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CZW Best of the Best Tournament 2 6/8/02

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CZWs biggest show to date featured the debut of Jody Fleisch, Jonny Storm, B-Boy and Super Dragon, who all went on to steal the show. Fleisch and Storm both made names for themselves in one night with an unbelievable lightning quick high-flying bout. Can the CZW regulars compare to these awesome talents? Check out this tournament of daredevil action and hardcore violence. The CZW heavyweights take center stage with bloody, ultraviolence action!!! Wifebeaters back is mangled in this one!!! This show is a must for CZW fans!!!

1. Trent Acid vs MDogg vs Gabriel (1st Round)
2. Nick Berk vs. Super Dragon vs. B-Boy (1st Round)
3. Ruckus vs. Tony Mamaluke vs. Max Fury (1st Round)
4. Johnny Kashmere vs. Jonny Storm vs. Jodie Fleisch (1st Round)
5. Battle Royal
6. Trent Acid vs. MDogg 20 (2nd Round)
7. B-Boy vs. Super Dragon (2nd Round)
8. Ruckus vs. Tony Mamaluke (2nd Round)
9. Jonny Storm vs Jodie Fleisch (2nd Round)
10. Lobo vs. Wifebeater
11. Trent Acid vs. B-Boy (Semi-Finals)
12. Jody Fleisch vs. Ruckus (Semi-Finals)
13. Messiah vs. Nick Mondo vs. Justice Pain (CZW Heavyweight Title/CZW Iron Man Title Unification Match)
14. Trent Acid vs. Jody Fleisch (Best of the Best Finals).
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