Shoot with Powers of Pain

RF Video sat down with Warlord and Barbarian, The Powers of Pain on 10/30/04. They discussed their entire life from beginning to current day going through all their fueds and territories they worked for. Here is a list of topics they talked about: -Barbarian discusses working in sumo wrestling -How the transition was from sumo to pro wrestling -Memories of Barbarian's very first match -Ending up in Georgia -Working in Memphis -Who came up with his face paint gimmick -Comparison of Memphis and Georgia -If he liked the competiton or gimmicks better than the other -Thoughts of Ronnie Garvin -How Warlord got started in the business -If he watched wrestling before he got in -What Crockett promised him when he got there -Who Warlord trained with -Most influential guy to him at the time -Memories of working with Baby Doll -Warlords memories of matches and angles with Dusty Rhodes -First match -Warlord and Barbarian's thoughts of Dusty Rhodes -What they remember of Magnum TA's car accident -Initial thoughts of going to New Japan -How long it took them to get used to the style -Thoughts of working with Inoki -Who's idea it was to put them together as a tag team -Who they believe is the best team in the business -Memories of the Road Warriors -Thoughts on their barbed-wire matches -Thoughts of scaffold matches -What they think of Ric Flair -Opinion of Lex Luger -Any politics between Flair & Dusty for the top spot? -Memories of being managed by Ivan Koloff -Good road stories -What happened in the bar fight Barbarian got into -Who approached them to work for the WWF -If they were under contract or not -What Dusty thought about them leaving -Initial impressions of the WWF -Story of them being ribbed by Mr. Fuji -Who made the business decisions for the Powers of Pain -Fueding with Demolition -Early memories of Mr. Fuji -What the travel schedule was like in the WWF -Thoughts of the drug scene in wrestling -Thoughts of steroids in the business -Memories of matches with Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart -What Hulk Hogan was like in and out of the ring -If there were any locker room leaders or cliques in the WWF -Matches with the Bushwhackers -Memories of The Rockers, Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty -When did Vince try to split them up -Memories of working with Hulk Hogan -What the Ultimate Warrior was like outside the ring -Thoughts of Jake Roberts -Memories of Randy Savage -If Randy was over protective of Elizabeth -Story about the Nasty Boys -Memories of Andre the Giant -Story of Andre and Warrior -Thoughts of Zeus -Fame of being on television -Memories of Dusty coming into the WWF -How he was treated by the boys -Ric Flair coming into the WWF -Working with Davey Boy Smith -Working with Kerry Von Erich -Warlords singles matches with Jimmy Snuka -Matches with Bret Hart -Thoughts of Chris Walker -Barbarian's thoughts of teaming with Fatu -Working with Ricky Steamboat -Favorite people to work with in WWF -Least favorite -Any politics involved in WWF -Why they left the WWF -If WCW ever tried to put them back together -Teaming with Mick Foley -Thoughts of match from Superclash -Memories of working with Tony Atlas -How he got along with Bill Watts -Memories of Vader -Going back to New Japan and working with Scott Norton -Like working the US or Japan better -Thoughts on Haku as a person -Warlord tells the story of Haku biting a guy's nose off in a bar -Story of Haku in St. Louis laying out 4 guys at a club -Injuries suffered in the ring -Working for Tenryu in Japan -Working for Herb Abrams -Barbarian's memories of Tower of Doom, triple cage match -Do they prefer working tag matches or singles -Did Hogan change at all from WWF to WCW -Working heel or babyface better -If anyone ever tried to take advantage of them in the ring -What led to Warlords retirement in 1996 -What Warlord does now for a job -Celebrities he works for -Cities they liked to work in -What Barbarian does outside of the ring for a job -Any regrets in the business -People they would have liked to work with that they didn't get the chance to -Warlords reaction to his gimmick outfit -Good rib stories in WWF -Great rib stories that Mr. Fuji did -Stories of Jake Roberts and his snake -Regrets

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