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Jimmy Rave Shoot Interview

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Jimmy Rave is one of those guys who had a very rough childhood.  He could have taken the winding road to the left and wound up with nothing but he choose to stay to the right and he took those horrible experiences as a young adult and turned them into life lessons and used them to strive to get to the top and achieve his goals.  There is not going to be another emotional interview like this in 2018 as Jimmy Rave opened up about his early life and the struggles he faced.  He was a run away living on the streets who had gone thru a lot of drama with his family, including abuse but he didn’t  allow that to break him.  He took it all in and only used it to make him stronger and fight the fight to become a star in the wrestling business.  Once Jimmy found the world of professional wrestling it gave him goals and he strived to be the best in our business.  

Jimmy was very open and honest about his early life before pro wrestling. I never knew his story and it was very touching and traumatic as I want you to hear it from his mouth because it's very moving on how to take a bad situation and turn it into something that can help you thrive to achieve. When we got to talk wrestling, he held nothing back. He has been in this business for nearly 20 years and has worked with the biggest names that are on National TV like AJ Styles, Bryan Danielson, CM Punk, Samoa Joe and everyone in between. He paid his dues and worked all of the towns that literally paved the way to the ROH doorsteps. You will hear all about his early days in GA working for the indys and NWA Wildside. We talk about all of his early matches in ROH and how he tried to change his style to get noticed. What wrestlers gave him advice that helped him? What was his real life relationship with AJ Styles like and was there every any tension between the two outside of the ring? Want to know what CM Punk did for him behind the scenes? Why there was tension between himself and Trent Acid that followed thru CZW to ROH. What was his feelings of working CZW and his thoughts on the product and booking while he was there. You will hear a horror story on his trip to Italy with CZW and how Sabu saved the day. Want to know how he became apart of the Embacy? Why was he in and out of ROH and what led to one of his major departures from the company. We talk about Gabe, Cary and the entire ROH infrastructure from top to bottom including the regime change from Gabe to Adam Pearce. Why was Jimmy angry with the company and what led to his departure and returns? Working ROH opened alot of doors for his acceptance into Dragon Gate and New Japan. We travel to the land of the Rising Sun to hear countless in ring and locker room stories on all your top favorites from Cima, Nakamura, Dragon Kid and Pac. Jimmy held nothing back when it came to his life outside of the ring and how it effected his push in a few companies because of his personal demons with drugs. He talks openly about his drug use and what led to it. You will hear how he had his ups and downs and how it might have followed him to a few companies. We talk about his runs in TNA and India with Ring Ka King. Was he really supposed to be apart of the stable with New Age Outlaws? We talk about the entire landscape from IWA Mid South, CZW, GCW and who right now has his eye. If you are a upcoming wrestler that last 20 minutes of the interview is very instructional and he gives alot of helpful advice to anyone breaking into our sport. I loved this interview from start to finish and I know you will all RAVE about it once you watch it as well. It has so many cool stories from his time with the WWE behind the scenes working dark matches for the company and so much more.

You grew up in a military family, so before we dive into wrestling, what was that childhood like? 
Was it hard making friends moving around or was there a community with the military families?
Moving around so much, were you a wrestling fan growing up?  Were you able to follow it consistently?
What were you first memories of pro wrestling?
Who were your favorites?
What made you decide to get involved in the business?
What was your training like?  What was Murder-1 like as a trainer?  How about Rick Michaels?
What was the Georgia independent scene like when you were breaking into the business?
How much easier or harder do you think guys have it making pro wrestling a career the way the indies are now vs. when you broke in?
You’ve always had a very versatile style in that the type of matches you are in sort of dictates how you approach and work those matches – talk a bit about your views on ring psychology when you broke In and how its evolved as pro wrestling has changed over the years.
Do you prefer working heel or babyface?  What are the best and worst parts of working a match in either role?
Memories of debuting and working as the Mr. XTC under a mask?  Where did that name and gimmick come from?
What’s the origin of the Jimmy Rave name?
Memories of NWA Wildside?
What has Bill Behrens meant to your career?
Do you think he gets the proper respect for what he’s done in the business?

