**Shoot with Lance Storm Vol. 2

RF Video recently had a golden opportunity to sit down with one of pro wrestling's most outspoken personalities. He has wrestled all over the world and held titles in ECW, WCW, and the WWE. Most recently he is known for his opinions and speaking his mind on the current state of the business. It is with great excitement that RF Video presents a brand new Shoot Interview with Lance Storm. We pick up with Lance where we last left off, ECW. Lance talks about the week Mike Awesome left for WCW as champion. How did it affect Lance's future jump to WCW? How did Paul Heyman react and what did he tell the talent? What was it like the night a WWE wrestler wrestled a WCW wrestler for the ECW title? Lance relives the crazy week with some great stories to boot. Lance goes in depth about his jump to WCW. Who contacted him? What were contract negotiations like? What perks did or didn't Lance get? Lance also talks about Paul Heyman's reaction and how something Paul did made the jump possible. Lance also has a tremendous story about his first creative meeting with Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo. Wait until you hear the "brilliant" idea that Russo had for Lance and what the reaction of Bischoff was. Lance has been known lately for his criticism of Vince Russo on his website commentaries. Lance talks extensively about why he can't stand Vince Russo. Lance has some classic Russo stories from WCW. Find out what Russo originally wanted to call Team Canada. Did Vince Russo screw Booker T when he went over for the WCW world title? Lance has a very revealing story that has never been told before about the night Russo went over for the title. You will understand Lance's frustrations with Russo a lot more after seeing this Shoot Interview. Lance also reflects back on the many personalities he worked with in WCW. Lance recalls a story about Lex Luger going to the top rope which is hilarious. Lance also talks about the first time he met Scott Steiner and the rib Steiner pulled on him. Lance talks more about one WCW star and how ironic it was that this star didn't say two words to him in WCW, yet was overly friendly in the WWE. Lance also has great stories on Kevin Nash, Ric Flair, DDP, Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan, and Goldberg. None of these stories have ever been told until now. Lance does a great job recounting the last days of WCW. You won't believe how Lance actually found out about the WWE sale. Lance tells a very funny story about meeting Shane McMahon the first time at Nitro. Lance also talks about why he felt secure about getting a WWE deal. Ironically, Lance also talks about his contract situation almost cost him a WWE deal. Lance also reveals his original bookings plans for that night which were changed. Get a glimpse into one of pro wrestling's most historic nights from someone that was right there. Lance talks in great detail about his transition into the WWE. Why was Lance's transition easier than most of the ex-WCW guys? What was the original plan for the WCW guys at WrestleMania 17 and why was it changed? What did Lance think of being the first WCW guy to start the invasion? How much thought went into Lance's debut? What was the reaction of the crowd? How much pressure did he fell? Lance talks quite a bit about the Invasion angle. Who did he like working with from the WWE side? What did he feel was the hottest moment of the angle? Conversely, when did Lance feel the air was let out of the balloon? What were some things he would have done differently? Lance reveals for the first time the alternative match to Buff Bagwell vs. Booker T on RAW and how it impacted him. Speaking of Buff, Lance has some hilarious Buff stories about his short run in the WWE. Some you have heard, and some you will hear for the first time. Find out who surprised Lance the most about their involvement in the angle and how he compared it to his days in WCW. Lance also talks about all of his feuds and matches in the WWE. Was it more frustrating for Lance to be kept off WrestleMania 18 or WrestleMania 19 and why? Lance gives a great example of the difference in the pressures of being a top guy in the WWE as compared to his days in WCW as a high mid-level wrestler. Lance recalls standing by as Chris Jericho and Goldberg got into a scuffle in the locker room. Lance also has some great stories about his run against Hulk Hogan and Edge. How did something Hulk say to Vince McMahon almost get Lance heat? Lance also a great story about a time where Vince put him on the spot and made him nervous for one of the first times in his career. Lance also thoughts and stories on Triple H, Randy Orton, John Cena, Kurt Angle, JBL, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Brock Lesnar, and more. Lance also jokes about his many retirements and what brought him out of retirement each time. Which match did he truly think was his last and why? Lance also talks some of his more controversial commentaries and reactions he has received to them. Lance is proudly a drug-free athlete, but there was a time when Lance considered using steroids. When was it and what happened to change his mind? In addition to his own career, Lance weighs in on the current wrestling scene including Bret Hart possibly returning to the WWE, the current state of TNA, and more. Words can't do this interview justice. There is no such thing as a one word answer from Lance Storm. Every answer is a story or a long thought-out opinion. RF Video will tell you with great confidence that this is one of the most enjoyable and informative Shoot Interviews we have conducted. It is with great honor that we open up the door once again into the great career and mind of Lance Storm. How did ECW change after Taz left What do you remember about the week Mike Awesome showed up on WCW with the ECW belt Memories of the night he dropped the belt How did you wind up in WCW How did Paul take the news Did you feel there was more you could have done in ECW Any good Paul stories Initial impressions of Vince Russo Did you have an idea of where your angles were going when you came over What was your initial impression of the locker room Initial thoughts on Nash and Hogan Guys often say they never knew who was in charge at WCW, do you agree Initial impressions of Ric Flair Initial impressions of Sting Initial impressions of Lex Luger How well were you guys received by the locker room Was it cliquish Memories of your first few matches with the luchas Memories teaming with Billy Kidman What do you remember about Bash at the Beach and the Hogan incident How involved was Bischoff at the time Do you think it was a work Do you think WCW spent too much time trying to work the boys Thoughts on Goldberg Did you ever regret your decision to come to WCW Did you ever negotiate with WWE before jumping over Did you feel a vote of confidence giving you