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Best of Rob Van Dam- Five Star Splash Tour

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Before the “RVD! RVD!” chant echoed throughout the huge WWF buildings, Rob Van Dam was the most popular grappler in ECW. Youve only seen a glimpse of what this extraordinary competitor is capable of in WWF. Now you can witness RVD as he unleashes his entire arsenal in these bouts of hardcore, athletic excellence. RVD prided himself on delivering grueling, long matches of hard-hitting perpetual motion and youll get over 3 hours of his best right here. If you are impressed with Van Dam in WWF, you need to get this collection to see the true Rob Van Dam.

1. Rob Van Dam vs. EZ Money- Milwaukee, WI 10/7/00

2. Van Dam vs. C.W. Anderson- Toronto 9/9/00

3. Van Dam vs. Kid Kash- Houston, TX 7/29/00

4. Van Dam vs. Scotty Anton- Heat Wave 2000

5. Van Dam vs. Rhino- Orlando, FL 1/29/00- never before released match where RVD breaks his ankle

6. Van Dam vs. Little Guido- Pittsburgh, PA 6/10/00

7. Van Dam vs. Spike Dudley- Richmond, VA 12/10/99

8. Van Dam & Kid Kash vs. Jerry Lynn & Tommy Dreamer- NY, NY 8/25/00

9. Van Dam vs. Rhino- Anarchy Rulz 2000

10. Van Dam vs. Steve Corino- Dallas, TX 7/28/01

11. Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn- Guilty As Charged 2001- Last ECW match ever on television
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