Shoot with Ronnie Garvin

"Hands Of Stone" Ronnie Garvin sat down with RF Video for this exclusive Shoot Interview to discuss his entire career. He has been to every territory and worked all the biggest names and he's open in talking about it all here. Find out who he respected, who he liked to work with and Garvin isn't afraid to give his true feelings on those he didn't respect including Dusty Rhodes. You'll learn something about life in the territories and NWA as Garvin discusses his entire career. Topics include:

-Getting into the wrestling business
-Who training him and what it was like
-Talks about his first match
-Early promotions
-Talks about Pat Patterson
-Teaming with Terry Garvin
-Wrestling in Florida in the late 60's
-Getting the nicknames of Hands of Stone and The One Man Gang
-Going to Georgia
-Teaming with Ole Anderson
-Teaming with Terry Garvin to feud with Bob Armstrong & Robert Fuller over the NWA Georgia tag titles in early 1974
-Favorite matches and angles in Georgia
-Wrestling in South Eastern Championship Wrestling?
-Working for Angelo Poffo
-His feud with Randy Savage
-The Miss Atlanta Lively gimmick and teaming with Jimmy Valiant against The Midnight Express at Starrcade 85
-How he went around town in the Miss Atlanta Lively gimmick the week prior to the show
-Memories of the first Jim Crockett Memorial Tag Team Tournament?
-Talks about his feud with Tully Blanchard and the taped fist series at Bash 86
-Was the blade used too much in the NWA
-What were the backstage politics like back then
-Wrestling Nikita Koloff
-Did Magnum TA's auto accident effect the morale in the locker room
-The fireball angle with Jim Cornette
-Teaming with Barry Windham
-Feuding with The Midnight Express
-Jimmy Garvin's babyface turn
-The hotel angle where he dressed up in drag and knocked out Ric Flair
-Finding out he was winning the NWA Title
-Memories of that match in Detroit with Flair
-The decision to take the belt off him
-Wrestling as world champion but not positioned as the main event on house shows
-The cage match at Starrcade '87
-Talks about the Four Horsemen concept and was there any particular member he prefered to work with
-Thoughts when Crockett bought the UWF from Bill Watts
-Memories of the fued with The Garvins vs. The Varsity Club
-The Tower of Doom match
-The decision to turn heel on Dusty Rhodes at Bash '88 and why it happened
-Why he quit the company shortly after the heel turn
-Thoughts on Dusty Rhodes as a booker
-Favorite matches and angles in the NWA
-Going to work for the AWA and thoughts on Verne Gagne
-His feud with Greg Gagne
-How he ended up going to WWF
-Talks about his time in the WWF and why he respects Vince McMahon
-Why left WWF
-Memories of wrestling for WWC in Puerto Rico
-Carlos Colon
-Fire matches in Puerto Rico
-Working for Jim Cornette in Smoky Mountain Wrestling
-His feud with Paul Orndorff
-Working on the indies
-Thoughts on today's wrestling
-All that and much more!

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