three titles at once When did you feel you were really starting to hit your stride as far as getting over with the fans Memories of matches with Booker T Memories of matches with Mike Awesome Whos idea was Team Canada Speaking of Canada, how tight were you with Bret in WCW Who's idea was it to bring Elix Skipper into the group Thoughts on Elix Memories of your feud with the Misfits Memories of matches with the Filthy Animals Memories of matches with Duggan Do you think the Scott Steiner-DDP fight was a work or shoot Memories of Scott Steiner Steiner says that a lot of the guys hated Ric Flair, is that true Memories wrestling Terry Funk Do you think Jeff Jarrett was over pushed What did you think of David Arquette getting the title A lot of critics point to the last year or two in WCW as terrible, do you agree Whos idea was it to team you and Mike Awesome up Thoughts on Mike and his passing How did you find out that Vince bought WCW What were your original thoughts Had you ever negotiated with the WWE at any time in WCW Take us through the last Nitro What were the emotions of the locker room like What do you remember about the speech from Shane Who booked your last match Did the crew watch the RAW feed Memories of your match on the final Nitro Were you told that you were going to be brought to the WWE What were the reactions when Vince was shooting in the ring on guys like Jarrett and Luger How soon did you find out you would be picked up by the WWE Was it a lengthy negotiation Was the original plan to keep WCW a separate brand Initial impressions of Vince What were you led to believe about the integration of WCW Did you think it would be a separate company Memories of traveling to WrestleMania that year You were the first WCW wrestler to invade, memories of that night How were you accepted by the locker room Did you think the angle would be huge How was Austin to work with in the angle Were you surprised when ECW went out of business Dave Meltzer has reported that Paul had been in business with the WWE for years before this. What are your thoughts on that? Did Paul change at all when you worked with him in the WWE Thoughts on the ECW revival angle Thoughts when Stephanie McMahon got involved? Were you excited to be wrestling Jericho in your first WWE TV match Memories of matches with Albert Initial impressions of Triple H Initial impressions of the Undertaker At what point do you think you were accepted by the locker room Memories of the night the boys stomped all over Buff At what point did you realize that the ball was dropped on the Invasion angle Memories working with The Rock Did you feel confident of your spot at the time since you got to go over on Rock and got the IC title Memories of the Unamericans angle Did you like it Was there a difference in being on the SmackDown brand What were your initial impressions when the NWO came into the company Memories wrestling Hulk Hogan Thoughts on Edge and matches with him Memories teaming with Christian Thoughts on matches with Chris Benoit Your thoughts on the tragedy Are you surprised that some guys still think he was framed As a drug free athlete all of your career, how tempting was it for you to use steroids Memories of wrestling on your first WrestleMania Thoughts on matches with Curt Hennig Memories of Brock Lesnar You blogged about Brock's UFC title win and your thoughts on what he does or doesn't represent about pro wrestling. Can you expand on that? Memories of matches with Kurt Angle Thoughts on Angle's troubles over the years Memories of matches with Randy Orton Thoughts on Randy today and his success Thoughts on John Cena Memories teaming with William Regal Was it embarrassing at all to lose to Lawler and Jim Ross Memories of your match with Kane and RVD at WrestleMania Is RVD reckless in the ring Memories of your angles with Goldberg in the WWE Your take on the Goldberg-Jericho incident Was Scott Steiner much different backstage in the WWE than WCW Why do you think he didn't get over as he did in WCW Did you like the boring gimmick What led to your decision to retire Initial impressions of OVW How receptive were the guys to your input Kennedy told a story about Daniel Puder falling asleep during Bubba's lecture. Did you have problems with Daniel? Was there someone that made it from OVW that really surprised you You came back a little bit in 2005, what prompted that Thoughts on your match at One Night Stand Why do you think Vince brought ECW back and not WCW Could a WCW One Night Stand have worked There was a reported incident between you and JBL, what really happened Thoughts on JBL going after Meanie in the battle royal Your thoughts on all of the ECW reunions over the years Why do you think some work and some don't Do you think it is time to put it to rest What led to you finally severing ties with the WWE What inspired you to do start your academy Any notable graduates How involved are you in the ring with your students What inspired you to start blogging and writing columns Has anyone ever contacted you directly about something you wrote You have been very critical of TNA, why do you think Vince Russo is still around Did Russo ever propose any crazy ideas for you in WCW You once wrote about an angle between Kurt Angle and Awesome Kong, what was your idea Has anyone ever approached you to book What led you to coming out of retirement for ROH Are you happy with the match Has WWE ever contacted you about coming back for one appearance here and there Thoughts on the current product Thoughts on the Guest Host concept Who is the next breakout star in your opinion What does TNA need to do to turn things around Can TNA be successful with Dixie in charge Thoughts on the whole Angle-Jarrett mess Thoughts on the incident in Canada where fans attacked Chris Jericho Thoughts on Jeff Hardy's arrest Thoughts on Ric Flair wrestling again Do you think that the WWE should post suspensions on WWE.com How shocked were you when you heard about Chris Candido Thoughts on The Ultimate Fighter beating WWE in the ratings A lot of the guys in ECW thought you were cocky when you first came in and did the Allentown show. Did you get that vibe from the locker room? You once said that you and Raven were a great booking duo. Are you surprised he hasn't done more booking? Any good road stories Any good Owen Hart rib stories Thoughts on the Montreal Screw Job Surprised that Bret wants to go back? How did you get involved with doing radio shows for Brian Alvarez and Dave Meltzer Do you think some wrestlers see you now as one of the media Do you think Dave gets a raw deal in wrestling amongst the boys Was it hard being committed to your family with all of the road temptation Thoughts on Jim Cornette leaving and going to ROH Can ROH last the year? Thoughts on UFC and comparisons to pro wrestling Do you want to write a book

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