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ECW Raven vs. Sandman Fued Set

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Disc 1
1. Missy Hyatt Debuts (12/29/95) 
2. Raven vs. Sandman (12/29/95) 
3. Raven vs. Sandman (1/27/96) 
4. Raven & Kimona Promo (1/27/96) 
5. Sandman Dumps Woman (1/27/96) 
6. Woman Leaves ECW & Missy Joins Sandman (2/3/96) 
7. Sandman & Missy Promo (2/3/96) 
8. Raven vs. Sandman (2/17/96) 
9. Sandman & Missy Promo (2/17/96)

Fancam Bonus Matches
Sandman & Too Cold Scorpio vs. Raven & Cactus Jack (Reading, PA, 12/30/95)

Disc 2 
1. Sandman & Missy Promo (3/8/96) 
2. Raven vs. Sandman (JIP 3/8/96) 
3. Sandman & Missy Promo (4/20/96) 
4. Sandman & Missy Promo & Video (5/11/96) 
5. Raven vs. Sandman vs. Pitbull #2 (5/11/96) 
6. Sandman Injury Update (5/18/96) 
7. Raven Interview (5/18/96) 
8. The Divine Brown Angle (6/1/96) 
9. Pulp Fiction Promos (6/1/96) 
10. Sandman vs. Stevie Richards (6/1/96) 
11. Blue Dust Promo (6/1/96) 
12. Pulp Fiction Promos (6/1/96)

Fancam Bonus Matches
Raven vs. Sandman (Reading,PA, 5/4/96)

Disc 3 
1. Peaches Joins Raven (6/22/96) 
2. Raven vs. Terry Gordy - Sandman's son, Tyler joins Raven (6/22/96) 
3. Raven & Tyler Fullington Promo (7/2/96) 
4. Rage In The Cage hype (7/2/96) 
5. Pulp Fiction Promos (7/9/96) 
6. Sandman, Dreamer & Gordy vs. Raven, Richards & Lee (7/13/96) 
7. Raven, Peaches & Tyler Promo (7/16/96) 
8. Raven, Peaches & Tyler Promo (7/23/96) 
9. Sandman & Raven Brawl (7/30/96) 
10. KISS Invades ECW (8/3/96) 
11. Raven Interview (8/3/96) 
12. Sandman vs. Stevie Richards (8/3/96)

Fancam Bonus Matches
Sandman vs. Raven w/ Peaches & Tyler (Middletown, NY, 6/29/96)
Sandman son canes Dreamer & Sandman ( Deer Park, NY 6/30/96)

Disc 4 
1. Raven vs. Sandman (Fan Cam clip) 
2. Sandman Dumps Missy (8/24/96) 
3. Raven & Shane Douglas vs. Sandman & Pitbull #2 (8/24/96) 
4. Raven & Peaches Promo (9/10/96) 
5. Raven& Peaches Promo (9/10/96) 
6. Raven & Sandman Brawl (9/14/96) 
7. Tylers 7th Birthday Party (9/17/96) 
8. Ultimate Jeopardy Hype (9/24/96) 
9. Announcement Of Ravens Absence (10/5/96) 
10. Sandman & Tommy Dreamer vs. Stevie Richards & Brian Lee (10/5/96) 
11. Peaches Promo (10/19/96) 
12. Peaches Promo (10/19/96)

Fancam Bonus Matches
Sandman & Tommy Dreamer vs. Raven & Brian Lee (Flagstaff, PA, 9/13/96)
Raven vs. Sandman (Steel Cage Match, Middletown, NY, 9/21/96)
Raven vs. Sandman (Steel Cage Match, Allentown, PA, 9/27/96)

Disc 5 
1. Sandman vs. Too Cold Scorpio (10/26/96) 
2. Raven Promo (10/26/96) 
3. Raven Promo (11/5/96) 
4. Pulp Fiction Promos
5. November Rain Music Video (11/12/96) 
6. Raven vs. Sandman (11/16/96) 
7. Barbed Wire Match Hype (12/3/96) 
8. Raven vs. Sandman - Barbed Wire Match (12/7/96) 
9. ECW World Title Video (12/10/96) 
10. Raven Promo & Music Video (12/10/96)

