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  • New Jack 2012 Shoot Interview
  • Sharing My Knowledge with Tommy Dreamer
  • Behind Closed Doors with Terry Funk & Shane Douglas
  • WSU Blitzkrieg 1/21/12
  • WSU Breaking Barriers 2
  • King Kong Bundy Shoot Interview

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  • Shoot Interview with New Jack 2012: When you hear the word shoot interview you automatically think of the one guy who is by far the most out spoken wrestler to ever sit down for a RF Video shoot interview. He was the very first person to do an RF Video shoot interview and holds no punches delivering all the stiff shots. I am talking about the one and only "Original Gangsta" New Jack!!!

    Journey into the mind of a maniac with the 2012 New Jack shoot interview because it is the most explosive shoot interview that New Jack has ever sat down for. Our law firm had to watch this one a few times just to give us clearance on this interview. New Jack talks about his most recent relationship failure and goes into full detail on what happened in his opinion. You can be sure that RF Video put a disclaimer out for this interview because these topics get down and dirty.

    It's been a few years since New Jack was in the hot seat and there was so much to talk about. Right off the bat I started the interview hard and heavy with my very first question, which was the entire ex-girlfriend situation from his point of view. New Jack gave us his side of the story and trust me, your going to want to hear what he has to say. New Jack spends nearly 40 minutes on this subject and he delivers the answers in typical New Jack fashion. I already made sure with our legal team that we could release this shoot and we are going to cover our asses. Before we talked about anything else New Jack verbally went off on Abdullah the Butcher and talked all about the infamous Hepatitis C claim against him. New Jack brings out his own personal doctors records to show the world something and I do not want to give it away but this is insane. He than challenges Abby to do the same with his blood tests too and New Jack buries the Butcher on a variety of subjects. We talked to New Jack all about the recent events with Tammy Sytch which you all know what I am talking about. New Jack talks talks about racism in pro wrestling and tells us about his new comedy career. He also ends the rumors on how many people he really killed when he was doing bounty hunting and then lets the world know that this is his last ever shoot DVD of all time. Trust me when I say this, you will all be watching this one over and over again. This New Jack shoot interview is by far the most intense interview we have ever conducted!!! He also said this would be his final shoot interview that he conducts by himself!!!!

    Sharing My Knowledge with Tommy Dreamer: In all of the years that RF VIDEO films certain wrestling projects there are always a few that stick out. There is always that one project that is a gem. This DVD is just one of those projects that is a true gem. Not because we did this with one of my best friends Tommy Dreamer, but because we did it with by far one of the most talented guys in the business as far as creative ideas goes and he was also in charge of talent relations for the WWE for many years. Tommy was responsible for hiring many of the top WWE stars that you see on your TV each week. He knows what the WWE and TNA is looking for and has helped 100's of wrestlers get their big break by giving them the opportunity to get hired by the WWE. He knows what the WWE is looking for and also knows on what you need to do to get a job with them as well.

    So when we wanted to conduct another wrestling seminar with a major name, we knew that Tommy Dreamer would be the best guest to get, after all he was the man in charge and has the most knowledge on how to get a john in the pro wrestling business. That is why we are calling this DVD..Sharing my Knowledge with Tommy Dreamer!!!!

    Tommy Dreamer hosted one of our biggest seminars ever at the legendary ECW arena. Just some of the names who were apart of this were Sami Callihan, Adam Cole, DJ Hyde and many others. This seminar was just by far the best we ever filmed. Tommy shared his knowledge on how to get into the business from every aspect imaginable as he shared so many amazing stories on every name in the business basically. If your a WWF, NWA, WCW, ECW or TNA fan your going to want this DVD. If your looking to break into wrestling this DVD is a must as Tommy knows what the WWE is looking for as he has hired 75% of their locker room.

    Tommy took questions from all of the young and aspiring wrestlers that were there. Tommys stories were at time hilarious. He has stories on all of the top names that you see on WWE TV and talks about how they got their jobs. There are a ton of never heard before stories. This is basically like a shoot interview because his stories are so freaking entertaining.

    As a special bonus we took Tommy into the empty ECW arena and had him talk about the history of the building and what it meant to him. Let him give you a personal tour of the arena as he looks back at some of his infamous bumps, angles and talks about how legends were born from Sabu, Foley, Guerrero, Benoit the worker (not the person), Public Enemy, Tazz, Jericho and the list goes on and on!!

