now have shoots with almost everyone who was involved in this story and Tony completed the missing gap with his details.  

Tony also talks about his drug use and his well known foot fetish which cost him his job in the WWF during the 80's.  Wait until you hear how Tony missed a date and instead took a plane to CA to satisfy his fetish.  Tony talks in great details about his love for womens feet.  One of the saddest stories is when Tony talks about living life in a park during the winter and having a near death experience.  He was almost frozen to death on a park bench until a women came to his rescue with a ice pick and chipped away of him because he was a block of human ice.  

You will hear the heat between him and Rocky Johnson and what happened when Paul Orndorff got into a shoot fight with him on the side of the road and bite his ear off.  Tony has stories on all of the top names in WWF during the 80's and he talks in great details about his run in NWA and Georgia Championship Wrestling.  One of the best parts of the interview is when Tony talks about the top lessons he has learned about the wrestling business and how in wrestling you really have no friends what so ever because it is cut throat.  

This is going to be one shoot interview you do not want to miss!!!

Now on sale!!!!!  What will go down as the most talked about shoot interview of our generation, Face Off Volume 12 Nash and Waltman "Friends 4 Life" is yours for the taking!!!!  Order your copy today and receive a free Kevin Nash 8X10!!!!  We also have limited supply of special collectors edition autographed copies signed by both Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman!!!

Well the night is finally here, we are ready to unleash the most anticipated shoot interview in the history of RF VIDEO.   Face Off Volume 12  Nash and Waltman "Friends 4 Life"!!!!  I can't sit here any even try to begin how to explain how open this interview is.  I swear to you that you would have thought I was part of their clique in how open they were with us.  This interview is our best interview of all time and I don' t know who will come along and give us a stronger shoot than these two guys.  

This interview will make shoot interview history and I can assure you will be the most talked about shoot we have ever conducted!!!!

Over the years RF VIDEO has done hundreds of shoot style interviews with everyone in the business.  Well on 9-11-10 we raised the bar as we conducted the most emotional and what will go down as the most controversial interview of all time in the history  of the business.  Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman gave RF VIDEO the greatest interview of all time and that is a shoot!  In the past we have hyped up our interviews but this interview was unlike anything we have ever shot before.  I really don't know where to even begin at but the mood for this interview was intense.  

We have captured some emotional moments before on video but last nights will over ride anything we have ever shot.   You will see another side of Kevin and Sean as they discuss in great detail what happened when Sean tried to take his own life in Mexico.  Both men break down and you can feel the bond between them as Kevin and Sean go into great detail of what happened on that horrific weekend.  The tears are flowing in the room even by Ryan Shamrock who made a very special appearance on the shoot.  Kevin and Sean both broke down as they recounted in great detail on how Kevin saved Seans life.  This story in itself makes the entire DVD on its own but there was so much other information that is going to really wake up the wrestling world when it comes to drugs and all of the recent deaths as we really talked harsh about the recent events of people passing away.  Kevin and Sean speak out for the first time ever and give their most humble and honest opinions on all of these matters especially when it comes to blaming anyone in the business for these passings.   

Both men share some of the most inside stories when it comes to doing drugs in the business.  I was shocked to hear some of them as I never thought they would be this honest but RF VIDEO was able to get them to open up so we could really educate the fans and other wresters on these matters.  You will hear from Kevin how at times he is even surprised that they are even alive themselves.  They take you inside the antics of the clique and how they used to party.  We discuss Scott Hall as well and how he is doing these days. You will never get a chance to ever hear these stories anywhere else. 

We talked all about the current events in the wrestling business today especially what really went down when he posted his latest rant against TNA on his twitter account.  Kevin and Sean talk all about the backstage politics of TNA.  What do they think needs to be done to get the company on the right track?  What do they think of the Hulkster and Bischoff connection in TNA. His most recent comments on RVD and Jeff Hardy.  Do they like working for Dixie Carter?  Who in TNA has the it factor?  They were just a few of the topics that we talked about when it came to TNA.  Trust me when I say this, you have never ever seen a interview like this one. 

What happened backstage with the Rock and Kevin Nash when Kevin returned to the WWE.  This story was awesome in itself.  Kevin gave his brutal comments on ECW and what he thinks of Paul Heyman.    What do both men think of Bret Hart being back in the WWE and what did they think about his angle with HBK.  What do they think about the NXT angle and the current headliners in the WWE?  Was Vince working all the boys after Bret Hart punched him?  Was there real heat with Savio Vega and the Undertakers clique?  Should Ric Flair still be in the ring today and what happened in WCW behind the scenes with Flair and Nash and Piper. 

