Shoot with The Mountie Jacques Rougeau

RF Video proved once again tonight not only are we the King of shoots interviews but we do the best shoots in the business. Tonight for the first time ever RF VIDEO conducted a shoot interview with "THE MOUNTIE" JACQUES ROUGEAU. This was a great interview as Jacque had so many incredible wrestling stories. This was the kind of shoot that could have went on for 5 hours. He went into such detail with everything that we asked. We talked about his family backround. He talks about what it was like growing up around the business. We talked about how we worked in Canada for Stu Hart, Alabama Memphis, Georgia WWF and WCW. What is was like to feud with Terry Taylor in Memphis and why they got into a legit fist fight. What happened with the Road Warriors in Canada and why he never got along with Hawk near the end. We discussed his famous feuds with the Killer Bees, Rockers, Beefcake and Valentine and of course the British Bulldogs. He talks about why his brother quit wrestling and how he went onto become the Mountie. There are a ton of backstage stories with Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage, and Andre the Giant. You will hear all about how Hulk Hogan put him over in his home town and what it meant to him. He talks about drugs in the locker room and also the travel schedule. We discuss his managers and why he did not like Raven. He talks about his singles matches with Roddy Piper, Bret Hart and many others You will find out why he did not like Eric Bishoff as well. The one thing about this shoot that Doug and myself could not stop talking about was the Dynamite Kid story. If you never heard about the infamous story about Dynamie Kid and Jacque, where they got into a few backstage fights and in the end Jacques planned over a two week period his ultimate revenge your about to!!!! Jacques will take you on a 25 minute story breaking down exactly what went down with him and Dynamite and how it all started. You will hear about the first rib to start the fight that involved Curt Henning. How was Bret Hart, Don Muraco, Jim Niedhart, Bad News Allen, and Davey Boy involved. He talks about how he got attacked by Dynamite Kid in the locker room and how he got his ass kicked and his brother could not help him because he was on crutches. He than talks about what it was like to face his family after his beating and how he went into his revenge mode. Hear how he baited Dynamite for two weeks before he got his revenge. He tells us for the first time ever what he did in the locker room to make himself look weak for two weeks leading up to his ultimate revenge. How did he plan his attack on Dynamite Kid. What did he tell his brother. Then we get to the famous night where he attacked Dynamite Kid in the hall way and how the clique tried to get involved. Here about the famous meeting that Vince had with them afterwards where he was a bloody mess and he had to lock himself in Vinces office with his brother with table legs ready to fight even more. What did Vince say to them and why did the Bulldogs quit after that. But before they quit they had to work the Survivor Series. You will hear what went down that day with him and Dynamite as well and did they work the match together. He than talks about how he told Dino Bravo to get his "friends ready" because he was scared for his life legit. He told us that he told Dino that he wanted him to have Dynamite Kids home address and if for any reason Jacques did not get a chance to call home at night than Dino would know what to do. This was one intense interview and it has the best story ever in the history of our shoots with the inside scoop on Dynamite. You will hear what he is doing today and also what would happen if he ever were to meet Dynamite.Here is a list of just some of the topics that we talked about: -What was it like growing up in a wrestling family -When was the first time you remember your dad smartening you up -Do you remember any of the old time wrestlers that you would hang around with -How close were you and your brother growing up -How old were you when you told your dad you wanted to wrestle -How open to the idea was your dad -What was your training like -Early memories of Pat Patterson -Memories of Billy Robinson -Thoughts on Ole Anderson -What did your time as a job guy in Georgia teach you -How did you wind up in Alabama -Memories of Dennis Condrey -Thoughts on the Fullers -Memories of Jos LeDuc -Memories of Terry Gordy -How did you wind up in Memphis -How did you wind up with the name Jerry Roberts -Thoughts on Lawler and Jerry Jarrett -Memories of your series with Terry Taylor -Memories of Bobby Eaton -Memories of Jim Cornette -Thoughts on Bill Dundee -How competitive was the locker room in Memphis as far as egos -What were the road trips like -Memories of Jimmy Valiant -Were you ribbed at all in Memphis -Memories of Buddy Landel -Did you ever come close or consider working for Bill Watts or the Von Erichs -Were you treated any differently when you returned and started wrestling ft in Canada with your brother -Memories