**Shoot with Nick Bockwinkel

In a different era of pro wrestling, only the best ascended to greatness. Three men ruled the world in the AWA, WWE (WWF/WWWF), and the NWA. These men traveled more miles, wrestled more opponents, and have a multitude of stories to tell. It is with great honor that RF Video presents you one of these men. RF Video presents a brand-new Shoot Interview with former AWA world heavyweight champion, Nick Bockwinkel. Bockwinkel is a fascinating interview on several levels. For one, he grew up in a pro wrestling family during the golden age of the business. Two, he is one of the last living people to tell tales about some of wrestling's greatest legends as Nick hung around many classic wrestling greats as a child. Three, Nick's own success as AWA world champion and his many travels in the wrestling business make this a must-see interview. Nick recounts early memories of traveling with his father Warren Bockwinkel. Nick recounts a great rib played on the legendary Yukon Eric by his father's friends. Nick recounts boat rides and parties with these legendary wrestlers. Nick also recounts a great story about the night Ed "Strangler" Lewis came over for dinner. Nick also talks in depth about the lessons his father taught him in and out of the ring. Nick then remembers a ton of great stories from his career. There is no shortage of stories about Nick's famous tag team partner Ray "The Crippler" Stevens. Nick talks fondly about Ray in and out of the ring. Nick also talks about some great matches he and Ray had with guys like Larry Hennig and Harley Race. Nick also talks about the pressures he felt working alongside one of the greatest workers of all time. Nick's rivalry with Verne Gagne in and out of the ring is legendary, and Nick talks all about it here. What did Nick really think of Verne? What was Nick's favorite move he loved to nail Verne with and how did he do it? Were the babyfaces frustrated that Verne kept putting himself over? Did Verne ever shoot on Nick in the ring? Nick also talks about Greg and the pressures on Greg of being Gagne. Nick also gives some great insight on why he thinks the expansion never worked out for Verne. Nick also talks about some of his most famous opponents. Nick talks extensively about being in the ring with Hulk Hogan. Was Hogan a good worker in Nick's opinion? Could Nick see something in him? Was Nick surprised he left? Does Nick think Hogan should have gotten the AWA belt? Nick also gives his thoughts on the urban legend regarding Verne offering the Iron Sheik $100,000 to break Hogan's leg. Does he think it is true and why does or doesn't he? Nick also talks about wrestling a young Andre the Giant for one hour. Nick is very candid with his opinions on some of wrestling's most controversial figures. Nick talks about Dusty Rhodes and wrestling Dusty on occasion. Does Nick think Billy Robinson was a bully? What does Nick think of Bruiser Brody and the murder? Nick also weighs in on Stan Hansen and Verne's decision to put him over Rick Martel. Nick also recounts in detail the night Mad Dog Vachon opened the airplane door and what he said to Maurice when the plane went down. Nick also talks about some of his legendary rivalries. Nick talks about his matches with Curt Hennig and the legendary 60 minute draw. Nick also talks in depth about his rivalry with Jerry Lawler. Was there ever consideration for Lawler to go over Nick and why it would or wouldn't have worked? Why did the two of them work so well in Memphis? What did Lawler say when he saw Nick a few years ago? Nick also talks about wrestling Larry Zbysko and how motivated Larry was for a great match. Nick has some great rib stories and he shares a tremendous story on the interview. Nick goes into every detail about a master rib he pulled on Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty. Why would he pull the rib in the first place? Who did the Midnight Rockers blame for the rib? What did Shawn Michaels say to Nick a few years ago? As smart as you thought Nick was in the ring, he was downright brilliant in pulling this rib. Hear about the entire rib and the history here on the interview. Words can't describe the journey Nick took us on for over two hours in filming the interview. Nick has a tremendous memory and was very detailed and opinionated with his answers. It is truly an honor to bring you one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. It is with great pleasure that RF Video presents the Nick Bockwinkel Shoot Interview. Captain Lesley Holmes, what do you think when I mention that name Can you talk about growing up in wrestling How early were you exposed to the business How close were you with your father growing up How big was your father on kayfabe Do you have any early road stories you can share How young were you when you started going to shows What do you remember about going into the locker room as a kid When did you start training Was your father helpful to you How did you get started Memories of your first match Did you think you would make it Who were some of your mentors Were promoters and guys harder or easier on you because of your father Did you travel with your dad during your days as a worker Memories teaming with your father You dad trained Lou Thesz, any memories of this What were the locker rooms like in the kayfabe era, your prime How important was it