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ECWA Roll of the Dice 1/18/03

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1. Battle Royal with the winner to face Japanese Pool Boy for the Mid-Atlantic Title
2. Striker vs. J.R. Ryder
3. Xero & Benny Stoltzfus vs. Inferno & Ruffhouse Rivera
4. Johnny & Joey Maxx vs. Billy Bax & Rob Eckos
5. Mozart Fontaine vs. Tyler Payne
6. Prince Nana, Xavier, & Mega vs. Cheetah Master & The Maximos (Street Fight)
7. Carlton P. Hightower, Rob Eckos, & Billy Bax vs. Trinity, Inferno, & Ruffhouse Rivera
8. The Amazing Red vs. Low Ki vs. Mike Kruel vs. American Dragon vs. Christopher Daniels (ECWA Title Match).
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