Fancam Bonus Matches
Sandman & Tommy Dreamer vs. Raven & Brian Lee (Steel Cage Showdown, Staten Island, NY 11/1/96)
Sandman & Tommy Dreamer vs. Raven & Stevie Richards (Plymouth Meeting, PA, 11/15/96)
Raven vs. Sandman (Webster, MA, 11/22/96)
Raven vs. Sandman (Downingtown, PA, 11/29/96)
Sandman vs. Raven (Bensalem, PA, 11/30/96)

Disc 6 
1. Raven vs. Mikey Whipwreck (12/20/96) 
2. Raven vs. Sandman (1/3/97) 
3. Raven vs. Sandman (1/11/97) 
4. Raven Promo (1/16/97) 
5. Raven Promo (1/18/97) 
6. Raven vs. Sandman (Hair vs. Title,1/18/97) 
7. Raven vs. Dr. Death (2/1/97) 
8. Raven Promo (2/20/97) 
9. Sandman & Tyler Reunite (2/22/97)

Fancam Bonus Matches
Sandman & Gangstas vs. Raven & Eliminators (Flagstaff, PA, 12/6/96)
Raven vs. Sandman (Staten Island, NY, 12/21/96)
Sandman vs. Raven (Downingtown, PA, 12/27/96)
Raven vs. Sandman (Dog Collar Match, Allentown, PA 12/28/96)
Sandman vs. Raven (Hamburg, PA, 2/8/97)

Product Reviews

(11 Ratings, 5 Reviews) Average Rating:
ECW at its best
Jean Couture (Terrebonne, QC) 8/31/2014 8:08 AM
Whether its a house show, a TV taping, an ECW Arena show or a PPV, these two guys go at it and give 100% every single time. They don't care if there's 100 fans or 3000. They just give the same kind of performance. I really enjoyed all the fancam matches on there.
Amazing Set.
Steve Tell (Wilmington, OH) 2/16/2014 5:33 PM
This collection covers everything in the Sandman-Raven fued. Promos, all the televised matches, even the fancam matches as well. It really is a complete chronicle, and is worth every penny.
Incredible for 1996 or 2013.
Daniel Aguire (Princeton, WV) 11/13/2013 3:39 AM
This was the feud that attracted me to ECW back when I was 16-years-old; it has aged tremendously. Seriously, this isn't just nostalgia. Are you living in the past when you re-watch The Godfather? No. The concept remains the same here. The set is comprehensive. Thus, even if you didn't watch this back in '96…you are covered. You can feel the emotion of the angle involving Tyler. For example, the set not only has matches, but promos too. There was one promo, prior to barely legal, that I had never seen before. I strongly convey that it was the best Raven promo of all-time and I know that it is a bold statement. This set is loaded with house show footage too. ***thesis***this dvd set has footage included that you have never seen before, even if you were watching back then. Moreover, said dvd is so thorough that you could become emotionally invested, even if you weren't watching back then. We will never get ECW back. It's a shame that we have to get old. I find myself watching this and thinking…Don't go to WCW! It's like I am rooting for a different outcome. Raven was wasted in WCW and WWF. I hope that he was financially compensated well at least. Finally, this set is better than ANYTHING in present day. I have rambled here, but I strongly advocate your purchase. And, you won't have any buyer's remorse either. The only negatives that I could find would be the some of it is edited. However, it is clearly taken from the original hardcore tv broadcast. I still wished that it was totally unedited. Furthermore, the crucifixion angle is not included at all.
5 Stars Raven Sandman Feud Set
Robbby V (Washington DC ) 3/26/2012 2:21 PM
RF Video does it again. A great deal with a great price you cant go wrong. This shows the history of the feud between Sandman and Raven and it delivers. Nothing is left out here. This is for any true ECW fan.
Best coverages of a feud I have ever seen
Jesse Banks (Columbus, OH) 3/2/2012 10:48 PM
I must say this Is one of the best feud sets I have ever seen. The reason for this is as follows 1. Nothing is left out- By this I mean it is a complete history with all T.V. matches & fancam matches 2. It starts right at the beginning- Which means it starts when missy hyatt makes here debut 3. Another great thing are the fancam matches- I don't know rare fancam matches are when it comes to ecw or these two but from the look of the selection I would say pretty rare 4. The last point to make this worth buying is the VQ it's self I must say I am very happy I would say the VQ is 9 out of 10 or 10 out of 10 In closing pick anyone of these points and you won't be missing out. I say great work by rfvideo once again & as far as this customer goes you have a customer for life
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