There are tons of backstage stories on WWE, WCW and TNA as well.  The stories are non stop from the moment we started to film until the climax.  We promise you that this DVD will have you talking to all of your friends about it.  We expect this interview to get talked about for years to come.

I can sit here and list all of the topics but to be honest there is no need to.  The stories that you get during this interview were really amazing.  If you love hearing about behind the scenes stuff that you know you would never have the chance to hear about then this DVD will be a must.  

This DVD really needs no more hype….as this was our greatest work of all time and our special sneak previews will show you just how special it was for us to be apart of….

Here are a few topics that we touched on too:

Read anything good on Twitter lately

So what inspired you twitter post

Did you technically quit on Twitter or had you and TNA already agreed to part ways

Why do you think you were accused of going into business for yourself in September

How do you guys feel about Twitter

Why do you guys think that ratings and ppv numbers have gone down since Hogan and Bischoff got involved with TNA

Which young guys in the WWE do you think can be superstars either now or down the line

Why do you think ppv is declining overall for pro wrestling

Thoughts on Vince Russo

Dixie gets criticized a lot on the Internet, do you think that some people are too hard or is it well deserved

Does she get it

Who do you think is stealing her money in TNA

You guys were both critical of Ric Flair in WCW, he is still wrestling well in his 50s. What are your thoughts on Ric now?

Could an NWO like angle work today

Thoughts on when people compared the Nexus angle to the NWO

Thoughts on the recent news of a startup company in Florida

What do you think is missing from wrestling today

The NWO were “cool” and appealed to teenagers. Do you think anything in wrestling appeals to teenagers today?

How is Scott Hall doing?

Thoughts on Bret Hart coming back to the WWE

Thoughts on Bret and Shawn patching things up in the ring

Do you think Shawn will ever come back

Kevin, what is missing from today’s big men in wrestling that doesn’t make them stand out like you did.

What do you guys think about all of the ECW revivals

Thoughts on all of the rumors about Paul Heyman coming to TNA

Do you think he could turn it around

Paul said in an interview that anyone over 40 would be in trouble if he came to TNA. Thoughts?

Is there anyone in particular you guys like to watch today?

Thoughts on Linda’s campaign and all of the bad press she is getting for wrestler deaths

Thoughts on all of the wrestler deaths

Which ones hit you guys the hardest

Do you believe the rumors about Randy Savage and Stephanie McMahon

Have either of you guys ever been in a shoot in the middle of a match

What would you guys do if you were booking TNA

What would you guys do if you were booking WWE

TWho is the biggest mark for him or herself in wrestling


Randy Orton

Kofi Kingston

JThoughts on Jim Cornette threatening Vince Russo and how that went down

Should there be drug testing in wrestling

RF VIDEO will be conducting a brand new shoot interview in a few hours with Tony Atlas!!

Also now on sale is 

TWA 9-18-10 

1. Aden Chambers & Dustin Tarr vs. The Logan Brothers

2. The Sensei vs. Larry Winters

3. The Best Around vs. The Blue Meanie & Kid America

4. Shockwave the Robot vs. CUJO The Hellhound

5. Tony Stetson vs. Glen Osbourne

6. Breaker Morant vs. Nicky Benz


ECWA 9-18-10

New Era Begins

1. Blue Meanie & Kid America vs. Nicky Benz & Mr. Ooh La La

2. Jason Leigh with Larry Winters vs. Corey Blaze

3. Chris Wylde vs. Travis Blake

4. Shockwave the Robot vs. Mr. Scott Wright

5. CUJO The Hellhound vs. Courageous Cruz

6. Aden Chambers vs. Chase Del Monte

7. Nick Logan vs. Bazooka Joe

8. The Heavyweights vs. The Logan Brothers

9. Andrew Ryker vs. MEGA


Carlito Wrestling Seminar October 11, 2010 After a victorious evening in a 8 man tag Carlito Colon mad his way to the GILLBERG school of pro wrestling for a special training seminar to help further GILLBERG's first training class to fa fillment of their dreams ! IN this exclusive new DVD brought to you by RF VIDEO you will get another inside look into what WWE is looking for when they hire their wrestlers. 

In our latest edition of Inside the Ring with Carlito you will get one great lesson after another.  The DVD starts off with Carlito having the students introduce themselves and then they all must tell the class what their goals are in this business. Carlito also has each student cut a promo about themselves and you will see why he does that as well.  

