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Best of the Independents 2001 Vol. 1

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While ECW and WCW may have vacated the spotlight, it was quickly grabbed up by excellent matches and exciting talent on the independent scene. RF Video focused more on the independents than in any other year in our history. The result was innovative matches, daredevil high-flying and bloody brawls. We took the very best and put them all on this approximately 4-hour anthology for you. See legends like Dusty Rhodes and Sabu established stars like Steve Corino and Sandman and the best upcoming wrestlers in the entire business all on this one tape. This video includes several bouts that are top match of the year candidates!!!

1. Briscoe Brothers & Ric Blade vs. SAT- CZW 5/12/01

2. Hit Squad vs. Insane Dragon & Dixie (TLC Match)- JAPW 7/7/01

3. Super Crazy vs. Angel (Hardcore Match)- IWA Puerto Rico 8/4/01

4. Red vs. Jose Maximo vs. Joel Maximo- ECWA 10/12/01

5. Steve Corino vs. Jack Victory- PWF 5/10/01

6. Briscoe Brothers vs. Insane Dragon & Dixie- JAPW 6/15/01

7. Sabu vs. Sandman (Ladder Match)- MECW 8/11/01

8. American Dragon vs. Low Ki vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Scoot Andrews- ECWA 9/22/01

9. Dusty & Dustin Rhodes vs. C.W. Anderson & Ron Studd- the Extreme Horsemen form in TCW

10. Mark Briscoe vs. Jay Briscoe- CZW 5/19/01

11. Low Ki vs. Red- UCW 9/14/01

12. Homicide vs. Insane Dragon- JAPW 9/29/01

13. Christopher Daniels vs. Johnny Kashmere (Legacy Cup Finals)- PWF 9/19/01
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