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Kevin Matthews Shoot Interview

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Kevin Matthews has been in the wrestling business for nearly 13 years. He has wrestled all over the Tri state area for every indy promotion under the sun. He has been in the locker room with every big name in the business on indy shows all over NY, CT, NJ and Philly. He was trained by Afa the Samoan and Prince Nana. One of Kevin's best assets is his mouth. Kevin has the gift of gab and sometimes it could get him into trouble. As soon as you walk into an arena you can hear that loud mouth of Kevin Matthews echo inside the arena usually making fun of someone or something. Kevin is never lost for words and always has something to say about everything. This 6'5 monster also got signed to a WWE developmental deal, but something went terribly wrong. Kevin suffered some injuries while he was in WWE developmental territory and Kevin puts a lot of blame on the head trainer of Deep South at the time Bill Demott. Over the last few months this rivalry has heated up on Twitter as now there is a war of words between the two. It's no secret that Kevin is going out of his way to try to get Bill fired from the WWE and during this interview Kevin speaks out on his opinion of what went wrong and why he has so much hate towards Bill Demott. Kevin also got to be around a ton of WWE talent while he was under contract with the WWE. He has stories on many of the sights and sounds of the WWE locker room. Do you want to hear about his time in the JAPW locker room? What about his stories of Frank Goodmans promotions in NY? They are all here too….The companies that Kevin has worked with are too numerous to list but this 5 hour shoot interview covers them all. Kevin latest run in the business is with the top NJ federation called PWS where he has several behind the scene duties as well as being one of top heels in the company. Trust me if you want to watch a very entertaining shoot interview this is a must. Kevin has a larger than life personality and is always fun to listen to.

KM Shoot Interview Questions
What made you want to get involved in Pro Wrestling?
How did you get into the business?
Lizzy Valentine was your first gf in the business how did you guys meet?
Talk about youre training at Johnny Rodz and how was he as a trainer?
Your first match was March 18th 2000 at 17yrs old how did that come about?
You formed a short lived tag team with Eric Adamz called the Eastside Kids, why did that only last for a few months?
Did you always see yourself as a singles wrestler or did you prefer tagging?
You ultimately had a fall out with Johnny Rodz and made the trip down to Ocala FL to do a week camp at Dory Funk jrs. What was that experience like?
Thoughts on Adam Windsor?
You won the tag team titles from Shane Chaung and Dale Williams, how did that come about and were you excited for your first title victory?
Thoughts on Gutter?
An incident happened where someone stole Dory Funks man purse and it wound up in your car, tell us about that?
Your first real independent company that booked you was a company called EWA for a guy named Ron Post. Whats your thoughts on that experience?
On June 30 2001 the notorious Jac Sabboth booked you in a battle royal in the legendary Elks Lodge in Queens NY. How did that come about and were you nervous wrestling at such a young age in front of such a hostile crowd?
Tom Marquez took liberties on a young KM during that Battle Royal can u shed some light on that?
In Aug.2001 you took on former Eastside Kid Eric Adamz for JWA in what you consider to be the most pathetic show youve ever done..why is that?
You started branching out and working in Philadelphia alot can you tell us about DIW and a guys named GODD?
In Nov.2001 a company in Philly booked u but the ring wasnt exactly a pro wrestling ring was it??
Later on that same month you took on Danny Demanto and the late Jimmy Hustler in a match which i believe is on Youtube in the elks lodge, thoughts on that?
Youve also slowly transitioned over from johnny rodz over to the liwf doghouse, what are your thoughts overall on the doghouse?
In jan 2002 you were booked in NC where you experienced your first stiffing by a promoter, what happened with that?
January 2002 you got your first major injury wrestling Danny Demanto in the elks lodge, what went wrong?
Feb.2002 you debuted for TWF in PA, how was that experience?
Thoughts on Rocky Styles?
April 2002 you made your debut in Mass against Hurricane John Walters, how was that?
July 12th 2002 you made your debut for the well known WXW company run by the legendary samoans at their large annual event sportsfest.. how did that come about?
On Sept 6th 2002 you made ur debut for SsCW against Wenzel. How was it working there and your thoughts on Carmine Sabia?
