Pro Wrestling World-1 9/16/05

Pro-Wrestling WORLD-1
September 16, 2005
Philadelphia, PA

  1. W-1 ITV Tournament Quarterfinal: Johnny Kashmere (PWU) vs. Alex Law (W-1)
  2. WORLD-1/PWF Universal tag team titles: Greg Spitz & Mark Mest (w/Rob Dimension-PWF) vs. Steve Corino & CW Anderson (W-1)
  3. Ricky Landell (W-1) & Kazushi Miyamoto (All Japan) vs. Jay Lethal (JAPW) & Ricky Reyes (PWG)
  4. W-1 ITV Tournament Quarterfinal: King Kaluha (Free) vs. Larry Sweeney (Chikara) w/Marcus Dowling
  5. Allison Danger & Cindy Rogers (WXW) vs. Sumie Sakai (W-1) & Alere Little Feather (IWA)
  6. PWF Universal title (decision match): Chris Hamrick vs. Josh Daniels

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