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Best of Raven & Stevie Richards in ECW

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Raven and Stevie Richards have earned their spot in the ECW history books as one of the best duos ever. Their chemistry was unequaled. Whether is was a hardcore brawl, a compelling and disturbing storyline or ridiculous comedy, Raven and Richards delivered it all. See almost 4 hours of their finest moments and matches on this compilation. Words cannot describe the match where Raven breaks character in West Liberty!!!

1. Raven & Steven Richards vs. Tommy Dreamer & Mikey Whipwreck

2. Raven & Richards vs. Public Enemy (ECW Tag Title Match)- 6/20/95 Jim Thorpe, Pa

3. Raven & Richards vs. Dreamer & Luna Vachon

4. Richards & Raven brawl with Dreamer & Luna- Pit Bulls and Dudleys get involved in a wild brawl

5. Raven & Richards vs. Tony Stetson & Don E. Allen- Pit Bulls, Dudleys & Dreamer all brawl

6. Richards vs. Luna (Steel Cage Match)- Dreamer and Raven see action

7. Raven, Richards & Beulah McGillicutty promo on a beach

8. Raven & Richards vs. Pit Bulls- Middletown, NY

9. Raven & Richards interview- Beulah & Francine go at it

10. Raven & Richards vs. Pit Bulls

11. Raven, Richards & Beulah vs. Pit Bulls & Francine- Jim Thorpe, PA 9/15/95

12. Raven & Richards vs. Pit Bulls (Double Dog Collar Match)

13. Raven & Richards vs. Steiners- Middletown, NY 9/23/95

14. Raven & Richards vs. Public Enemy (Double Tables)- Jim Thorpe, Pa 10/6/95

15. Raven & Richards vs. Dreamer & Terry Funk

16. Raven vs. Richards (Sandman Special Ref)- Allentown, Pa 3/28/97

17. Raven vs. Richards- West Liberty, WV 5/25/97
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