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Buff Bagwell Shoot Interview

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Hes buff, hes the stuff and hes one of the most controversial figures in wrestling today. Bagwell recently sat down with RF Video to give his side of the story on the issues that have plagued him in recent years. Are they true? What is Buff really like? Find out here as Bagwell discusses his entire career including his recent WWF stint.

- Covers his start in the wrestling business.
- How did Missy Hyatt help him?
- His start in GWF.
- Who trained him?
- Thoughts on Cactus Jack, Raven and others in Global.
- Details on other independent groups he worked for.
- How did he get into WCW?
- Bagwell reveals what WCW vets helped him.
- Talks about his push at a young age.
- Thoughts on teaming with Too Cold Scorpio.
- Thoughts on Brian Pillman & Steve Austin.
- What was Ric Flair like to him?
- How did WCW change when Hulk Hogan came in?
- Beginning of Nitro and the NWO.
- Buff talks about what the locker room was like during all this.
- Injury to his neck.
- The details on turning heel with Scott Steiner and feuding with Rick Steiner.
- How hard was it to recover?
- Thoughts on Eric Bischoff & Vince Russo.
- What were the final days of WCW like?
- All the details on going to WWF.
- Hear his views about his infamous Raw match vs. Booker T.
- What happened in his fight vs. Shane Helms?
- Buff talks about the involvement of his mother.
- Going to MECW.
- Getting let go by WWF.
- Bagwell talks about drugs.
- Was Scott Steiner jealous of him?
- His backstage fight vs. DDP.
- His bad rep with Lex Luger.
- Details on all his political problems.

Product Reviews

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Patrick Ottesen (Denmark) 2/2/2013 11:32 AM
I was (still am) a big WCW mark, and one of my favorites was Buff Bagwell - So this shoot seemed like a good idea to me, but it was disappointing in my opinion. Buff seemed like he didn't want to give his HONEST opinion on things, he didn't really have any bad things to say about anybody, kept saying he doesn't remember that far back, doesn't remember who did what etc, seemed like he wanted to just play it safe. It's an average shoot at best, definitely not one of better ones.
(Unknown) 8/12/2007 2:53 AM
Since I am probably the only person who bought this I will leave a review for it.This is a good shoot if your a fan of WCW and what to hear more about the behind the scenes stuff but either Buff doesn't know much or doesn't want to bad mouth anybody because he has nothing but nice things to say about everybody.He will skip questions or not give accurate answers.A lot of times you just get I don't know I wasn't involved remarks.I'm sure he's still hanging on to a hope that Vince or Jeff will call him back for work.
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