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Brickhouse Brown Shoot Interview

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Get ready for one of the hottest, tell-all, hold-nothing-back shoot interviews in very long time!  Brickhouse Brown is going to shock you with this double disc interview with nearly three hours of drugs, sex, and oh yeah, wrestling!

Jamie Dundee was the star of 2007 and the Iron Shiek was the star of 2008, but a new star in the world of shoot interviews was born on 01/12/09; and his name is Brickhouse Brown.

C'mon, you don't remember Brickhouse Brown? If you watched World Class Wrestling or Memphis, you certainly saw Brickhouse Brown. Trust me, if you like those shoot interviews with the wild stories and spilling all the beans on the others, Brickhouse is for you!

Brickhouse Brown is unique to say the least, but when you hear the stories of his early years in the pro wrestling buisness you will learn that Brickhouse Brown is one of a kind. From his rocky start in the Southwest to his short stay in the Mid-Atlantic and to his volatile time with Bill Watts in the Mid-South. Brown also talks about all the drama in the World Class dressing room. From the drugs, sex, and money no one in World Class is left out.

And when the subject of Memphis wrestling comes up Brickhouse keeps it real. A bunch of four letter words are used in that section of the interview when Jerry Lawler's name is brought up. This is a must own shoot interview for shoot interview fans. Correction, a must own shoot interview for MATURE shoot interview fans.

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Highspots Interviewer Sucks!
vancedev (michigan) 11/7/2010 9:45 AM
Brickhouse Brown actually said in this interview "Let's get to the nasty dirt!" I'm paraphrasing there,but he basically was dying to talk about the dirt on people and the Highspots interviewer cut him off with a lame question about who trained him or where did he work first.I couldn't believe it and they never got back to the dirt.So anyways Highspots interviewers are the worst and have no business interviewing a trash can let alone a former wrestler.Brickhouse's joke about black people and the NBA was the best and he talks about the drugs and the drug dealer he had to deal with,so it was interesting,but they didn't even get to the good stuff though.
ROCCMON (Unknown) 5/23/2009 9:17 PM
one of the greatest shoots of all time
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