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ECWA's Greatest Matches

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Finally, these classics have been released for the first time right here on this loaded historical look at one of the most acclaimed independents ever- the ECWA!!! These matches were given to us personally by ECWA promoter Jim Kettner. They are a collection of his favorite contests from throughout the history of ECWA. He proclaims the Reckless Youth vs. Daniels bout the greatest match ever in the history of the company and that includes all the Super 8 bouts. Check it out for yourself on this action packed tape.

1. Reckless Youth vs. Christopher Daniels- 11/25/00
2. Scoot Andrews vs. Reckless Youth- 10/21/00
3. Christopher Daniels vs. Jeff Peterson- 4/17/00
4. Reckless Youth vs. Lance (Simon) Diamond vs. Ace Darling (Ladder Match)- 11/29/97
5. Steve Bradley vs. Diamond with Dawn Marie vs. Inferno- 11/25/00
6. Low Ki vs. American Dragon (Ricky Steamboat Special Referee)- 7/01
7. Andrews vs. Diamond vs. Pete Gas- 7/01
8. Scotty Too Hotty Taylor vs. Devon Storm (Crowbar)- 4/25/98
9. Billy Kidman vs. Reckless Youth 1/25/97
10. Jayson Reign vs. Reckless Youth- 4/7/01
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