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Best of Eliminators in ECW

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Perry Saturn and John Kronus were one of the greatest tag teams in the history of ECW. They had classic wrestling matches and wild brawls during their time in Extreme Championship Wrestling. This tape features all of that and more in this collection of tag team wrestling at its best. Witness some of their best matches with the Gangstas, Dudleys, Sabu & Rob Van Dam, Cactus & Mikey, plus many more.

Eliminators & Jason vs Steiners & Taz

Eliminators vs Cactus Jack & Mikey Whipwreck

Eliminators & Steve Richards vs PitBulls & Francine (Triple Dog Collar)

Eliminators vs Billy Black & Stud

Eliminators-Gangstas brawl-
Eliminators put New Jack between two tables and give him total elimination

Eliminators & Brian Lee vs Gangstas & Tommy Dreamer

Eliminators vs Gangstas (Cage Match with weapons)

Eliminators vs Gangstas vs Bruise Brothers vs Samoans

Eliminators vs Takashi Okano & Keisuke Yamada….Tokyo, Japan

Eliminators & Brian Lee vs Terry Gordy, Steve Williams, & Tommy Dreamer (Highlights)

Eliminators vs Sabu & RVD vs Gangstas

Eliminators vs Samoan Gangsta Party

Eliminators vs Sabu & Rob Van Dam

Eliminators vs Gangstas vs Dudleys

Eliminators vs Dudleys
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