MEWF 4/9/94 Essex, MD

1. Joe Thunder vsw. Shane Shamrock(Mid Atlantic title, finish only)
2. New Sensation, JR Wolfe & Comet vs. Son of Satan, Colossal Kong & Wolfman (in progress)
3. Morgus the Maniac vs. Max Thrasher (finish only)
4. Duane & Whyne Gill vs. Dino Casanova & Romeo Valentino (WWA tag titles)
5. Nikolai volkoff vs. Ruassian Assasin (finish only)
6. Chad Austin vs. Ricky Blues (many highspots)
7. Hollywood Bob Starr vs. Mika khoury (in progress)
8. Heavenly Bodies vs. Jimmy Jannetty & Rich Myers
9. Lucifer the Knight of the Road vs. Doink the Clown (MEWF title, intros and finish only)
10. Brutis Beefcake vs. kamala
11. Ninja Warrior vs. Scotty McKeever
12. Doug Gibson vs. Buddy Landel (Barbed wire match)

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