JCW Jersey J-Cup 2003 8/24/03

1. Disciples of Darling vs. Los Boriquas (JCW Tag Title Match) 2. Jay Lethal vs. Rob Eckos (1st Round) 3. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Dixie (1st Round) 4. C.M. Punk vs. Sonjay Dutt (1st Round) 5. Alex Shelly vs. Ruckus (1st Round) 6. Homicide vs. The Grimm Reefer (1st Round) 7. Johnny Ova vs. Dan Barry (1st Round) 8. Shawn Sheridan vs. Deranged (1st Round) 9. Slyk Wagner Brown vs. Dave Greco (1st Round) 10. Jay Lethal vs. C.M. Punk (Quarterfinals) 11. Homicide vs. Alex Shelly (Quarterfinals) 12. Slyk Wagner Brown vs. Johnny Ova (Quarterfinals) 13. Alex Shelly vs. Shawn Sheridan (Quarterfinals) 14. Jay Lethal vs. Jimmy Jacobs (Semifinals) 15. Homicide vs. Slyk Wagner Brown (Semifinals) 16. Jonny Storm vs. Striker 17. Homicide vs. Jay Lethal (Finals).

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