CZW Payback 4/4/01

1. Jeff Rocker vs Eddie Valentine
2. Z-Barr vs Johnny Kashmere
3. Trent Acid vs Reckless Youth vs Nick Berk in a three way match
4. Lobo vs Jon Dahmer...Iron Man match
5. Ric Blade & Ruckus vs Briscoe Brothers
6. Nick Gage & Nate Hatred vs WifeBeater $ Justice Pain for the CZW tag titles
7. Tommy Dreamer vs John Zandig...in a barbed wire street fight match. During the match Big Japan star Jun Kasai attacked Dreamer which brought out the H-8 Club of Pain & Beater and a brutal and insane brawl broke out involving barbed wire, lightbulbs, tables, and anything else they could get their hands on!!.

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