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Survey says..........I will take ladders for $200

RF VIDEO is very happy to announce that the very first RF VIDEO produced documentary about the wrestling business is in the works!!!  This is going to be one hell of a documentary for all wrestling fans. We already have a few companies that are looking to make this a nation wide release in stores!!!

RF VIDEO will have a bunch of new DVDs up on the site in the next few days including last weeks TNT house show from VA.

I watched the new WWE Unathorized DVD and I think it will go down as a all time classic DVD.  I don't want to say why, but after you watch it you will know.

It is well known that RF VIDEO is the industry leader in the area of shoot interviews. In just the last year we have brought our great fans some of the best shoots in our illustrious 10 plus years in business. We got the homicidal, suicidal, and genocidal Sabu to finally break his silence. We watched in awe as Billy Jack Haynes blew our mind. We were spellbound as Team 3-D gave their side of the history of extreme. RF VIDEO has also taken our dedicated fans On the Road with wrestling stars such as the Honky Tonk Man, Jake "e;The Snake"e; Roberts, and The Sandman to see what life is really like for a professional wrestler. We've even given our loyal fanbase a chance to get in the ring with true masters of wrestling like "e;The King of Old School"e; Steve Corino and LAX's Homicide. Now it is time to turn the tables on ourselves as the interviewer becomes the interviewee. The RF VIDEO staff sat down for almost FOUR HOURS and discussed the last tumultuous five years of the RF VIDEO, the wrestling industry today, and many other scorching hot topics.
RF VIDEO Owner Rob Feinstein, Doug Gentry, Joe F and a host of others sat in front of the camera and told one story after another on a variety of fascinating subjects. RF VIDEO becomes exposed as we go behind the scenes of many of the projects the company has worked for over the last five years.  You wanted dirt?  You’re going to get behind the scenes stories about some of RF’s best selling shoots and DVDS. We have all the details on the stories you want to know. What happened with Eric Neinhouse and Dan Severn? How Doug Gentry got into booking and who gave Doug problems backstage? Why was the relationship with PWU was doomed from Day One? You'll also discover the true relationship with Tommy Dreamer and WWE office. NWA Cyberspace, MLW, Pro Wrestling Elite, Fusion, ECW, CZW, JAPW, TNT Wrestling and PWX are some of the promotions discussed in depth on this shoot. You'll get the inside scoop on what really went down with New Jack at PWX's debut show. You'll get infamous stories about handing out with Kevin Von Erich in Texas, interviewing Japanese icon Hayabussa, the Berk-Bagwell incident, and an insane car ride with two tons of fun. All this and much, much more is discussed on this incredible shoot! No one is spared, including internet wrestling reporters, Jasmin St. Claire, and Frank Goodman. Want to know the true relationship between RF VIDEO and Fusion? Then check out this hot new DVD, available now in the pre-order section!