Memories of working with the following as Junior Heavyweight Champion at the time:
 AJ Styles
Caprice Coleman
Jason Cross
Jeremy Lopez
Rocky Reynolds
JC Dazz
Slim J
Todd Sexton
Memories of wrestling Jay Briscoe in Wildside?
 Is there anyone from that early Georgia/Wildside scene you are surprised didn’t become a bigger star?
 What was AJ like during those early days? 
How has he changed over the years? 
Thoughts on his current success in WWE?
How did you branch out to start working in Florida and elsewhere – obviously social media and YouTube weren’t as big a thing then so what did you do to get your name out there to attract more booking?
Do you think guys coming up today have it easier?
 Do you think they pay their dues and respect the business as much?
Memories of IWA Mid-South at the time?
What led to Ian Rotten bringing you in?
People have a lot of opinions on Ian – what were your dealings with him like?  Do you think you were treated fairly there?
Memories of working with CM Punk there?
BJ Whitmer?
Danny Daniels?
Arik Cannon?
 Memories of working the IWA Mid-South Ted Petty Tournament? 
How important was working there to your development? 
Are you surprised the company is still in existence today?
Initial thoughts of the CZW product at the time?
Thoughts on the ECW Arena crowd?
Thoughts on how insane the Philly indy wars were at the time?? 
Did any companies try to get you to agree not to work for the other companies? 
Did you find that you worked differently in the ring because of the CZW style and the fans there? 
Memories of Zandig and how he ran the company? 
What did you think of the booking there vs. the Southern-based independents? 
Would you have ever been willing to do the death match style stuff if you had been asked at the time? 
You went to the quarter finals of the Best of the Best III, losing to Jay Briscoe.  Memories of that tournament – you beat Justice and Menace on the first round. 
Memories of working AJ Styles there? 
Memories of wrestling the following in CZW – 
Tony Mamaluke
Kendo Kashin
Nick Berk
Chris Hero
Jimmy Rave
Sonjay Dutt
Nate Webb
Ian Knoxx
M-Dogg 20 aka Matt Cross
The Amazing Red
Memories of the late Chris Cash and working with him? 
Memories of your run as Junior Heavyweight Champ? 
Memories of working with the late Trent Acid over the Iron Man title? 
Thoughts on Trent, given that he’s no longer with us? 
What led to your CZW run closing up?
Memories of working Sunday Night Heat vs. Chris Masters 
How different is it working a TV environment vs. the independents
What are your memories of that day
Who was the producer of the segment 
Who do you feel tried to help you the most 
Who was the most offputting backstage
You’ve said in interviews that before you debuted in Ring of Honor, you were captivated by the product – what was it about ROH that made it so important to indy talents to work there at the time?
How did you first get your ROH break? 
Memories of wrestling AJ Styles in your ROH debut in December 2002? 
When did you find out you were being brought back to ROH?
Do you think Styles put in a good word for you? 
Memories of your Do or Die match against Frankie Kazarian, Chris Daniels and CM Punk? 
Thoughts on Gabe Sapolsky as a booker in ROH at that time?  What were his strengths and weaknesses? 
Did you feel he was open to suggestion? 
Was there anything he could have done better at the time? 
Any Gabe Sapolsky throwing a fit stories from that era? 
Memories of working the Field of Honor tournament 
Who came up with the idea of putting you with Prince Nana as the Crown Jewel of the Embassy? 
Favorite memories of working with Nana? 
Are you surprised he hasn’t caught on bigger somewhere? 
Memories of the night you were revealed at the Rexplex in New Jersey? 
You had been “gone” for a month at that point, was it always the plan to bring you in that Embassy role the entire time?
What was your reaction the first time a fan threw a roll of toilet paper at you in a sign of disrespect? 
Memories of working with the Midnight Express at the ROH tribute show for them? 
Where did the gimmick of you stealing others’ finishers come from? 
Memories of the CM Punk program, leading into the Dog Collar Match? 
What was he like to work with in terms of creativity and building a match and characters – what did you learn from him? 
Do you think he’ll return to the business one day? 
Memories of your program with Styles over the Styles Clash?
Thoughts on the angle where you tried to suffocate him with a plastic bag? 
Whose idea was it for you to then take Triple H’s finisher and then use it as your own?  What did you think of that idea? 
Memories of wrestling Bryan Danielson at the ROH 4th Anniversary event? 
Memories of teaming with Alex Shelley? 
Would you like to recreate that team one day? 
Memories of working with Abyss? 
Memories of the Embassy vs. Generation Next?
Thoughts on the Wargames match that blew the program off? 
Memories of the Trios tournament that the Embassy won? 
Memories of working with Davey Richards? 
Thoughts on the Sal Rinauro team? 
Do you think Nana leaving ROH in 2006 hurt your push? 
Thoughts on the losing streak gimmick that led to the big upset on Homicide? 
Memories of your feud with Nigel McGuinness? 
Thoughts on the Fight without Honor match that ended the feud in Liverpool? 
Memories of working with Samoa Joe? 
Thoughts on his success? 
Memories of working with Takeshi Morishima?
Memories of working with?
Dan Maff
Colt Cabana
John Walters
Chris Daniels
Matt Stryker
Memories of Teddy Hart's craziness in ROH at the time? 
It was announced you had signed with ROH in May 2007 but you were gone less than 5 months later.  What happened that led to your exit?
