Shoot with Ken Anderson

In his short WWE career, Ken Anderson turned into one of the most controversial wrestlers of the decade. For the first time since appearing on WWE Raw, Ken Anderson sits down and answers all of the hard questions. It is with great excitement that RF Video presents its newest Shoot Interview with Ken Anderson...Anderson. Ken takes us through his early days as an independent wrestler. Ken talks about working early for the WWE on Heat and in dark matches. Ken talks about his brief career in TNA Wrestling. How close was he to signing a contract? Why didn't he sign a deal? How would things have changed for Ken? Ken talks about how he got into the WWE. Ken talks about his days getting ready in OVW. Ken talks about working with Paul Heyman. How did Heyman influence his career? Who came up with the whole Mr. Kennedy concept? What were the expectations of the gimmick? Who helped him the most in and out of the ring in OVW? Ken talks about being called up to the WWE. How was he welcomed by the locker room? How did the office react when Bob Holly was injured in his first pay-per-view match? Where did this reputation of being an injury-prone wrestler come from? Is it true or is this an Internet urban legend? Ken Anderson sets the record straight and gives a brutally honest opinion of his own misgivings. Ken talks about the friendships he forged in the WWE. Ken talks in length about his close friendship with St eve Austin. How close was a match with Austin to happening? How did that change his standing in the locker room? Ken gives insight like you won't hear anywhere else about the current political structure of the WWE locker room. Some people aren't going to be happy about this one. Ken also talks about problems with specific wrestlers in the WWE locker room. Why does Ken feel that Shawn Michaels hated him? How did Triple H react to Ken's success as a babyface? What were the politics like going Raw to SmackDown? What happened when Paul London injured him overseas? What was it like to work with the Undertaker? Ken also talks about the different aspects of his relationship with Randy Orton over the years. These are stories you won't hear anywhere else! Ken also addresses some of the more controversial aspects of his career. Did he really use steroids? How did the office react after the things he said on TV following the Benoit tragedy and breaching the Wellness Policy? Was he really in line to be Vince's son? Ken also gives his side of the story told by Bob Holly in his Shoot Interview. Ken reacts and fights back against his harshest critics in this Shoot Interview. Ken also talks in length about his final week in the WWE. What happened on the night of the infamous 10-man tag team match? Did he really come close to injuring Randy Orton? Was he injured? What really happened in the locker room following the match? Ken breaks down the fact and fiction about one of the strangest weeks in WWE history. Ken is one of the most open wrestlers we have ever had sit in the Shoot Interview chair. Ken's interview is well over three hours and gives detailed answers about everything. If you are looking for yes or no answers, this one is not for you. It is with great honor and excitement that RF Video brings you the other side of the story. RF Video presents the Ken Anderson Shoot Interview. Were you a wrestling fan growing up Who did you enjoy watching What did you do before getting into the business How did you get into the business What was the training like What was the biggest misconception of the business that you had What was the hardest thing in training Memories of the independents Thoughts on Ian Rotten and IWA Mid South Did anyone mentor you early on Memo ries of working WWE squash matches early on Memories of matches with William Regal How did the rest of the locker room treat you Was there anyone there that took you under their wing Impressions of Jim Ross from back then Were you given the impression by anyone that they liked you Did any of the vets take liberties with you Memories working for TNA Were you treated better or worse there Impressions of Jeff Jarrett Is it true that you were had contract talks with TNA Looking b ack are you surprised that TNA is still in business Initial impressions of OVW Thoughts on Paul Heyman How critical was he to your success Memories of CM Punk from OVW Favorite guys to work with Favorite ribs Memories of wrestling the Dudleys Memories of Dan Puder and Matt Cappotelli Who came up with the whole Kennedy name and gimmick How were you notified you were being moved up Were you ready < div style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt" class=MsoNormal>How approachable was Vince Was there a feeling out process by the locker room towards you Favorite guys to travel with Memories of doing angles early on with JBL Is he a bully Memories of matches with Rey Mysterio Memories of matches with Bob Holly What happened in your No Mercy match when Holly suffered a rib injury Did you get any heat from it Memories teaming with Randy Orton Memories of Bob Orton Memories of wrestling Roddy Piper Memories of matches with Batista You wrestled Eddie Guerrero in his last match. Did you notice anything different about him that night Thoughts on Eddie How did you tear your muscle in 2005 Did you feel pressure to come back early What happened in the match against Batista when you got thrown into the steps What was it like to do angles with Vince Was he easy to work with Thoughts on Stephanie and Shane Memories of matches with=2 0Bobby Lashley Memories of matches with the Undertaker Memories of matches with Chris Benoit Memories of matches with Sabu When you won Money in the Bank, did you expect a title run How frustrated were you when you tore your tricep Did you think youd get a title run at some point Memories of matches with Edge Did you know in advance youd be drafted How different are the politics on RAW from SmackDown How did you wind up doing all of those media appearances after Chris Benoitís death Did the office force you out20there Can you understand why some people would think you are a hypocrite after making statements and then breaching the Wellness Policy What is your side of the story Do you still stand by your statements, specifically what you said about the disgruntled veterans who spoke out How close were you to being revealed as Vinceís son What was the plan going to be Do you think you would have had a job for life if that happened What happened in the match between you and John Cena when he suffered the injury Thoughts on John Cena Thought s on Triple H Thoughts on Shawn Michaels Thoughts on matches with Jeff Hardy Memories of your series with Ric Flair How did you land the role for Behind Enemy Lines Did you like working more as a face or a heel What happened when you dislocated your shoulder against Shelton Benjamin How do you react to what Bob Holly said about you in our interview with him Have you made amends with him Are you prepared to fight him if you see him When you most recently came back to the WWE, what were the long term plans Did you expect a feud with Randy Orton Has Randy changed since he became successful People close to Triple H have said he didnít like you, did you get that impression What are your memories of the ten man tag team match What went wrong Is it true that Vince flipped out after the match Do you think you were unjustly fired Were any of the rumors about you injuring your wrist true Why were you let go from the WWE Were you surprised Do you think the door is open to return in some form What are you legally restricted to do in your next gig as far as the Kennedy gimmick is concerned Can you still do your own ring announcements Do you have plans to go to TNA Do you miss wrestling regularly Is it true that you have taken up culinary over the last few years Can TNA compete with the WWE Favorite road stories Do you prefer working with v ets or younger guys on indy shows How do you respond when people say your injury prone or green Is it hard to make a living as an independent wrestler Good road stories Do you see yourself with another WWE run? Is there anyone you wished to work with that you havent What do you think is lacking on the indys today Do you ever want to write a book

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