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IWS - Praise the Violence 2014

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IWS the "Monreal Hardcore" presents "Praise the Violence 2014"

  1. "Speedball" Mike Bailey vs. Pinkie Sanchez vs. Jaka
  2. Latino Connection vs. Jagged & Beef Willington
  3. Alex Silva vs. Alextreme
  4. The Afterparty vs. Super Smash Bros. & Shynron
  5. IWS Canadian Championship
    Shayne Hawke vs. Exess vs. Eddy Erdogan vs. Vanessa Kraven
  6. SLI vs. Paul Rosenberg, Massacre & Prof. Adib Monsour
  7. IWS Heavyweight Championship - DEATH MATCH
    The Green Phantom (c) vs. Buxx Belmer 
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