of working for Dino Bravo and Gino Brito -Memories of your series with the Garvins -Why do you think the series was so successful -Memories of working the Road Warriors -Early memories of Haku -Were you and your brother ever going to work for Stu Hart -How did you wind up in the WWF -What were your intial impressions of Vince -Being in Canada, did you realize how big the WWF was getting -Were you guys accepted right away in the locker room -When was the first time you met Bret Hart -INitial memories of Hulk Hogan -Memories of Andre -Memories of your series with Valentine and Beefcake -What do you remember about the 68000 Toronto show -Were you surprised when Harley Race came over -Did it change you to go from being regionally known in Canada to now becoming famous world wide -How bad was the drug scene -You missed a few shows with an injury at the end of 86, what happened -Were you surprised when Dino Bravo came over -Memories of your series with the Hart Foundation -Did you prefer working them as compared to the others because it seemed the work rate was much faster and more intense -In 1987 you missed a few shows also, what happened -You did a few singles matches with Don Muraco, how did you like singles as compared to tags -Memories of Wrestlemania 3 -What happened with the title change that was overturned in Montreal with the Hart Foundation -What do you remember about randy savage locking elizabeth in closets -Did it bother you that it seemed you guys were passed over for about a year and a half for tag team title programs. -Towards the end of 1987 & 88 you guys were working openers with the Conquistadors -Memories of your series with the Killer Bs -Were you guys for or against the heel turn -Memories of your series with the Rockers -Did you think Bret or Shawn would go on to become successful singles stars -Memories of your second series of matches with the Hart Foundation -Memories of your draw at Summerslam against the Bulldogs -When did you start to sense tension between you and your brother and the Bulldogs -The story goes that you thought they had cut up your suits. It was actually Curt Hennig that did it. How did you find out Curt did it. -How did Dynamite react when you confronted him. -Two weeks later you had a big confrontation. How much thought went into what you were going to do -Did you consult any of the other boys -Were you afraid youd lose your jobs -What happened that night in Ft. Wayne, Indiana -How did Vince react -What was the reaction of the boys when word got around -In hindsight it has come out that you paid for his teeth, after the company paid for it so he wound up getting an extra 1800 bucks. Thoughts? -Memories of your 60 plus mn matches with the Rockers -How did the fans react to those -Memories/thoughts on Rick Martel -Was there a Canadian clique at all -Why did Raymond retire -What did you do when you took your short sabbatical -How did the Mountie gimmick come about -Did you like working singles as the Mountie better than the tags -Memories of your series with Bossman -Memories of your series with Bret -Memories of your series with Piper -Were you disappointed you only had the IC Title for a week -Did you realize your run was over when you wound up goin around the horn putting Tatanka over -How did you wind up being paired with Pierre Oulette -How did you guys wind up with Scott Levy -Thoughts on Scott Levy -What do you remember about Vince's steroid trial -Did you ever use steroids -Memories of working the Steiners -Did the steiners ever try and get cute with you guys -Memories of headlining the Survivor Series -Were you treated as a vet or locker room leader during this time since you had been there almost 10 yrs -Memories of your matches with the Hart Brothers -Memories of working Bob Backlund -What lead to you finally leaving -How were things with you and Vince when you parted -How did Vince change over ten years -How did you wind up starting your own promotion -How did you wind up in WCW -You had a falling out with your brother, what happened -Thoughts on Eric Bischoff -Memories of the night you went over Hulk Hogan in Montreal -Did Hogan balk at doing the job -Compare the WCW locker room and management to WWFs -Why did you wind up getting fired -How did you wind up back in the WWF -Do you feel that Vince brought you back to just job you out -Were you treated as a veteran or more as a jobber by the younger guys -Why did you finally leave -Who were your fav and least fav guys to work with in the WWF and why -Do you think Vince ever mislead you about a push or belts -Road stories -Ribs -What do you think about the current state of the business -Do you think the business can come back -Do you think its karma what has happened to Dynamite Kid -Do you still keep in touch with guys from your era -Is it hard to adjust to life with no wrestling -Can the psychology of the 80s work today -Can a promotion in Canada be successful -When was the most fun you had in your career and the least -Who are some of your standout trainees

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