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Best of Spanky

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This charismatic all around wrestler has been the break out star of 2002. He went over to Zero-One for a one time only tour and earned a fulltime job in his first night. Youll know why he has become such a star after witnessing this compilation. See this talented youngster in some of his best and wackiest moments. This almost 4-hour tape includes lots of rare footage from early in his career!!!

1. Spanky vs. Rudy Boy Gonzalez

2. Spanky vs. Shooter Schultz

3. Spanky vs. American Dragon

4. Spanky vs. Rudy Boy Gonzalez

5. Spanky & American Dragon impromptu battle with Board Of Education

6. Spanky & American Dragon vs. Love Machine & Buster Time

7. Spanky vs. Tiger Steele

8. Spanky & American Dragon vs. Board Of Education (Cage Match)

9. Spanky vs. CPW- Victoria, TX 5/12/00

10. Spanky & American Dragon vs. Papi Chulo & D-Lo Brown- San Antonio, TX 5/26/00

11. Spanky vs. Papi Chulo- Del Rio, TX 5/27/00

12. Spanky vs. American Dragon

13. Spanky & Jason Sensation promo

14. Spanky, American Dragon & Shooter Schultz vs. Lance Cade, Joey Abs & Pete Gas

15. Spanky & Shooter Schultz vs. Haas Brothers

16. Spanky vs. American Dragon- ECWA Super 8 2001

17. Spankys 13th Annual Weiner Eating Challenge- APW 5/11/02

18. Spanky & Super Dragon vs. Jardi Frantz & Bobby Quance- APW 5/11/02

19. Spanky & American Dragon vs. Bobby Quance & James Choi- APW 5/18/02

20. Closing moments of Battle Royal with Spanky, American Dragon, Samoa Joe & Super Dragon- APW 5/18/02

21. Spanky vs. Yoshito Sasaki- 7/7/02

22. Spanky vs. Naohiro Hoshikawa- 6/30/02

23. Spanky & Smelly vs. Yuki Ishikawa & Katsumi Usuda- 6/27/02
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