January 4th 2003 you took on two people you are very outspoken present day against in danny demanto and rob eckos for yankee pro wrestling. You werent originally booked for this show, how did you guys end up doing this match?
On Feb1st 2003 you did a 6man tag at NYWC which ultimately got you blackballed for 10yrs from them, what happened?
Talk about your experience at TMPW?
Tell us about your experiences at Chaotic Wrestling?
In March 2003 you worked on a show called NYWA in NJ in what can only be described as a fn disaster. Please give us details?
Thoughts on Justin Cage?
Aug 2003 you wrestled for XBOKU in CT, the event was in a shooping center parking lot is that true?
What was your lockerroom?
Talk about abc wrestling and how it came about?
In sept 03 you wrestled against demolition blast, who is that?
Nov 7th 2003 you had a very memorable albeit for the wrong reasons ladder match with danny demanto. A video surfaced that became legendary please explain that?
You won match of the yr for that ladder match but also got fired for the same match, shed some light on that for us?
Youve made several trips to  georgia from nyc for NWA Wildside in 2003 to 2005 what are your thoughts on them??
KM Shoot Interview Part 2
Thoughts on Bill Behrens?
You wrestled Ice Berg while you were in wildside in a match where the Rockin Rebel told the lockerroom he put a hit on you. Please explain?
Thoughts on Rebel?
On Feb.4th 2004 you debuted in NWA TNA in nashville TN how was that? Who did you wrestle?
What was it like backstage?
Later on that month in 2004 you trashed the SSCW TV title on a rival companies show which saw you literally urinate on the belt, what was that all about?
On May 14th and May 15th of 2004 you had back to back matches one with Danny Demanto and the Other with Nick Berk. In both matches you sustained injuries, what were they and how did they happen??
On June 9th 2004 you returned to TNA to face Erik Watts, how was that experience?
How much did TNA pay? Did they take care of any of your expenses?
On June 12th 2004 you started fulltime with WXW in Pennsylvania. What made you make the decision to go there and work fulltime? Was it for money or exposure?
While in WXW you formed a successful "cousins" tag team with Tough Enough 1 alumni Greg Matthews, you two ended up winning the WXW tag team titles, tell us how that all came about?
On Nov.27th 2004 you took on EC Negro? What are your thoughts on him as a worker and thoughts on him as a entertainer?
Around this time you met what would end up being your girlfriend of 2yrs at a WXW event in sciota PA, Krissy Vaine. You shortly relocated to NC after meeting her correct??
On Jan 4th 2005 you dropped the tag title to the Untouchables. Whos decision was that?
Thoughts on the Samoans and Doc Daniels?
Who did you live with in NC?
How hard was it getting booked in the carolinas considering noone knew who you were?
Your first huge break came on Feb 21st in 2005 in State College PA when you were booked for the WWE where you would have your first dark match against Big Vito. How did all of that happen?
Throughout 2005 you also did alot of work for a fella known as Bernaurd or "gay bernaurd" to his peers. What was all of this about?
On March 5th 2005 you went to a show with Krissy Vaine in Greenville SC and wound up on the show in exchange for a boot rental? Explain..
April 9th 2005 you were booked for a pretty well known company in Lenior NC called CCW. It was a match that ultimately landed you alot of work.  What was the match?
Thoughts on Tony Hunter?
May 14th 2005 you debuted in Michigan for UCW where you went on to take on Rick Stiener while tEaming with NWO Sting. How was that?
Thoughts on the promoter?
Thoughts on Wrestling Buff Bagwell for LAW in NC?
On May 20th 2005 in greenwood sc there was a show run by Ronnie Gossett that turned into a nightmare. You opened up against Caprice Coleman but that wasnt ur scheduled opponent. What happened??
You also worked alot for nwa mid atlantic and for rikki nelson. Thoughts on him?
Thoughts on Michael Yamaha and Amber Oneal?
On June 14th 2005 you returned to the WWE in your first televised appearence with them as you took on MNM while teaming with Nick Berk. Thoguhts?
Thoughts on Morrision and Mercury?
Thoughts on Melina?