If you loved our In the Ring with Al Snow DVD, this continues where that left off.  Carlito also has this class pair off with each other in the ring so he can watch each wrestler work a match.  After each match Carlito gives his expert opinion on what worked or should I say what didn't work so each wrestler can improve his craft.

The DVD is well over 3 hours long and if your looking to break into the business or you want a look on how to put a wrestling match together this new Inside the Ring with Carlito DVD will teach you the basics of putting together a match.

Carlito also tells you what the WWE is looking for and how to achieve your goals if you were given a break into the WWE!!!  If your a fan on our In the Ring series this DVD must be added to your collection today.  This DVD will be coming soon!!!!

RF VIDEO Grab Bags are now for sale…get 4 DVDs for $25!!!

This great offer from RF Video gives you a chance to get a batch of DVDs at a discount price.  When you purchase a grab bag you will receive 4 randomly selected dvds.  Grab bags can contain anything from shoot interviews, to indy wrestling events, ecw titles and more!  When ordering a grab bag you are guarenteed all different titles and no duplicates.  If you order more then 1 grab bag you WILL NOT receive any of the same titles.  Values of DVDs used in this offer will range from a list price of $9.95 to $24.95.  Please note that shipping charges will be based on the amount of 4 dvds per grab bag ordered.

RF VIDEO released a ton of DVDs to the site today check out this list below!!!!

NOW GET PARTS 3, 4, 5 OF SET #2!

ECW Hardcore TV 083-086: (Now Available on DVD!)

1. JT Smith & Steve Richards vs. Chad Austin & Hack Myers (chad invites everyone to the SMW show,great)

2. Jason vs. Two Cold Scorpio(jason wins TV title when Dean malenkos interference backfires, Ron Simmons helps)

3. Simmons interview

4. Shane Douglas vs. Jim Powers, the interview

5. Paul E. interview about Sabu & Taz vs. Malenkos match)

6. Sabu vs. Taz vs. malenko Brothers (Public Enemy come in and put Paul E. on a table and moonsault him)

7. Public Enemy interview, shows clips of them injuring Paul E. and Sabu

8. Dean Malenko vs. Scorpio (Dean wins TV title)

9. Austin talks about SMW being better until Douglas comes in and shuts him up, great

10. Cactus & Sullivan vs. Public Enemy (sabu & Taz hit the ring)

11. Douglas & Sherri bring out Brian Pillman as their partner for the night

12. Pillman, Douglas & Sherri interview, great

13. Pillman & Douglas vs. Simmons & Scorpio (afterwards Douglas piledrives Sherri for being with Flair)

14. Simmons/Cactus & Whipwrack/Public Enemy/Paul E. interviews

15. Clips of Pillman match

16. Douglas interivew

17. 911 vs. scrubs

18. Tommy Cario, Angel & Simmons interview

19. Clips of Sabu fueds of the last few weeks

20. Public Enemy/Paul E. interviews

21. Cactus interivew, Woman comes out and talks to him. Sandman comes from behind and attacks him with the cane 

22. Dreamer vs. Sandman (Cario attacks him and bloody Cactus makes the save)

23. Dreamer & Cactus interiew

Plus there are tons of other interivews

ECW Hardcore TV 087-090: (Now Available on DVD!)

1. Great Christmas video

2. 911 chokeslam Santa Clause, Pitbull attack 911 and thent hey start their match, great

3. Women & Sandman interview/Pitbulls and Rottens locker room brawl

4. Cactus & Dreamer vs. Cairo & Sandman (****brawl with blood, great)

5. Public Enemy interivew from Rockefeller Skating Rink 

6. Jason interview

7. JT Smith vs. Stevie the Bodie

8. Clips of ECW Royal Rumble

9. Public Enemy/Paul E. interviews

10. Malanko vs. Oddesy

11. benoit vs. Myers(the match stops because Benoit almost breaks Myers neck)

12. Sabu & Taz brawl with Benoit & Malenko

13. ECW White Zmobie viedo

14. Mikey video and match after match he gets attacked by Giant Paul

15. Video on Sabu and Rocco Rock

16. Paul E. interview

17. Dreamer vs. Richards

18. Douglas vs. Simmons

19. Tully Blanchard promo

20. Richards vs. Myers (debut of Raven at ringside)

21. Douglas video/clips of Public Enemy crashing a party

22. Scorpio gets attacked by Benoit and Malenko Before his match with Sandman, this was a great angle)

23. Scorpio vs. Sandman (Scorpio gets attacked again after the match by Benoit and Malenko)

ECW Hardcore TV 091-094: (Now Available on DVD!)

