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ECW The Night the Line Was Crossed

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1. 911 vs. Chad Austin

2. Sal Bellemo vs. Mr. Hughes

3. Sandman & Cairo vs. Pit Bull & Rebel (Dog Collar)

4. Public Enemy vs. Bruise Brothers (Falls Count Anywhere, wild)

5. Snuka vs. Dreamer

6. Original Sheik & Pat Tanaka vs. Sullivan & Tazmaniac

7. JT Smith vs. Mike Awesome

8. Sabu vs. Douglas vs. Funk (Triangle match, 1 hour)

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aproctor (Unknown) 9/19/2007 10:09 PM
This is where it all began. The night the line was crossed had the match which made ECW famous which was the Funk Vs Sabu Vs Shane Douglas. they went at it for an hour making a classic. This tape is wort buy for not only the match but to see ECW's early days. Defiantly worth your monney
The Night ECW Started A New Era
Syren (Unknown) 11/22/2009 6:47 PM
Ok first match 911 Vs Chad Austin.give Chad Austin credit but 911 is a monster.Sal Bellomo Vs Mr Hughes in the battle of Italy Vs The USA not that i am starting a war but Sal is the face here, Sandman/Tommy Cairo Vs Rockin Rebel/The Pitbull in a Dog Collar Match,and you know how dog collar matches are,Public Enemy(RIP) Vs The Bruise Bros,if there was a show stealer then this is it.fighting all over the arena,this one is gonna get pardon the pun Extreme,Jimmy Snuka Vs Tommy Dreamer.the first ever ECW whether it was NWA Eastern Championship Wrestling,Extreme Championship Wrestling or WWECW give Snuka credit, but don't sell Dreamer short,can Dreamer survive Snuka?Original Sheik/Pat Tanaka Vs Kevin Sullivan/Tasmaniac NKA TAZ,this was a wild match itself.J.T.Smith Vs Mike Awesome(RIP)in a battle of Frontier Martial Arts Wresting's Mike Awesome vs Future FBI Member JT Smith,can Smith survive Mike Awesome's power,watch how agile Awesome was. and finally the match that put ECW on the map, Shane Douglas,Sabu and Terry Funk all became wrestling gods.ok Funk was already one but Sabu became a International Wrestling God and Shane Douglas because a Extreme Wrestling God in this 1 Hour match that saw interference.brawling.and scientific wrestling at it's best.and after the match there's a interview between Douglas and Funk.if you are a real ECW fan get this one,don't get me wrong The Night The Line Was Crossed was awesome but ECW Ultra Clash 93 was the first sign of great things in ECW,
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