Shoot with David Sammartino

David Sammartino tells all! Nothing held back about his famous father, "The Living Legend" Bruno Sammartino!

David Sammartino is the son of one of the most legendary superstars of wrestlings past, Bruno Sammartino. He has spent time wrestling in Georgia Championship Wrestling, AWA, and the former WWF.

Even though he wrestled at Wrestlemania 1 and challenged Stan Hansen for the AWA World Title, David never reached the level of success that his father had. In this interview David talks about his struggle to become great and the pressures of being the son of a Living Legend.

David has some very serious things to say about his father. He holds nothing back when discussing their relationship both in and out of the ring. This is a very insightful look at the Sammartino family and how it shaped David into the man he is today.

David also talks seriously about steroids and the way they can affect a person's life both physically and mentally. He is open and honest about how steroids changed him and his relationship with his father. This is a must see for any fan of the Sammartino family.

Don't miss this look into the life of David Sammartino!

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