Here are some of the topics that we discussed today

--How RF VIDEO recaptured the market with shoot interviews in 2004 until now
--Sitting down with New Jack for his 2004 shoot
--How RF VIDEO got the New Jack footage from FL with the stabbing and how New Jack Unercover came about.
--What it was like to sit in a car in between Abby for On the Road and his fat manager
--Cyberspace and Billy Firehawk
--3pw and Jasmine St Clair
--MCW how that deal came about
--What happened with Eric Neinhouse and Dan Severn
--Discuss the daily functions of RF VIDEO
--What happened with Dana Dameson and certain RF VIDEO members
--Talk about how certain indy workers just dont get it
--Discuss what TNA is lacking
--MLW and Court Bouer
--How Doug Gentry got into booking
--Who gave Doug problems in the back
--Whats wrong with Indy wrestling and promoters
--Talk about Wrestling reporters on the internet
--PWU and why the relationship never worked from day one
--How did Pro Wrestling Elite start
--On the Road with HonkyTonk stories
--On the Road with Sandman stories
--Chris Candido shoot interview
--The passing of Chris Candido
--Watching the Buff Bagwell Nick Berk incident
--Realtionship with Tommy Dreamer and WWE
--How RF VIDEO has a relationship with talent relations in WWE
--What happened when team 3D almost backed out of their shoot the day on their interview
--Discuss the hardcore Reunion Tour
--Talk about what happened when Team 3d and New Jack met for the first time in OH
--Talk about what Lex Luger was like the day you did your shoot with him.
--Talk about how the Sabu shoot interview came about
--Discuss what it was like to hang with Billy Jack Haynes and how crazy was he when the cameras were off
--Why the WWE TV is horrible and how the agents are not doing their jobs
--Thoughts on TNA and their TV show
--Talk about the Hart Foundation shoot and what Jim Neidhart is like
--Talk about how Pro Wrestling Elite started
--Discuss the problems with the first show with the backer
--Thoughts on Sabu almost not showing up and how Tommy Dreamer saved the day
--Discuss PW Elite Diamon Division
--RF VIDEO relationship with Fusion
--Talk about PWX and Ronnie Lang
--Discuss DOI and Sean the Mic
--Talk about the internet and the wrestling fans in general
--Talk about road trips to TX
--What was it like to see Kevin VE live in TX with his fans
--Talk about ribs that we have seen on the road
--Discuss why certain wrestling promoters do not get it
--Talk about the "e;wrestling formula"e;
--CZW and John Zandig
--RF addresses the internet haters
--Thoughts on ECW in the WWE
--Talk about meeting Hayabusa and what that interview was like
--How RF VIDEO got involved with Marvin Ward and TNT Pro Wrestling
--Thoughts on Marvin Ward
--RElationship with JAPW
--Frank Goodman and RF VIDEOs relationship with UXW
--Frank Goodman outside the ring
Plus so much more

Check out for information on their NY City debut in Deer Park NY on Sunday Nov 5th at 5PM

One of the most exciting rivalries on the independent scene over the last several years has to be Ruckus and Derek Frazier. Some long time fans may even compare their matches to the early years in the rivalry between Jerry Lynn and Sean Waltman. Like Lynn and Waltman, Ruckus and Frazier are two guys that came up in the wrestling industry together. Ruckus played a critical part in training Frazier early on until the two had a difference of opinion which leads to a split. While nobody is quite sure what the root of the disagreement was, it is logical to presume that the natural competition between two similar athletes only encouraged this rivalry to blow up into one of the most electrifying high-flying challenges in pro wrestling.

Ruckus and Derek Frazier both developed quite a following of rabid fans as a result of the exposure the two received from competing in Combat Zone Wrestling. Ruckus entered CZW in 2001 and shot to stardom on the independent scene through an intense series of matches over the CZW World Junior Heavyweight Championship with Trent Acid.
Following in his former mentor’s footsteps, Derek Frazier decided to take the leap into the Zone in May of 2002. Ironically enough, Frazier debuted at High Stakes one month prior to CZW’s annual junior-heavyweight tournament Best of the Best. Even more ironic, Frazier’s first opponent in CZW was Ruckus.

The competition between the two for junior heavyweight supremacy quickly spiraled into what are now known as classic matches in CZW. Whether it was in tag team competition, three-way matches, junior-heavyweight matches, the two continued to stalk one another looking for that coveted spot of top junior heavyweight.
Ruckus continued to excel with numerous titles won not only in CZW but all across the independents. Frazier took a different tact after falling into a slight runt in CZW. Frazier expanded his horizons and started to wrestle more on the independent scene. Frazier quickly became who some would argue the top junior-heavyweight of the highly competitive Maryland region.

Frazier would later go on to his biggest success in becoming CZW World Junior Heavyweight Champion. The two men took completely different paths over the last few years. While Frazier dedicated more of his time to studying tapes, working with various mentors, and improving his speed game, Ruckus became more arrogant, going back to his street-thug ways in forming one of the most dominant stables in North America, Blk Out. Blk Out has gone on to win numerous titles all over North America including the South, Northeast, and Canada.

