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Best of the bWo (Blue World Order)

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Formed in 1996 this group had its own cult following in ECW. Lead by Big Stevie Cool (Steve Richards) the BWO left their mark in the sport of professional wrestling. Da Blue Guy, Hollywood Nova, and 7-11 (RF Video's own Rob Feinstein) were original members who made the BWO one of the most popular groups of all time. This tape features all their classic promos, matches, and angles. As a bonus we have included never before seen footage from the 7-11 cam. See the BWO backstage, uncut and uncensored.

1. Big Stevie Cool vs David Tyler (Kid Kash)BWO debuts

2. BWO promo

3. Clip of Taz vs RVD (BWO come out)

4. Taz confronts the BWO

5. BWO come to the ring and 3 debuts

6. Gangstas vs Axl Rotten & D-Von Dudley (BWO get involved)

7. BWO offer Joel Gertner a spot as their "Bish"

8. Big Stevie Cool vs Ricky Morton

9. BWO promo

10. BWO in New York

11. BWO video

12. Big Stevie Cool vs Axl Rotten

13. BWO altercation with Sandman & Brian Lee from Battle Royal

14. Hollywood Nova vs Brian Lee

15. Raven vs Sandman brawl into BWO locker room where Raven shoves Stevie and Sandman comes out wearing a BWO T-shirt

16. Raven vs Sandman...Texas Death Rules (Raven & Stevie square off)

17. Big Stevie Cool vs Balls Mahoney

18. BWO give Michinoku Pro wrestlers t-shirts

19. Raven promo...Raven breaks into BWO locker room & asks Stevie to end his pain

20. BWO Stevie promo

21. Hollywood Nova vs Taz...Taz destoys the BWO

22. Backstage footage of the BWO never released on video
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