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Best of Tommy Dreamer- Innovator of Violence

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Features Tommy's greatest matches as we take you back to the early days of extreme. Features tons of matches with Tommy's greatest rivals at that time: The Sandman, Raven, and Brian Lee. Other wrestlers are also featured as this video depicts the definition of Hardcore, Extreme wrestling.

1. Tommy Dreamer getting chokeslammed of of various balconies

2. Dreamer interview

3. Dreamer getting destroyed by The Sandman and the Singapore Cane

4. Dreamer vs. Sandman ( Singapore caning match )

5. Dreamer vs. Sandman ( I Quit Match )

6. Dreamer vs. Tommy Ciaro

7. Farewell Tribute to the Sandman (Infamous ECW angle)

8. Dreamer & Cactus Jack get attacked by The Sandman & Ciaro

9. Dreamer & Cactus vs. Sandman & Ciaro

10. Dreamer-Raven brawl

11. Dreamer vs. Raven & Richards & Stetson & HotBody (Generation X Gauntlet Match )

12. Dreamer vs. Raven

13. Dreamer vs. Raven

14. Dreamer-Raven bar brawl and Nirvana music video

15. Dreamer vs. Vampire Warrior ( Gangrel )

16. The chair shot heard round the world

17. Dreamer & Cactus & Pitbulls vs. Raven & Richards & Dudleys

18. Dreamer & Terry Funk vs. Raven & Cactus Jack

19. Beulah goes with Dreamer

20. Dreamer & Mikey Whipwreck vs. Raven & Richards

21. Dreamer vs. Brian Lee

22. Dreamer vs. Brian Lee ( Brawl in a busy street )

23. Dreamer vs. Brian Lee

24. Dreamer vs. Brian Lee ( Weapons Match )

25. Dreamer vs. Raven ( Falls Count Anywhere )

26. Dreamer vs. Raven ( Lumberjack Match)

Product Reviews

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great dvd
Panos Vourazeris (Evesboro, NJ) 8/1/2014 10:49 PM
Its a pretty good dvd if your a Tommy Dreamer fan. It shows you why he's the innovator of violence. His Raven feud is awesome.
How to take a ass whipping
Adam Glisson (Columbus) 12/4/2012 2:17 PM
Cool best of lots of extreme stuff but damn tommy can take a ass whipping but the 5 cane shots from the sandman damn that had to hurt
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