Over the year, Frazier has won the majority of matches over Ruckus. In their most recent battles, Ruckus defeated Derek Frazier eliminating him at IWA MS’ Simply the Best Tournament. The most important match of their rivalry for emotional reasons saw Derek Frazier beat Ruckus in a Ladder Match at the CZW’s Chris Cash Memorial Show, giving Frazier his first one on one win over Ruckus in CZW.
By his size, Frazier is labeled as a high flying junior-heavyweight. This is what plays into his favor in wrestling no opponents. Frazier is actually more of a striker than a flyer, using his speed and light weight to pelt opponents with numerous strikes in a short time, dazing his opponent, and setting them up for one of the most dangerous moves on the independents, Pure Impact.

This won’t be an issue with Ruckus as the two have probably been each other’s most common opponent of the last two years. The rivalry is at an all-time peak this year as Frazier’s experience may have finally caught up with Ruckus. Is Ruckus out of answers for the speed and striking ability of his former student? Can Frazier ride the wave of recent success and handle the pressures of a PWX debut? Will Teddy Hart be the ultimate wildcard of irony in this match? Sunday November 5 will either add a chapter or end the tale of one of the independents most exciting grudges.

PWX tickets are back on the site for the huge PWX debut show in Deer Park, NY on Nov 5th 2006 at 5PM. This show is loaded and they plan to deliver a show that NY fans will never forget.

Here is the line up for this monumental show that is only 3 weeks away............

Teddy Hart + Ruckus vs TJ Wilson + Derek Frazier
Necro Butcher vs Steve Corino
Jigsaw vs Delerious
Azrieal vs Luke Hawx   (Alter Boy Luke)
Ian Rotten vs Mana
AJ Styles vs Jay Lethal
SAT vs Out Cast Killers  (TLC) match

Earlier today on The Howard Stern Show, Chris Kanyon returned to the program. During the show, Stern got Ric Flair on the phone to talk about the WWE. The show had actually hoped to have booked Vince McMahon knowing Kanyon would be there, but McMahon was unavailable. Triple H had also been contacted, but he is currently overseas in Japan with the Raw brand.

According to reports, both Kanyon and Flair went back and forth over Kanyon's claims that he was fired by WWE because he revealed he was gay. Flair stated Kanyon wasn't a great worker anymore and that was why he was let go by WWE, not because he was gay. Kanyon disagreed with Flair, bringing up that he was good enough to be on TV from 1995 to 2003. It was said to be a very entertaining segment.

John Cena's comments from earlier about Kanyon were also mentioned. Kanyon stated Flair and Cena wouldn't agree he was fired from WWE for being gay because that is what Vince wanted to hear. In the end, both seemed to agree to disagree.

Chris Jericho recently conducted an interview with Joe McDonnell out in Los Angeles last week where he addressed his current status with TNA Wrestling.

In the interview, Jericho mentioned how the music video for Fozzy's "e;Enemy"e; will air this Thursday night on TNA iMPACT! on Spike TV. Jericho said he was contacted by TNA's David Sahadi to promote the song and he went with it. He reportedly laughed off rumors that he was going to TNA as a result of this move.

According to Jericho, going to TNA is not an option for him right now. He stated that he is currently in Los Angeles most of the time working on projects and doing stand up comedy. Jericho added that he never said he was "e;retiring"e; from wrestling, but that he has a full plate of projects left that he wants to do. He did admit that he hasn't really thought about returning to wrestling since he has been so busy lately. Jericho stated he may return to wrestling one day, but that it would have to be the right situation and he would have to be in the 100% right state of mind. But as of now, wrestling is on the back burner for Jericho.

WWE results from earlier today at Budokan Hall in Tokyo: Tommy Dreamer b Kevin Thorn, Test b Balls Mahoney, Highlanders b Spirit Squad in a non-title match, C.M. Punk b Mike Knox, Umaga b Carlito, Jeff Hardy b Johnny Nitro to keep IC title, Big Show b Sabu to keep ECW title, HHH & Shawn Michaels b Edge & Randy Orton. The live crowd loved the show. They have a second show at Budokan Hall tomorrow.

