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MEWF 6/1/97 Baltimore, MD

Price: $12.00
Item Number: 1997


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1. Bad Crew #1 vs. Cue Ball Carmichael

2. Quinn Nash vs. Jimmy Cicero

3. Knuckles Zandwich vs. Joe Thunder

4. Axl Rotten vs. Pat Paterson Jr.(Axl and New Jack destroy their opponent...incredible

5. Blue Meanie & Earl the Pearl vs. Disco Inferno &


6. Adam Flash vs. Steve Carino

7. Mark Schrader & Devon Storm vs. Julio Sanchez & Bobby Starr

8. Headbangers vs. Buddy Landell & Salvatore Sincere

9. Sandman New Jack & Axl Rotten & Corp Punishment (4 Way Dance Cage Match Bloodbath)
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