1. Raven video and interview

2. Lauria vs. Whipwreck

3. Snow vs. Nishimura

4. Public Enemy interview

5. Pitbulls vs. Rottens (Losing Team Must Split up)

6. Public Enemy interview, funny

7. Benoit vs. Scorpio (from Flordia)

8. Paul E/Raven interviews

9. Douglas vs. Simmons (from Flordia, Blanchard runs in, Benoit & malenko make the save)

10. Douglas interview talking about Blanchard doing coke and cheating on his wife)

11. saby & Taz vs. Public Enemy (from Flordia, wild brawl)

12. Raven interview

13. Cactus vs. Sansman (falls Count Anywhere, bloody)

14. bloody Cactus interview

15. Jason & Pitbulls vs. Myers & dragons (Myers attacks Angel afterwards)

16. Benoit vs. Snow (great match)

17. benoit interview, great
Click here for previously released
ECW Hardcore TV Episodes on DVD!

Behind Closed Doors- Meet The Rottens: To most of the world, the corners of Swanson and Ritner in South Philadelphia didn't mean that much. Sure, there was a bingo hall there, but who would have guessed that run down building, with no heat in the winter or air conditioning in the summer would become the epicenter of a wrestling revolution and become one of the most bloody places on the professional wrestling landscape. During 1995, Extreme Championship Wrestling stepped up to the plate with their high flying, hard hitting antics, and most importantly they had a priceless blood fued which used baseball bats, barbed wire, broken glass, scissors, dog collars and so much more. ECW might have gone extreme in 1994, but men like Axl and Ian Rotten took the former Eastern Championship Wrestling and put it on the hardcore map.

Hot on the heel of the wildly successful Behind Closed Doors with Sabu: Suicidal Insights DVD comes another groundbreaking RF Video release. Get ready for Meet the Rottens!! This loaded DVD features the Axl vs. Ian Rotten fued (winner of Pro Wrestling Illustrated's 'Fued of the Year' in 1995, the only major PWI award ever given to ECW) along with several matches with the two teaming together as the Bad Breed against two leading tag teams in the history of ECW, Public Enemy and the Pitbulls. For the first time ever, hear the outrageous, uncensored comments from these two outspoken gladiators on these matches.

Axl and Ian Rotten, two names synonymous with the hardcore action, recently came to luxurious RF Video headquarters to record commentary on some of their wildest brawls. If you watch Chris Candido and Sabu go over Sabu's matches on Suicidal Insights, then you know what kind of treat is in store for you. Meet the Rottens is an informative, entertaining and downright hilarious look down memory lane, looking back at a time when hardcore meant HARDCORE!

1. Ian Rotten vs. Axl Rotten - Bad Breed Death Match - 2/4/95
2. Ian Rotten vs. Axl Rotten - Barbed Wire Bat Match - 2/25/95
3. Ian Rotten vs. Axl Rotten - Hair vs. Hair - 4/8/95
4. Ian Rotten vs. Axl Rotten - Tapai Death Match - 7/1/95
5. Bad Breed (Ian & Axl) vs. Public Enemy - Baseball Bat Match 8/13/94
6. Bad Breed (Ian & Axl) vs. The Pitbulls - 10/1/94
7. Bad Breed (Ian & Axl) vs. The Pitbulls - Double Dog Collar Match 11/18/94

Relive the excitement. Relive the terror. Relive a time in professional wrestling's history that has been imitated countless times but never duplicated. And you can revisit it today with commentary by the men themselves. Their blood...their match.. their thoughts.. your gain.

MCW- Shamrock Cup X 7/31/10 Dundalk, MD:
1. Ryan McBride vs. Patrick Brink (MCW Heavyweight Championship)
2. Rich Swann vs. Ruckus
3. Sami Callihan vs. Scott Reed
4. The Holy Rollers vs. Team MackTion vs. The Hit Squad vs. CA Elliott & Nui Tofiga
5. Teddy Stigma vs. Joe Ettell
6. Cobian & Tommy Dreamer vs. Adam Cole & Tyler Hilton
7. Tommaso Ciampa vs. Bobby Shields
8. Mickie James vs. Mia Yim.
9. Christian York & Joel Maximo vs. The Best Around
10. Cole Calloway, Ronnie Zukko, and Kevin Eck vs. Fed-Up & Peter Schmuck
11. Sami Callihan vs. Rich Swann vs. Tommaso Ciampa vs. Teddy Stigma vs. Ryan McBride