Ric Flair was in court yesterday in Charlotte as part of his divorce hearing with ex-wife Beth trying to get Ric cited for contempt of court for not getting her Panthers season tickets. Judge Jane Harper threw the case out, noting Ric had not renewed his seat license and didn't buy season tickets to split with her, nor had he gone to any games this season.


So are you bored of promotions that do the same thing on each show?  Tired of seeing the same talent over and over again?  Want storylines with wrestling that will not insult your intelligence?  Well Ronnie Lang's PWX is the promotion for you!

PWX owner Ronnie Lang has sent out a press release last week announcing his next date which will be on Sunday, Nov 5th in Deer Park NY, at the Deer Park Community Center.  Bell time is 5PM and they are doing a meet and greet at 3PM for ringside ticket holders.

So far the talent that he has scheduled to appear is: Teddy Hart, Steve COrino, Delerious,Derek Frazier,Ian Rotten, SATs, Rutkus, Jigsaw, Mana, TJ Wilson, Mana Azrieal, Luke Hawx, Jay Lethal, Aj Styles and some more huge suprises. 

"e;On Wednesday, September 13th at the New Alhambra in South Philadelphia, PWX held its critically acclaimed debut show "e;Lighting the Fuse."e; PWX is now ready to officially announce its follow up show "e;NEW YORK KNOCKOUT"e; held at the Deer Park Community Center in Deer Park, NY.
PWX owner Ronnie Lang said, "e;New York fans have been able to see some of the finest wrestling shows in 2006, but PWX intends to blow all memories of those shows away by providing the hottest wrestling show possible."e; The following wrestlers have already been signed for the event: Teddy Hart; Steve Corino; Ian Rotten; Jigsaw; Mana; S.A.T.s; Azrieal; Luke Hawx.

That's right, Teddy Hart and Steve Corino will be in the same building. How will they react after the controversial conclusion of their match at "e;Lighting the Fuse?"e; Will cooler heads prevail? Will fireworks explode? Find out on Sunday, November 5th!

Bell time is 5 PM. The doors will open at 3PM for ringside fans for a special PWX meet and greet and 4 PM for all GA ticket holders.

For more information check out"e;

More news concerning the PWX debut in New York on November 5, 2006 at the Deer Park Community Center in Deer Park, NY at a special 5PM bell time! Already signed is Steve Corino vs. Teddy Hart's hired assassin Necro Butcher, Ian Rotten vs. Mana in a no-rules PWX street fight, Jay Lethal challenging AJ Styles. Also being added today has the tag team of "e;The Stampede Kid"e; TJ Wilson & Derek Frazier accepting the tag team challenge of Teddy Hart & Ruckus. PWX officials are promoting this tag match due to the history of Teddy and TJ, who have feuded in in the past years in Calgary, Philadelphia and even in Japan. Ruckus and Frazier have been battling on the East Coast for years and the PWX officials believe the team of Wilson & Frazier are the two best opponents for Teddy & Ruckus. PWX is proving why there are no promotional barriers here when it concerns the best possible dream matches.
Also signed is Delirious going up against one of the Northeast's new independent superstars, Jigsaw. Delirious, when in communication with PWX officials, stated that he is the top masked worker in PWX, and that there is no room for any other masked wrestlers in PWX. He stated besides defeating Jigsaw, he will unmask him as well. Well, that's what we think he said, anyways.

Another matchup signed is fresh off a successful tour of Japan, Azrieal will battle Luke Hawx (formally known as Altar Boy Luke). Luke had a rough time last month in that incredible 6 man tag in Philly against the SAT, but he believes he is stronger when it concerns singles competition. Azrieal, who spent his summer in Japan competing for Dragon's Gate, is anxious to debut his new fighting style for PWX. This match will definetly show the young fighting spirit that is indicitive of PWX.

