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Guest Booker with Vince Russo

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It's notable tha tthe man whose booking was in part responsible for one of the biggest boom periods in wrestling had nothing to do with wrestling's most hotly anticipated angles. Vince Russo was already gone when the WWE completed its purchase of WCW and planned to integrate the talent and history of the WCW and NWA. Many feel WWE dropped the ball on this opportunity. What would Russo have done?

The most controversial figure in pro wrestling in the last 15 years was not know for being in the ring or on camera. Russo was a writer and his decisions spared passionate debate, wild ratings points, and hatred. Well now, we profile the creative mind of the most polarizing off-camera wrestling figure ever, and we have him brin ghis quique philogophies and technicques to the WCW Invasion angle. Love him, hate him... if you were running a federation, chances are you'd want him! For the first time, watch Vince Russon weave angles over the weeks and months after the WCW purchase. This is a very important edition of Guest Booker.

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Better booking than Cornette!
Anjour (Philadelphia) 12/30/2012 4:31 PM
I hate to say it but I liked the way Russo booked the invasion better than Cornette. Russo made a lot of good points about who are the top 3 guys to bring in "no matter what the headaches or how much money it costs" and I agree with him.When I look at the card Cornette presented for Wrestlemania on his guest booker dvd I was deflated and bored with it(although it was a great dvd to watch for the first disc when he talked about wrestling in general).He's right,WCW has so many stars you can bring in a different guy each week and you have six months worth of pops.It was funny how the interview(Not RF video)would ask well when do you bring in Arn Anderson and Larry Zbyszko?And Russo kept bringing that up in the interview to tease him because he said you have all these superstars coming in from WCW and you're worried about when to bring in Arn Anderson?Russo goes into detail about him growing up being a wrestling fan and who he liked and believe it or not what angles he enjoyed.He also talked about the difference between a booker and a writer and who is the first person to bring in to WWE for the invasion.He also talks about who would turn on Austin and Rock.I thought for sure Russo would talk nonsense,but he what he said had a lot of "logic" and he actually used that word to describe the way he books,which makes me think if he was the guy who was actually pushing all those ridiculous ideas in WCW.The only complaint I have about this dvd is why the interviewer did not push for Russo to come up with specific matches he would have at Wrestlemania.It would have been really cool to compare Russo's card to Cornette's card.This was a good dvd and not boring in the least.It's amazing how Vince McMahon spent 100 million dollars on the XFL,tens of millions of dollars on The World(that dumb restaurant),tens of millions of dollars on WBF and who knows how much money on their movies,but wouldn't spend the 10 or 20 million dollars to bring in all the top WCW guys.
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