MCW- Anniversary 2/24/10 Dundalk, MD:
1. Tag Team Turmoil Match
2. Shawn Patrick vs. Judas Young
3. Ruckus vs. Rich Swann
4. Ricky Blues Jr. & Sr. vs. Agent Orange & Prof. Milo Shizo
5. LAST MAN STANDING MATCH: Adam Cole vs. Ryan McBride
6. Nui Tofiga vs. DJ Hyde
7. MCW Tag Team Champions Team Macktion vs. The Best Around
8. #1 Contender's Match: Josh Daniels vs. Cobian
9. Al Snow & Ryan McBride vs. Tyler Hilton & Adam Cole

ISPW- The War To Settle The Score 8/22/09:
1. Iron Sheik gets inducted into the ISPW Hall of Fame
2. One Hour Iron Man Match for ISPW World Title: Judas Young vs. Danny Inferno
3. Crowbar vs. Bobby Fish
4. Rick Fuller vs. Chase Del Monte
5. Julio Dinero vs. Flash
6. Danny Doring vs. "Mr. Main Event" Ace Darling
7. Nunzio & Nicky Benz vs. "Mr. Personality" Nicholas Nice & Baby Hughie
8. The Logan Brothers vs. "The Escort" Erik Andretti & CK Kross

NWA Midwest 5/5/07 Chris Candido Memorial:
1. Jay Ryan vs. Michael Strider
2. Rasche the Skullcrusher vs. Marek Brave
3. Jason Dukes vs. Jaysin Strife & Jay Lethal
4. The Phoenix Twins vs. Team Underground
5. Chris Sabin vs. Jerry Lynn
6. Amazing Kong vs. MsChif
7. Low Ki vs. Tiger Mask
8. Blacklisted vs. Extreme Dream Team

RF VIDEO released 8 new DVD's to the site on Friday too!!! Here is a listing of all of our new titles!!

Time Line with Hacksaw Jim Duggan

The 80s are winding down, business has seen its amazing peak and the arenas are still full.  The world's biggest federation is front and center in the spotlight, fighting to keep its growing market share.  But Ted Turner has purchased WCW.  The fallout of Duggan and Sheik's arrest is still in the news.  Wrestlers aren't getting along.  It's big time, it's 1988!

As told by Hacksaw Duggan: Summerslam, Wrestlemania, Ventura, Adonis dies, Duggan/Sheik arrest, the locker room, Rougeaus and Bulldogs, road life with Jake the Snake, Turner gets in the ring, Von Raschke, Vachon, Survivor Series, Saturday Night's Main Event, and more!


You Shoot with Jim Cornette The Lost questions


That was a while ago, but 4 hours just didn't seem to be enough! There were so many questions and topics that didn't fit into the format for Jim Cornette's first YouShoot appearance, so we're doing it again. And this time it's all the fun stuff outside of Cornette's career.

Last time we touched on all the territories he hit, but this time it's the other stuff we get to explore.

Hands down, the most controversial man in the pro wrestling business sounds off about all kinds of hot-button topics... on the ONLY shoot-style show conducted entirely by YOU!!!

Last time it was all wrestling, and now Corny sounds off on all your crazy ass questions! As always nothing is safe, and he'll "anser it all!"

Fast food
Dairy Queen
WrestleRock Rumble
updated Russo tirade
"What's in the Bag?"
"The Sprite Challenge"
Heart Attack Grill
Today's wrestling product
Life at Castle Cornette
Terroristic threats
Acid reflux


WSU Extreme

1. Alicia vs Luna Vachon (5/5/07)

2. Luna Vachon & Amy Lee vs The Diva Killaz (7/14/07)

3. WSU World Title Match (c) Alicia vs Tammy "Sunny" Sytch 12/22/07

4. Dawn Marie w/Tammy "Sunny" Sytch vs Becky Bayless (3/22/08)

5. WSU World Title Match (c) Angel Orsini vs Mercedes Martinez (6/21/08)

6. WSU World Title Match (c) Angel Orsini vs Dawn Marie vs Portia Perez (8/22/08)

7. WSU World Title Match STEEL CAGE (c) Angel Orsini vs Mercedes Martinez (1/10/09)

8. Uncensored Rules Match Angel Orsini vs Rain (10/03/09)

9. Jazz vs Amber O'Neal (3/6/10)

10. Jazz vs Jana (4/2/10)

BONUS: NEVER BEFORE RELEASED WSU Spirit Title Match (c) Alicia vs Brittney Savage (8/13/10)


