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ECW DVD Package - All Hardcore TV & Commercial Shows

Price: $1,500.00
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Are you a die hard ECW fan? Want to own EVERY ECW HARDCORE TV SHOW EVER and EVERY ECW COMMERCIAL TAPE AND ECW PPV EVER!!!! Now you can for only $1500, if you take me up on this offer you will be saving $1100 right off the bat

This is why you should make this purchase from only us. We were the official company that filmed all of the ECW shows and worked with the company direct. These DVD’s are as is and are not edited at all, unlike what you get on the WWE Network.  Everything you get is exactly how it aired as is with  Joey Styles calling the action and all the Extreme action the way you remembered it.   THE QUALITY IS PERFECT!!!

The DVD’s will arrive in cases with artwork!!

You get EVERY single ECW HARDCORE TV show ever - 192 DVD’s (394 episodes) and EVERY ECW PPV and commercial tape ever released (72 DVDs). YES THIS IS UNEDITED WITH ORIGINAL MUSIC, JOEY STYLES calling the ACTION and not like the WWE NETWORK where they edited EVERYTHING that made ECW what it is and the reason why you fans still chant ECW at house shows, PPV's and TV tapings around the world. The quality is PERFECT!!!!

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