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ECW vs. USWA- Civil War of the 90s

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This tape is a must for all fans of the USWA & ECW. There is nothing more exciting in pro wrestling than a promotion vs promotion feud.They rarely occur in america,but when they do it is very special.Featured are matches,angles,& interviews that aired on both programs.The most exciting angles in years came out of this feud.This tape starts with jerry lawlers initial challenge to ECW & ends with the hardcore heaven 97 showdown between Tommy Dreamer & Jerry Lawler.Rare interviews from uswas 90mn. show as well from ECW wrestlers. This tape shows intensity & anticipation from start to finish.

1.Jerry Lawler challnges ECW.....USWA

2.Tommy Dreamer vs Raven..... Jerry Lawlers infamous debut at the ECW Arena....ECW

3.Fan Cam Intr:Tommy Dreamer....ECW

4.(2) Interviews :Jerry Lawler....ECW

5.Tommy Dreamer attacks Jerry Lawler....USWA

6.Tommy Dreamer-Jerry Lawler ..Confrontation.......USWA

7.Tommy Dreamer trashes the USWA studio....USWA

8.Sabu/Rob Van Dam vs Tommy Dreamer/Sandman....Jerry Lawler returns & Jim Cornette debuts...One of the wildest angles ever.....ECW

9.Intr:Jerry Lawler....ECW

10.Intr:Beulah ...ECW

11.Taz burns a WWF t-shirt....ECW

12.Intr:Jerry Lawler....ECW

13.Intr:Jim Cornette....ECW

14.Jerry Lawler/Sabu/Rob Van Dam vs Sandman/Tommy Dreamer/Mystery Partner..SteelCage Match...Rick Rude is the partner & turns on Dreamer & Sandman...One of the most intense matches ever.....ECW

15.Intr:Jerry Lawler....ECW

16.Intr:Tommy Dreamer.....ECW

17.Jerry Lawler burns an ECW t-shirt....USWA

18.Intr:Tommy Dreamer...USWA


20.Intr:Jerry Lawler/Brian Christopher...USWA

21.Intr:Taz...Clips of Taz are shown...USWA

22.Intr:Paul Heyman....One of the best interviews ever as Paul is surrounded by ECW guys as he does the interviews & trashes USWA ..Rare and absolutely classic....USWA


24.Sandman/Tommy Dreamer vs Brian Christopher/Jerry Lawler..Highlights/Total Brawl.....USWA

25.Intr:Jerry Lawler/Brian Christopher..Lawler get a letter from ECW & addresses the Christopher situation...USWA

26.Intr:PG-13.....They return alligned with ECW...USWA

27.Intr:Dutch Mantell....Tommy Dreamer & Jerry Lawler come out & all three brawl all over the studio....USWA

28.Tommy Dreamer vs Dutch Mantell...Highlights/Beulah & Lawler get involved....USWA

29.Intr:Jerry Lawler....ECW

30.Intr:Tommy Dreamer....ECW

31.Tommy Dreamer vs Jerry Lawler....Hardcore Heaven 97...ECW

32.Intr:Tommy Dreamer & video

Product Reviews

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A trip down memory lane.....
Steve Tell (Wilmington, OH) 5/25/2015 1:59 AM
This set covers the USWA-ECW rivalry and was an interesting watch for me, as I had never seen the USWA footage before. I certainly remember the ECW and WWF footage, but seeing the USWA footage was great. Highly recommended.
What's so civil about this war anyway?
Annoyed Grunt (Canada) 8/1/2014 10:56 PM
I love the idea behind these DVD's that chronicle entire feuds. The ECW side of things on this set is great with 3 amazing angles. There were only 2 full matches (one was more of an angle disguised as a match) and while they were good the blow off match didn't quite live up to the hype. Maybe I was just hoping Tommy would give Lawler a receipt for legit rupturing his testicle. As for the USWA side of things... Not so good. They would go out of business a couple months after this and it looks like a promotion on its last legs. Lawler legitimately thought ECW was Extremely Crappy Wrestling but USWA felt at least 10 years behind the times. Lawler would cut great heel promos in ECW but then would be pretty bland on his own show. You have an announcer who keeps mistaking Dreamer for the Sandman. USWA just looked inferior at every turn. Lawler shows up in ECW and the locker room empties as everyone tried to take him out. Dreamer shows up to trash the USWA studio and nobody seems to care. Of course he doesn't wreck too much as they probably didn't have the money to replace anything. At least it looks like the interprotional matches were good but we only saw clips. It's kind of funny, if you look at the USWA footage it's the story of ECW invading. But if you just watched ECW it would be the story of Jerry Lawler and his WWF cronies coming to take them out. The first story is a decent three stars but the second is close to five.
Really Good DVD
Jean Couture (Terrebonne, QC) 7/22/2014 8:42 PM
The feud of the summer 1997. The angles and the promos are as good as the matches. The USWA footage isn't the best, but it's still interesting. The set os worth it, for Sabu & RVD fans. The heat and the emotions are insane. EC FN W!
Good, but not Great
Mark Pierson II (Warrenton, VA) 6/16/2014 1:22 AM
This Showcase of a Classic Feud was good overall but would have been better overall with more wrestling and less talking. ECW showed how you present quality matches with quality commentary. USWA was okay. It would have been better for USWA to take a page from ECW: quality wrestling and commentary always wins out
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