June 19th 2005 u did your first ever steel cage match against DLO Brown for SWF in Bluefield West Va. Thoughts on that match? Thoughts on DLO? Thoughts on Shady the Promoter?
On July 16th 2005 you wrestled for NWA OHIO. A company tghat sent you a contract and promised bigg things. What was the story behind that?
You took on wcw wrestler Lodi that august what are your thoughts on him?
August 23rd 2005 you returned to WWE this time against Sylvan Grenier in the dark match for smackdown in greensboro nc. That wasnt suppose to be your original oppnent was it? How was he to work with?
Thoughts on pat patterson?
Thoughts on a guy you had several matches with in the carolinas named Jason Jones?
On Oct 8th 2005 you formed a new Horsemen type group along with David Flair teaming up to Take on the Stiener Bros in West VA. How did that go?
KM Shoot Interview Questions 3
A week later you returned back to NJ to take on Jake the Snake Roberts for Joe Panzarinos NWS company, thoughts on that?
A week later you returned to Jersey All Pro for their anniversary show where you were scheduled to wrestle Slyck Wagner Brown, but that match never happened. Why was that?
Dec 3rd 2005 you returned to Shadys SWF company in west va. There you were scheduled to wrestle Ron Killings but once more that match didnt happen and you wrestled Kid Omega, why?
Throughout all of this WWE kept a sharp eye on you and continued to book you for raw and smackdowns around the east coast in dec they had you booked for 2 dates which would lead to the biggest moment in your career. Explain what went down at tv with Johnny Ace?
Thoughts on Ken Doane?
Thoughts on Caprice Colemen?
Thoughts on tommy dreamer?
January 9th 2006 you began your week tryout at dsw how was that?
On january 12th you wrestled mvp for there tv show how was that?
What was your feeling leaving the devlopmental system that week?
You were immediately booked that following week as soon as you got home for raw and sd what happened at those tv tapings?
Where you nervous about your gf getting a deal and you not being offered one yet?
How and when did you get offered your contract and who made the call?
Did they give u a choice of dsw or ovw?
You finished up your independent wrestling bookings for the next 2months before reporting to deep south. Some guys you wrestled in that time included greg matthews and greg the hammer valentine. Thoughts on both?
March 1st you reported to Deep South Wrestling in McDonough,GA did WWE pay for your relocation or did you have to pay for it?
Tell us about your initial 24hrs after touching base in Georgia?
How was the first day of Training?
Did you know any of the currently signed contract?
Thoughts on Matt Striker?
Explain the layout of deep sout wrestling and what you would have to go through training wise on a daily basis?
Why do you feel Bill DeMott was such a cocksucker of a trainer?
Did the office know anything that was going on?
Shortly after reporting you were sent for a week to california to MoCap, to help with raw v SD 06 video game what was that like?
Why do you feel Bill developed cliques and ousted people who didnt conform into his group?
Who were some of your friends there?
Thoughts on Tommy Suede, Kenny Omega, Curt Hawkins, Chris Rombola, Damien Steele, Sonny Siaki?
Explain who was in Bills clique and what are some things he wanted u to do?
Several incidents happened where he tried to put you on the spot in front of danny basham, explain that?
Were there alot of injuries while you were there?
Explain the mikey batts and nick mitchell story?
Thoughts on tranesha biggers/rocka khan?
When did you sense you and bill werent clicking?
To make matters worse you got a guest trainer for 5 weeks who was that?
At one point Bob Holly threaten to "fuck you up" what was that about?
What happened w Holly and Oleg/Vladimir Kozlov?
There was something called Dali Duty, what was that?
Why did they give him special treatment?
Bill recently put out a book where he says in it a story of you wanting to shut up bob holly so you got in the ring while u were hurt. What was his story and what was the truth?
What happened that friday after tap review when noone wanted to train?
You recieved a call from johnny ace, what did he say?
Thoughts on Dave Taylor?
Is it true mvp threatened to fuck up bill?
Overall thoughts on bob holly?
What was make a deal friday?
Why did they run house shows like ovw?
Do you blame alot of dsw failures on jody?
Greg Gagne was  a guest trainer every week bouncing back and forth to ovw and dsw how was he?