WSU Knocked Out

1. Velvet Sky vs Daffney (3/3/07)

2. WSU World Title Match (c) Alicia vs Christy Hemme w/Special Guest Referee Tammy "Sunny" Sytch 9/22/07

3. Uncensored Rules Match Awesome Kong vs Amy Lee (3/8/08)

4. WSU World Title Match (c) Nikki Roxx vs Cindy Rogers vs Alexa Thatcher (4/20/08)

5. Angelina Love vs Portia Perez (6/21/08)

6. Traci Brooks vs Annie Social (11/29/08)

7. WSU World Title Match (c) Mercedes Martinez vs Nikki Roxx (8/22/09)

8. WSU World  Title Match (c) Mercedes Martinez vs Awesome Kong (12/12/09)

9. Angelina Love vs Sassy Stephanie (3/6/10)

10. Nikki Roxx vs Angel Orsini (4/2/10)

BONUS : NEVER BEFORE RELEASED  WSU Spirit Title Match (c) Brittney Savage vs Tina San Antonio (7/24/10)


WSU- Mercedes Martinez: The Greatest Of All Time

1. (c) Mercedes Martinez vs Jana (4/10/09)

2. (c) Mercedes Martinez vs Angel Orsini vs Rain (4/11/09)

3. (c) Mercedes Martinez vs Hailey Hatred vs Jessicka Havok (8/21/09)

4. (c) Mercedes Martinez vs Hailey Hatred (9/19/09)

5. (c) Mercedes Martinez vs Portia Perez (10/3/09)

6. (c) Mercedes Martinez vs Angelina Love (11/14/09)

7. (c) Mercedes Martinez vs Rain (3/6/10)

8. (c) Mercedes Martinez vs Brittney Savage (3/19/10)

9. (c) Mercedes Martinez vs Amber O'Neal (4/2/10)

10. (c) Mercedes Martinez vs Melissa Coates (4/3/10)

BONUS: NEVER BEFORE RELEASED WSU World Title Match (c) Mercedes Martinez vs Tina San Antonio (7/23/10)


WSU When the Tigers Broke Free  8-6-10

1. WSU Tag Team Champion Jana vs Marti Belle

2. Rick Cataldo w/Brittney Savage vs Niya

3. NWS 6 Man Tag 

4. Angel Orsini Makes Shocking Announcement

5. Amber vs Divina Fly

6. WSU Tag Champion Cindy Rogers vs Tina San Antonio

7. WSU Spirit Title Match (c) Brittney Savage vs Brittany Force vs Alicia

8. Little Guido & Tina San Antonio vs Danny Demanto & Jana vs Mikey Pacifica & Marti Belle vs Nicky Oceans & Cindy Rogers

9. For the WSU All Guts & No Glory Championship (c) Angel Orsini vs Awesome Kong

BONUS: For the WSU World Championship (C) Mercedes Martinez vs Mickie James

RF VIDEO will be filming a brand new In the Ring DVD in one week with Carlito!!!  Carlito has come from a wrestling family and his father is a true legend in the business.  It should be a great DVD and we are looking forward in capturing what Carlito brings to the table!!!


ICW Full Speed Ahead  8-7-10

1. Damian Dragon vs. VSK vs. EJ Risk vs. Justin Toxic 

2. The Heavy Hitters vs. The Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

3. Homicide vs. Jerry Lynn 

4. Balls Mahoney vs. The Candyman

5. Azrieal & Grim Reefer vs. The Weapons OF Mass Destruction

6. Mercedes Martinez vs. Mickie James

7. Devon Moore vs. Bandido Jr.

8. Maximus Sex Power vs. Julio Dinero

9. Joel Maximo & Ricky Reyas vs. Xavier & Pinky Sanchez

10. Danny Demanto vs. Amazing Red

11. Dan Maff vs. Christopher Daniel


Pro Wrestling Live The Rising 8-7-10 Long Branch NJ

1. Vin Gerard vs. Corey Hollis

2. Bobby Beverly vs. Gegory Iron

3. Mike Posey vs. John Kermon vs. Corvis Fear vs. Zack Novach vs. Joey Janela vs. Aramis

4. Sonjay Dutt vs. Jimmy Rave

5. Johnny Gargano vs. Kyle Matthews

6. Cameron Skyy/Austin Manix vs. Tommy Treznik/Wrecking Ball

7. Brian Cage vs. Kenn Doane

In the Ring with Road Dog Jesse James!!!

Are you ready for another lesson behind the scenes in Pro Wrestling?  Well we are and this time we got Brian Armstrong formerly known as Road Dogg Jesse James to be the teacher!!!  Brian comes from one of the best known wrestling families in the business today the Armstrongs.  Brian has so much knowledge to share with young up and coming workers and now for the first time ever Brian shares it with out RF Video customers and fans world-wide!!