Speaking of the SAT the have an open contract for a 6 man tag team match in Deer Park. The believe that they are, along with The Amazing Red, the best 6 man in the world. Although Red being injured, they are bringing their protege Jav-air to Deer Park for 6 man competition. Despite PWX not having tag team champions, The SAT, want to prove they are the best and most exciting wrestlers in PWX. To prove this their open 6 man contract is for a TLC (Tables, Ladders, Chairs) challenge to anyone in the world. We will have further details when available.

Stay tuned for more matches concerning PWX's debut in NY. PWX, pro wrestling's new alternative, is here to provide the wrestling world, the wrestlers the fans want to see, the matches, others are afraid to promote. Be apart of live wrestling excitment, November 5 in Deer Park, NY.

I was at their first show and it blew away alot of the shows that I have attended this year.  You can order thier first DVD on their website.  It had the very first meeting of Teddy Hart and Steve Corino which was a total shoot style blood bath.

Here were the results of the first show:
Pro Wrestling Xplosion 9/13/06 "e;Lighting The Fuse"e; Philadelphia, PA
Click here for full detailed results
1. Christopher Daniels defeated Jay Lethal
2. SATs & Altar Boy Luke defeated Sonjay Dutt & Ruckus & CA Elliot
3. Claudio Castagnoli defeated Delirious
4. Mike Quackenbush & Equinox & Shane Storm defeated Hydra & Ice Cream Jr. & Akuma
5. Brother Ray & Devon of Team 3D defeated Rhino & Abyss
6. Chris Hero defeated Arik Cannon
7. Ian Rotten & Amy Lee defeated Mana & Mickie Knuckles
8. AJ Styles defeated Homicide
9. Steve Corino vs. Teddy Hart (No Contest)


Here is a list of some of the hot selling DVDs that we just released last week.

Shoot Interview with David Schultz: If your a old school wrestling fan you know about the reputation of Dr. D David Schultz. He is one of the toughest and most feared pro wrestlers alive. Nearly 22 years ago on ABC's 20/20, Dr. D David Shultz slapped, news reporter John Stossel twice in the face. Dr. D would get fired for that incident only a few weeks later from Vince. Basically, if you have not seen the footage, John Stossel told Dr D that he thought the business was fake. Back in the 80's protecting wrestling was a huge among the wrestlers. The puff peice that Stossel was working on that night was exposing the business.

For the last 22 years Dr. D would never do a interview about that day until now with only RF VIDEO. You will hear everything leading up to that incident and what really happened backstage after the slap heard around the world. There are so many details of what happened to him after he got to the hotel that night. Why was he sent to Japan? What did other wrestlers say to him after he did this? Did he get sued?

Dr. D was one of the first three men ever to come into the WWF when Vince started to take over all of the territories with Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff. Straight from one of the hottest fueds in the AWA with Hulk Hogan, David Schultz was one of the biggest heels in the WWF in the early 80's. He has worked all over the world for Portland, Memphis, Florida's Southeastern, Stu Hart's Calgary Stampede, and New Japan Pro wrestling.

He is also ranked the world's #1 bounty hunter and most dangerous individual alive. He has brought in over 1700 criminals and had many gun battles that he talks about during this shoot interview.

Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame Dinner Banquet 10/7/06: RF VIDEO was in attendance on 10-07-06 to film the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame dinner banquet to honor Dr D David Shultz, JJ Dillon and Missy Hyatt. There were also many former WWF superstars from the 70's and the 80's. Some other names that were at the dinner were Hillbilly Cousin Luke, Davey O' Hannon, Tony Cosenza, Rich Orenstein, Al Samson Vass, Tito Torres, Joe Nova, and a lot more.

The dinner was hosted by Tony Vellano and John Pantozzi and Bob Bryla from Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame. The dinner featured a lot of wrestlers who got up and talked about what it was like to be a pro wrestler and how they respected the fans. Many of the guys talked about how wrestling was much different from their era to today's. In fact Davey O'Hannon talked about watching ECW last week and how he saw the Sandman in the ring. He went on to comment, that if the Sandman would have stepped in the ring with any of the guys from his day they would have kicked his ass for real and stretched him.

