Shoot with Rocky King

Rocky King was one of the most entertaining superstars of the eighties. Rocky begins his interview with his humble beginnings training in North Carolina to traveling the country with Mike Jackson. He talks about the trials and tribulations of living on the road and his eventual move to Florida.

Rocky soon found himself back in Charlotte, North Carolina under the watchful eye of Pez Whatley. Rocky talks about what it was like to put so many of the superstars over and making other people look good. He then goes to talk about Dusty Rhodes, Ric Flair and Lex Lugar. Rocky gives his honest opinions of the men that helped make Mid-Atlantic a wrestling hot bed. The stories he tells of Lex Lugar will shock you!

Rocky talks seriously about racism in wrestling. He talks about some the biggest superstars and how they felt towards him and other African-American wrestlers. You will not believe some of the stories Rocky tells about racism in wresting.

He tells stories involving wrestlers who had caught crabs as well as a wrestler who had a bad habit of peeing on other wrestlers!! You won't belive the stories that Rocky tells. Rocky holds nothing back when he talks about the way he was treated by some of the other wrestlers.

He then tells the infamous story that got him fired involving a fight between him and one of the members of the Freebirds. This will shock you!!

Rocky then addresses the racial lawsuit associated with WCW and how he was involved. This is information that you would never know until you hear it.

Rocky finishes his interview with his sometimes partner sometimes opponenet George South. George and Rocky spend the last portion of the interview telling stories and reliveing memories on the road. This DVD also features bonus footage of Rocky King vs. George South from the Tribute to Starcade in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Rocky holds nothing back in this shoot and you will learn things about top stars that you never knew were true. Don't miss this!!

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