not to travel with babyfaces and heels Any bar fight memories Memories of teaming with Ray Stevens Memories of Billy Robinson Do you think he was a bit of a bully How did you wind up in the AWA Initial memories of Verne Gagne What was the Minnesota territory like travel wise Memories of Crusher Memories of Bruiser Who did you like to travel with throughout your career Memories of matches with Red Bastien Memories of Baron Von Rachke Were you on the plane for that infamous Mad Dog Vachon plane story Was it frustrating when Verne kept putting the belts on himself Was Verne cheap Memories of matches with Andre the Giant Memories of matches against Dusty Rhodes Did you think Dusty had it to be a successful babyface Thoughts on Greg Gagne Memories of matches with the Gagnes Memories of teaming with Larry Hennig Memories of his babyface turn Did you prefer wrestling as a babyface or a heel Memories of making The Wrestler Are you surprised it was remade Memories of Jos LeDuc Did you like traveling Memories of matches with Jerry Lawler in Memphis Memories of your matches with Hulk Hogan Did you know he had something special Over the years a lot of people have questioned Verne's decision not to put the belt on him. Do you think he should ave went over? How did you find out he was leaving? id you think it was a big deal at the time Greg Gagne denies that Verne offered Iron Sheik money to break Hogan's leg, do you think he did Were you surprised when Bobby Heenan left Bobby has told us he expected Verne to get physical with him when he told him the news, was that in Verne's character Thoughts on Bruiser Brody A lot of ex-AWA guys have said that Verne never watched his own TV during the ESPN run, your thoughts on that Memories of matches you had with Ric Flair Are you surprised when fans call that the greatest match in Winnipeg history Thoughts on Bruno Sammartino Is it true that Otto Wanz paid $25,000 for his title run Did you ever refuse to put anyone over Memories of Superstar Graham Memories of Wahoo McDaniel Were you surprised when Harley Race left the AWA that he went on to such success in the NWA Memories of a young Bob Backlund Iron Sheik memories and stories Any good Ray Stevens traveling stories John Nord did a shoot with us and he said that a lot of the younger guys didnít like you during his run, did you feel disconnect with a lot of the younger guys Memories of Curt Hennig and the famous 60mn match Memories of the ribs with the locks Memories of matches with the Road Warriors Were there problems with them selling for guys early on Why do you think Verne's decision to go national didn't pay off in the end Memories of Wrestle Rock Memories of the Freebirds in the AWA Memories of matches with Rick Martel Do you think he was a good champion Favorite Japanese matches Memories of the Original Sheik Memories of Johnny Valentine Memories of Jesse Ventura Did you vote for him Memories of your Hollywood Squares experience How did you get the part on Hawaii Five How come you didnít do more acting Memories of the Monkees episode As a traveling champion, did anyone ever try and shoot or get cute with you Did Verne like to shoot in his matches Thoughts on Verne recently and the tragic news from last year Thoughts on Eric Bischoff Memories of working for Joe Blanchard Early memories of Tully Memories of matches with Rick Steamboat How did you develop your promo style Is it true that Shawn Michaels apologized to you for things from the AWA era several years back Memories of Scott Hall Memories of Stan Hansen Do you think in the end, guys like he and Brody were bad for business Memories of Larry Zbysko Thoughts on wrestling now as compared to then How did you get involved with WCW Did you get involved with booking there What led to your retirement Did Vince or anyone else try and talk you into a short run Do you regret it Why are so many guys unable to adjust to retirement unlike yourself and Bruno Sammartino Thoughts on Ric Flair retiring and now coming back Thoughts on your WWE Hall of Fame induction Thoughts on Vince McMahon Thoughts on Bill Watts Why do you think some second and third generation guys like Randy Orton and the Rock succeed, where others like David Sammartino and David Flair don't What were the pressures for you of being a second generation wrestler Do you think there is less respect for the business by today's pro wrestlers as opposed to your era Why do you think the AWA was such a successful promotion during its time Were you surprised when it closed Are you surprised that ESPN still replays the shows as does WWE 24/7 Your thoughts on the lack of kayfabe today Is it true that you were offered a brief run with the NWA title How involved are you with the Cauliflower Alley What were you thinking during Bruce Hartís speech several years ago Can you talk about the amount of bumps guys take today as compared to your era You have said in the past that they liked to test guys before putting the AWA belt on them. Is there anyone that you remember testing out for whatever reason it didn't work with him. Did you ever consider coming out of retirement How come you never got into commentary post-wrestling Is there anyone in today's wrestling that you enjoy watching Thoughts about the rash of deaths over the last several years Will you have a book coming out

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