Teddy Hart- In His Words: 1PW Teddy Hart -- in his words Teddy Hart - it seems that whrever he goes, controversy follows, and on july 1st 2006, the controversy came to 1PW. During his stay Teddy sat down to take part in 1PW's most interesting shoot interview yet, tackling all manner of subjects, from growing up in the Hart family shadow, thoughts on the internet wrestling community, his time in the WWE dojo, his relationship with Rob Feinstein to his own vision of pro-wrestling, be it through wrestling society x, Matrats, H20 or stampede wrestling. a rare opportunity to get an insight into Hart's unaldulterated view of the wrestling world, and the people that inhabit it; Teddy leaves no stone unturned and leaves you with a shoot you will never forget. also featuring the epic encounter vs. PAC at 1PW fight club II & a Teddy Hart music video.

WWE Unauthorized: WWE: Unauthorized provides a rare look at the empire Vince McMahon Jr. built by interviewing the wrestlers, writers, and wacky fans that provide the fuel for the most explosive show on television. What is it life on the inside like? What are wrestlers paid? And of course, is this #$%! real?

WWE: Unauthorized sits down with Vince Russo, the WWE writer responsible for shaping the personas of The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and others. How did Russo go from WWE golden child to media scapegoat? What role did he play in revitalizing the company, moving it into the “Attitude” era and beyond? And, what happened the tragic night of Owen Hart's death?

WWE: Unauthorized speaks with WWE wrestling legend, Tito Santana, self-described company man and the only WWE wrestler to perform at the first eight Wrestlemanias. What price did Tito pay on his way to becoming an international sports star?

WWE: Unauthorized also provides a unique look at the athletes wrestling in the dank shadows of the McMahon empire. Listen, as they spill their guts about the terrifying risks they take in hopes of being invited into the house McMahon built. From independent federations to bone-crushing backyard ?bangfests? the WWE has undoubtedly inspired generations of would be wrestling stars.

Seasoned with insight from experts in the field of media, science and medicine, WWE: Unauthorized provides long time wrestling fanatics and recent converts alike a look at life in and beyond the squared circle.

WWE's Hulk Hogan Ultimate Anthology: This Ultimate Hulk Hogan Anthology 3 disc set covers the amazing career of the greatest Superstar in the history of sports-entertainment. Hulk Hogan has mesmerized fans from the birth of Hulkamania in the mid-80's, and continues to wow fans today. It's all here, from his classic battle against Andre the Giant at WrestleMania III, to his 2005 induction into the WWE Hall of Fame and the recent premiere of his VH1 reality series, Hogan Knows Best. This release will chronicle his amazing career and spotlight a number of his classic matches. 9 hours in length.

PWX Lighting the Fuse 9/13/06: 1. Christopher Daniels vs. Jay Lethal; 2. SATs & Luke Hawx vs. Sonjay Dutt & Ruckus & CA Elliot; 3. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Delirious; 4. Mike Quackenbush & Equinox & Shane Storm vs. Hydra & Ice Cream Jr. & Akuma; 5. Brother Ray & Devon of Team 3D vs. Rhino & Abyss; 6. Chris Hero vs. Arik Cannon; 7. Ian Rotten & Amy Lee vs. Mana & Mickie Knuckles; 8. AJ Styles vs. Homicide; 9. Steve Corino vs. Teddy Hart

1PW Interrogation Series- Southern Comfort: They said it would never be released..... 1PW Proudly presents there first ever in-depth shoot interview, this time from the highly opinionated Tracey Smothers & Chris Hamrick: southern comfort. Listen as Tracey discusses his early days in the buisness and how things have changed so dramatically in past years; and gives his candid thoughts on Vince McMahon and JBL. Theres no dance offs here, southeren comfort shoot from the hip and give you a DVD you can't afford to miss.

