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Sabu: Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal Beginning

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5 Disc Set

This is the set to own if you are a ECW fan. Wrestling fans often ask what was the turn point for ECW? What was the thing that made them special and more than just a northeast indy promotion? Most people would say without a doubt that it was a man by the name of SABU. This set chronicles the very beginning of Sabu's career in ECW. From his debut to his suspension in 1995. This collection isn't just full of death defying, breath taking and mind blowing matches it also packed full some of the best interviews ever given courtesy of Sabu's manager Paul E. Dangerously.

Disc 1

Hunter Q. Robbins, III Interview with clips of Sabu from Japan

Sabu Attacks Tazmaniac

Sabu vs. Tazmaniac

Video Recap of Sabu vs. Tazmaniac

Todd Gordon talks about Sabu off of TV

Paul E. Interview on Sabu

New Dangerous Alliance Formation

Paul E. Picks Road Warrior Hawk as Sabu's Partner

Hype Video for November to Remember

Paul E. & Terry Funk in ring interview

Sabu vs. Shane Douglas (ECW Title Match)

Paul E. Interview

Video Highlights of Sabu

Paul E. Interview with clips of Sabu winning the TV Title

Sabu vs. Tazmaniac

Sabu & Terry Funk Highlight Video

Paul E. Interview

Paul E. Interview

Terry Funk Interview & bring out a scrub dressed as Sabu

Sabu vs. Terry Funk (ECW Title Match)

Paul E. Promo

Paul E. Promo for Feb. 5th

Disc 2

Sabu vs. Terry Funk vs. Shane Douglas (The Night the Line was Crossed)

Sabu & Shane Douglas Brawl

Paul E. Interview

Sabu vs. Pat Tanaka

Sabu & 911 vs. Bad Breed

Paul E. Promo

Sabu vs. Tazmaniac (ECW TV Title Match)

Sabu vs. Mike Awesome (Clipped)

Paul E. Interview

Paul E. Promo

Paul E. Promo

Sabu vs. Terry Funk (Bobby Eaton & Arn Anderson run in)

Video Recap of Sabu vs. Terry Funk

Terry Funk & Arn Anderson Interview

Paul E. & Bobby Eaton Interview

Terry Funk & Arn Anderson Interview

Paul E. & Bobby Eaton Interview

Disc 3

When Worlds Collide Hype

Sabu & Bobby Eaton vs. Terry Funk & Arn Anderson (When Worlds Collide)

When Worlds Collide Music Video

Paul E. Interview

Sabu vs. Too Cold Scorpio

Who will Face Sabu at Hostile City Showdown?

Paul E. Interview

Paul E. Interview

Cactus Jack Interview

Hostile City Showdown Hype

Sabu vs. Cactus Jack (Hostile City Showdown, 94)

Paul E. Interview

Paul E. Interview

Sabu vs. Chad Austin

Paul E. Promo

Pitbulls vs. Tazmaniac - Sabu Runs in and teams with Tazmaniac (Heatwave, 94)

Sabu vs. Shane Douglas (ECW World Title Match, Heatwave, 94)

Disc 4

Paul E. Interview

Paul E. Interview (Clips of Sabu vs. Too Cold Scorpio)

Paul E. Promo

Sabu vs. Too Cold Scorpio (Hardcore Heaven, 94)

Sabu vs. Cactus Jack

Paul E. Interview & Sabu Video

Paul E. Interview & Clips of Sabu vs. Cactus Jack & Sabu vs. Benoit

Sabu recap Video

Sabu vs. Chris Benoit (Sabu breaks his neck)

Paul E. talks about Sabu & Taz teaming up

Sabu & Taz vs. The Malenko Bros.

Public Enemy Interview & Clips of them jumping Sabu

Sabu & Taz run in on the Public Enemy

Paul E. Interview

Look back at Sabu's injuries

Public Enemy Interview

Paul E. Interview

Sabu & Taz run in a brawl with Malenko & Benoit

Recap of Sabu & Taz vs. Benoit & Malenko vs. Public Enemy Feud

Sabu & Taz vs. Public Enemy (Holiday Hell, 94)

Paul E. Interview

Disc 5

Paul E. Interview

Paul E. Interview

Sabu & Taz vs. Public Enemy (From Florida)

Sabu vs. Al Snow (Fan Cam - Flagstaff, PA  - 2/3/95)

Sabu & Taz vs. Public Enemy - Tables Match for the Tag Titles (Double Tables, 2/4/95)

Video Stills of Sabu & Taz winning the Tag Titles

Paul E. Interview

Benoit Interview

Paul E. Interview

Sabu & Taz vs. Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko (Return of the Funker, 2/25/95)

3 Way Dance Contract Signing

Sabu vs. Osamu Nishimura (Fan Cam 3/3/95)

3 Way Dance Hype Video

Sabu vs. Mikey Whipwreck

Another great 3 Way Dance Hype Video

Tod Gordon announces that Sabu is Suspended

Product Reviews

(2 Ratings, 2 Reviews) Average Rating:
Sabu = Extreme!
Jeremy Nickerson (Edison, NJ) 8/7/2013 10:58 PM
Must-see for hardcore ECW fans who need to know their history. I didn’t become an ECW diehard until the Summer of 1996; I certainly knew of Sabu before that time (from magazines, mostly). But, this DVD set takes fans through ECW’s formative years: Sure, the set features Sabu. But, I firmly believe that ECW’s ability to bring Sabu in from Japan was one of the single most important events in the company’s history. In other words, I’m saying that we may not have an ECW legacy if not for Sabu. That is intended to take NOTHING away from all the men and women who busted their asses for the company. But, Sabu was an innovator; the genesis for what the company would eventually become, and the embodiment of its identity today. But, back to the DVD: 5 Discs of ECW history. Starting with the intrigue and mystery surrounding Sabu’s arrival in ECW, all the way up to Sabu’s controversial decision to leave ECW and return to Japan (and his subsequent suspension by the company) in the Spring of 1995. There are so many great matches/promos on here, but some highlights: Amazing promos from Paul E.; Sabu vs. Terry Funk (94); The Original 3-Way-Dance with Sabu vs. Terry vs. Shane; Sabu vs. Cactus (two matches); Sabu vs. 2 Cold Scorpio (Several unbelievable matches); and one of my favorites of the set is a FanCam gem from Flagstaff, PA (Feb 95) featuring Sabu vs. Al Snow.
History Lesson
Jesse Banks (Columbus, OH) 8/24/2012 9:21 PM
The reason this is called history lesson is because that is exactly what it is this set starts you right at he beginning with kind of a overview of sabu's footage from japan. And goes right into some of the most crazy and hardcore things you will ever see coming from a wrestling set. Also for people that don't know this set begins right in 93 so it really is a bit of history One reason I would say pick up this set is because it shows two very important and key things why sabu is the man he is today and why his matches shaped ecw and why they have lasted over time. There is one suggestion I would like to make to RFvideo since they were nice enough to make this set from 93-95 could we see the rest of sabu career put out in sets like this one. Also I would like to know from RFvideo the clips that show sabu in japan is the any chance of along with maybe doing the other years of sabu career in ecw in sets like these also maybe doing a set of sabu career in japan if possible. thanks P.S. I will do another review once I watch the full set this review that is above is just from watching the first disc and giving my thoughts
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