Shoot with Shannon Moore

Shannon Moore "Prince of Punk" He was very open and some of his stories were just awesome. Here is a list of topics that he talked about in his shoot interview: How old were you when you first started wrestling How did you wind up training for wrestling. Did you train yourself or did you get trained? How quickly did you pick it up What do you remember about your first match Who were your fav opponents to wrestle on the indys Who were your fav promoters to work for Were you ever stiffed by a promoter and if so by who Any good road stories from the indys Fav matches you had on the indys How did you meet the Hardys Fav memories of Omega Memories of working for Bert Prentice's music city Any funny Bert stories Were you discouraged early in ur career by your size Did the Hardys ever change with their success First memories of meeting Shane Helms Matt Hardy said in his book that Shane has a quick temper, is that true Memories of Bo Dupp Memories of the Bad Street Boys Are you surprised Joey and Christian didn't get picked up by WWE when WCW was bought Did you watch tapes to develop your style and if so, who did you watch Did you ever have any talks with ECW before you went into WCW or WWE for that matter How did you get into WCW Is it true that Kanyon had something to do with it. Did the vets give you a hard time in WCW due to your size Talk about the politics in WCW Initial thoughts on Vince Russo How did the 3 Count gimmick come about Kanyon said in an interview that he thinks you guys were hurt early on by placed later in the shows when people were tired and not responsive as compared to if you guys opened the shows. Do you think that's accurate? Did you ever want to leave Evan Karagias on the side of the road and hope he never found you guys again? When you guys started workin the Young Dragons regularly, was the idea to develop a Hardy-Christian and Edge series? Did the Hardys give you any advice when you went into WCW Memories of matches with the Dragons Any fav matches or spots that stick out Did you guys get any heat from vets on the top of the cards who felt you guys were setting too high of a standard At what point did the 6 of you realized you had something good Memories/thoughts on your match with Shane in the Cruiserweight tournament Was there ever any talk about breaking you guys out as singles stars How did things change when Eric Bischoff came back and started working with Vince Russo Who were your fav cruisers to work with Thoughts on ur feud with Norman Smiley Thoughts on your feud and the angles with Brian Knobbs How did Shane's injury affect your push Was it tough not being involved in the New Blood-Millionaires feud How did you wind up with Tank Abbot Any good Tank stories in and out of the ring Did you have any mentors in WCW Did any of the vets ever screw you guys over early on before you guys became more seasoned Thoughts on Ric Flair Thoughts on Buff Bagwell Thoughts on your matches with MIA How come you guys went back to the Young Dragons after that. You took a leave of absence after Starrcade 2000 and started wrestling in NWA Wildside. Why did you guys take time off? When you guys came back you teased the break up and finally did with Shane. Were you guys for that? How come you think Shane got a bigger push than you How did poltics affect you guys as you guys got more of a push in WCW Was WCW as disorganized as people say Memories of working Rey Misterio Jr & Kidman How were you treated by and thoughts on Nash Memories of Hogan, treated by and thoughts What do you think killed WCW Are you bitter about WCW dying Would you have been part of Eric Bischoff's new WCW How did you find out it was sold What was your reaction as well as the other guys How were you treated by and thoughts on Sting How were you treated by and thoughts on Luger Thoughts on Goldberg Thoughts on Kidman Thoughts on Konnan Thoughts on Ernest Miller Thoughts on Scott Steiner What do you remember about the final Nitro Take us through how things were ran from the moment you entered the building until after you left How soon did you know that you would be picked up by WWE Did you have a meeting with anyone to go over yours and their expectations Were you at the training camp in WWE when Shane and Buff got into a fight What were your thoughts when you were told you going to have to be retrained down in HWA Do you think you needed to be retrained or do you think you were ready to step into the WWE Thoughts on Les Thatcher What was the attitude like amongst the guys that had WWE contracts that came from WCW but were sent to HWA Why do you think it took several months to be brought up from HWA Thoughts on Elix Skipper Memories of your dark match at Rebellion against Bill DeMott. How important was that match to your career. When were you told you were finally being brought up Did you have any kind of a stigma on you coming from WCW Was Matt Hardy at all influential in bringing you up Thoughts on Bradshaw. You wrestled the APA invitational. Thoughts on your Summerslam match with Kidman Thoughts on the WWE agents How different was WWE run, the locker room as compared to WCW Did Matt request you being put with him. Thoughts on your series with Chavo Jr. Did you feel more pressure on you in the WWE or WCW What was it like to work Wrestlemania 20 Thoughts on your matches with Jamie Noble Was it hard being a full time wrestler and a newlywed Thoughts on Spanky Thoughts on matches with Eddie Guerrero Thoughts on Paul Heyman Thoughts on Dave Lagana Did it bother you when you were booked as a bumper for the big guys like in the angle after Matt jumped to Raw as compared to being a cruiserweight? Did you and Shane ever ask to be reunited as even a one time only kind of deal Did you see ECW One Night Stand, thoughts Do you think a WCW One Night Stand would be successful Memories of the El Gran Luchadore angle Thoughts on Brock Lesnar and the way he left without putting people over since you were one of many that put him hover Thoughts/memories of matches with Paul London What happened on March 21 when you were in an auto accident Did you come back too quick How was it to work with Joey on Smackdown Thoughts on his success Thoughts on teaming with Scotty 2 Hotty Thoughts on the Edge, Lita, Matt Hardy situation If it comes out that it was all a big work, how upset would you be with Matt Thoughts on the Undertaker It has come out that Joey Abs slashed Edges tires to get even with Matt. What are your thoughts on the whole fallout between Joey and Matt Thoughts on Jeff Hardy Are you surprised or angry at Jeff for giving up what you worked so hard to achieve and may have never achieved at his level. Thoughts on Vince Did you find him approachable Thoughts on Stephanie and did you find her approachable Do you think there is anything you could have done differently to have stayed employed How did you find out you were being let go Were you surprised Fav matches in the WWE Fav guys to work with and why Least fav guys to work with and why At what point in your career did you think you made it Any regrets Does it bother you when you see less talented guys being pushed at a time when your released, specifically guys like Heidenreich, Chris Masters, etc. Thoughts on Batista and Cena as the future of the company What is your future Do you think TNA has a future You attended a TNA show recently, do you see yourself working there when your no compete expires Is there anyone you didn't get a chance to work with that you wished you would have Can you make the adjustment to going back to work on the indys Is there anyone on the indys you are looking forward to working with Do you think you have a place back in the WWE since Matt is back Are you surprised that Matt is back Are you prepared for life after wrestling Do you have any plans to wrestle in Japan or Mexico Do you think that the newer slower paced style WWE are emphasizing hurts someone like you who likes to take high risks Thoughts on John Laurenitus Did you feel pressured to take steroids Do you want to go out there and prove something to the guys in the WWE who said you couldn't make it and released you.

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