PWF 4/12/01 Pottstown, PA

1. Kevin Night vs Mike Kehner 2. Hadrian vs Roman 3. SAT vs Adam Flash & Danny Rose ...really good match. Red of the SAT is truly an unbelievable high-flyer 4. Ty Street vs Bret Thomas 5. Steve Corino & Mikey Whipwreck vs Gino Giavani & J.D. Powers...Rob Feinstein made his debut as the Fun Athletic Guy in the corner of Giavani & Powers. Also, Jack Victory tunred on Corino. 6. Guillotine LaGrande vs Biggie Biggs 7. The Damned vs The Backseat Boys 8. Red vs Billy Bax vs Evan Leppy in a 3 way ladder match. 9. Lou E's Danger Zone with Jack Victory ended in a pull-apart brawl with Steve Corino 10. Dylan Knight vs Reckless Youth 11. Little Guido Maritato vs Rapid Fire Maldanado

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