RF Video Update- Friday November 25, 2011

Face Off Vol. 13- A Funkin' Dream: Is it reality or is it a dream? RF VIDEO is happy to present Face Off Volume 13 “A Funkin’ Dream” with Terry Funk and Tommy Dreamer!!! This was by far one of our best Face Off interviews to date with two of the most infamous men of all time who roamed in the land of Extreme. When we told Tommy Dreamer that he would be sitting Face to Face with his mentor Terry Funk he was more than ecstatic. Tommy said, "This is going to be a great concept interview and I can't wait to take part of this project."

If you’re a ECW, TNA or WWE fan your going to enjoy this. This was Tommy's second ever shoot interview and he talks so much about ECW, TNA and WWE. The Funker even predicts this years Mania PPV main event with the Undertaker, claims Paul Heyman is working for WWE again and also talk a lot about what TNA might be doing wrong and how they can improve.

The questions that we ask both men might might shock you. Tommy has worked inside the WWE and TNA offices and has hired dozens of the top wrestlers in the WWE and TNA that you see right now on TV. He has worked with everyone in the ring. Terry Funk is just a genius and in this interview they talk all about the industry of pro wrestling and what happened in the locker rooms of all the companies they worked for.

They talk about their time in ECW together and Tommy discusses what Terry Funk meant to him as a young wrestler breaking into ECW. We cover all the main talent in ECW and they share a ton of never told before locker room stories.

The best part of this interview is just sitting back and listening to these two talk to each other about wrestling in general and what is wrong with todays product and how it could be changed for the better. The amount of information you get during this shoot is so entertaining and informative that Terry Funk proves why he was able to stay relevant for all of these years. This is one hardcore interview you will not want to miss!

Shoot Interview with The Outlaws Vol. 2: RF VIDEO sat down once again with the team formerly known as the New Age Outlaws, James Gang and the Voodoo Kin Mafia, "Road Dogg" Brian Armstrong and "Bad Ass" Kip James for the first time in almost 7 years, but this time things were much different this time they were coming clean!!!!

What a difference just a few years makes, because this interview we talked to the newly sober team of the Outlaws and this time they come clean. The interview starts off unlike any other interview in the history of our shoots as we talk about one of the most troubling aspects of the pro wrestling business at times which is drug use. It was never a secret that both men at times wrestled with demons but for the first time ever they were willing to talk about their past drug problems on camera. What you are in for is a very special treat and their perspective on why they went down the wrong road and what went wrong.

You will hear all the problems they had with pills and we even talk about what drugs each individual did in the past. Both men talk about how they had to fall the way down the mountain in order to make a 360 degree turn for the better. You will hear first hand on what made them both see the light and turn their lives around.

I felt like a doctor at times, asking them every question you could think of when it came to drugs in the wrestling business. They were so open and honest with us, and I hope a lot of the guys in the business can learn from their interview. You will hear how they used to work high and all about their demons on the road. From buying drugs off the streets, to doing drugs all the time on the road, from car crashes to getting arrested we cover it all.

We even talk about some of the problems that face other wrestlers these days like Scott Hall, the Hardy Boys and a lot of their peers as well The interview really takes you inside the business like never before.

Don't worry we talk all about wrestling too. We cover their entire TNA run talking about all of their programs that they were involved in with Team 3D, LAX, Kevin Nash, Konan and a lot of other talent from TNA. What do they think of Somoa Joe and AJ Styles. Why does BG think that Chris Daniels is missing the it factor. What are their thoughts on Ken Kennedy and you will be shocked at this one.

We talk about their invasion into a WWE house show while they were in TNA. What did HHH say about our last shoot with them and why does Billy regret making those comments that he made during our first shoot with them. We talk about the current roster in the WWE and who do they see as the next big superstar.

The WWE and TNA talk is endless during this shoot. If you thought our last interview with these two was funny than your in for a real treat. Make sure your not drinking during this interview because you might choke on it from laughing so hard.

ECW Holiday Hell 1995: (Now available on DVD)
1. Missy Hyatt kisses Steve Richards
2. Taz vs. Koji Nakagawa
3. JT Smith vs. Hack Myers
4. Too Cold Scorpio vs. Mikey Whipwreck
5. Eliminators vs. Pitbulls
6. Tommy Dreamer vs. Raven (No Countout or DQ, winner faces Sandman)
7. Bruiser Mastino vs. El Puerto Ricano (911 and Taz come in and brawl)
8. Sandman vs. Raven
9. Public Enemy vs. Gangstas (Gangstas surprise return to ECW)
10. Sabu vs. Cactus Jack

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  • Pro Wrestling Syndicate- Fight Night 8/20/11:
    1. Kevin Matthews vs. Sonjay Dutt
    2. Fala vs. Justin Corino - Knock Out Match
    3. The Lone Rangers (Pat Buck & John Silver) vs. The Urban Legends
    4. Carlos Colon Jr. (formerly known as Carlito) vs. Eddie Kingston
    5. Necro Butcher vs. Devon Moore
    6. Javi-Air vs. Grim Reefer
    7. Brittany Savage vs. Annie Social
    8. Lucifer Darksyde vs. Danny Demanto
    9. Amazing Red vs. Brian XL vs. Azrieal vs. Tony Nese
    10. Dan Maff vs. Harry Smith

    Great Championship Wrestling 9/24/11 Levittown, PA:
    1. Adrian Bliss vs. Evan Nemo
    2. Rain vs. Sassy Stephanie (WSU Spirit Championship)
    3. Magnum XL vs. HPR
    4. The Patriot vs. Prince Akkanatan
    5. Al Snow & Blue Meanie vs. Nigerian Nightmares
    6. Alicia & Brittney Savage vs. Jessika Havok & Allysin Kay
    7. Jessicka Havok vs. Rain (WSU Spirit Championship)
    8. Amazing Red vs. Mike Bennett (GCW Cruiser-weight Championship)
    9. King V vs. Sal Sincere (GCW World Championship)

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