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Breaking Kayfabe with Tammy Sytch

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Item Number: DVD


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Running time: 1:30

Our latest guest to bare their soul on our newest series probably has more to sift through than any guest to date. Tammy Sytch's battery of arrests and rehab visits has catapulted her back into the national spotlight in unflattering portrayals in every media outlet. Now she sits with Sean, in a sober and reflective interview, in an effort to get down to who she really is.

Will this even be possible? Tammy has admitted to concocting lies and tall tales in previous interviews. Now, in the psychologically probing series "Breaking Kayfabe," Tammy is challenged by Sean to cut the B.S. and try and really fix the deep issues she undoubtedly has.

The series that shows the stars as people is back with an episode ripped from the headlines 
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