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Pro Wrestling's All Stars

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"Pro Wrestlings All Stars" the newest release in the Chrome Series of Pro Wrestling titles. Bring your customers the wrestling stars they love to love and love to hate!


The Road Warriors - They are legends in the sport of wrestling. They have wrestled around the world, WCW, WWF, WWE

Jeff Jarrett - He is currently wrestling for NWA TNA but has worked all over the world for every major wrestling company. WWF, WCW...

Matt Hardy - He is wrestling for WWE on weekly television and monthly PPVs

Mick Foley - He has crossed over and become a major mainstream personality in pro wrestling. He is a wrestling legend, and accomplished author and has hosted numerous of TV shows

Kip James - Wrestled as Billy Gunn for the WWE for many years and now wrestles for NWA TNA on SPIKE TV!
Ivory - She wrestled for WWE as one of their DIVAS and also hosted their weekly TV show that aired on USA Network and Spike TV

Six of Pro Wrestling's "All Stars" including the hardcore legend Mick Foley, provide this DVD with exciting non-stop action & brutal must see matches!

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