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Best of Justice Pain

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He is one of the franchise players of CZW for his dominance of the CZW title. See him in some of his most violent and well-wrestled bouts all on this almost 4-hour tape. See why he is one of CZWs most respected competitors!

1. Justice Pain & Wifebeater vs. Ryuji Yamakawa & Kintaro Kanemura 11/23/00

2. Justice Pain & Wifebeater vs. Nick Gage & Nate Hatred- Zandig & Kasai come in 4/7/01

3. Justice Pain vs. Nick Gage vs. Lobo vs. Ric Blade- 6/8/01

4. Justice Pain vs. Kamikaze (Barbed Wire Board Death Match)

5. Justice Pain vs. Zandig (Barbed Wire Board Death Match)

6. Justice Pain vs. Wifebeater (CZW Title)- 7/7/01

7. Justice Pain, Johnny Kashmere, & Jun Kasai vs. Mens Teioh, Kamikaze, & Ryuji Ito- 8/25/01

8. Justice Pain & Reckless Youth vs. Trent Acid & Nick Mondo- 3/17/01

9. Justice Pain & Johnny Kashmere vs. Zandig & Trent Acid (Barbed Wire Tables & Lighttubes Match)- 6/9/01

10. Justice Pain vs. Nick Gage- 12/2/01

11. Justice Pain vs. The Messiah- 1/12/02

12. Justice Pain vs. Jerry Lynn- 3/9/02

13. Justice Pain vs. Nick Mondo- 4/13/02

14. Justice Pain vs. Nick Mondo vs. The Messiah (Adam Flash is the referee)
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