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Resistance Pro- Alive 9/7/13

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Resistance Pro presents "Alive" 9/7/2013 from Burbank, IL

  1. Soul Touchaz vs. Mad Man Pondo & Brady Pierce
  2. Jake O'Niel vs. Scotty Young
  3. Eight Man Tag - Body Magic & Love/Hate vs. Two Star Heroes, Xpac and Coach Joe Phelan
  4. Three Way Dance - Jocephus vs. Cobra vs. Suge D
  5. Nikki St. John & Mickie Knuckles vs. Thunderkitty & D'arcy Dixon
  6. RPW Title Match - Los Angle (w/ Jesse Corgan and Ms. Prig) vs. "the Ego" Robert Anthony

DVD Bonus Matches:

  • Team UK vs. Team IOU 
  • Jacob Black vs. Wayne Van Dyke vs. Gabriel  Black
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