1PW Invincible 8/19/06: Ten Man Survival of the Sickest Elimination Match; Steve Corino, Tracy Smothers, Chris Hamrick, Teddy Hart & Spud VS Abyss, Sterling James Keenan, Matt Hyson and Team Supreme; 1PW World Tag Team Titles: Jonny Storm & Jody Fleisch VS Team SHAG; British Master Class: Doug Williams VS Nigel McGuiness; 1PW Grudge Match: Samoa Joe VS Jay Phoenix; Bryan Danielson VS Pro Wrestling Noah's SUWA; Austin Aries, Roderick Strong & Matt Sydal VS Darkside & The Briscoe Brothers; Andy Boy Simmonz VS Martin Stone; Wild Un-sanctioned Brawl: Iceman VS Martin Stone; Jimmy Rave VS El Ligero; PLUS .... Bonus Match The Damned Nation VS The Chavs, Backstage promos

1PW The Devil's Due 7/29/06: 1PW World Heavyweight Title Double Jeapordy: Steve Corino VS Doug Williams VS AJ Styles VS Abyss; 1PW World Tag Team Titles: Jonny Storm & Jody Fleisch VS Spud & Sterling James Keenan; No DQ Match: Ulf Herman VS Iceman; Samoa Joe VS Jay Phoenix's EuroMonster - Martin Stone; 1PW King of Comedy Match: Kikutaru VS The Blue Meanie; Andy Boy Simmonz Open Challenge: Andy Boy Simmonz VS Darren Burridge; 1PW Tag Team Titles No. One Contenders Match: Southern Comfort VS Team Supreme; International Open Weight Scramble Match: Chris Hero VS Dragon Aisu VS Siguira VS Kanemura VS Darkside VS El Ligero; Plus - Bonus Pre Show Match -- Dan Head VS Harry Mills , Backstage Promo's and Skits, and more

1PW Fight Club II- 7/1/06: 1PW World Heavyweight Title - 2/3 Falls Sixty Minute Time Limit: Steve Corino VS Doug Williams; Iron City Street Fight: Sterling James Keenan VS Spud; Daredevil Dream Match: Teddy Hart VS “ The Man that Gravity Forgot “ PAC; Special Tag Team Attraction: Darren Burridge & Superfly Jimmy Snuka VS Jay Phoenix & Stevie Lynn; 1PW World Tag Team Championship: Jonny Storm & Jody Fleisch VS Team Supreme; Iceman VS Martin Stone; Andy Boy Simmonz Open Challenge: Takao Omori VS Andy Boy Simmonz; 1PW VS PWG Six Man Tag Team Challenge: El Ligero, Dark side & Dragon Aisu VS Scorpio Sky, Topgun Talwar & Phoenix Star

Indy Gurlz Volume 1: 1) The Moonshiners vs The T-Byrds; 2) Mercedes Martinez vs Nikki Roxx; 3) Jana vs Psycho; 4) Kayla Sparks vs Melissa Stripes; 5) Kayla Sparks & Alicia vs Melissa Stripes & Taylor Nicole; 6) Tallulah Rae vs Debbie Sue; 7) Nikii Roxx vs Sumie Sakai vs Megumi Yabushita

WXW Desirable Divas Vol. 5: Talia vs. Ariel; Melissa Coates vs. Krissy Vaine; Alere Little Feather vs. Jana; Alicia vs. Alere Little Feather; Allison Danger & Alere Little Feather vs. The Big Unit; Mercedes Martinez & Big Unit vs. Luscious Lilly, Alere Little Feather & Talia; Alicia vs. Cha Cha; Talia vs. Mercedez Martinez

NHPW First Battle Cry 6/26/06: 1) All Money is Legal vs The Salvation 2006; 2) Alex Balboa vs "e;The Idol"e; Chris Rockwell; 3) Rockin' Rebel vs "e;Big Dawg"e; Jake Bishop; 4) The T-Birds vs The Moonshiners; 5) Josh Daniels vs "e;The Polynesian Warrior"e; MANA; 6) The Lumberjacks vs The Killer Steves; 7) Nikki Roxx vs Mercedes Martinez; 8) "e;Preacher"e; John Cannon vs Damian Dragon; 9) Eddie Guapo vs Low Ryda vs Boogalou vs Homicide