You worked for FIP while you were in ROH, how different was Gabe’s booking there vs. ROH at the tiem 
Memories of DP Associates? 
Memories of wrestling.,,, 
Roderick Strong
JImmy Rave
Jay Lethal
Bryan Danielson
Eddie Vegas
Jerelle Clark
Steve Madison
Ring Crew Express
You had a chance to work Sean Waltman there - memories of that?
What led to you getting booked in Dragon Gate IN 2007?
How hard was it putting together those crazy matches and keeping it all straight in your head? 
How was CIMA as booker? 
What led to you being put in the Muscle Outlawz faction? 
Talk about the following DG had in Japan at the time? 
Memories of working with the following? 
Who were your favorite guys to work over there? 
Memories of working with…. 
Dragon Kid
BxB Hulk
Matt Sydal
Jack Evans
El Generico
Masaaki Mochizuki
Genki Horiguchi
Pac aka Neville
Cyber Kong
How did you get hooked up with New Japan for the Best of Super Juniors tournament in 2008?  What led to the call to come over?
He worked AKIRA, Koji Kanemoto, Tiger Mask, Naito in the tournament - memories of those bouts? 
Who was responsible for putting together the booking of that tournament? 
Favorite person you got to work on that tour? 
Memories of working with Jushin Liger? 
Memories of teaming with Shinsuke Nakamura?                                                                     
Memories of working a young Okada? 
How did the touring and the locker room scene differ between New Japan and other companies? 
What were the differences between New Japan and Dragon Gate backstage, if any? 
What’s the best thing about working in Japan? 
Favorite memories of fan interactions there? 
Do you hope to go back there one day?
You worked a few early TNA dark matches – did you get those bookings via Bill Behrens? 
Memories of the atmosphere of the Asylum in those days?
You worked quite a few PPV tapings, including a few early Gauntlets on the weekly Wednesday night PPVs – what are your memories of what the backstage scene was like in those days?
Was it frustrating not to be offered a full-time spot at the time? 
How did you end up in TNA full-time?  Who called you? 
Is is true you were originally supposed to be with Road Dogg and Billy Gunn?
You debuted teaming with Lance Hoyt managed by Christy Hemme – initial thoughts on the team and on working with Hemme and Lance?  Favorite memories of them?
How long did it take to come up with and pitch the gimmick?  What aspects of it did you like the most? 
How silly does the Guitar Hero thing look in hindsight? 
Do you remember any of the rejected pitches for the team?
Break down how the Impact management was situated at that point – Russo was the booker.  Dixie was the owner.  Jeff was in charge of creative – what were your experiences like with them?  What expectations did you have going in and were they met?
Were you hoping the tag team deal could lead to a larger singles role for you or were you happy just to have the undercard spot?
Did you feel the team ever got the push it deserved?
Memories of working with….
Team 3D
Motor City Machineguns
Chris Harris
Johnny Devine
Gail Kim
LAX (A LOT OF HOUSE SHOWS, has to be some stories there)
Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt
The Prince Justice Brotherhood (Eric Young/Shark Boy/Curry Man)
James Storm
Low Ki
Bobby Roode
Jay Lethal
Petey Williams (a million house shows)
Austin Aries
Consequences Creed aka Xavier Woods
Matt Morgan
Christian Cage
Was it ever weird working in the six-sided ring? What type of ring do you prefer and why?
Memories of working inside the Steel Asylum/Terror Dome? 
How did the TNA locker room atmosphere compare to ROH at the time?
Which locker room felt more political, in terms of having to watch what you said and guys trying to hurt each other?
Everyone has these stories – what was the stupidest things you witnessed during your time there?
What was your reaction when TNA released you? 
Did you ever get a clear answer as to why that happened?
The company brought you back for some tapings in 2011 where you worked with Kid Kash and Austin Aries – what led to them bringing you back and did you expect it was going to be a full fledged return at the time?
You have popped back up for them from time to time over the years, most recently in 2013.  The company has completely rebooted and changed management – would you be interested in trying to get back in there again given your past friendship with Sonjay?
When you returned to ROH, Gabe had been fired and Adam Pearce was booking – how different was the company compared to the Sapolsky era?
Thoughts on Cary Silkin as the owner of the company?
You’ve said in the past that you had doubts about yourself in the period after the TNA release.  Talk about why you felt that way and what you did to get past those feelings?
You returned in 2009 at the Seventh Anniversary show, back again with Prince Nana – how did you feel to be back in the Embassy once again?  Was it going back home?
Memories of tagging with the late Bison Smith and thoughts on him? 
Memories of your feud with Necro Butcher?
Memories of working with Grizzly Redwood?
ROH released you in 2009 and you later publicly admitted it was due to your personal addiction issues – was there a specific incident that led to the release and at the time, were you mad at ROH or blaming yourself?
You are eventually brought back to ROH working the 2011 Final Battle event against Tommaso Ciampa – how did that all come about?  Memories of the match?  Why you you not back in on a regular basis after this?
You return to ROH again at the 11th Anniversary show, joining the SCUM faction alongside Steve Corino and Kevin Steen among others, but in just a few months you are gone again.  Was this ever supposed to be anything more than a short term run?