One of the guys you were there with is someone you started with and saw his first day of training in matt striker, how was he? Thoughts on him?
Did you sense yourself being close to getting let go? Did you even care at this point?
KM Shoot Interview Part 4
Chris Rombola sent a burial letter from your computer what did it say?
Youe Bestfriend in Deep South Kenny Omega asked for his release from your computer too what caused that? What made you guys so close and what are some funny Omega Stories you remmeber?
Was the developmental system taking a toll on your relationship with krissy at this point?
At one point you had a match in dsw with enhancement talent scott fantastic and johnny ace happen to see it. What did he think?
You were there when talents like jack swagger and brodus clay showed up without 1 day of training, thoughts on them?
Thoughts on Eric Perez and Brad Jay?
Thoughts on Dan Rodimer?
You often had to come in on your days off to bump around for otheres, why were you choosen and who did you bump around for?
Thoughts on Drew Hankinson ?
Whats the story behind Greg Gagne ?
There was a little friction involving u and zack ryder that involved dogshit and human shit and knives thrown please explain that?
Some talents you worked with in dsw included Mike Knox, Derrick Neikirk, Mike Taylor, Tony Santarali, Ray Gordy, Rene Dupree, Mark Jindrak, MVP and many others do you have any fond memories of guys there you worked with?
You also were there the same time as Danny Inferno who u knew in the northeast how was your time there with him?
Who wound up calling you to give you the call of your release?
Thoughts on Mike Bucci?
A month after your release on the same week you were gonna go home you lost your relationship and one of ur best friends in jimmy hustler passed away. Please talk about that thanksgiving week in nov 06?
Where did you move to after you left georgia?
Was there still hope in you and krissy being together?
How was it settling in and living alone in a studio apt after everything youve been through, was it hard?
You returned to the indy scene post wwe on oct 14th vs j sinn for marvin ward TNT company give us ur thoughts?
A week later you debuted for GCW in alabama and took on elix skipper how did that go?
That Dec you wrestled for ur first Heavyweight title against Xavier for Jac Sabboths WSU promotion. What happened at that show?
May 18th 2007 you wrestled eddie kingston in a match where you got badly hurt what happened?
A year later in Nov 07 you worked for a guy named Mr. Big explain that mess
In march 2008 you made your return to PWS to team w tommy suede to take kenny omega and jerry lynn.. pws would later on become larger then expected which well get into but tell us about this match?
You filmed a match in later 08 for the movie the wrestler, how was that experience?
Dec.6 2008 back to pws u did a ambulance match shed some light on that?
Who is the wizard????
Youve had several matches with the patriot what r your thoughts on him?
Oct 3rd 2009 you wrestled the Nasty Boys for NWS, they have a bad reputation what are your thoughts with them?
Thoughts on wrestling beefcake?
Thoughts on wrestling tito santana?
Thoughts on tatanka?
Thoughts on wrestling jim neidhart?
Jan 2010 you wrestled Kennedy in a match that went 19mins how was it?
Thoughts on the jock mafia?
Thoughts on teaming with nikki roxx in the king and queen tournament?
Thoughts on wrestling the headshrinkers?
All of these matches with these tv personalites was done at nws shows under joe panzarino, what are your thoughts on him and his company?
On may 8th 2010 you took on butterbean for the pws heavyweight title? How bad did that much suck?
March 5th 2011 reality check took on dx, was this a big match for you?
That may you wrestled a good friend of yours in sonjay dutt, and then did it again in august how was that?
You were then casted for Wrestling Revolution Project in California please tell us all about that?
Who are some guys u got to work with?
Thoughts on charles rice?
Thoughts on jeff katz?
Something big happened with pws your homefed in march 2012 what was that?
Thoughts on pat buck?
Thoughts on tapout?
KM Shoot Interview part 5
Creation of the two and a half wrestlers podcast?
What happened with the sid drama in march?
In may you guys brought in bret hart who you admit is your inspiration to become a wrestler what was it like meeting him?
In june you guys brought in the great muta which was huge was that hard to pull off?
Is there alot of drama at the pws shows and leading up to them?
Creation of starman?
Thoughts on sami callihan?
Thoughts on matt hardy?
Future of pws?
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