If your a fan our In The Ring series you must add this DVD to your collection today.  Brian Armstrong comes to life as soon as we start to roll our cameras and one of the best talkers in the business takes over and gives some of the best advice to date to a few up and coming workers.  But that is not all you get, you get an exclusive brand new updates mini shoot interview with him as well!!!


This was no usual In the Ring DVD as this time we also filmed a BRAND NEW one hour shoot interview with him as well before the seminar.  These were the hot topics that we talked about with him and as you know Brian holds nothing back and is a straight shooter!!!


**His relationship with Jeff Jarrett and what caused a strain

**Why he left TNA and the politics involved backstage

**Working with Team 3D and if there was any heat

**Thoughts on how over Ron Killings is now that he is R Truth

**Thoughts on Hogan and Bischoff coming to TNA

** Thoughts of TNA going live head to head with the WWE

**Thoughts of DX vs VKM and how close was it to really going down

**Does TNA try to compete with the WWE to much and not pay attention to its own product

**Thoughts on who has the it factor in TNA.

**WHat was his role as an agent in TNA and who did he work with

**What happened at the NWA Legends Fanfest last year

**Thoughts on Dixie Carter as the owner of TNA and how smart to the business is she

We also talked about various other hot topics and current events with Brian.  The interview is worth the price of the DVD itself.  We then filmed a seminar with Brian and a few students in the ring.  He went over how important it is to be able to cut a promo.  He than had the two guys work a match and our cameras were in the ring with Brian as he analyzed the match to both workers.  Brian told them what they were doing wrong and it was just magic as it is not very often that your allowed this point of view.  RF VIDEO always goes over and beyond to show you the other side of the business and this DVD does not disappoint on any level.


Forgotten Championship Wrestling 8-20-10 Coney Island Ny

1. Chief Dudley vs. Samuel Elias 

2. Little Greatness vs. Grim Reefer vs. Justin Cage vs. Benny Martinez 

3. Angel Orsini vs. Divina Fly 

4. The No Limit Soldiers vs. Blackhearted Justice

5. Nikolai Volkoff, Tito Santana & Jimmy Snuka vs. Bad Street USA

6. FCW Title Match: Johnny Ledoux vs. Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake 

7. FCW Title Match: Little Greatness vs. Johnny Ledoux

8. Tommy Dreamer vs. Romeo Roselli


ISPW Down with the Sickness 5-15-10

1. Josh Daniels with Sunny vs. Stevie Richards

2. Big Vito vs. Rick Fuller

3. The FBI vs. The Logan Brothers vs. Judas Young & Danny Inferno

4. Matt Borne vs. Smith James

5. Chase Del Monte vs. Rob Eckos

6. Crowbar vs. Ace Darling


TWA 7-11-10 Voorhees NJ

1. Chase Del Monte vs. Aden Chambers

2. Damian Dragon vs. Adam Cole vs. Ryu Lee vs. Nicky Benz

3. The Blue Meanie & Kid America vs. Rob Eckos & Mr. Maxx 

4. CHAIN MATCH: Tony Stetson vs. Glen Osbourne

5. The Best Around vs. The Logan Brothers

6. Breaker Morant vs. Steve Corino 

7. LUMBERJACK MATCH: "The Sensei" Paul Lopresti vs. Cujo the Hellhound

8. LUMBERJACK MATCH: "The Sensei" Paul Lopresti vs. Salvatore Soprano

Coming soon

Check out what matches we have in store for you on our first edition of Ringside Rumbles!!!

Ringside Rumbles Vol 1

The Best Matches you NEVER saw!!!!

hosted by

Bill Apter and Eric Gargilulo

  1. Sabu & Raven vs. Tommy Dreamer & The Sandman TNT Pro Wrestling 4/29/06 Staunton, VA
  2. Rick & Scott Steiner (Steiner Brothers) vs. Road Dogg & Billy Gunn (The Outlaws) in a Steel Cage Match TNT Pro Wrestling 4/29/06 Staunton, VA
  3. Low Ki, Spanky, & Homicide vs. Los Maximos & CM Punk  RARE NEVER SEEN BEFORE MATCH
  4. Masato Tanaka vs. CM Punk (World-1 Title Match)   RARE NEVER SEEN BEFORE MATCH
  5. Candido vs Matt Striker  Chris last match ever before he passed away…a true classic!!!
  6. Teddy Hart vs Homicide JAPW
  7. Red vs. A.J. Styles (Semi-Finals) super 8 2002
  8. Sumie Sakai vs. Daizee Haze  Pro Wrestling Elite- Raising the Stakes 3/24/06

Announced for SmackDown this Friday: 

* World Heavyweight Champion Kane vs. Big Show 

* Edge vs. David Otunga in a Lumberjack Match (if Otunga loses, he will be out of Nexus) 

The Superman movie franchise is being rebooted in 2012 and casting is already underway for the lead roles of Superman and his mild-mannered alter ego, Clark Kent. 

