Best of Paul London- Please Don't Die!

1. Paul London vs. John Hope...4/27/02 (complete match-never released before)
2. Paul London vs. Michael Shane...8/24/02
3. Paul London vs. Frankie Kazarian...4/5/03
4. Paul London vs. The Amazing Red...11/9/02
5. Paul London vs. American Dragon...11/9/02
6. Paul London & Rudy Boy Gonzales vs. Michael Shane & Biohazard (Street Fight)...11/16/02
7. Paul London vs. Spanky...6/22/02
8. Paul London vs. Angel Dust...12/7/02
9. Paul London vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Chance Beckett...5/4/03
10. Paul London vs. E.Z. Money...12/7/02

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