ECWA 10/7/06 Newark, DE: Champion Freak Nastty vs. Hot Shot Mike Reed; Bryan Logan vs. Mike Tobin for the Mid Atlantic Title; Glen Osbourne vs. Handsome Johnny in a Tables Match; Chase N Ace vs. The Valedictorians; Frederick of Hollywood vs. Matt Logan; O.C. Boy Aden Chambers vs. Kermon The Crazy German; The Secret Weapon vs. The Heavyweights in a Handicap Match; Scotty Charisma, Mega, Andrew Ryker vs. Arch Kincaid, Chick Magnets


TNT PRO WRESTLING just informed RF VIDEO about this MAJOR news!!!!

Ward Family Promotions and TNT Pro Wrestling are proud to announce that the Wolfpack, SCOTT HALL & X-PAC in a very rare appearance will reunite as the Wolfpack Saturday October 28, 2006 in Waynesboro, VA for the 5th Annual University of Virginia Children?s Hospital Charity Event ?NIGHT OF THE SUPERSTARS?
SCOTT HALL will be in the corner of X-PAC in the main event as X-PAC will take on ?Outrageous? EVAN KARAGIOUS.
 A huge lineup is signed with many top name superstars appearing.

WWE Smackdown Superstar KID KASH will take on JD MICHAELS

The Legendary ROCK N ROLL EXPRESS (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) with BABYDOLL will take on the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS (Dennis Condrey & Bobby Eaton) Special guest Referee JIMMY ?The Boogie Woogie Man? VALIANT

The BARBARIAN will go one on one against The WARLORD

 The original PATRIOT ?Del Wilkes? will make his in ring return to Pro Wrestling as he takes on KAMALA

?The Real Living Legend? LARRY ZBYSZKO will take on KILLER KAWALSKI JR
Fantastic BOBBY FULTON will take on IRANIAN SHEIK

The Mighty Midgets will turn loose as SHORT SLEEVE SAMPSON
 takes on MINI X


Also in action will be PHIL BROWN, J-SYNN, DRAGON X and many more

 Tickets are on sale now at

Ringside $25 and General Admission $15
A meet and greet with all the superstars will take place for ALL TICKETS HOLDERS from 6pm to 8pm.


Dr D Makes a House Call for PWHF!


Wrestling fans in Long Island were treated to a rare visit from Dr D David Shults, perhaps the most controversial, and elusive, wrestler in recent times. John Pantozzi was able to secure the services of Dr D for an October 7, 2006 PWHF Fundraiser in Pantozzi?s hometown of Franklin Square, New York.


The event was held at the Franklin Square Veterans Memorial Hall and also included appearances by JJ Dillon, Missy Hyatt, Hillbilly Cousin Luke, Irish Davey O?Hannon, Tony Cosenza, Joe “Butcher Brannigan” Nova, Manual Soto, Larry Dwyer, Tito Torres, Crusher Townsend, Billy Caputo and Al Samson Vass.


A big-screen television set showed classic matches from the 1950?s as fans and wrestlers mingled and indulged themselves in a Long Island-style buffet. The highlight of the buffet was homemade lasagna by Mrs. Pantozzi. Programs and posters were available to attendees for autographs by the wrestlers.


As a unique feature of this particular dinner, John Pantozzi asked several non-wrestlers such as publicity agent Scott Epstein, entertainment producer Rich Orenstein, wrestling historian Tom Burke, referee Billy Caputo and long-time fan Professor Elliot to speak from the podium.


Of course, the highlight of the evening was Dr D David Shults, who praised the efforts of the PWHF and then took questions from the audience. Earlier in the day, Dr D filmed a “Shoot Interview” with RF Videos. As part of his agreement to do the interview, Dr D requested that RF Videos make a five-hundred dollar donation to the PWHF Building Fund in Dr D?s name. Later in the evening, the check was presented to PWHF President Tony Vellano.


For those people who attended the dinner and want a remembrance of the event, and for those who were unable to be present, RF Videos recorded the proceedings. For information on obtaining this DVD, please access .


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