According to a few entertainment industry publications, both John Cena and Dwayne ‘The Rock” Johnson are being considered for the lead role in Superman: Man Of Steel. reports that the film is being executive produced by Christopher Nolan (”The Dark Knight”) and will be directed by Zach Snyder. 

Aside from John Cena and The Rock, actor Joe Manganiello (”Spider Man 3,” “True Blood”) is also being considered for the part. 

Jim Ross appeared on Boston Celtics radio this past Sunday night while the Celtics were in Oklahoma playing against the OK City Thunder. Ross compared Shawn Michaels to Michael Jordan and said he still has something to give in terms of announcing. 

- As noted before, there is a chance WWE will have William Regal feud with United States Champion Daniel Bryan now that CM Punk is injured and the Punk-Bryan feud is off. 

Regal and Bryan have been wrestling each other on the current European tour with Bryan winning via submission. At last night's show, the two shook hands after the match and Regal said on the mic, "I've been in this business for 27 years and never thought I'd see a better wrestler than me. Well, this man is, ladies and gentleman, Daniel Bryan." 

Regal helped train Bryan back in the early days of his career. 

TNA TV for Thursday Sneak Peek

Jeff Hardy has changed the name of his finisher to "Twist of Hate." 

- TNA has announced the following for Thursday's iMPACT, which tapes tonight in Orlando: 

* The fallout from Turning Point with Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and their alliance members appearing 

* Team 3D's goodbye to fans after losing at Turning Point 

* Stevie Richards' challenge to AJ Styles 

World Wrestling Entertainment will be taping tonight’s edition of Raw from the Manchester Evening News Arena in Manchester, England. The taping is scheduled to begin at approximately 7:30 PM in the UK which is 2:30 PM EST. 

No official matches have been announced for the taping. The arena website is advertising Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett vs. John Cena vs. Sheamus in a Fatal Four Way for the WWE Championship as the dark match main event. 

Mr. Anderson told The Fight Network that he expects to return to action at the November 12th TNA show at The Asylum in Nashville. 

- Shark Boy has been removed from TNA's roster page but has been working as a referee at recent TNA live events, without the Shark Boy gimmick of course. 

- Mick Foley has taped an interview with Michael Landsberg for TSN's Off the Record that will air on November 10th. In the interview, Foley says that he believes he's suffered permanent brain damage from his time in professional wrestling. 

Tommy Dreamer revealed on his Twitter page that he will be seeing the doctor today following his injury from his match with Rob Van Dam at TNA Turning Point this past Sunday. 

Dreamer wrote: “My wrist. Gonna see Dr tomorrow. Not broken I don’t know medical term 4 what is sticking out. Gross”. 

He also posted some graphic photos from his wrist injury on Twitter. Dreamer later went on to say: “I am glad my friend [Rob Van Dam] did this to me. I wouldn’t want us to be enemies” 

- WWE has continued doing the Ezekiel Jackson vs. Zack Ryder squash matches on live events, after Jackson dominated Ryder on last week's RAW. 

- Wade Barrett's father was in attendance for the RAW live event in Cardiff, Wales yesterday as Barrett lost to Randy Orton with John Cena as special referee. Apparently Barrett went to high school in Cardiff when he was younger. 

- Goldust's eye was busted open in a match against Ted DiBiase at yesterday's RAW live event. Goldust later noted on Twitter that he had to go to the hospital and was going to have to have eye surgery later today. He later wrote that he was good to perform and would not be needing surgery. 

We can exclusively reveal that ECW original Sabu was told only last week that he would be “let go” by TNA Wrestling. Terry Taylor made the call to Sabu giving him the news that creative has “nothing for him”; therefore they are letting him go. 

- Phil Mushnick wrote the following in The New York Post: 

"Now that Linda McMahon lost, the WWE can revert to producing kid-targeting sleaze. Some figured the WWE’s TV shows went PG the last few months because the McMahons’ consciences bothered them." 

For what it's worth, F4Wonline reports that WWE has no plans on doing away with PG programming because Linda lost. 

The PG changes were originally made mainly because of WWE's relationship with Mattel. WWE is very happy with Mattel and nobody expects officials to do away with PG content. 

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