    Cactus Jack - ECW Collection Set: Eight full discs full of Cactus Jacks greatest matches and promos from the land of extreme! From his debut until his very last night before heading to the WWE as Mankind.

    ECW Raven vs. Sandman Fued Set:This six disc set shows you all the matches and promos through the entire Raven and Sandman fued including matches against each other at house shows.

    Timeline History of WWE- 1986 George Steele: The first Wrestlemania is history and business is booming! Wrestlers are making top dollar, traveling all over the world, seeing dolls in the image, and some can even quit teaching and wrestle full time! Especially if they were in one of the WWE's hottest angles with Macho Man Randy Savage and Elizabeth.

    And such is the case with George The Animal Steele. The man behind that scary and lovable character takes you back to 1986 and examines all the major happenings in wrestling's biggest federation.

    Saturday Night's Main Event skits, a jealous Savage, JYD, Adonis, turning babyface, Albano, The McMahons, Steele's students, Wrestlemania 2, The Funks, King Harley Race, The Wrestling Album, the dangers of TV, and more!!

    Memories of a Superstar with Bill Dundee: In the most in depth interview you will ever see with any Pro Wrestling Legend, fellow wrestler Beau James sits down with hero turned teacher turned friend "Superstar" Bill Dundee. They will take you inside a career that has spanned over 40 years and across the World. From Bill's humble start in an Australian wrestling Dojo to Super-stardom in America. Find out Bills personal thoughts on wrestling greats Jerry Jarrett, Jerry Lawler, Dusty Rhodes, The Armstrongs, The Fullers, Bill Watts, Terry Taylor, Ole Anderson, Jeff Jarrett and many more.

    Go inside the behind the scene feuds with Nick Gulas and Randy Savage. What lead to him leaving Memphis at times. Why did the Chattanooga Territory fail in 1983? Why did Mid South Wrestling do record business under Bill's guidance? And just about anything else you ever wanted to know about The Superstar from his time in Knoxville, Continental, Central States, Florida, and the NWA (Jim Crockett Promotions).

    Bonus features - interviews and matches hand picked by Bill himself. Including a hair cut that has not been seen in over 30 years.

    WSU Blitzkrieg 1/21/12:
    1. Traci Brooks/Alicia/Brittney Savage vs. The Mid-West Militia
    2. WSU Spirit Championship Match: Jessicka Havok (c) vs. Becky Bayless
    3. 8 Women Tag Team Match: Tina San Antonio/Jennifer Cruz/Sassy Stephanie/Allisyn Kay vs. Marti Belle/Jana/Alicia/Brittney Savage
    4. Jenny Rose vs. Jessie Brooks

    WSU Breaking Barriers 2:
    1. Main Event – WAR GAMES MATCH: The Mid-West Militia vs. Team WSU
    2. Melina vs. Lexus
    3. Serena Deeb Addresses WSU
    4. Becky Bayless vs. Rick Cataldo
    5. WSU Tag Team Championship Match: The Boston Shore (c) vs. The International Home Wrecking Crew
    6. WSU Tag Team #1 Contenders Match: The Soul Sisters vs. The Belle Saints
    7. April Hunter Returns To WSU Action!
    8. 4-Way Elimination Match – NYWC Starlet Championship: Nikki Syx (c) vs. Violet vs. Gabby Gilbert vs. Jessie Brooks
    9. Loser Leaves WSU: Jennifer Cruz vs. Niya
    10. BONUS MATCH: 09/24/11 - Alicia & Brittney Savage vs. Jessicka Havok & Allysin Kay - Philadelphia, PA

    NWS 10/7/11 Manville, NJ:
    1. Smith James, Damien Darling & JD Smoothe vs. White Urkel, Richard Michaels & Johnny Knockout
    2. Justin Cage vs. Nicky Oceans vs. Jerry Lynn
    3. Bad Bad Bullies vs. Nigerian Nightmares
    4. Thunderhorse, Draven & Spade vs. Jeff The Terrible & Richie Isubmit
    5. Jillian Hall vs. Mickie James
    6. Danny Inferno vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr.

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