How did you end up booked for the TNA India offshoot, Ring Ka King? 
Did you have any worries about going back to work for them, given the release?
Memories of the series and what it was like going to work in India? 
Did you have a chance to see any of the country?  What was it like? 
Was the driving as insane as people make it out to be? 
How would you compare the fans there to the fans in the United States? 
Did they really believe the business was a shoot completely or was that something that was overblown?
You and Little Guido were training the Indian talent for the series from scratch – talk about what it was like trying to get to them TV ready?  Were there cultural or language barriers that hurt that process?
Who of the trainees did you feel like the most potential? 
What was a typical day like during your time there? 
What do you think were the highlights there, for yourself and your 
Were you disappointed that it didn’t return for a second season? 
Memories of working and traveling with the following during Ring Ka King-
Jeff Jarrett
Scott Steiner
Sonjay Dutt
Dutch Mantel
Chavo Guerrero
 Luke Gallows
Team with Zema Ion
Savio Vega
Harry Smith
The Bollywood Boys aka the Singhs
Joey Ryan
Why do you think you and Ion never brought the team back in the United States?
You have been a really big part of the Georgia indy scene over the last several decades and have grown into an important figure in that part of the independent wrestling world – has it ever become strange to think of yourself as the locker room veteran when you used to be the young kid?
Lots of people rave, no pun intended about Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment (AWE) – talk about what makes that promotion unique and makes it stand out against so many promotions down south?
Memories of becoming the first ever GWC champion?
You had the chance to work with Gabe Sapolsky again in Dragon Gate USA – how had he changed, if at all, from the ROH days?
Did you hope it would lead you back to working for DG in Japan again?
Did you feel let down he didn’t use you more given your history?
What do you think of Gabe working with WWE on the NXT brand?
Memories of working a few shots for PWG in 2007 and how that company has exploded
Memories of working with the following:
Cedric Alexander
Sami Callihan
Adam Pearce
Lince Dorado (in his DGUSA debut)
Anthony Henry
AR Fox
Drew Galloway/McIntyre
Chris Hero
Kyle Matthews
Martin Stone
Johnny Gargano
Johnny Swinger
Chase Owens
Chip Day
Tyson Dean
Ace Haven
Memories of working for Jeff Jarrett’s GFW and why do you think it didn’t take off in a bigger way?
Favorite matches or memories working there?
What talents are out there on the independent scene today that you expect will have huge futures?
As someone who has traveled the world, what were the best and worst travel experiences you ever had? 
What airline is the worst? 
What advice would you give to someone preparing to travel internationally for the first time?
What are the biggest mistakes you see someone make when they go to a country like Japan or India where the culture is completely different from the United States?
What do you think are the misconceptions of Jimmy Rave, the person, that might be out there among fans and those in the business?
Talk about your work outside of the business working in the mental health and substance abuse field?  
What led to you working in the mental health field? 

Can you talk about your own issues, what you think led to them and how you were able to overcome them?
Do you think you might have had the same struggles if you hadn’t chosen pro wrestling as a career?
What advice would you give to someone who thinks they may have a mental disorder that hasn’t been diagnosed – or someone with a friend or family member they suspect may be suffering from a mental issue?
What misconceptions do you think there still are about those dealing with addictions even today in 2018?
Without naming names, has going into this field allowed you to help those in the pro wrestling world dealing with these issues?
What do you think WWE could do to widen their Wellness Policy to help those with mental issues?

Is there anyone in the business you’ve never had a chance to wrestle that you’d like to?
What goals are left for you in pro wrestling?
Would you say you are satisfied with the career you’ve had? 
Is there anything you would change about your career looking back, in terms of mistakes or choices you think you made incorrectly?
What would you like your legacy in pro wrestling to be?
Have you ever thought about writing a book about your life and career?
Would you be open to working for WWE as a trainer in the developmental system?
Favorite travel partners on the road?
Favorite cities and venues to wrestle in?
Favorite ribs?
What has been the best, the worst and the weirdest part of being a pro wrestler? 
Any final words for everyone who’s watching and has been following and supporting your career?

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